Strictly Support Group – Strictly Couple Weeks – Zoe and Ian – Day 7!

Yes, we’ve reached the final day in our Zoe and Ian week! *sobs*

Before we end the week we have time to share one more dance from this wonderful couple! It’s Sunday and that can mean only one thing, time to share a beautiful American Smooth to ease you into your Sunday morning!

Yes, in 2005, the American Smooth was a new dance to take the Strictly Ballroom by storm. Zoe and Ian performed a wonderful routine which truly wowed us and saw them head on their way to the Strictly Final in Series 3!

You can watch the dance below, along with all the other dances in Zoe and Ian week here!

Once you’ve watched them, we’d like you to vote in the poll below to help us decide the best dance from Zoe and Ian! Voting will remain open until 8pm tonight when we’ll reveal the winning dance in our Zoe and Ian week and will then unveil the next couple whose dances will feature in our next Strictly Couple Week:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our very first Strictly Couple Week. If you have any ideas for a couple you’d like to see feature as part of a Strictly Couple week, let us know by private messaging @scd_support Twitter or Strictly Support Group on Facebook.

Keep Voting and Dancing!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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