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Strictly 2015 – Week 10 – @trishnabharadia gives her verdict on the dances & the quickstepathon!

As you know, throughout this series, we’ve been asking our panel of Strictlified experts to give their verdicts on the performances. This week it’s the turn of Trishna from the People’s Strictly. Here’s what she thought:

This is was the Week that I think really showed how tough the competition is because everyone left in there had the potential to lift that glitterball trophy. Bringing in the Quickstepathon also had the potential to turn the leader board upside down and really mix things up a bit, so I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation to see how the couples fared with this extra pressure.

Before I give my verdict on the dances, I need to give a quick mention to wardrobe and makeup because there were quite a few styles and dresses that I particularly loved this week. Giovanni in black leather and bare chest (who wouldn’t love that?!), Helen and Georgia’s make-up was fab and I particularly loved Aliona and Katie’s dresses this week. So huge congrats to all those behind the scenes who make it happen – I know how hard you all work and you come up with the goods week after week!

Now, on to the dances!

Kellie & Kevin’s salsa: I know Kellie gives her all to every single dance and she certainly looked like she was enjoying herself. I think she could’ve been much looser on top and in the shoulders. Salsa is about letting go and it just looked a bit too stiff up top for me. I do enjoy seeing how much Kellie loves to dance and you could tell she was having a lot of fun, which is a big bonus in the salsa. I would like to see more salsas to Latin songs though. I think it would help set the mood and atmosphere more and get those hips shaking and shoulders shimmying better!

 Katie & Anton’s Argentine tango: I think this dance really suited Katie. She has the figure and legs for it and technically I think she did very well. So did Anton – it was his first Argentine tango!? The only thing that I would say is that there wasn’t enough atmosphere. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the best Argentine tango dancers in the world perform in shows and one thing they always leave me with is a sense of thrill, excitement and passion. I just didn’t get that from this, even though I enjoyed watching the dance immensely and thought Katie did really well. 

Helen & Aljaz’s Viennese waltz: Just WOW. Twice now they have blown me away with their ballroom dances – and waltzes no less!? The waltz is probably my least favourite ballroom dance just because it’s slow and I’m a bit hyper when I dance so I prefer things to be much quicker! However, I was mesmerised by this performance. I didn’t even care whether it was technically good or bad – they transported me into their storytelling in a way that dance should! I loved it! 

Jay & Aliona’s tango: Jay has really come into his own now. I’ve loved watching this dance partnership develop and there is great chemistry between the two of them on that floor. This was the perfect opportunity to show that off to the max and I think they did. I loved the choreography and loved Jay’s tango face even more!?

Peter & Janette’s American Smooth: This was a really sweet dance – sweet like cupcakes! I think they did a good job but you could tell that Peter was holding back slightly, which isn’t surprising considering the week they’d had following Blackpool. In previous weeks this dance would’ve been more than enough to have got them through, however, with the competition as tough as it is and the standard being so high, every single couple is really up against it. It’s a shame that they didn’t make it through as I really thought they’d get to the quarter- or semi-finals, and I’m sad I never saw them do a salsa as I think Peter would’ve really smashed it!

Anita & Gleb’s rumba: I’m a huge fan of Gleb’s choreography and I do feel bad for him sometimes because I watch it and then think “hmmm, Len’s not going to be happy about that?!” I think they could’ve scored higher with this if there had been more rumba content and obviously left out that lift… Ooops… Len had already criticised dances in previous weeks for not having enough specific content and as soon as I saw this I knew he wasn’t going to like it. I agree that Anita could’ve been slightly more flowy and smooth, however, I think they deserved a higher score than they received. Rumba can be a hard dance to master and I think Anita did a very good job!

Georgia & Giovanni’s paso doble: This could quite easily have been my favourite dance of the night, if it had been executed just a tiny bit better. The potential was all there! The choreography was fab, I loved that Gio left Georgia on her own at the beginning, the music was fierce and the atmosphere was electric. Plus Gio got to play the drums and looked like he was having the time of his life doing so! So why didn’t it quite make it? Well, while Georgia coped really well with the choreography and in places was great, some of her shaping I think could’ve been more defined. That’s what I love about the paso and Gio’s choreography had potential there. I would’ve loved to have seen what she could’ve done with this if they’d had an extra couple of days to practice or hadn’t had the quickstepathon to think about because I think it had the potential to have had a big fat 10 from me!

