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Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 4

After a week off, she’s back and more honest than ever. Yes, Princess of the Unicorns Bella (aged 7) is back with her take on Strictly 2017, Week 4! 

I asked her to pick her top 5 moments of the week. Here are Bella’s Best Bits for Strictly 2017, Week 4:

1) Susan and Kevin’s Quickstep

Susan always makes me happy and this dance really made me want to dance along at home. Kevin is an awesome choreographer and I want to learn this dance because it looks a lot of fun!

2) Alexandra and Gorka’s Jive

I like Alexandra because she has a pink teddy as her mascot. Apparently the teddy goes everywhere with her. Mummy reckons the bear was watching Strictly next to her when she was dancing this Jive. I liked their outfits because they looked like Glitterballs and I loved the dance because it was fab-u-lous and fast. Jive is a lot of fun to dance but it looks really hard, she made it look really easy!

3) Janette and Aston’s Quickstep

When I grow up, I’d like to wear a dress like Janette’s it looked magical. This dance was really fast and they went faster than a unicorn when they’ve eaten their porridge and vegetables. It was a happy song, but I didn’t agree with what the judges were saying. I thought they were fab-u-lous and deserved 9s or 10s!

4) Simon and Karen’s Samba

I like Simon because he tries really hard. Samba is a really hard dance and he did make a mistake but he kept going. I liked his shirt too because it reminded me of being on holiday. I was upset Karen didn’t have more bananas on her head though, but I think she might have eaten them. Simon needed a banana when he was getting the judges’ comments. I think I may send them my banana unicorn as their mascot!

5) Mollie and AJ’s Salsa

Mollie looked magical like a unicorn and the lifts looked lots of fun. I liked the music too and I wanted to dance along at home, I but my little sister stopped me because she couldn’t see the TV! I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the dance.

What Bella thought about the dance-off:

I’m sad that Charlotte went home, but her dance did look more like my mummy did when she was running in a race last week. Davood got dizzy but he did really well in the dance-off. I think we need to vote for all our favourites as nobody is safe.

So that’s what Bella thought of this week’s show. Do you agree with her? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie (and Bella)


Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 2 πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„

She’s cute, sassy and loves unicorns almost as much as she loves Strictly! Every Monday of this series, one of Strictly’s youngest Superfans,  Bella will be sharing her favourite moments from Saturday’s Strictly show!

Here are her highlights of Strictly, Week 2:

1) Alexandra and Gorka’s Paso Doble

Alexandra was a mermaid dancing the paso doble. I loved her dress. It was beautiful and mer-mazing. It’s a shame that the costume people forgot Gorka’s buttons though. The dance was amazing and it’s one of my favourite ever Paso Dobles. It was almost as good as Kevin and Louise/Susanna’s Paso Dobles. 

2) Janette and Aston’s Salsa

Janette looked like a unicorn and all the lifts and tricks were awesome. I think she’d done some of them before with Jake in 2014. Mummy forgot, but I remembered. It was a magical dance and they performed to my favourite ever song, Despacito. I danced at home, and mummy did too, but she wasn’t as good as Janette and Aston. 

3) Simon and Karen’s Waltz

I really liked this dance. Simon tried really hard and he danced a dance that was really beautiful. It made my mummy cry in a good way and I thought even though they made a little mistake they kept going and did really well. I’ve always been told by dance teachers, if you make a mistake don’t worry, just keep going and that’s what he did. Karen looked like a princess in her dress too.

4) Susan and Kevin’s Charleston

Susan always makes me smile and I like that she’s having a lot of fun on Strictly. Kevin was a judge, and I think he should be a judge, because he knows all the rules on Strictly! The dance was a lot of fun and I started dancing along at home. I can’t wait to see her Samba next week to Wonder Woman, but I’m not sure what Kevin will do. Maybe he’ll be Wonder Pro? 

