Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish!

We’ve always thought the News at Ten would be a lot more interesting if it was Strictly themed, and today there was a lot of Strictly-themed news for us Strictly fans.

It all began this morning, when Nick Grimshaw revealed Mollie King as the first celebrity to be taking to the floor in 2017. We must say we think she’ll be fab-u-lous, and it looks like she’s already been preparing for her time on the show by dressing up like a Glitterball:

In true Strictly style, the pros and former stars who’ve appeared on the show, welcomed Mollie to the Strictly fold:

But one pro appeared to wish to dance with her mum. Oh Anton, we love you:

It’d seem that Mollie is excited about Strictly too. Bring on those sequins and the glitter:

Elsewhere in the world of Strictly…

We learnt that one of the new pros is a very lucky girl:

And we introduced the newest member of our Strictly Zoo, which went down well with his namesake:

That ends our news bulletins tonight. We’ll have another bulletin tomorrow with more news on the 2nd celebrity taking to the floor this year. Who do you think it’ll be? Comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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