Strictly Couple Weeks – Harry and Aliona – The Salsa/Samba-Off

Unless you’ve been living on another sparkly planet somewhere, you’ll know over the past week we’ve been sharing dances from one of our all-time favourite champions – Harry Judd and his professional partner Aliona!

We began the week with their Jive and have taken a trip to Argentina for their Argentine Tango, Headed off to Blackpool to see their Quickstep and then watched their Viennese Waltz and Charleston.

Those of you who follow the Strictly Support Group will know that Saturdays are the chance for a party and we love nothing more than watching a good Salsa or Samba whilst doing our weekend chores *sambas with her hoover* 

Harry and Aliona not only performed a brilliant Salsa but they also performed an award-winning Samba too. We could not pick just one dance so had to share them with you both! In the true spirit of the Strictly Support Group, we also know how much you love a poll, so have decided to host The Great Salsa and Samba Off! We’ll show you both dances below and then all you need to do is vote in the poll just beneath that!

Voting will remain open until Midnight Tonight! The winning dance will then be put forward to tomorrow’s final poll to decide the best of Harry and Aliona’s dances! Get voting people.

Cassie 🙂 


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