Strictly Support Group – 🔟 things we ❤️ about Strictly💃🏻

We’ll put our hands up and proudly admit that we are Strictly Superfans. The other day, Bella asked me “mummy, what are the 10 things you love most about Strictly?”

We sat down to work to decide what really made Strictly so uh-may-zing. Here are our Top 10 things we love about Strictly.

Mummy (Me!) and my 10 things I love about Strictly.

  1. I can share it with all the family – I love being able to enjoy Strictly with the kids, as well as with my husband and the rest of our family too. It is a show that appeals to all ages.
  2. The sparkles, the glitz and the glamour – As a girly girl, I love all things that sparkle (I am a bit of a magpie and try to grab anything that sparkles when I see it.) The sparkles as well as all the glamour and glitz just act like a magnet and draw me towards my TV screen week after week.
  3. Gorka, Pasha All the professional dancers – As well as being simply the best dancers (and teachers) in the world they are also inspirational and just the loveliest people ever.
  4. It brings a little bit of joy and sparkle to our d-u-l-l autumn and winter days – Let’s face it, autumn and winter would be boring without Strictly. It brightens up even the cloudiest day and never fails to make us smile.
  5. The friends we’ve made – Strictly has brought so many like-minded people together from different parts of the country. You know who you are!
  6. Those magical performances which have inspired us – Every week there’ll be one moment which leaves us speechless and gives us goosebumps. The dancing is pure perfection, the live band and singers do an incredible job week after week.
  7. The fact that we can make a difference – Yes, Craig, you may feel the need to give couples scores under 5, but us fans are here in our hundreds of thousands and poised ready to vote to ensure that the person who has been under marked gets through to the following week. We hate saying goodbye but love the surprised look when a couple who have been at the bottom of the leaderboard find themselves safely through to next week.
  8. Claudia (Winkleman) – We’re pretty sure her Wikipedia article should be changed to read “TV Presenter, causer of mayhem and fun in the clauditorium!” We love Claudia and Tess and together they are a great partnership. Claudia’s comic timing and her quick wit have left us in stitches of laughter week after week!
  9.  The live music and band – Sometimes tasked with recreating music classics, they always pull it out of the bag and produce a brilliant arrangement for couples to dance to. In fact, there have been occasions where we’ve preferred their interpretation of the music to the original song.
  10. It keeps getting better – We say this week after week and year after year, Strictly always seem to amaze us with their productions. They really do keep getting better and deserve all the awards they win!

Bella’s 10 things she loves about Strictly

  1. The Sparkly Glitterball – It is so shiny and sparkly, I’d like one in my bedroom when I’m bigger.
  2. It makes me smile even when I’m feeling poorly – During last year’s series, we had to tweet along with Strictly from hospital, when Little Bella’s appendix burst. Despite her feeling rubbish, being able to watch Strictly in hospital really put a smile on her face.
  3. The best professional dancers in the world (ever!) – I love all the pro dancers as they are amazing, but I love the Cliftons most because they are awesome.
  4. It helped me start learning to dance – I didn’t like dancing much before Strictly, but I love learning to dance now. When I’m older I’d like to be a professional dancer or a teacher!
  5. I can watch it with my mummy – She gives the best snuggles and lets me stay up late to watch Strictly with her all the time!
  6. The friends I have made – I have made a lot of best friends because of Strictly. I think everyone who likes Strictly is very kind and nice.
  7. They have a youtube channel – It means I can watch dances all the time forever and forever and forever.
  8. The Sparkly Dresses and Shoes – They make all the girls look like princesses and I think they always look beautiful and magical.
  9. It wins awards – Strictly give out a Glitterball to people so it’s only fair that they should get a glittery award too.
  10. It has an awesome tour – Mummy says I’m still too little to go to the real Planet Strictly and watch Strictly being filmed, so I love that they have a tour that I can go to watch Strictly at with my mummy, daddy and baby sister!

So there you have it, our top 10 reasons why we love Strictly. We’d love to hear your reasons you love Strictly. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. We may even feature some of them in our next project on our blog and twitter #10ThingsWeLoveAboutStrictly

Cassie (and princess Bella!)



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