DWTS Ireland – Movie Week – A Review by @byrnesarahnow

If you’ve been reading our blog recently, you may know we’ve been following Dancing with the Stars Ireland and have our very own Irish reporter, Sarah! This week was Movie Week. Here’s her 5 * review of what happened on this week’s show. *Grabs a load of popcorn to nibble on whilst reading this blog*

It was all about the Movies this week and we had the popcorn ready for dances that were sure to have some drama, comedy and sadly some horror.

Before we move on Julian didn’t appear to have calmed down the jacket styles which really are in a league of their own.

So sit back and enjoy the show…Lights, Camera, Action… πŸ’‘πŸ“½πŸŽž

Aidan & Valeria – Paso – 16

Indiana Jones

Things didn’t go well for Aidan, he seemed to have the aggression bit down but lacked the finesse of the Paso & was a bit of a march around the floor. Still a great effort & the abs were on show. 

Teresa & John – Quickstep – 12

9 to 5

God love Teresa she really gave it her all. She is definitely not the best dancer but lord she is having a great time & enjoying every minute. Fair play to her & as I have said before us Irish Mammies love her.

Katherine & Kai – Samba – 16

Mama Mia

Well Katherine had a great time & looked fabulous doing it. Judges said it lacked bounce but I feel she really sold the performance.

Denise & Ryan – Rumba – 26

Lord of the Rings 

Ryan put a Ryan spin on this Rumba & it seemed to have some Paso elements in it & was very dramatic & fiery. Really good Rumba, Denise seems to be very consistent & should make the Final. That’s it I said the F word already.😊

Dayl & Kzenia – Jive – 27


Dayl ditched the Hip Hop & got 3 #9 paddles for his troubles. Highest score so far, well done.

Dr Eva & Sean – American Smooth – 12

Mary Poppins 

Again Dr Eva wouldn’t be the best dancer & like Teresa the judges were especially harsh. Hopefully she can have a better week next week.

Des C. & Karen – Salsa – 14

Austin Powers 

Well…this just made you wonder what you had just watched. Des went out & didn’t seem to have a care in the world & danced like no one was watching. He really looked the part & was all over social media with the people of Ireland calling him “a National Treasure”. All anyone could talk about was “the dessie swim”

Aoibin & Vitali – Rumba – 26


A gorgeous song to dance the Rumba to & she totally sold it. So different from Denise’s but equally as good.

Thalia & Curtis – Jive – 20


My lads loved these two, the costumes were brilliant & lots of bananas which were in some strange places at times. Thalia is very tall & while her long legs suited last weeks Rumba they didn’t work so well this week. Taking over the lead role from Despicable Me, Brian was quick to point out her faults.

Des B. & Guilia – Comtempary Ballroom – 23

James Bond

Before you say what the heck dance is that..it’s the first time this dance has been used in any format to we were all new to it. It is a blend of ballroom & ballet elements & Guilia danced in her bare feet while Des was in shoes. Not sure how Len or even Ian Waite would take that, I was afraid for her toes at some points but the had some great lifts in it & I’m looking forward to seeing others do this dance

So voting lines opened & Nicky talked to everyone but the thing I think we learned from this weeks show is the honeymoon is over and the judges but Brian in particular and decided its time for the Stars to shape up because he has no problems in giving low scores (3s) to help ship them home.
Whilst waiting for the results we were treated to a terrific Pro dance to an Irish cult classic “The Commitments”. It was brilliant & I had to watch it again when the show was over. 
Voting is closed & the results are in…scary bit, hides behind the cushion
Couples are saved & when Dr Eva’s name comes out the nation lets out a collective “What the….” Well we didn’t see that coming. 
We are down to our bottom three Teresa, Thalia & Dayl. Didn’t see that coming either.
And our next Star to go is Thalia & Curtis. Sadly the dance didn’t suit her and although she was in the top half of the leader board she didn’t seem to have the public vote.
That’s a wrap & have to say I’m really enjoying this show and maybe its because I love all these Strictly spin offs but whilst it is getting the country talking about something other than doom and gloom it has some haters. Like this review which is only my less than eloquent opinion they have theirs but on the bright side they are still watching and talking about the show so hopefully will boost ratings and get the show renewed – WIN WIN.

What did you think of Movie Week – let me know @byrnesarahnow or tweet @scd_support.


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