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Strictly Dresses @woburn_abbey – an exhibition review by Bella (aged 5)

As a lover and follower of all fashion (including vintage), I have to say that the Strictly costumes make Strictly Come Dancing truly uh-may-zing! There have been many costume highlights over the last few years and credit must go to Vicky Gill and her team of seamstresses who help bring the performances to life every week.

This weekend, my lovely 5 year old Bella was lucky enough to go and see the Strictly Dresses exhibition and hasn’t stopped talking about it since she saw it agreed to review it in her own words (with a lot of mummy’s help!) Here are her thoughts about the exhibition:

This weekend I went to Woburn Abbey with my fairy godmother, Serene. It is a magical castle and I think princesses must live there because there were lots of pretty Strictly dresses there this weekend (they must borrow them to play Strictly like I do at home!)

I love the dresses on Strictly because they are sparkly and shiny and always make people look really beautiful. I didn’t realise how sparkly they were until this weekend when I saw the exhibition. I think I must have seen about 100 million sequins and sparkly beads. The dresses look even prettier up close than they do on the TV. 

There were 16 dresses from Strictly 2014 including Caroline’s Charleston Dress, Pixie’s Viennese Waltz dress, Frankie’s Foxtrot Dress and Karen’s Foxtrot dress. They were all put in the spotlight and you could see them sparkling like magical glitterballs as you walked into the gallery.



My favourite costume of all had to be Janette’s green Tango dress. My fairy godmother liked it too. It looked beautiful and like a dress a real princess would wear. It had lots of sparkles and the colour was very pretty. I’d like to wear a dress like this when I’m grown-up. I might ask mummy to make me one next year.


I really liked the dresses and think that any Strictly fan should go and see this exhibition because it is really fun and fab-u-lous! I’d give it this score as it was uh-may-zing!


 I think next year I want to go on holiday to Planet Strictly, because I love all the sequins. Now all I need to do is convince Mummy to take me!

Thank you Bella for your review. Mummy may take you to Planet Strictly (if you’re good!) The Strictly Dresses exhibition is on at Woburn Abbey until the 1st November. If you’re missing Strictly, why not head over there. Tickets for entry to the Abbey and Gardens cost £15 per adult, £7.50 per child (aged 3-15,) £13.50 per Senior and £37.50 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. The entry fee allows you to see the exhibition too.

If you’ve been or have seen some of the fab-u-lous costumes, we’d love to hear what you thought. Tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know.

Cassie and Bella


👗 Tailor’s Day – A Strictly Support Group tribute to the uh-may-zing Strictly Costume Department! 👗

Yesterday, my lovely daughter asked “Mummy, if you could be anything on strictly (but not a dancer) what would you be and why?” I’d definitely be on the costume department. I love fashion and know that on Strictly, there is one team that make dances come to life with beautiful dresses. Yes, I’m talking about the wonderful Vicky Gill and her team of Strictly Costume Designers.

I have it on good authority that they are extremely fast:

They are also lovely and have a great sense of humour:

and are also supremely talented! The costumes are as important a part of the show as the music and dancing. Today is Tailor’s day and it’s a chance to pay tribute to some of our favourite  Strictly Costumes of the last 12 months. Here are our Top 5 Costumes from the last year on Strictly Come Dancing:

Pixie’s Charleston Costume 

I love anything sparkly and this dress had more sparkles than my 5 yr old’s birthday party (she loves glitter!) It was intricately beautiful and I’d love to wear a dress like that one day (although not on TV as I’d probably cause people to switch off!) The costume added to the whole performance to make a sparkling diamond of a dance.

Kristina’s Foxtrot Dress


I love old-school glamour and this dress captures everything that I love about 1950s fashion. Kristina always looks amazing in all the costumes she wears, but this was one of my favourite costumes from Strictly 2014. It was elegant, understated yet glamourous and sophisticated.

Karen’s Foxtrot Dress


If there’s one thing I love just as much as sequins it’s feathers. They ooze glamour and this dress along with its feathers was glamourous and truly fabulous. 

Frankie’s Waltz Dress


I know it’s not nice to be green with envy, but this dress seriously gave us dress envy! Frankie looked like a princess and the colour of the dress suited her beautifully. The dress is similar to Kristina’s dress but for me the colour of this dress gave it the edge and it was perfect for the routine.

