DWTS Ireland – Icons Week – A review by our Irish reporter @ByrneSarahNow

Over the past 10 weeks, we’ve been following Dancing with the Stars Ireland. We may not be able to watch it due to geoblocking, here in the UK, but have an expert Irish reporter (the lovely Sarah) who has been following it for us. Sunday just gone was Icons week. Here’s what she thought of the show:

This week was all about ICONS and I am pleased to say that our very own style Icon Judge Jules is back with his own tribute to David Bowie. Sad to see Darren go but nice to see Julian back.

We are down to six and soon to be five but who will survive the Dance Off???

First up we have – 

Katherine & Kai – Jive – 19

Tina Turner

I don’t think Katherine could have done this dance in week 1, & even though it wasn’t her best she through the kitchen sink at it. She looked like she had a great time performing it but I think they might of had a bit of a practice back stage. Fingers crossed its not them.

Denise & Ryan – Quick Step – 22

Amy Winehouse

These two are starting to annoy me. They are so good when it comes to dancing but Ryan feels like he should just ignore everything & do his own thing. Ryan added Foxtrot to his Quickstep which did them no favours as they only got a 22 and even though the dance was very good they had to rely on public votes. I like Ryan, I really do but some times he just has to Nod, Smile & Agree because he might be hurting Denise’s chances – I hope not.

Dayl & Ksenia – Cha Cha – 25

Justin Bieber 

Yes folks you read that right, Dayl chose Bieber as his Icon!!! We can weep for the generation later. They did a really good, cheeky Cha Cha which I enjoyed & so did the judges.

Aidan & Valeria – Charleston – 28

Ray Charles

It is hard for a Donegal person to say anything nice about a Kerry footballer but I have been waiting for this to happen since week 1, such was his breakthrough. This dance had everything from Aidan & got him a 10. It showed a different side to him & I hope he can keep it going in the coming weeks. Absolutely delighted with his performance.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Salsa – 29


Another confident performance from Aoibhin who seems to blooming under Vitali’s teachings. She looked like a professional she was that confident, fantastic performance.

Des & Karen – American Smooth – 17

Billy Joel

While Dancing Dessie may be back he is the Ed Balls of DWTS Irl. He managed the lifts better than Ed but sadly I think even he realises his time might be up.

Everyone has danced and we’ve had hits, misses & jaw dropping surprises so voting lines are open. Whilst we are waiting on the results of the voting we have the usual chit chat to everyone and then we are treated to two amazing Pro Dances. 

The first dance is to Man in the Mirror from Thriller Live which will be at The Gaiety Theatre. It was danced with junior dancers and looked so good. The second Pro Dance was just as good and I am really enjoying the live performances.

 With the voting closed and those progressing to next week we are down to our bottom three.

Aidan, Katherine & Dayl – notice no Des – twitter was not happyπŸ˜’

Well now no matter who is in the dance off it is not going to be a happy ending for me and I knew it, Katherine was there with Dayl of all people. 

There was really no need for a vote as the nation knew the result – it was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Katherine & Kai. Ragin, that my favourites are gone but I will continue to cheer on the rest of the stars.

I know RTE could of pick a better photo of Kai, I mean there must be loads to choose from.

Before I got and weep into a hanky, is Brian getting on anyone else’s nerves when he says “From Brian a….8, 9” I mean come on, save that for a 10 surely. Also the judges seem to have taken a real dislike to Ryan and God love him, he is not helping matters. Anyone else think this or am I imagining it?

Chat to you next week when five become four.



Thank you Sarah. If you were lucky enough to watch the show we’d love to hear what you thought of it. We’d also like to hear who your icons of Strictly have been. Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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