Ultimate Strictly Challenge – Week Sev-ern (The Battle of the Showdances!💃🏻🏆💃🏻

Yes, we have reached the all important Week SevERN of the competition in our Ultimate Strictly Challenge.

It’s Len’s favourite week, so we’ve invited him along as our guest judge to check, count and verify your votes from week 6 (Thank you Len *hands him some pickled walnuts as a gift*)


Thank you for all your votes this week. They have been checked, counted and verified and we can reveal that Len is very happy with his pickled walnuts and that Kimberley and Pasha’s Fusion, Louise and Kevin’s Argentine Tango and Harry and Aliona’s Argentine Tango have successfully reached the final of our competition. Congratulations to all three couples!

We are now in our penultimate round. We’re asking you to vote for your favourite perfect-scoring Showdance. All you need to do is click on the videos below to watch the show dances, then vote for your winner in the poll just beneath it. Voting will remain open until 6pm next Sunday when we’ll freeze the vote, before revealing the couples to have made their way into the final.

Get voting people!

This week, we also want to hear the dances you thought were perfect (even though they may not have achieved a perfect score!) Send us your suggestions and we’ll put them to the vote next week! You can tweet @scd_support or comment below to tell us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


Strictly Support Group – An OSCARs meets BRITs Award-Winning Chat!

Tomorrow night, the stars descend on LA for the OSCARs. Earlier this week, we also saw the BRIT awards celebrate and honour musical talent. In honour of all the awards that Strictly has won, earlier this evening, we hosted a BRITs meets OSCARs themed chat.

We began our chat by asking you Who on Strictly is most deserving of a BRIT award in your opinion? What makes them such a deserving candidate and what sort of BRIT award would you give them? We had some wonderful answers and suggestions. Here are some of our favourites:


For our next question we focused on the amazing music we hear week after week from the Strictly Band and singers. We asked you to tell us the musical moments from Strictly, which you thought could have won at the BRITs. Here are your suggestions in a playlist form:


If you can think of any other dances you’d like to see on this playlist, just let us know and we’ll add them for you.

For our third question of the evening, we asked: The OSCARs celebrate the worlds’ most talented actors. Who on #Strictly deserves an Oscar & why? Here were some of your brilliant suggestions:

It seemed a consensus that you all felt that the lovely Joanne most deserved an OSCAR. Having seen her on stage, we could not agree more!

For our fourth question, we asked:  LaLaLand is nominated for many OSCARs! What is your fave dance film? Which film would you like to see danced on Strictly 2017? We had some brilliant answers. Here are some of our favourites:


For our fifth question we asked you to tell us the movie week dance most deserving of an Oscar. What made it so good in your opinion? Here are your answers in playlist form:

For our final question, we asked you to tell us the BRIT or OScar award winner who you’d like to see on Strictly. We had some good suggestions. Here are some of our favourites:



IT’s a wrap! That ended tonight’s chat. Thank you all if you took prt. We hope you enjoyed our chat. We’ll be back tomorrow from 8pm for our Ultimate Strictly Results. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

DWTS Ireland – Week 7 Review by @ByrneSarahNow (Our Irish Reporter)

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks, you’ll know that Ireland now have their very own version of Strictly. We have a Strictly Superfan as our reporter, Sarah who has been letting us know what happened each week. Here’s her review of week 7! 

Hi all, 
Well what a treat we had on Sunday night. It was Switch Up Week and we were spoiled. 
The show kicked off with a fabulous group number where the couples started in their original pairings and then throughout the dance the switch up couples were revealed. It really was a nice touch because unless you watched Can’t Stop Dancing on Friday you may not have known the new pairs which were picked by the judges. Think next year they should let the public vote.
Good news, Bad news – We still have Darren as a judge which means Julian is still sick but Nicky says he is on the mend. you never know we may end up with four judges before the end of the season.
Des C & Ksenia – Samba – 17

Dancing Dessie was back looking a bit like Hugh Hefner. He gave it his all & the judges were very happy with him despite being sick all week.
Denise & John – Viennese Waltz – 26

Here I don’t know who had more pressure on them Denise or John? John had to live up to Ryan’s brilliant choreography & he stepped up like the pro he is. Their V. Waltz was very dark & dramatic & Denise coped very well.

