Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 4

After a week off, she’s back and more honest than ever. Yes, Princess of the Unicorns Bella (aged 7) is back with her take on Strictly 2017, Week 4! 

I asked her to pick her top 5 moments of the week. Here are Bella’s Best Bits for Strictly 2017, Week 4:

1) Susan and Kevin’s Quickstep

Susan always makes me happy and this dance really made me want to dance along at home. Kevin is an awesome choreographer and I want to learn this dance because it looks a lot of fun!

2) Alexandra and Gorka’s Jive

I like Alexandra because she has a pink teddy as her mascot. Apparently the teddy goes everywhere with her. Mummy reckons the bear was watching Strictly next to her when she was dancing this Jive. I liked their outfits because they looked like Glitterballs and I loved the dance because it was fab-u-lous and fast. Jive is a lot of fun to dance but it looks really hard, she made it look really easy!

3) Janette and Aston’s Quickstep

When I grow up, I’d like to wear a dress like Janette’s it looked magical. This dance was really fast and they went faster than a unicorn when they’ve eaten their porridge and vegetables. It was a happy song, but I didn’t agree with what the judges were saying. I thought they were fab-u-lous and deserved 9s or 10s!

4) Simon and Karen’s Samba

I like Simon because he tries really hard. Samba is a really hard dance and he did make a mistake but he kept going. I liked his shirt too because it reminded me of being on holiday. I was upset Karen didn’t have more bananas on her head though, but I think she might have eaten them. Simon needed a banana when he was getting the judges’ comments. I think I may send them my banana unicorn as their mascot!

5) Mollie and AJ’s Salsa

Mollie looked magical like a unicorn and the lifts looked lots of fun. I liked the music too and I wanted to dance along at home, I but my little sister stopped me because she couldn’t see the TV! I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the dance.

What Bella thought about the dance-off:

I’m sad that Charlotte went home, but her dance did look more like my mummy did when she was running in a race last week. Davood got dizzy but he did really well in the dance-off. I think we need to vote for all our favourites as nobody is safe.

So that’s what Bella thought of this week’s show. Do you agree with her? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie (and Bella)


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