QUICKSTEPATHON: The only comment I really have about the quickstepathon is that all the couples did amazingly well to get through it without any crashes! I think Jay deserved to be higher up the leaderboard but am in definite agreement that Helen and Aljaz were first. Well done everyone and bring on musicals week!

Thank you Trishna! We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let us know what you thought about Week 10 of Strictly. Just tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


Strictly 2015 – Week 2 – The Verdict from @philkidz

Throughout the series, we have a truly fabulous panel of experts giving us their opinions on the week’s performances.

This week it’s the turn of the People’s Strictly’s Phil Barnett to give us his opinion on the dances. We asked him what he thought of the dances before the results show and after the results show.

So Phil, who were your favourites this week? Who surprised you and who do you think is most in danger of the dreaded E word (elimination! – asked after Saturday’s live show.)

Week 2 was another brilliant week! There are so many good dancers this year! 

Peter & Janette sailed through their quickstep, Jay & Aliona were strong as were Anton & Katie & Gleb & Anita. Aljaz & Helen were hot, hot, hot! I think Iwan & Carol might be in trouble although I like them both! Daniel surprised me by having fun & dancing on his own!  They’re all great. I wish it was me there.

Looking back at the results show, what did you think of it. Did you think the right person went home?

I suppose it is the right result but you could see how much Iwan loved it and wanted to stay and improve! It’s a shame they can’t all have a couple of weeks dancing on screen before someone has to leave! (we agree! *changes the Strictly Rulebook*)  I’m pleased for Jamelia as she will improve each week if she gets the chance! 

I loved the show and the professional performances were amazing. Janette must have been very dizzy spinning around up there!


Thank you Phil for your fab-u-lous review of week 2’s performances. We’ll be continuing these mini interviews throughout the series with our panel of experts.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – Our Panel of Experts (@philkidz @trishnabharadia @annakennedy1) give their verdict on the first dances!

You may remember last week, we spoke about our favourite first dances ever on Strictly!

This week we’ve decided to share with you our panel of experts’ favourite first dances and their favourite routines of Week 1, Strictly 2015!

Here’s what they had to say:

Phil Barnett


My favourite first dance on Strictly was Heather & Ian Waite on the People’s Strictly! Having got to know Heather I saw a remarkable transformation deep inside her when she did her dance on TV and to see her look so radiant was a very moving experience that will stay with me for a long time!

My favourite week 1 dance of Strictly 2015 would have to be Janette & Peter’s Cha Cha Cha but I’m biased! So apart from that it would be Giovanni and Georgia May’s Jive!

Trishna Bharadia


My favourite first dance on Strictly was the Jive I performed with Aljaz on the People’s Strictly. For me and Aljaz to be the first ever couple to dance on the People’s Strictly dancefloor was such an honour, so exciting and will always hold a very special place in my heart! There’s just no other first dance that I COULD possibly choose!?

My favourite week 1 dance of Strictly 2015 was Helen and Aljaz’s Waltz. I’m not being biased but it was what fairy tales are made of! For a Latin girl like me to say their favourite dance of the week was a Waltz goes to show just how dreamy it was! 

Anna Kennedy


My favourite first dance on Strictly is Jake Wood’s Salsa. Everyone was surprised to see Mr Snake Hips!

My favourite week 1 dance of Strictly 2015. As much as I loved the Micheal Jacksonesque Peter Andre sparkly routine I think the vulnerable fragility of The Wanted boy Jay McGuiness was great. He could be a dark horse!

Thank you Phil, Trishna and Anna for taking part in this for us. We’ll have regular recaps from our experts throughout the series.

Cassie 🙂 

The People’s Strictly – A final interview with the lovely @philkidz

*pulls a shocked face* We can hardly believe that it’s been one week since The People’s Strictly and we’re all suffering a little bit with the Post-Strictly Blues. In fact, even today’s interviewee admitted he was missing it a little, earlier in the week:

Don’t worry, today’s interview is full of sunshine and will make even the grumpiest person smile. We’re interviewing the inspirational and wonderful Phil Barnett.