Katherine & Vitali – Paso – 21

Katherine took a step to the dark side with this dance & I’m glad as again it is showing another side to her. She embraced it & looked like she was having fun. Katherine is firmly in the middle of the pack & needs to take a few risks to catch up on the top three.

Dayl & Valeria – Salsa – 30

A lot of emphasis was put on this dance to be hip hop, I might have missed the bit where it was a fusion dance like the Disco Salsa we had a few weeks back but who better than Dayl to pull it off. It was like a show dance & rave all rolled into one. If you remember Dayl has already had two strikes against him from Brian for his Hip Hop antics but Brian declare this a Home run & Dayl & Valeria gets a PERFECT SCORE -30

In here we get live music – yipee – it’s from The Kinks Muscial coming to Dublin next month – Sunny Afternoon.

Aoibhin & Kai – Foxtrot – 28

Aoibhin has become a great dancer & is handling any dance that comes her way. Kai gave her great choreography & it earned her another 10.

Teresa & Ryan – Jive – 18

Based on resent weeks I think the country as a whole feared for poor Teresa when we found out she had Ryan. How would our nervous reporter cope with no filter Ryan? With no trouble at all. Ryan encouraged her more & Teresa seemed to soften his edges. She improved her score but I think she will be happy to have John back next week.

Aidan & Karen – Samba – 15

It is not often that the Kerry & Dublin are on the same side but that’s what we got with this pairing. Karen’s no holds barred approach to liven Aidan up worked to a certain extent. The fun element was there but he again failed to deliver on technique. The judges were very critical & for another week running Karen was in the firing line. Aidan said he would prefer more constructive criticism & offered to take Brian out to a GAA pitch to see how he would fare.


With no eliminations this week all votes are carried over till next week so we had the usual filler time of chatting with the Stars & Judges. We had another colourful Pro dance & we even spotted Strictly’s AJ & Chloe in the audience and I do believe Neil & Katya are coming over soon.  


There was also a hint dropped during the show about a possible Oscars week????
So with everything returning to normal again what will they have in store of us? Oh wait – The Dance Off is coming & they have finally listened to the nation. Happy days.
Bye for now 


On the subject of this review, would you like to see a switch-up week on Strictly 2017? (Where couples are switched around.) Tell us by voting in this poll below:

Thank you once again to Sarah for another fab-u-lous review *grants you a glitterball*

Cassie 🙂 

The Ultimate Strictly Challenge – Week 6.

We are now at week 6 in our Ultimate Strictly Challenge and it’s time to let ganchos and twist turns battle it out in what has become known as the battle of the Argentine Tangos and the Pasha Specials.

Before we do that, we have just about enough time to reveal the results of Week 5 of our Ultimate Strictly Challenge vote.

Thank you for all your votes once again. Your votes have been checked, counted and verified by an independent adjudicator and Strictly Superfan (Bella!) and we can now reveal the the Viennese Waltz making its way to the final is Ali and Bryan’s. The three Charlestons going into the final are Caroline and Pasha’s, Danny and Oti’s and Georgia and Giovanni’s. Congratulations to all 4 couples!

This week’s categories are the Argentine Tango and the Pasha Special. There have been many goosebump-inducing, perfect scoring Argentine Tangos. Pasha has achieved a perfect score many a time, but these two dances of his are something extra special. All you need to do is watch the dances below and then vote for your favourite from each:

You can vote once a day in each poll for your favourites. Voting will remain open until 6pm next Sunday. Please ask Bill Payer’s permission (whoever he is) before you vote. We’ll then reveal the Pasha special and the 3 Argentine Tangos which will make their way into the final!

Get voting!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly Support Group – It’s a 10 from Len – A Tribute Chat to Mr Sev-ern himself!


We’ll pickle our walnuts (and other vegetables and fruits that can be pickled.) Last Sunday saw Len Goodman appearing as head judge for the final time at the Strictly Tour at the O2.

