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Strictly Support Group – The Election Results! 

It’s been a tense and surprising night in the world of politics but we’re pretty sure if politicians were to see the results of the Strictly Support Group General Election, they would be over the moon!

Yes, overnight our team of experts have been counting your votes and we can now reveal the winning couple and dance! 

We have to say it has been a landslide victory for Jay and Aliona as they are declared the overall winners with a landslide victory and 50% share of the vote in both polls. 

We also have some great and very interesting results with Danny and Oti being pipped to the post in second place in both polls. Here are the results in picture form:

Winning Couple

Winning Dance

We’re a little gutted that this dance did not feature *does Gangnam Style in Ed’s honour* but here are the results of our winning dance

Thank you for all your votes. ​We’ll leave you with this image as a post election night treat:

We’ll be here tomorrow night from 8pm for an Election Themed Strictly Support Group. We hope to see you then!

Cassie 🙂 


The Strictly Support Group General Election – Polls are Now Open!  

It’s Election Day here in the UK and that fills us with joy for 2 reasons:

1) It gives us a chance to vote (as Strictly fans you know we love to vote, especially when we have Bill Payer’s permission – Hi there Bill)

2) It gives us a chance to launch our Strictly Support Group General Election.

Yes, last General Election we hosted a General Election giving you the chance to vote for some of your favourite dances and declare which couple and dance you would see as Prime Minister/Leader of the Opposition. This year it’s no exception and it’s back by popular demand. We even have two wonderful polls for you to vote in.

The first is to declare the couple you would like to see win our Election. You can pick from any three in the poll options listed below:

The second is to declare the dance you think would be most likely to win a General Election. All you need to do is watch the dances below and then choose your top three and vote in the poll just beneath the playlist:

Voting will remain open until 10pm tonight. We’ll reveal the winning results tomorrow morning. 

Get voting folks (but don’t forget to ask Bill Payer’s permission first, we all know how angry he can get!)

Cassie 🙂