5) Debbie and Giovanni’s Viennese Waltz

Debbie actually looked like Princess Elsa and she has magic dust which is helping her dance really well. She looked like a princess and Giovanni looked like a prince. The dance was beautiful and they spun and twirled around the floor really really fast. Debbie can stretch her legs really far, I think she can do the splits! 

So there were Bella’s best bits. What did she think of the elimination?

It was too early for anyone to go home. I’m upset that Chizzy went home, because she could have done many more dances. She was a sassypants dancer and I’ll miss seeing her on Strictly… a lot! I think that next year, they need to make sure people get to stay until Week 3 to dance on Strictly! 

Do you agree with Bella’s Best Bits of Strictly Week 2? 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 1 πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„

You can always trust children to be completely honest and speak their minds. On Saturday, my 7 year old spoke her mind several times during the live show *inserts examples here*

As she is so honest, I’ve decided to let her reveal her best bits every week on the blog *gulps* Here are her top six moments of Strictly 2017, Week 1:

1) Joe and Katya’s Jive

I loved this dance as it looked like Joe was having a lot of fun and it was really fast and so so good. I liked Katya’s sparkly jeans in this dance too *asks mummy for a pair.* I think he was scared about doing the dance which helped Ore win last year, but he didn’t need to be scared because he’s just as good as Ore.

2) Susan and Kevin’s Viennese Waltz

If I was dancing with Kevin, I think I’d be like Susan and wouldn’t know what to do with my popcorn. Kevin did look like he’d been drinking hot chocolate before because he had a funny moustache. The dance really made me smile a lot and I can’t wait to see what they do next week. Part of being on Strictly is having fun and that’s just what these two did.

3) Aston and Janette’s Foxtrot

This dance was so good Aston looked like a professional. I liked the bit at the start where he slid down the stairs. He looked really cool and this dance really suited him. It was awesome! Janette’s dress made her look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (my favourite movie.)

4) Chizzy and Pasha’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance looked like a lot of fun. I’m not sure why Craig didn’t like it but maybe he needs to see a doctor to cheer him up, because he was really grumpy this week. Chizzy looked really happy dancing and I really liked her dress. I want Chizzy to get really far on Strictly because she makes me happy when she dances.

5) Richard and Dianne’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance made me smile a lot. Mummy was laughing throughout this dance, so I had to tell her off because it’s not nice laughing at people when they’re dancing. They looked like they had a lot of fun and I liked that Richard learnt how to fly too.

6. Simon and Karen’s Paso Doble.

The Paso Doble is all about being really angry, so I think Karen stole Simon’s dinner before they performed this dance. He was so powerful and Karen had unicorn hair so I loved it. I don’t know why the judges didn’t like it so much, because it was really awesome.

So there you have Bella’s best bits. Which moments were your favourite on this week’s #Strictly? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you Bella

Mummy (Cassie)Β 


Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – Musicals Week πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Nothing comes between us and Strictly! Although we were out on Saturday night, early (very early, 6am to be precise) on Sunday morning, my little Strictly Superfan Bella decided it was time to watch Musicals Week! 

After she’d watched the show (and whilst she was munching on her breakfast) I decided to ask her what her favourite parts of the Musicals Week show were! Here are her best bits:

4. Ore and Joanne’s Foxtrot

I really like chocolate and really like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They looked really sweet and looked like they’d worn a packet of Dairy Milk or Quality Street for their outfits. I don’t know why there were lots of flowers dancing around them because they looked silly, but Ore and Joanne looked awesome and more awesome than a pack of Oreos! 

3. Louise and Kevin’s Quickstep

Kevin is really funny and makes a great Cowboy. He looked like Woody from Toy Story a bit. I liked this dance a lot, but was disappointed they didn’t have as many horses in the routine as I wanted there to be. Louise was really fast and looked like she was having the best time ever!

2. The pros West Side Story themed routine

I’ve never seen West Side Story before, I’m only 6, but this dance was awesome! Janette did some really scary lift bits and Karen was awesome in this routine – she slayed (note from mummy – she’s picked it up from my younger sister!) When I grow up I want to be a Strictly Pro to dance like that!

