Strictly Support Group – Sparkly Suggestions for Shirley

Last week, we had our first bit of Strictly news, as the wonderful people at the BBC unveiled the lady who will be head judge this year, Shirley Ballas.

We cannot wait to see her on the show and with her latin dance expertise she’ll definitely know her stuff. We’re sure she’ll also give the couples some brilliant constructive criticism. 

We know she’ll be amazing but we asked you to share some of your sparkly suggestions for Shirley ahead of her new role. Here are some of your wonderful answers:

We do agree that she should carry a spare 10 paddle at all times. If she doesn’t use it, we’re pretty sure it’ll come in handy for (gently) hitting Craig on the head when he scores couples lower than they deserve. 

For us we think that she should carry a harness with her at all times, to keep Bruno in his seat! We do worry about him when he falls off his chair. When we mentioned this, we had one wonderful suggestion from another of our fab-u-lous followers:

Of course, if she does wear a crash helmet it’ll have to be covered in glitter and sequins, we are on Planet Strictly after all!

My 7 year old’s advice to her is be yourself or a unicorn! Do they even have those on Planet Strictly? *looks confused*

What are your Sparkly Suggestions For Shirley? Comment below to let us know or tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cassie 🙂 


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