Over the past 13 years, Len has provided us with some magic moments, many a ten from Len, superb sev-erns and many more pearls of wisdom. He will be truly missed, so tonight, in his honour we hosted a Len themed chat!

We began our chat by asking you this:

1) What is your favourite Len moment of all time?

We loved these suggestions so much, that for our next question, we asked you to tell us your favourite Len quote of all time! Here are some of your brilliant suggestions:

We all love a good Ten from Len. For our next question, we asked you to tell us the Strictly moments, which you would have awarded a ten from Len. Here are your suggestions in playlist form!

For our fourth question, we asked you to tell us severn words you would use to describe Len Goodman. We had some superb suggestions. Here are some of your brilliant suggestions:

For our fifth question, we asked you to tell us the Strictly moments which left you in sev-ernth heaven! Here are your ideas in playlist form:

For our penultimate question, we asked you to tell us the moments on Strictly when you wanted to pickle your walnuts! Here were some of your shocking suggestions *heads off to pickle her walnuts in shock*:

For our final question, we know Len will be irreplaceable, but we asked you to tell us who you would like to see take Len’s place as Head Judge on the panel this year on Strictly. We had some wonderful suggestions, but these were the most popular suggestions of the night:

That ended tonight’s chat and tribute to Len. Thank you all for taking part. We think you were truly fab-u-lous and would definitely get a 10 from him! If you didn’t get a chance to take part, don’t fear! You can still take part by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 8pm (Sunday) for our Ultimate Strictly Challenge. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly Support Group – 🔟 things we ❤️ about Strictly💃🏻

We’ll put our hands up and proudly admit that we are Strictly Superfans. The other day, Bella asked me “mummy, what are the 10 things you love most about Strictly?”

We sat down to work to decide what really made Strictly so uh-may-zing. Here are our Top 10 things we love about Strictly.

Mummy (Me!) and my 10 things I love about Strictly.

  1. I can share it with all the family – I love being able to enjoy Strictly with the kids, as well as with my husband and the rest of our family too. It is a show that appeals to all ages.
  2. The sparkles, the glitz and the glamour – As a girly girl, I love all things that sparkle (I am a bit of a magpie and try to grab anything that sparkles when I see it.) The sparkles as well as all the glamour and glitz just act like a magnet and draw me towards my TV screen week after week.
  3. Gorka, Pasha All the professional dancers – As well as being simply the best dancers (and teachers) in the world they are also inspirational and just the loveliest people ever.
  4. It brings a little bit of joy and sparkle to our d-u-l-l autumn and winter days – Let’s face it, autumn and winter would be boring without Strictly. It brightens up even the cloudiest day and never fails to make us smile.
  5. The friends we’ve made – Strictly has brought so many like-minded people together from different parts of the country. You know who you are!
  6. Those magical performances which have inspired us – Every week there’ll be one moment which leaves us speechless and gives us goosebumps. The dancing is pure perfection, the live band and singers do an incredible job week after week.
  7. The fact that we can make a difference – Yes, Craig, you may feel the need to give couples scores under 5, but us fans are here in our hundreds of thousands and poised ready to vote to ensure that the person who has been under marked gets through to the following week. We hate saying goodbye but love the surprised look when a couple who have been at the bottom of the leaderboard find themselves safely through to next week.
  8. Claudia (Winkleman) – We’re pretty sure her Wikipedia article should be changed to read “TV Presenter, causer of mayhem and fun in the clauditorium!” We love Claudia and Tess and together they are a great partnership. Claudia’s comic timing and her quick wit have left us in stitches of laughter week after week!
  9.  The live music and band – Sometimes tasked with recreating music classics, they always pull it out of the bag and produce a brilliant arrangement for couples to dance to. In fact, there have been occasions where we’ve preferred their interpretation of the music to the original song.
  10. It keeps getting better – We say this week after week and year after year, Strictly always seem to amaze us with their productions. They really do keep getting better and deserve all the awards they win!