We started by asking him this… You looked like you had the best time ever on the Show! What was the best part of being involved in the show? (was it the fake tan? ;))

Phil – I DID have the best time on the show! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I think it was actually doing the routine on the night, although meeting the other five contestants ranks pretty high too!

 We saw you suffer an injury and “dance through the pain” to produce a super smooth and

perfect American Smooth. What was the most challenging part of being involved in the People’s Strictly?

Phil – It was definitely having to wait for three weeks after the op before I could dance! When the others danced for Craig and I realised they had all learned their routines and I hadn’t started a step, it hit me quite hard and I started to panic! And then only having three weeks left to learn it all!


You were paired with the lovely Janette and had the wonderful Lisa Riley as your celebrity mentor. What was it like working with them?

Phil – Janette comes from a Musical Theatre background so she was a perfect partner for me to dance with. She had so much patience with me as I found remembering the steps a big challenge – I’m 54 now and not as quick on the uptake as I used to be! Lisa has been a revelation – full of personality as you can imagine but so kind and supportive too – I couldn’t have wished for a better mentor!


When you were surprised we saw the very talented Kidz R Us kids (and Kevin from Grimsby and Lisa)

surprise you with your very own Strictly Come Dancing show. How much support did you get from the kids and Janette?

Phil – The Kidz have been wonderful – right behind me every step of the way. What’s also been great is the number of ex-Kidz contacting me to wish me well and to say how much Kidz had had a positive impact on their lives. Janette choreographed our routine to suit my strengths and the lifts she put in were amazing! She had to really trust me as I was spinning her all over the place!


If you could nominate anyone to appear on The People’s Strictly who would you nominate and who would you pair them with?

Phil – I would nominate Lauren Trudgeon, to thank her for nominating me, as I know she has loved the whole Strictly experience and would love to do it herself. I would love to see her dance with Aljaz as he is her favourite!


If you could appear on the show again which dance would you like to try and why?

Phil –I would love to do the Argentine Tango or the Paso Doble – they are completely different from the Foxtrot and I would really like the drama of them!


Will you keep dancing after your taste of all things Strictly?


Phil – YES! YES! YES! Its been one of the highlights of my life and I feel so privileged to have taken part.

Thank you to Phil for agreeing to take part in our Q&A. We hope it has relieved your #strictly blues.


The People’s Strictly – A Q&A with the wonderful Anna Kennedy (@annakennedy1)

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and as a daughter I can honestly say that mothers are amazing and inspirational. They do so much for their children and one of The People’s Strictly contestants was no exception. Anna Kennedy is in fact a supermum and we’re sure that her two sons Angelo and Patrick will be extremely proud of her.

Anna and her professional partner Robin. Pic credit to BBC

Before last night’s Comic Relief and the People’s Strictly results, we asked Anna some questions. We started by asking her this “Over the last few weeks we’ve seen you fall in love with dancing and become truly strictlified. What’s been the best part of being involved in the show?”

Anna – For me, the best part about being involved was the training and the awareness raising for autism. This was a fantastic platform to raise more awareness. So much so, after I danced the Charleston with Robin and my story was shared my retweet reach went to 5.2 million!!!

Wow! That’s incredible. You were paired with the lovely Robin Windsor and had the fantastic Jake Wood as your mentor. What was it like learning to dance with Robin and having Jake as your mentor?

Anna – I love dancing with Robin Windsor. I feel like that we have always danced together. We work well as a team and are soo in sync with each other when dancing. Jake Wood is so lovely and was very supportive and great with my sons. Making tea for Jake in my kitchen was surreal!

It’s not every day that Max Branning comes into your kitchen. We saw you perform a perfect (and extremely fast) Charleston on the People’s Strictly, earning you a well-deserved 40/40. You looked a natural. What was the most challenging part of the dance for you?

The most challenging part of performing the Charleston was definitely the facial expressions and being lifted, We had such fun with a lesson specifically on facial expressions. Receiving 4 x 10s was mind blowing!!

