Strictly Support Group Does Eurovision!

Ever since we heard this on It Takes Two:

We’ve wondered what would happen if Strictly met Eurovision. Well tonight, we found out exactly what happened as we hosted a Strictly meets Eurovision chat.

We began our chat by asking this question:

Eurovision is all about breaking down barriers and bringing nations together through song! Who on Strictly did this best for you and with which dance? We had some brilliant suggestions. Here they all are just for you:

For bringing us contemporary dance (and also causing us to be entirely responsible for flash flooding due to the amount of tears cried)

For proving that you can Salsa to Gangnam Style:

For showing us the true origins of Samba:

For being fearless and fab-u-lous *still wonders how amazing their showdance could have been*

Those were just some of your suggestions. If you can think of others, just tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

For our second question of the evening we asked:

If you could ask one person from Strictly to represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest, who would it be? 

We had two very popular answers, in the form of these wonderful pros:

We agree that both these pros not only dance beautifully but have the voices of angels *demands a Joanne Anton partnership on next year’s Eurovision* 
For our third question of the evening we asked you this:

You’re asked to choose one Strictly dance to represent the UK at the Eurovision song (and dance) contest.  Which dance would you pick?

We had some brilliant answers. Here are our favourites of the night in playlist form:

If you can think of any others, please let us know and we’ll add them to the playlist just for you.

For our next question we asked you this question:

We know that getting one of these from this judge is about as rare as Unicorn poo! If Craig had to give Douze points to one dance on Strictly, which dance do you think he’d pick?

You gave us some wonderful answers. Here are some of our favourites:

For our final question of the night, we asked you this. Strictly is broadcast in many nations throughout Europe. We all know that our version is the best (obvs) but which other version has been uh-may-singly fab-u-lous in your opinion? Here are some of your suggestions:

For us, we’ll always love Stricty here in the Uk, but there’s another version of Strictly which has impressed us, just because of this dance. Yes, it’s Strictly from Norway:

That ended our chat. Thank you all for taking part. If you didn’t get the chance to take part, fear not! You can still join in by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back tomorrow (Sunday) from 8pm to reveal the winning dance in our Team GG week. We’ll also be revealing a bit of the fun which will be taking place on Monday in honour of Strictly Day! Hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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