Bella’s 10 things she loves about Strictly

  1. The Sparkly Glitterball – It is so shiny and sparkly, I’d like one in my bedroom when I’m bigger.
  2. It makes me smile even when I’m feeling poorly – During last year’s series, we had to tweet along with Strictly from hospital, when Little Bella’s appendix burst. Despite her feeling rubbish, being able to watch Strictly in hospital really put a smile on her face.
  3. The best professional dancers in the world (ever!) – I love all the pro dancers as they are amazing, but I love the Cliftons most because they are awesome.
  4. It helped me start learning to dance – I didn’t like dancing much before Strictly, but I love learning to dance now. When I’m older I’d like to be a professional dancer or a teacher!
  5. I can watch it with my mummy – She gives the best snuggles and lets me stay up late to watch Strictly with her all the time!
  6. The friends I have made – I have made a lot of best friends because of Strictly. I think everyone who likes Strictly is very kind and nice.
  7. They have a youtube channel – It means I can watch dances all the time forever and forever and forever.
  8. The Sparkly Dresses and Shoes – They make all the girls look like princesses and I think they always look beautiful and magical.
  9. It wins awards – Strictly give out a Glitterball to people so it’s only fair that they should get a glittery award too.
  10. It has an awesome tour – Mummy says I’m still too little to go to the real Planet Strictly and watch Strictly being filmed, so I love that they have a tour that I can go to watch Strictly at with my mummy, daddy and baby sister!

So there you have it, our top 10 reasons why we love Strictly. We’d love to hear your reasons you love Strictly. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. We may even feature some of them in our next project on our blog and twitter #10ThingsWeLoveAboutStrictly

Cassie (and princess Bella!)


Reviews – Tango Fire – A Sizzling Show which will surprise you!🔥💃🏻

This year has become known as The Year Of The Tour. This weekend we even had a bit of a Weekend of the Tour with trips to the Strictly Tour and to see Tango Fire in the West End.

Having seen Immortal Tango last year (click here to see a review) we were very excited to see Tango Fire. It is the brainchild of German Cornejo, international Tango Superstar and we had very high hopes for this show.

tango-fireThe show did not disappoint. We were treated to theatrical treat full of traditional Tango. We had no idea there were so many different styles of tango and were really impressed by the technique and number of steps.

There were death-defying lifts and tricks, fast kicks and flicks and so much drama, passion and aggression that we loved the show and had goosebumps from start to finish!

The band and singer performed some beautiful authentic Tango Music which transported us across the pampas straight to Buenos Aires.

Our favourite routine had to be the ethereal Tango Valz where the male dancers showed off their strength and the female dancers floated across the floor like angels.

We must also give credit to the dancer whose heel got caught in her dress during the performance. It added to the drama of the show, but they recovered the performance perfectly and their feet flew across the floor with such speed, even Usain Bolt would be jealous!

This show is a true Masterclass in Tango and if you get the chance to go, it is worth it! The show is on at the Peacock Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, London until the 18th February when it moves to do a short tour around the country. For more information, please visit http://www.sadlerswells.com or https://tango-fire.com.

If you’ve seen this show, or are off to see another show in the near future, please let us know. You can tweet @scd_support or comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 🙂





DWTS Ireland – A Week 6 Review from our Irish reporter @byrnesarahnow

It’s time for us to venture over to the Emerald Isle for our weekly look at what happened in the world of Dancing with the Stars Ireland.

The lovely Sarah Byrne, our Irish Reporter, has written this wonderful piece for you all. Here’s what happened in Week 6 (the Valentine’s Special!)

Last night saw our Stars get their romance on and get in touch with their softer side, but don’t worry there was also some tough love from the judges. We had Darren Bennett again last night as Julian is still unwell, so Get Well soon Julian.

There was so many talking points of the night that it seemed to start with a slow boil only finishing off with a huge explosion. So to start a massive shout out to the wardrobe department for some stunning costumes so far this season including Amanda’s outfit which set the tone for the night.


So hold on to the one you love, it’s going to be a bit emotional…

Teresa & John – Foxtrot – 15

An improvement on last week but still she seems to be in a marching band at times compared to gliding around the floor. John has been doing a great job and even gave the impression that he Lobbed the Gob on Teresa.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Jive – 28

As you can tell from the score  – We got our first 10 from Loraine & it was for dark horse Aoibhin. She said she wanted to have the Craic & that is exactly what she did. Vitali’s choreography has been amazing & so well suited to his partner.