1. Claudia and AJ’s Samba 

They got a 10! They finally got a 10! Thank you Bruno, I love you. I really loved this dance and it looked like lots of fun. Claudia does some really scary lifts which I want to try out with daddy when I’m better and they proved that cats can dance! I thought they should have got 40/40 the whole dance was really awesome! 

So those are Bella’s best bits for this week! I also asked her who she thought should go home and here was her answer:

Craig Revel Horwood! He’s very grumpy and I’m getting bored of him now. I think he needs to go home. 

Well, that’s a new one for the elimination! On a lighter note, after Sunday’s results show when Judge Rinder went home, she did mention to me:

I will miss Judge Rinder. He always looked so happy dancing and made me smile every week! Who’s there to answer Craig back now mummy? I think I need to go to Planet Strictly.

So those are Bella’s best bits for Musicals Week. Who were your favourites? Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie (and Bella)

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 10 πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Those of you who follow our blog will know, that Bella has been sharing her best bits from the weekend’s shows every Monday!

As we approach the final, it’s getting harder for her to pick several dances, but this week she picked her top 5 moments! Here they are and what she thought of them:

5. Ore and Joanne’s Paso Doble

I love Joanne and Ore and thought this dance was more awesome than a lot of packs of Oreos. I think that Joanne, Karen and Kevin choreograph the best Paso Dobles. We’re used to seeing Ore and Joanne looking happy and smiley, but this week they looked Grumpy. I think Joanne must have beaten Ore at Air Hockey before they danced. I loved the dance and thought they deserved four tens it was that good!

4. Louise and Kevin’s Waltz

I thought this dance was very very sweet. I liked Louise’s dress, because it had stars all over it. It could have been better if they had lights in her dress because then it’d have looked really sparkly. I liked the spins and twirly bits and Louise did them really well. She looked like a spinning top! I thought she deserved a lot of 10s because the dance looked like a princess dance.

3. Claudia and AJ’s Argentine Tango

I like Mangos and Oranges and liked this Orangentine Mango a lot. The lifts were really cool. She looked like she was on a rollercoaster. I liked the glittery bits she had on her eyes too. It made her look like a butterfly! I think she should have got at least 2 tens for this dance. The judges were very naughty only giving her 36/40. I think I may have to tell Santa about them.

2. Strictly Pros Sports Day Routine

I wish my school sports days were this much fun. I think next year at my sports day, I’ll dance because it’ll make it more fun. I wonder if any of them got a glittery gold medal!

1. Danny and Oti’s Samba

They did a jungle style Samba and it looked roarsome, like the Lion King! It looked a lot of fun and I want to learn Samba when I am bigger. I was really happy he got 40/40, because nobody’s ever got that for a Samba before. That must make him a real champion. I hope he gets a glitterball!

So those are Bella’s favourite moments from the weekend. What were your favourite moments? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 9 πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Those of you who follow our blog may know by now that Mondays (as well as being time for Bella to go back to school) are time for Bella to share her best bits with you!

This week was an unusual situation as we found ourselves watching Strictly in hospital. Bella had a burst appendix on Friday and is currently being very well looked after by the nurses and doctors at our local hospital. To ensure she could watch Strictly (as well as to help her in her recovery) over the weekend we had a private room which was decorated with glitterballs and lights to make it feel just like home.

I asked her to tell me her 3 favourite parts from Saturday’s show! Here they are as well as her thoughts on each dance!

3. Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Salsa

I liked this dance a lot because it was very colourful! Judge Rinder and Oksana looked like two colourful parrots. I like parrots a lot and thought this dance was a lot of fun. I didn’t see it first time because I fell asleep, but mummy made me watch it again yesterday and it really made me smile.

2. Danny and Oti’s Charleston

This was so fast and fab-u-lous! I really like Danny. When I’m better, I really want to go to a restaurant where they dance like this because it looks like it’d be a lot of fun! Oti gave Danny lots of very hard choreography which he did so well. I was really happy when they got 4 10s!

