Strictly Day – 13 Reasons We Love Strictly

13 years ago today, Strictly graced our TV screens for the very first time. We knew from the very first moment it was a winning formula which we would come to love and have never stopped watching it since. 

But what’s made Strictly one of our all-time favourite shows? Here are thirteen reasons we love Strictly!

1. Those Unforgettable Dances

In series one we had Chris Parker and his unforgettable Paso Doble. In series 14, it was the turn of Ed Balls with his Gangnam Style Salsa. There are moments that are pure entertainment which are truly unforgettable and just remind us that you don’t have to be a brilliant dancer to win our hearts, you just have to dance like nobody’s watching. The only thing is, we are watching and we will fall in love with you!

2. Those Magic Moments

Yes, as well as the entertaining dances, there are those moments of pure perfection, when dance magic is created on the Strictly floor! Take for example, Danny and Oti’s Samba. It was a moment when music, choreography, dancing and everything seemed to come together to create one of the greatest dances we have ever seen!

3. The Wonderful Pro Dancers

They wow us week after week with their group dances, but also with their choreography, patience and teaching ability. Yes, the Strictly Pros are possibly some of the loveliest people ever. They are truly inspiring human beings and the show would not be the same without them! They are super lovely to all their fans and are inspiring young dancers to follow their dreams! 

4. The Judges

Whilst the couples may await the judges’ verdict with trepidation, it’s something we look forward to week after week. Yes, Bruno’s falling off his chair, Craig’s cutting comments and Len (we’ll miss you Len) and his len-isms. They become catchphrases which we take into everyday life. Craig’s scores may be harsh at times, but they only encourage us to vote more for our favourites!

5. Tess and Claudia

Our two hosts entertain us week after week with their wit and humour. It cheers up and brightens our winter months. Who could forget Claudia in a Dolphin suit? Or the fishing gag last year? Together they bring us comedy genius which together with wonderful dancing brings us some of the best TV ever! *Imagines how much fun a night out with these two would be* 

6. The Band and Singers

The live music on Strictly is world-class. It gives us goosebumps and amazes us. Credit has to go to the singer last series who sung Gangnam Style in Korean. *bows out of respect* Overall, the music adds to the effect and gives us some of the most memorable performances on TV ever!

7. The Glitterball

For many shows, the trophy looks ever so boring or is just a symbol, but on Strictly they get quite possibly the sparkliest most glitzy trophy ever in the whole world. It’s every girl’s dream (my little girl asked for one in her bedroom – we’re still waiting for it to be put up) and embodies everything that Strictly represents. It brings us sparkle during the dull autumnal and winter months.

8. The Costumes

Week after week, Vicky Gill and her team of sequin stitchers and seamstresses create some stunning looks which would not look out of place on a fashion catwalk. They help our couples get into character and have given us dress envy many times during the series. 

9. The Friendships

Year after year, we see our couples become the best of friends!  We love seeing Strictly reunions on social media between celebrities and pros, but it’s lovely to see the camararderie between the couples and celebrities each year. They are like a family who can never be separated. 

10. It is a Family-Friendly Show

As a mum, there’s nothing I love more than being able to watch shows with my family. I live with possibly two of the youngest Strictly superfans who have been brought up watching Strictly every year. Part of its appeal is that you can watch it no matter how old or young you are. I watched it with my mum and grandma when the show first started and now I watch it with my little girls. If it had an age rating it would say suitable from 0-100+ 

11. The Hair and Make-Up

Yes, the Make-Up team create some looks which don’t only look awesome but make us want to cover ourselves in glitter every day of the year. We love watching Strictly each week to see what the couple’s make-up and hair will look like.  One of our all-time favourite make-up looks has to be this moment:

12. It Takes Two
Yes, this post wouldn’t be worth the blog it’s written on if we didn’t mention It Takes Two. We are firm believers that a dose of Strictly every day keeps the doctor away (in Winter.) From the Sunday results show until Saturday’s live show, Zoe Ball and her wonderful team keep us entertained with a behind the scenes look at Strictly. We love that we get to see what goes on in a light-hearted way.

13. The Tour

For those of us who are unable to get tickets to the live shows, we love that we can not only go and see The Strictly Live Tour but also follow some of our favourite professional dancers on tour around the country and (if you’re lucky) on a Strictly Cruise. It keeps the Strictly magic going on long enough so we do not suffer from Strictly Withdrawal symptoms!

So there we have it, those are thirteen of the reasons why we love Strictly. What makes you love Strictly? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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