Monday Makes – Glittery T-Shirts

You know that old saying “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!” Well, every year we watch the Strictly Come Dancing live tour, it’s become “the law” that we have to buy a Strictly T-Shirt.

Earlier this month, I came across some fab-u-lous glittery fabric paint in TIGER. It was only £1, and, knowing how much my little Strictly fans see themselves as future Fashion Designers, I bought a couple of packs.

We found black t-shirts and decided to customise them for our Strictly fan wants!

The pens are very easy to use. Luckily, having bought multiple packs we had enough glitter paint to make the t-shirts sparkle!

The only downside with these pens is that they take 3 days to dry *watches her 7 year old looking on patiently to find out when she can wear her t-shirt.* The overall quality and effect of the paint is brilliant and did the job perfectly.

In Blue Peter Style, here’s one we made earlier:


A little sneak peek of our next #MondayMake. *turns into a human glitterball*

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Then… this happened….

Think I have a future Strictly Seamstress in the making.

If you have attempted a glittery fashion creation, let us know! You can tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂




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