1 Louise and Kevin’s Paso Doble!

If I’m ever on Strictly, I want to be paired with Kevin because he is the king of the Paso Doble. I really loved this dance and I thought they looked fab-u-lous (even if Kevin had pen around his eyes!) Karen was also there, so I asked my mummy to vote for Louise, Kevin and Karen! I thought they should have got 4 10s because this dance was fab-u-lous!

So those are Bella’s 3 favourite best bits from Blackpool Strictly. What were your favourite bits from Saturday night’s show? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Strictly 2016 – Week 8 Performance Review by Bella (aged 6 1/2) πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Tonight, I bravely let my little Strictly Superfan take over our twitter feed and give her verdict on Week 8 of Strictly 2016. If there’s one thing she loves to talk about, it’s Strictly. She’s as funny as Claudia, more honest than Craig Revel Horwood and tonight she put on her sparkly Strictly dress to tweet along with the live show! Here is what she thought about the show and each of the performances.


Tonight was a really magical Strictly show. It was more magical than my unicorn Samba and I loved it! I’m not sure if the judges really know how to dance yet, because they’re not very good when they enter and I think they only deserve a 6!

Tonight I really loved all the outfits, especially Louise, Oksana, Claudia and Natalie who all looked like princesses in their outfits. They were beautiful.

The show started with Daisy and Aljaz’s Salsa. I’ve always liked Daisy because she said she bathed in glitter when the show first started. I really liked this dance too. It looked a lot of fun and they had really bright clothes on too. I started dancing along at home.

I wasn’t happy when Bruno said that he wanted to see the dance again, because I don’t want Daisy to be in the dance-off. I voted lots for her, so I hope she’s safe. I gave her a 9, the judges gave her 31/40 (my mummy’s age!)

Next up were Greg and Natalie who were performing a Paso Doble. In the Paso Doble, you’re supposed to be really grumpy, so I was surprised they didn’t invite Craig Revel Horwood to their training session. The dance was powerful and very very dramatic. It had lots of turns and twisty bits! I really loved it. My mummy went really quiet but I gave her a cuddle and some tissues and she was fine. I gave them a 10! The judges gave him 31/40 too *stomps off angry at their scores.*

Judge Rinder and Oksana then danced a beautiful Foxtrot. I really like Judge Rinder, he seems really sweet and I think I’d like to dance with him because he has a lot of fun. This dance was really lovely too. I thought it was more magical than my unicorn! I thought they deserved a 10. The judges gave them 33/40. I like Judge Rinder lots because he answers Craig back when Craig is being horrible!

Ore and Joanne were next with their Rumba. Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Rumbas but she let me watch this one. We found out that Ore was having problem sstroking Joanne’s face. He needs to pretend she’s a cuddly toy, then he won’t struggle. They danced to a song called Ordinary People, but I thought they were extraordinary. Their dance was more awesome than a pack of Oreos. Mummy cries just as much as Ore and got a bit teary eyed. I think Santa should bring them a box of tissues for Christmas. I gave them a 10, the judges gave them 35/40!

Next up to dance were Ed and Katya who performed a Salsa to Gangnam Style. It was a lot of fun and made me smile a lot. He did the lifts really well and the horsey bits! I was very quiet but I did say “Oh My Glitterballs, Team Glitterballs!” I was a bit unhappy that Craig gave him a 4 as I thought it deserved a 7. I’d like to see Craig do a Gangnam Style dance-off with Ed next week, as I think that’d be a lot of fun. The judges awarded him 25/40!

Claudia and AJ then performed the most beautiful Viennese Waltz ever. She looked like a princess out of Frozen, AJ was her prince and they twirled around and round the floor. It was really magical (and it made my mummy cry, again!) and I loved it. I really wanted her to get a 10, but the judges were feeling mean and only gave her 36/40!

The penultimate couple (mummy taught me that word) to dance were Danny and Oti. They were performing an Argentine Tango. They were really really fast and the dance was truly fab-u-lous! I think they must have eaten their greens before they danced their tango because it was a real Mango of a Tango! I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 38/40.

