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The Disney Dance Off 💃🏻👸🏻🦁👸🏻💃🏻 A Strictlified Challenge

Today, one of the smallest Strictly superfans in our house, Bella, turns sev-errn (Len’s favourite age!) We’ve celebrated in the way that every Strictly fan should with mummy getting emotional that her little girl is growing up, with a Strictly themed party full of glitter and sparkle.

Earlier today, she told me that turning seven meant that she was now old enough to run a challenge on our blog *gulps nervously* Over the next week, I’m handing over the blog to Bella. Today we’re starting off with her first post, The Disney Dance Off! Here’s her first post. Take it away Bella:

I don’t know about you, but I love Disney films, almost as much as I love Strictly. I would really like the people at Strictly to do a Disney themed week this year, because that would be uh-may-zing *writes them a letter*

I’m only 7 now, but I started watching Strictly when I was 3 and since then there have been lots of fun Disney themed routines. My favourite is still the Samba from Joanne and Scott (Ariel and Sebastian) because it was lots of fun and he worked really hard being a crab.

All the Disney routines are really good and I’d like you to help me decide which one is best. With my mummy’s help, I’ve picked 20 dances which I’d like you to watch. Once you’ve voted, you can click in the poll below to choose your favourite.

Now for the important part, the terms and conditions! Please ask Bill Payer’s permission before you vote, because he might get angry and that’s not nice. You’ll be able to vote once a day for your top three. Voting will remain open until 6pm on Sunday the 9th April, when I’ll reveal the winners and the king and queen of the Strictly Magical Kingdom *squeals with excitement.*

We hear that Bill Payer can turn into a Grumpy Simba if you don’t ask his permission!

Get voting everyone.

Love and sparkly hugs from Bella 🙂