DWTS Ireland – A Week 6 Review from our Irish reporter @byrnesarahnow

It’s time for us to venture over to the Emerald Isle for our weekly look at what happened in the world of Dancing with the Stars Ireland.

The lovely Sarah Byrne, our Irish Reporter, has written this wonderful piece for you all. Here’s what happened in Week 6 (the Valentine’s Special!)

Last night saw our Stars get their romance on and get in touch with their softer side, but don’t worry there was also some tough love from the judges. We had Darren Bennett again last night as Julian is still unwell, so Get Well soon Julian.

There was so many talking points of the night that it seemed to start with a slow boil only finishing off with a huge explosion. So to start a massive shout out to the wardrobe department for some stunning costumes so far this season including Amanda’s outfit which set the tone for the night.


So hold on to the one you love, it’s going to be a bit emotional…

Teresa & John – Foxtrot – 15

An improvement on last week but still she seems to be in a marching band at times compared to gliding around the floor. John has been doing a great job and even gave the impression that he Lobbed the Gob on Teresa.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Jive – 28

As you can tell from the score  – We got our first 10 from Loraine & it was for dark horse Aoibhin. She said she wanted to have the Craic & that is exactly what she did. Vitali’s choreography has been amazing & so well suited to his partner.

Aidan & Valeria – Tango – 19

No as a member of An Garda Siochana Aidan should be afraid of nothing but he looked terrified of this Tango which seemed to be a combination of traditional & Argentine. It put in a decent performance but he seems to be holding back.

Katherine & Kai – Quickstep – 21

I will admit that I don’t get Katherine’s brand of humour in her shows but this is a different side to her & I really like these two as a couple. A few mistakes but Katherine made herself the envy of the country when she actually did get to steal a kiss from Kai.😍

 Dayl & Ksenia – Foxtrot – 22

A disappointing dance from Dayl who slipped down the leader board but no doubt will be back up around the top next week just needs to work on his consistency.

DesB & Guilia – Paso – 24

Finally Des upped his game, he embraced all the trademarks – tan, chest out, cape work & knee drags. Did a great job was so pleased for him, he was very comfortable & confident.

DesC & Karen – Cha Cha – 12

Now we all love Des but I think the judges have had enough, so if you scare easily skip forward cause this ain’t pretty. Due to the age difference they decided to do a fun Cha Cha & the judges were not impressed. Not only did Des get scolded for messing up & ditching serious Dessie but Karen got well & truly roasted by Loraine for lack of content & always going for the gimmick. So safe to say Des will have a dance loaded with content next week.

Denise & Ryan – American Smooth – 25

The judges were on roll now & forgot that love was in the air. Ryan introduced a balloon to the dance & while the judges felt the risk did pay off it went on a bit too long. Darren wanted more lifts, Brian only spoke about the balloon really which lead Ryan to ask if they had anything to say about the dancing, which Loraine gave him plenty on. Still a good score but Ryan didn’t appear happy.

Lots of ups and downs there but hang on to your hats there is more to come…

Going to put this out early but there was problems with the graphics for voting, just bear that in mind.

Voting opened & Nicky spoke to our Stars who had been on an emotional roller coaster and while that was great and all we all knew that the Pro Dance was coming up and we couldn’t wait. Fifty Shades hit DWTS and it was all kinds of hot 🔥I will put it up on twitter for you all to watch as no words do it justice.


We also got word that next week is Switch Up week, now we haven’t seen this on Strictly but it has been on DWTS USA. The results will be announced on Can’t Stop Dancing on Friday @ 8.30pm RTE ONE. Looking forward to this.

Voting closed and there was tension in the air.

Down to our bottom three Des B & Des C & Denise. Two looked surprised to be there and one not so much. The couple leaving this week is Des B & Guilia.


Nicky you said the wrong Des, come on make it right. No it’s true folks and Twitter went into meltdown as you can imagine and no one was more surprised than Des Cahill since Hughie was when he left. Remember I said there was  problem with the voting graphics, well I’m not saying this is why DesB was voted out but it is defiantly one theory out there.


Well there you have it, while we brace ourselves for the fall out from DESBISXIT it just shows the course of True Love certainly didn’t run smooth last night and there really was a Murder on the Dance-floor.

Any ideas on who you would like to see as new couples for the switch up next week let me know @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support

Take care



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