Caroline and Pasha Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango dresses always excite me and this dress was no exception. It has fringing, jewels, velvet and was just gorgeous! Looking at the expression on Pasha’s face I think he’s impressed too!

Those are my top 5 costumes of the last 12 months. What have your Dancefloor fashion highlights been? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Strictly Support Group – The Election, Day 6!

It’s Tango Tuesday today and Day 6 of our General Election. There are lots of similarities between the General Election and the Tango. Both are filled with drama, tension and agression. They are a fight for survival of the fittest and today’ s Tango Tuesday fix is the leader of the pack! In fact, even Simba feels threatened, it was so good:


“Wow! They’re roarsome. I could never do that with my two left feet!”

Don’t fear Simba, you may not be an amazing dancer but you are an amazing hunter. Today’s candidates however are amazing dancers and this Tango IS the best tango of series 12! We’re watching Simon Webbe and Kristina Rihanoff’s brilliant Argentine Tango from Blackpool last year.

There are several reasons we have chosen this dance as a candidate in the Strictly Support Group General Election:

1) It had more mood, atmosphere, tension and passion than Prime Minister’s question time!

2) The choreography and dancing were fab-u-lous and prize winning. When it was performed at the tour it helped them win the Strictly Tour 2015 trophy.

3) It showed what a strong partnership they were. The death drop takes skill, trust and a lot of practise. Kristina put a lot of trust in Simon and it paid off!

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Simon and Kristina with their amazing Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this routine. Were you team Sytina fans and would they get your vote? What made them such a strong partnership for you? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We’d love to hear from you.

So Simon and Kristina join Susanna and Kevin, Gethin and Camilla, Mark and Iveta, Alesha and Matthew and Chelsee and Pasha as candidates in the Strictly Support Group General Election. Join us tomorrow for our final candidates and the start of our polling day to crown your Prime Ministers


Chief Returning Officer

Strictly 2014 – The Awards – The Results!

Earlier tonight, in true Strictly Support Group style, we rolled out our glittery red carpet, donned our sequinned jumper and revealed the results of our awards. With the exception of one award, these were all awards relating to this year’s show.

Our first category was Strictly Moment of 2014 Your winners by a landslide were Frankie and Kevin with their Green Tango!


Next Category was Best Choreographer/Teacher on Strictly The results were unanimous once again, and you voted Kevin from Grimsby as your teacher/choreographer of 2014.


Our Third Category was for Best Breakthrough Act on Strictly. We wanted to see the person who had surprised you the most or made the most improvement. You all voted for Mark Wright as your winner and from watching his dances, it’s clear to see the journey he has been on.


Our next category was Best Safety reaction. For us there have been many great reactions, but the best one for you at home had to be Kevin and Frankie’s Reaction Week After Week. We’re still pretty convinced they had a trapdoor under where they were standing!

Our Fifth category was Funniest moment on Strictly 2014. The overall winner was Scott and Joanne with their Crab Samba. Here it is to make you smile again:

Our next category was Best Dressed on Strictly! You all voted for Frankie Bridge! We agree that she has worn some of the most beautiful costumes on Strictly this year, and if you can look that good covered in Green Facepaint you deserve an award:



All 4 of our couples will perform a showdance tomorrow, so we asked you to vote for the best Showdance ever in Strictly History. The winning Showdance was the beautiful showdance from Susanna and Kevin in last year’s final. Watching it back, it’s easy to see why! Here it is just for you:

We then asked you what dance style had symbolised this series best. You voted that the Argentine Tango was the best dance style this series. With several fab-u-lous performances, it’s easy to see why!


Your final category was to vote for your winners of Strictly 2014. You voted for Frankie and Kevin:


Thank you all for voting and taking part in our Awards Ceremony. Who will officially lift the trophy tomorrow? Join us from 6pm to find out.

The Strictly Support Group!

Throwback Thursday and Foxtrot Friday – A Double Treat For You All

As you know, everyday this week we’re showing you a favourite routine from each of our finalists. Yesterday we showed you the very first competitive dance to be performed on Strictly 2014, Caroline and Pasha’s cha cha, and today we’re showing you our favourite Foxtrot of this series from Simon and Kristina.