As a mum myself, I know that sometimes you find yourself juggling lots of things at once. How did find fitting Strictly rehearsals into your very busy and hectic schedule?
Anna – To be honest it was difficult to make time some weeks we had 3 sessions, others only 2 and one week we only had one session. I am a quick learner; in fact I almost learnt the whole dance in the first lesson (held together with safety pins) 😆. I am very hard on myself and Robin kept saying “Don’t be so hard on yourself Anna! It’s only our first lesson!”
You were a natural dancer and did brilliantly. If you could perform on Strictly again, which dance style would you want to perform and why?

Anna – If I was to perform on Strictly and would love to dance on the series of Strictly hint hint lol I would like the samba Since I love the music and am a good hip wiggler lol I wanted to thank everyone for their support it has been HUGE and I have had the best time ever!!!

Finally, you are a true inspiration to many and have had lots of support from all the fans. What advice would you give anyone hesitant to take up dancing? 
Dancing gives you the best feeling ever. It also helps you with posture , increases flexibility and is soo much FUN! The world would be a better place if everyone learnt to dance.

If I was to perform on Strictly and would love to dance on the series of Strictly hint hint lol I would like the samba Since I love the music and am a good hip wiggler lol I wanted to thank everyone for their support it has been HUGE and I have had the best time ever!!!

Saturday’s Strictly Fix – An Inspirational, Remarkable Dance!

Last night, we sat down and watched Cassidy and Natalie be crowned The First Ever People’s Strictly champions. Cassidy is a true hero and his dramatic, controlled Paso Doble and capework which were amazing and remarkable.

We felt all 6 couples deserved to win glitterballs as they were truly inspirational and amazing, however for today’s Strictly Fix, we’re not showing you a Salsa or Samba *pulls a shocked face* but we’re showing you the awesome Caso Doble Paso Doble from Natalie and Cassidy.

This dance was dramatic, dynamic and delightful. It gave us goosebumps which we hadn’t experienced since Susanna and Kevin’s wonderful Paso Doble at Blackpool. Cassidy was strong and commanding and his cape work was brilliant. The fact he was able to dance with a blade was remarkable. He performed this dance with ease and we loved it. It got a well-deserved 40/40.

We love it and hope you will too. Here are Natalie and Cassidy with the wonderful Caso Doble:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

The People’s Strictly – Performance Recap!

After several weeks of being immersed in all things Glittery and strictlified, the inspirational and wonderful 6 People’s Strictly contestants finally took to the floor to perform their routines. As expected, the show did not disappoint. We got plenty of glittery tissues out, as it promised to be emosh and sat down ready to watch the show.

Some things stayed the same, the wonderful costumes, make-up and hair, the wonderful dancing and of course Claudia and Tess. We were also rejoined by Mr Bill Payer who hadn’t been seen since Christmas. (We missed you Bill!)

Some things changed, as there was no Mr Revel-Horwood. Anton was on the judging panel taking the place of Mr Grumpy, for one night only. If Strictly are ever looking for a 5th or a replacement judge, Anton would fit the bill perfectly. He was entertaining, complimentary and just as wonderful a judge as he is a dancer. We also saw it raining 10s (hallelujah) which was a pleasant surprise!

Anton fits into the judging family perfectly!

First up were Trishna and Aljaz with a lively, energetic and brilliant jive which lit up the Strictly Ballroom like a ray of sunshine. The energy in the routine showed just how strong Trishna is, overcoming debilitating weakness and tiredness to perform such a high energy routine. If there was a glitterball for strength this couple would win it. For us they deserved 10s. Our judges awarded them a well deserved 35/40.

Next up were Michael and Aliona with a first-class Tango. If there was a glitterball for energy and enthusiasm these two would win it. We’d witnessed in rehearsals that Michael didn’t want to let his son David (who had passed away from meningitis) down, and he didn’t do that at all. He performed a terrific tango, full of tension and power. He truly owned the routine. We awarded him a 9. Our judges gave him a 33/40

We then put on our best paso faces to see Cassidy and Natalie wow us with a phenomenal Paso Doble. Dancing the Paso Doble is hard enough when you’re able bodied, but Cassidy was truly remarkable and commanded a perfect Paso Doble. He was strong, he was powerful and truly amazing. We’re not too sure we like the idea of Len being Commando, but this Paso gave us goosebumps and sent shivers down our spine which we hadn’t witnessed since Susanna and Kevin’s Paso Doble. It earned a very well deserved perfect 40/40. In my 4 yr old’s (very sleepy) eyes Natalie must have been sleepy as Cassidy had to drag her across the floor!

