DWTS Ireland – A Week 8 review from @ByrneSarahNow

Unless you’ve been hiding under a sparkly rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know we’ve been following the DWTS Ireland series from the comfort of our own home. We may not be able to watch the series from here in the UK due to geoblocking, however our lovely Irish reporter Sarah has been covering the series for us and reporting on the goings on each and every week. Here’s what she thought of this week’s show:

Before we kick off on this week’s show just a little bit of an update on Judge Jules as some of you have been askingΒ …..well he will be back next week.😊 No word yet on how outrageous the jacket will be but with four weeks to make up for I can only imagine, there is also no word on whether Darren will stay on as a four judge?

We are down to the Magnificent Seven which allowed Amanda & Nicky to cram some about of puns in – now I like these two but they are no Claudia and Tess.

Everyone was reunited and it was back to work as we have elimination this week with the dreaded DANCE OFF, I can hardly wait.

First up

Dayl & Ksenia – Contemporary Ballroom – 28

After the high of last weeks perfect score that Dayl got with Valeria, I think Ksenia was on a mission to do a good job this week. They did a lovely number in bare feet, which involved a very tricky Dirty Dancing lift & it suited Dayl so much so that Darren came them a 10.

Teresa & John – Paso -16

This Paso had very little fire & passion & was more like a gentle stroll in the park I’m afraid. It’s a shame as John is so good I feel he is the Anton of DWTS Irl but hopefully next year he will be able to showcase his talents. Teresa had a great time & her two teenage boys in the audience looked absolutely mortified.

Denise & Ryan – Salsa – 27

It was mentioned a time or fifty that that Ryan was UK & British ProΒ Latin & Show dance Champion & we can see why but a quick question to all you people on the other side of the water – What’s the difference between UK & British?? I thought it was all the same!!! (can anyone enlighten us? – *scratches her head*)

They did a fabulous number with lots of tricks & content & I thought it would score higher.

Des C & Karen – Viennese Waltz – 19

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Not only were they waltzing to the tune of the Marino Waltz by the Dubliners but Karen had surprised Des by having Dubliner John Sheahan show up & preform the tune for them in rehearsals. Everyone was overcome with emotion & Des did a fantastic job.

Katherine & Kai – Charleston – 23

My favourite couple back together again. This was Katherine’s dance, cheeky & flirty but sadly she was concerned about the lifts & if Kai would be able to lift her. Many of you may not know that Katherine took part in Operation Transformation before this show & she lost 13.5lbs on it & has lost a further stone & a half since. She looks amazing & it’s a hard mind set to overcome but Katherine you are doing great & the envy of the female population.

So send some positive feedback her way @katherinelyncho

Aidan & Valeria – Waltz – 22

Poor Aidan after last weeks pounding I was hiding behind the cushion & hoping for the best & it was like Aidan from week 1. I will admit that I did a little clap I was so pleased for him. His waltz was lovely & lyrical.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Paso – 26

Another good performance from Aoibhin but this Paso had a bit of a contemporary feel to it compared to Vitali’s dark & dangerous one which he performed with Katherine. Sadly no hat trick of 10s but still a very good score.

The Leaderboard

So there you have it all seven have dance, voting lines are open & we have the chit chat with the judges and Stars. We also have a very colourful Pro dance and again some live music, this time from the wonderful Roisin O. Kai & Guilia performed a brilliant Argentine Tango to her music.

So who is through to next weeks Icons week – Katherine, Aidan, Dayl & Des Cahill. Which means Teresa, Aoibhin & Denise are in the bottom three.

Three become two with Aoibhin through to next week. It’s an easy decision for the judges who all opt to keep Denise in the competition.

Teresa showed that she is indeed a classy lady and didn’t “storm” off on what was in no way an Unnecessary Journey for her as it allowed us to see a different side to the wind battered reporter who became an internet sensation.


As I mentioned it’s Icons week next week so we will have to wait & see what they have in store for us. Let me know what you thought @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support

Bye for now


Thank you Sarah! If you know the difference between UK and British or watched the show and would like to let us know what you thoughtΒ of it, you can comment below or tweet @scd_support. If you’re also up to anything Strictlified soon and would like to blog it for us, send us an email to strictlysupportgroup@aol.co.uk to let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚Β 


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