Aidan & Valeria – Tango – 19

No as a member of An Garda Siochana Aidan should be afraid of nothing but he looked terrified of this Tango which seemed to be a combination of traditional & Argentine. It put in a decent performance but he seems to be holding back.

Katherine & Kai – Quickstep – 21

I will admit that I don’t get Katherine’s brand of humour in her shows but this is a different side to her & I really like these two as a couple. A few mistakes but Katherine made herself the envy of the country when she actually did get to steal a kiss from Kai.😍

 Dayl & Ksenia – Foxtrot – 22

A disappointing dance from Dayl who slipped down the leader board but no doubt will be back up around the top next week just needs to work on his consistency.

DesB & Guilia – Paso – 24

Finally Des upped his game, he embraced all the trademarks – tan, chest out, cape work & knee drags. Did a great job was so pleased for him, he was very comfortable & confident.

DesC & Karen – Cha Cha – 12

Now we all love Des but I think the judges have had enough, so if you scare easily skip forward cause this ain’t pretty. Due to the age difference they decided to do a fun Cha Cha & the judges were not impressed. Not only did Des get scolded for messing up & ditching serious Dessie but Karen got well & truly roasted by Loraine for lack of content & always going for the gimmick. So safe to say Des will have a dance loaded with content next week.

Denise & Ryan – American Smooth – 25

The judges were on roll now & forgot that love was in the air. Ryan introduced a balloon to the dance & while the judges felt the risk did pay off it went on a bit too long. Darren wanted more lifts, Brian only spoke about the balloon really which lead Ryan to ask if they had anything to say about the dancing, which Loraine gave him plenty on. Still a good score but Ryan didn’t appear happy.

Lots of ups and downs there but hang on to your hats there is more to come…

Going to put this out early but there was problems with the graphics for voting, just bear that in mind.

Voting opened & Nicky spoke to our Stars who had been on an emotional roller coaster and while that was great and all we all knew that the Pro Dance was coming up and we couldn’t wait. Fifty Shades hit DWTS and it was all kinds of hot 🔥I will put it up on twitter for you all to watch as no words do it justice.


We also got word that next week is Switch Up week, now we haven’t seen this on Strictly but it has been on DWTS USA. The results will be announced on Can’t Stop Dancing on Friday @ 8.30pm RTE ONE. Looking forward to this.

Voting closed and there was tension in the air.

Down to our bottom three Des B & Des C & Denise. Two looked surprised to be there and one not so much. The couple leaving this week is Des B & Guilia.


Nicky you said the wrong Des, come on make it right. No it’s true folks and Twitter went into meltdown as you can imagine and no one was more surprised than Des Cahill since Hughie was when he left. Remember I said there was  problem with the voting graphics, well I’m not saying this is why DesB was voted out but it is defiantly one theory out there.


Well there you have it, while we brace ourselves for the fall out from DESBISXIT it just shows the course of True Love certainly didn’t run smooth last night and there really was a Murder on the Dance-floor.

Any ideas on who you would like to see as new couples for the switch up next week let me know @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support

Take care


Ultimate Strictly Challenge – Week 5!

So, over the past week you have been casting your votes to choose your favourite perfect scoring Foxtrot and American Smooths!

Thank you for all your votes. They have been counted, checked and verified by this fella. We can’t help but think he was feeling a little grumpy on the day we asked him to help us:


We can now reveal that the two couples making their way to the final are Lisa and Brendan and Ali and Bryan!

Now it’s time to reveal our next two categories, The Charleston and Viennese Waltz. All you need to do is watch the playlists below then cast your vote in the polls below that. You can vote once a day for your favourite couples. We’ll then put the top two couples straight through into the final, where they will battle it out to be crowned the best perfect scoring dance on Strictly ever! Voting will remain open until 6pm next Sunday when the vote will be frozen again before we reveal the results and the next couples who will head off to the final!

