Strictly Support Group – Strictly Couple Weeks – Georgia and Giovanni – Day 5

It’s nearly the weekend and if there’s one thing we love doing here at Strictly Support Group HQ, it’s getting ready for the weekend with a Friday night Movie Marathon. We also prefer the Strictly variety, so for today’s Strictly fix for Team GG week we’re reliving their beauty of Foxtrot from Musicals Week.

Yes, it was the week where Georgia morphed into Belle. Giovanni became the dashing prince and they foxtrotted around the floor surrounded by teapots, clocks, candlesticks and teacups. It was one of those Strictly moments that gave us goosebumps and left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

Ok, it may have landed them in the dance-off *wipes this from her memory* but we’re pretty sure that the British public only put them there because they loved the dance so much, they wanted to see it again!

In case you missed it earlier, here it is just for you all again:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this routine, just tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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