Strictly 2017 – The Launch Show!

Today in our house wasn’t Saturday… It was Strictly Day. The day started early in our house… at 5am when my little Strictly superfan woke me up asking to make some score paddles. 

With our score paddles made, copious amounts of coffee drunk and our Strictly snacks prepared we sat down tonight to watch the Strictly Launch Show. 

For us Strictly fans, this is the time of year when staying in is the new going out on Saturday nights. It was a long awaited show for us and it did not disappoint.

The show began with a brilliant Fred Astaire tribute which had all the glamour of old hollywood. The Strictly Pros always amaze us and this dance was, to quote my 7 year old, totally epic!

It truly set the tone and we got to see new Judge Shirley Ballas show off her dancing moves. 😍 We did have several comments that she could be Arlene Phillip’s Stunt Double, and the similarity was uncanny!

We learnt that the Glitterball Trophy is really a Unicorn in Glitterball form, from Claudia. This was something that amazed my 7 year old, she’s convinced there is a unicorn inside ever glitterball.

After this it was time to meet the celebrities and start a game of Strictly Matchmaking!

First up were the girls! If you didn’t watch the show there are some spoilers ahead..

Gemma was paired with Aljaz 🚨 * awesome partnership alert* 🚨

Chizzy was paired with Pasha 🚨 * fun partnership alert* 🚨

Debbie was paired with Giovanni 🚨 *surprise partnership alert* 🚨

Ruth was paired with Anton

Charlotte was paired with Brendan

Mollie was paired with AJ 🚨*adorable humans alert* 🚨

Susan was paired with Kevin *inserts the cutest clip ever*

Alexandra was paired with Gorka *😍 partnership alert*

We then had the most beautiful and emotional tribute to Brucie. Brucie you were and always will be our favourite. If you didn’t cry, there’s something seriously wrong with you (even my 7 year old got ever so slightly emotional and wanted a cuddle!)

It was then time for the boys to be paired together

Aston was paired with Janette *🚨cute partnership alert 🚨*

Simon was paired with Karen *🚨exciting partnership alert🚨*

The Rev was paired with Dianne *🚨favourite partnership alert🚨*

Davood was paired with Nadiya *🚨hottest partnership in Strictly history ever alert 🚨 *

Joe was paired with Katya*🚨exciting partnership alert🚨*

Jonnie was paired with Oti *🚨exciting partnership alert🚨*

Brian was paired with Amy *🚨fun partnership alert🚨*

We then got to see our new pros dance in what has become one of our favourite Charleston routines ever. Jo and Ore returned to the dancefloor for one last time which caused much excitement in our household.  The celebrities then danced for the first time. It was possibly one of the best first dances ever and has set the standard for this year’s show as higher than ever.

The couples now have 2 weeks to train before the live shows start on the 23rd September. We honestly cannot wait. In our eyes it’s going to be the best series ever.

What did you think of tonight’s launch show? Who is your favourite so far? Cast your votes in this poll below which will remain open until the final:

We’ll have another post coming tomorrow from little miss unicorn Bella *gulps* and will be back on Wednesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 


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