DWTS Ireland – Week 7 Review by @ByrneSarahNow (Our Irish Reporter)

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks, you’ll know that Ireland now have their very own version of Strictly. We have a Strictly Superfan as our reporter, Sarah who has been letting us know what happened each week. Here’s her review of week 7! 

Hi all, 
Well what a treat we had on Sunday night. It was Switch Up Week and we were spoiled. 
The show kicked off with a fabulous group number where the couples started in their original pairings and then throughout the dance the switch up couples were revealed. It really was a nice touch because unless you watched Can’t Stop Dancing on Friday you may not have known the new pairs which were picked by the judges. Think next year they should let the public vote.
Good news, Bad news – We still have Darren as a judge which means Julian is still sick but Nicky says he is on the mend. you never know we may end up with four judges before the end of the season.
Des C & Ksenia – Samba – 17

Dancing Dessie was back looking a bit like Hugh Hefner. He gave it his all & the judges were very happy with him despite being sick all week.
Denise & John – Viennese Waltz – 26

Here I don’t know who had more pressure on them Denise or John? John had to live up to Ryan’s brilliant choreography & he stepped up like the pro he is. Their V. Waltz was very dark & dramatic & Denise coped very well.

Katherine & Vitali – Paso – 21

Katherine took a step to the dark side with this dance & I’m glad as again it is showing another side to her. She embraced it & looked like she was having fun. Katherine is firmly in the middle of the pack & needs to take a few risks to catch up on the top three.

Dayl & Valeria – Salsa – 30

A lot of emphasis was put on this dance to be hip hop, I might have missed the bit where it was a fusion dance like the Disco Salsa we had a few weeks back but who better than Dayl to pull it off. It was like a show dance & rave all rolled into one. If you remember Dayl has already had two strikes against him from Brian for his Hip Hop antics but Brian declare this a Home run & Dayl & Valeria gets a PERFECT SCORE -30

In here we get live music – yipee – it’s from The Kinks Muscial coming to Dublin next month – Sunny Afternoon.

Aoibhin & Kai – Foxtrot – 28

Aoibhin has become a great dancer & is handling any dance that comes her way. Kai gave her great choreography & it earned her another 10.

Teresa & Ryan – Jive – 18

Based on resent weeks I think the country as a whole feared for poor Teresa when we found out she had Ryan. How would our nervous reporter cope with no filter Ryan? With no trouble at all. Ryan encouraged her more & Teresa seemed to soften his edges. She improved her score but I think she will be happy to have John back next week.

Aidan & Karen – Samba – 15

It is not often that the Kerry & Dublin are on the same side but that’s what we got with this pairing. Karen’s no holds barred approach to liven Aidan up worked to a certain extent. The fun element was there but he again failed to deliver on technique. The judges were very critical & for another week running Karen was in the firing line. Aidan said he would prefer more constructive criticism & offered to take Brian out to a GAA pitch to see how he would fare.


With no eliminations this week all votes are carried over till next week so we had the usual filler time of chatting with the Stars & Judges. We had another colourful Pro dance & we even spotted Strictly’s AJ & Chloe in the audience and I do believe Neil & Katya are coming over soon.  


There was also a hint dropped during the show about a possible Oscars week????
So with everything returning to normal again what will they have in store of us? Oh wait – The Dance Off is coming & they have finally listened to the nation. Happy days.
Bye for now 


On the subject of this review, would you like to see a switch-up week on Strictly 2017? (Where couples are switched around.) Tell us by voting in this poll below:

Thank you once again to Sarah for another fab-u-lous review *grants you a glitterball*

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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