The final couple to perform were Louise and Kevin. They were dancing an American Smooth to a song called Hey Big Blender! It had a lot of feathers in it. I was worried Louise might fly away at first, but the dance was very glitzy and sparkly and glamourous! It was truly fab-u-lous and I loved it. I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 37/40.

Overall I think tonight was the best Strictly show ever. I don’t think anyone should go home tonight and they should all go to Blackpool. I even wrote Strictly a letter last week:

Who were your favourites tonight? Tell me by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. 

I’ll be back on Sunday from 7pm (it’ll be past my bedtime but don’t worry, I’ll have a nap in the afternoon) tweeting along with the results show. I hope to see you then.

Lots of love and unicorn cuddles from 

Princess Bella of Unicorn Castle!

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 7 πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Those of you who follow my blog will know by now that Mondays are a chance for my little Strictly Superfan to tell us her favourite moments from each weekend’s Strictly action.

After Saturday night’s show she told me it was the best Strictly show ever! This may have been said because 2 of her favourites performed amazing dances and we had a total of 5 10s given out in one night. Here are her top 5 moments of the night!

5. Ed and Katya’s Quickstep

I really really really liked Ed and Katya’s dance. They danced to a song called “Help” but I don’t think they needed any help to dance. They needed our help to get them through to this week and I asked mummy’s permission to vote for them lots. I also liked this dance because it was really fast and they looked like they were having a lot of fun. Ed is getting better every week and he always tries his best. I also liked this dance a lot because Katya looked like Snow White when she works in an office! 

4. Daisy and Aljaz’s Viennese Waltz

I like Daisy and Aljaz a lot and thought it was really unfair they were in the dance-off last week and the week before. Daisy is a very good dancer and in this dance she looked like a a princess twirling around the floor. It was really beautiful and I liked her dress a lot too. I voted lots to save Daisy and I was really happy when she wasn’t in the dance-off again.

3. Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Quickstep

Judge Rinder is really funny but he’s also a really good dancer. This dance was really fast and he did really well dancing it. My dance teacher always tells me to have fun and smile when I dance, and I like that he always looks happy dancing. I also really want to wear Oksana’s dress when I get married. It’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.

2. Danny and Oti’s Jive

I liked this dance a lot. It was really fast and Danny is a brilliant dancer. I also liked this dance because Oti’s dress looked like a Christmas tree! He also did the splits and lots of tricks. He is as good at dancing as Oti. I think he could become a professional dancer on the show after Strictly is over.

1. Louise and Kevin’s Argentine Tango

Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Orangentine Mangoes (Argentine tangos) but she let me watch this one and it was awesome! They looked really angry, so I think Kevin may have stolen Louise’s birthday cake! I was really happy they got 3 tens and it was my favourite dance of the night.

So that’s what Bella thought of the dances this weekend. What was her verdict on the dance-off?

I was sad that Ore and Joanne were in the dance-off because I really liked their dance. It looks like a lot of fun. I tried one of their lifts with my daddy and I felt like I was flying. I also was really upset that Laura and Giovanni went home. She did really well in her dance, even if Giovanni showed off a lot. I think that’s why the judges didn’t like their dance as much as the other dances. I don’t think anyone should go home next week and everyone should go to Blackpool because it’s a magical place.

So that’s Bella’s verdict on Week 7. This Saturday I’ll be letting her take over our twitter feed during the Strictly live show for week 8! 😟😬

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – πŸŽƒπŸ‘» Halloween πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

It’s back to school for Bella today. Last night, whilst completing her homework she reminded me she had one important task memorise her times tables write her blog for Bella’s Best Bits! Here are her top 4 performances of the evening! (She’s getting pickier than Craig Revel Horwood!)

4. Ed and Katya’s Charleston

I think Ed is very funny and this dance really made me smile and laugh. He isn’t the best dancer but he tries his hardest and makes dances that look like nothing we’ve ever seen on Strictly before! I thought he looked like a minion with the goggles he wore and I like minions a lot. He also got his highest score ever, 26/40 which is a very good score for him!

