DWTS Ireland – Week 5 – A review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

It’s time for us to venture over to the Emerald Isle to see what happened on this week’s Dancing With The Stars – Ireland. Our lovely reporter Sarah Byrne has been busy writing a review for us. Here’s what happened in her own words:

Hi all, another fun packed Sunday night has come and gone which means we have lost another Star and we are sadly another Rumba walk closer to the end, but we are not there yet!!!
So the big news out of Sunday nights show was that judge Julian Benson was ill and needed his outrageous jacket filled, always ready to save the day up stepped none other than Darren Bennett. Thankfully for Darren, Julian had the key to his wardrobe tucked away so no jacket watch this week.
Ryan was also sick this week but managed to dance and if reports are to be believed the person giving him a bit of TLC is….Thalia Heffernan. Yip seems a romance is blooming. 

So with nine Stars left lets see how they got on.

Denise & Ryan – Samba – 27
Despite Ryan being sick & Denise trying to train on her own this was another great performance.

Des C. & Karen – Tango -18

Dancing Dessie decided to give the judges a dance with no messing about, & that is what he did. Full of intent & drive Des impressed the judges.

Teresa & John – Disco Salsa – 16

Teresa showed improvement with her Boogie Wonderland Salsa and a bit more confidence but still a good bit to go.

Dayl & Kzenia – Viennese Waltz – 26

Soft & romantic was the flavour of this dance & as in previous weeks Dayl didn’t disappoint. At this stage its a race between Denise & himself to see who gets the first 10.

Katherine & Kai – Foxtrot – 22

West Side Story – Leitrim Style. The ballroom dances allow Katherine to show off her feminine side & she is quietly working away & getting better each week.

Dr Eva & Sean – Cha Cha – 14

We will forget about the dance because honestly whilst she looked like she was having great craic making it up as she went along poor Sean was left thinking “It’s all over now”. Dr Eva looked A-maz-ing & you would hardly recognise her she was having such a great time.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Viennese Waltz – 24

Like last weeks Rumba Aoibhin took a difference approach to her Viennese Waltz with it being very dark & a touch aggressive at times. She was definitely out of her comfort zone stating she prefers the romance.

Des B. & Guilia _ Cha Cha – 24

Another strong performance from Des & like Katherine he is quietly working his way to the top however with such strong competitors ahead of him he may need a stand out dance to propel him there.

Aidan & Valeria – American Smooth – 21

They went for an A.S. Foxtrot and I think Aidan was back to what he likes best – in hold & covered up. He was good with the lifts but will be better with the next ones as he learns to trust himself.

Now a bit of a confession to make here on my behalf. Not only were Ryan & Julian sick but I think half the country was struck down with something similar to the dreaded “Man Flu” including yours truly. Add to this this I had visitors, I know, why were they not watching I hear you ask. All this meant that I had to PAUSE the telly so as not to miss any of the important bits but on the plus side I was able to fast forward all the ad breaks. Yeah!!

Anyway I missed voting as the lines had closed by the time I had caught up but I was in time for the results. With all the other couples saved we were down to the bottom three – 

Dr. Eva, Des B & Katherine

This week we say goodbye to Dr Eva & Sean and while she didn’t look surprised, she seemed very disappointed. 

This might also be the kick Des B & Katherine need to bring it for next weeks Valentines Special.   
Hopefully will be back to normal next week to enjoy the romance, until then let me know what you think as I love hearing others points of view by tweeting @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support
Take care 



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