Get voting people!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly Come Dancing Live – 2017! – A Review

Friday night was an extra special night in our household. Not only was it time for us to head off to Wembley to see the Strictly tour, but it was the youngest member of the Strictly Support Group’s first outing to a tour. Yes, little Elodie (aged 2) went to Wembley.

As we arrived and prepared ourselves for what was set to be an uh-may-zing night, we were greeted by the sparkliest and largest Glitterball we had ever seen. It was so fab-u-lous, both our girls wanted to take it home with them. *gives the Strictly Tour team an idea for merchandise next year.*

Before we knew it it was time for the show to start. We had been excited about this tour for many months. Not only was it the tenth anniversary of the Strictly Tour, but it was also a bit emotional as it’s Len’s last outing as judge on the tour. We were also over the moon that 6 of our favourite members of the Class of 2016 were performing Ore, Danny, Louise, Daisy, Lesley and Ed. It looked set to be an amazing night.

The show did not disappoint. With more professional dancers on tour than ever before, we were treated to some of our all-time favourite Strictly Routines.

The “pillowtalk/cell-block tango” routine wowed us and had us on the edge of our seats (especially as there was an aerial performer thrown into the mix too.

The West-Side Story routine captivated us with the romantic love story between Janette and Aljaz followed by Karen Clifton portraying Anita from West Side story perfectly!

The show kicked off with the energetic Hairspray group number from Blackpool. We felt it appropriate they danced to the song “nicest kids in town.” This year’s cast came across as the nicest and loveliest cast on Strictly ever. We had not one, but 15 favourites, and they truly were the Nicest Kids in Town. Little Bella loved it so much she did not stop dancing throughout the routine.

We were also treated to some of our favourite routines from each of the couples.

Daisy and Aljaz performed their groovy Salsa and their unforgettable waltz, which moved us to tears it was so beautiful.

Ed and Katya performed their American Smooth and their Gangnam Style Salsa. There was a roar of applause when Ed performed the lift that almost became a disaster perfectly and we were also happy to have seen the routine that became one of our highlights of 2016, Ed doing Gangnam!

Louise and Kevin performed that perfect Paso for which we have one word, #slay, and their hoedown of a quickstep which brought us joy and made us smile from start to finish.

Ore and Karen performed the Jive and Showdance. Both these routines were two of our favourites from the live shows, and their energy as well as their passion for dancing shone through in each performance. They really did do Joanne proud!

Lesley and Gorka performed the quickstep and charleston. We can honestly say Lesley’s energy is admirable. She’s in her 70s yet kept up with people half her age. It led to my 6 year old telling me that she wants to be able to dance like that when she’s 70!

The winners on the night were Danny and Oti who performed their perfect Charleston and THAT Samba. Both dances were even more impressive seeing them in the arena. We’re sure that Danny has a career ahead of him in the West End. What was more touching was that he could not believe he received a Standing Ovation for that Samba.

As well as the dancing, we also had some comedy moments including Craig attempting the Gangnam Style (after a challenge from Ed,) Len letting us know he still sleeps with his Ninja Turtles (glad we’re not alone!,)  Kevin’s pleas for votes (and a tantrum at the end when they didn’t win 😂 – he is the king of comedy!) Gorka’s attempt at Cockney Rhyming Slang and Katya showing off the knowledge she has gained from dancing with Ed Balls.

All those performing shone bright like stars on the Dancefloor and we must also give credit to Anita Rani (last year’s tour runner up and Strictly 2015 contestant) who did a brilliant job hosting the tour. Credit also has to go to Karen Hardy who turned judge on our couples. Her knowledge and her comments made us realise that she could easily step into Len’s shoes. We also loved that she gave Ed a 10 for his Gangnam Style routine!

We say this every year and will say it again, this year’s tour was better than ever. Yes, it was the tour’s 10th anniversary, but it wowed and amazed us even more than we thought it would. From the production to the costumes, to the music, to the dancing, everything was pure class! Strictly just keeps getting better and better. We cannot wait to see what the team have up their sleeves for 2017.

Strictly, Thank you for an amazing night. From us, you score a 10/10 with a sparkly Glitterball on top!


If you’ve been to see the tour, we’d love to hear what you thought of it! Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