Going back to our Throwback Thursday where we showed you Caroline and Pasha’s routine which set the standard for this year’s series. Opening a show and series is never easy, but Caroline and Pasha showed in this dance they had the ability to go the whole distance. The performance was brilliant and for a first week performance, Caroline coped really well with the choreography. We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Caroline and Pasha with their cheeky cha cha:

For today’s Foxtrot Friday, we’re watching Simon and Kristina’s fabulous dance. Kristina’s choreography has always been brilliant and this series and dance are prime examples of this. The choreography and music were beautiful and this was a traditional and adorable Foxtrot. Note to the Other Half, next time we go to the Cinema, we’d like to dance a Foxtrot down the aisles. Simon also performed the dance perfectly. It left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! We hope you enjoy watching Simon and Kristina’s Foxtrot:

We’d love to hear what you thought of those dances. Tweet us @scd_support, or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Strictly Support Group

Final Message To All Our Couples

Last night Caroline & Pasha were crowned champions of Strictly 2014. We want to send them messages. Click on the links below to leave messages for your favourites:


Caroline and Pasha

Frankie and Kevin

Mark and Karen

and finally Simon and Kristina

Thank you to all on Strictly as well as to you lovely people for all your support this year. You make running this page a sheer joy.

The Strictly Support Group

Congratulations Caroline and Pasha!

As massive Pasha fans, we can admit to being a tiny bit biased towards this partnership. From week 1, where they opened the series with her fab-u-lous cha-cha-cha to their flawless performances on tonight’s final, we were filled with pride!

Their Argentine Tango, Showdance, Salsa, Charleston and American Smooth have been stand-out moments of Strictly 2014 for us which we’ll remember forever. Pasha’s choreography has been imaginative, creative and challenging! Caroline has coped with every dance brilliantly.

They have been in the dance-off once, didn’t deserve to be there and truly deserved to win the series.

Caroline and Pasha, here are some of your best bits. Thank you for the memories:


Leave your messages of support below for Team Pasholine. We’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group.

Well done Frankie and Kevin!

From week 1, Frankie and Kevin showed themselves to be contenders in Strictly 2014. Her ballroom dancing has always been spectacular, however she has really improved her latin.

Week after week, Kevin’s routines were creative and original whilst challenging Frankie. They have been brilliant to watch, especially the Foxtrot, Paso Doble, Tango, Argentine Tango and Jive. Kevin’s teaching has been great too and Frankie made lots of progress.

Frankie proved she can look good in green, can dance a mean Paso Doble, Tango and Argentine Tango and can Jive on a surfboard. She’s also shown that she has the cutest fan club in the world (her baby Parker) who we have a feeling could be a ballroom dancer when he’s older.

Even though they didn’t win tonight, for Kevin to have been the only professional never to have been in the dance off is testament to his great teaching and choreography.

As a partnership, we’re pretty sure they will remain friends for life. We’ve loved watching them dance and cannot wait to see them on the tour.

Frankie and Kevin, thank you for wowing us week after week! Here are some of your best bits:


Comment below with your messages of support for Frankie and Kevin. We’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group

Well Done Mark and Karen!

We love a contestant who’s had a journey and this couple is no exception. Mark went from being (to quote the man himself) “Marky No Moves” to “Marky Can Move” all thanks to his hard work and amazing teaching from Karen.

For us Mark’s improvement on the show we incredible. From his caterpillar in week 1 to the gorgeously controlled rumba last week we can hardly believe this is the same man who started out on Strictly 12 weeks ago. His love of dancing shone through in each routine and Karen’s creative choreography has made each of their performances a joy to watch.

They may not have won tonight, but have won our hearts with their enthusiasm, energy and that wild and energetic showdance. They will remain Best Friends for Life!

Mark and Karen, thank you for showing us how much fun dancing is. We can’t wait to see you on the tour. Here are some of your best bits:


Comment below with your messages for Team Markarena. We’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group

Well done Simon and Kristina!

To reach the final Simon and Kristina showed a true fighting spirit. They fought for their place in the final, having competed in the Dance Off 3 times, and Simon showed a wonderful ability and progress in both Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Kristina’s choreography this series has been brilliant and has protected Simon as well as showcasing his strengths. Their Argentine Tango tonight was perfection and left us speechless. We could even hear a pin drop.

It has truly been great to see him grow in confidence throughout the competition and cannot wait to see them perform together on the tour.

Here are some of our favourite Team Sytina moments:


Simon and Kristina, Thank you for entertaining us week after week! If you’re a Simon and Kristina fan, leave your messages below and we’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group