3. Ore and Joanne’s Charleston

I like sweeties a lot and thought these two looked like little tigers and were r-ore-some! It looked like they were having a lot of fun. Mummy won’t let me eat sweeties because she says my teeth will go all rotten, and now I understand why. These two looked scary because they had lots of sweeties before they danced! 

2. Daisy and Aljaz’s Paso Doble

I loved Daisy’s outfit and I don’t normally like make-up but I asked mummy to make me look like her yesterday for a halloween party! The dance was scarily good and it had lots of flamenco bits in it. I do flamenco classes and I thought she looked brilliant and should have got a 10. I was very sad when she was in the dance-off. I think people thought she was a panda. People need to vote for Daisy because she bathes in glitter and is a real life princess.

1. Claudia and AJ’s American Smooth

They danced to a Little Mix song *jumps up and down excitedly.* I love Little Mix. I also really liked Claudia’s dress. She always looks like a princess when she dances ballroom and I loved her lifts too, they looked like a princess and a prince dancing together, not a witch and a frog! I thought they should have got 10s and was very upset when they judges didn’t give them a 10. Maybe they’ll get one this week.

So there are Bella’s best bits for Halloween week. If you have a little Strictly fan who loves the show, we’d love to hear what their favourite dances were. Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 5

Yes, this week has been a very busy week in Strictly with injuries and illnesses, but also it’s been a very busy week for little Bella as we moved house on Friday. Fear not, we did make sure we were ready to watch Saturday night’s Strictly. As we have been doing throughout the series, my little Strictly Superfan Bella will be telling you her favourite moments each week on Strictly. Here are her favourite performances of week 5!

6. Ed and Katya’s American Smooth

I really like Ed because he keeps trying his hardest and Katya looks like a princess. This dance made me smile. I know he nearly dropped Katya in the lift, but I still think he should have got extra points for trying that lift. I tried it with my auntie and it was very hard. Ed also is really enjoying dancing and I don’t want him to leave yet, so please keep voting for him! He’s one of my favourites.

5. Anastacia and Brendan Gorka’s Quickstep

I was sad when I heard Brendan was ill, but I really like Gorka because he seems very nice and I think it was nice of him to teach Anastacia to dance the quickstep. I thought they looked like a prince and princess and the quickstep was really good. I also like Anastacia’s dress as it was pretty and sparkly and made her look like Princess Sassypants.

4. Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Jive

I think Judge Rinder and Oksana are becoming my favourite people on Strictly. I like that he has a lot of energy – I think he must eat a lot of chocolate and lots of ready brek and he always looks like he’s having a lot of fun. I really want him and Oksana to get to the final.

3. Daisy and Aljaz’s Charleston

I love Daisy and Aljaz and was really sad when they were in the dance off because this dance was awesome. I thought they looked a bit like Minnie and Mickey Mouse and think people didn’t vote because they wanted to see them dance the dance again. It made me smile and it was very very sparkly!

2. Louise and Kevin’s Rumba

Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Rumbas. She thinks I won’t like them but she let me watch this one. I thought it was very sweet because Kevin took Louise to Paris. I think if I went to Paris I’d ask Kevin to take me to Disneyland Paris! I didn’t realise they were this tall because they danced next to the Eiffel tower! I liked her dress because it had lots of sparkles on it and I liked Kevin’s shirt too because it was very very sparkly.

1. Ore and Joanne’s Waltz

They made my mummy cry (that’s apparently a good thing but I don’t understand!)

They made me say “wow!” 

They are totally awesome!

I liked their dance. I’ve danced the waltz before and I’m not as good as Ore and Joanne yet. I’m only 6 so I still have time to catch up with them. They make it look really easy and they looked like a prince and a princess dancing together at a party. I really want Jo’s dress too.

So there are Bella’s best bits for week 5! What were your favourite dance moments from this week? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. 

Cassie and Bella!