We prepared extra tissues for our 4th dance, which came from Heather and Ian. As you probably have figured out by now, it doesn’t take a lot to make us blub like a baby, but this routine truly was beautiful. It rained glitter in the ballroom. It was performed to one of our favourite songs and was a very romantic viennese waltz which showed that Heather has been a fighter, never giving up or giving in. It was wonderful and had everyone in the Strictly Ballroom and all of us at home in pieces. We even wanted to reach into our TVs and give Russell Grant (her mentor) and Heather glittery tissues. They deserved 10s in our opinion and our judges awarded them 36/40.

Our penultimate couple were Phil and Janette. They performed an American Smooth full of theatricality, flair, high kicks and lifts. It was performed to “Hey, Big Spender” and no expense was spared. They both looked fabulous and ended the routine on a high, being lifted out of the ballroom. Our judges loved it, and praised Phil for carrying on despite having a set back in early training (he tore cartilage) in his knee. They were awarded a well deserved 40/40 from our judges. We have to say that Janette’s reaction to her first perfect score was adorable and we wanted to cuddle them both up. They were (in Claudia’s words) adorable humans!

For our final dance, we saw Anna and Robin perform the fastest ever Charleston in the history of Strictly, ever! It was truly fab-u-lous and perfect. Anna was a natural and looked like a professional, keeping up with and performing Robin’s choreography perfectly. We were glad they were awarded a perfect 40 by our judges, as they truly deserved it. Anna admitted that performing on Strictly was better than getting her OBE. We’re pretty sure the queen wouldn’t mind, and are almost certain that she watches Strictly along with her corgies.

The whole show was finished off with a group routine from the contestants, their professional dancers and mentors. It was a fitting end to the whole show which has inspired, wowed and moved us to tears over the last few weeks. We really enjoyed it and have been not only inspired by the contestant’s stories but have also been inspired to take up dancing again. We’d love to see the People’s Strictly return for a full series next year (people of Strictly if you’re reading this pleas take note.) It’d seem from your tweets that lots of you would too!

We eagerly await the results of this show which will be revealed on Friday. For us it’s too hard to choose a winner, and in our eyes all 6 of them deserve glitterballs.

Trishna deserves a glitterball for her true strength and determination.

Michael deserves a glitterball for his energy and enthusiasm.

Cassidy deserves a glitterball for being a remarkable hero

Heather deserves a glitterball for her selflessness.

Phil deserves a glitterball for giving 100% in whatever he does.

Anna deserves a glitterball for her dedication and selflessness.

They are true heroes and all winners. We’d love to hear what you thought of the show and who you think will win. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

The People’s Strictly – A Q&A with the lovely Trishna (@TrishnaBharadia)

Tonight sees our six everyday heroes take to the dancefloor for the final episode of The People’s Strictly *sobs.* It’s been a truly emotional show and we have single-handedly kept a well-known tissue manufacturer in business all been amazed, inspired and bowled-over by this wonderful programme and cannot wait to see all 6 couples perform! 

As you know, there’s nothing we like more than a good Q&A, so we put some questions to one of the amazing people taking part in The People’s Strictly, Trishna. Here’s what she had to say.

We began by asking You were nominated by your sister to appear on the People’s Strictly and were surprised at a Zumba class. How did it feel being nominated? Did you at all suspect you were going to be nominated?

Trishna: Finding out I was on the show was a complete shock! At that Zumba class, I had no idea what was going on when everyone else started dancing choreographed moves around me. All I could think about was how silly I must look standing in the middle of everyone not knowing what I was doing! You see it in the footage that I try to run to the side of the room! When Louis and Natalie turned up I was just astounded (as you can probably tell from my face!) It felt like an out-of-body experience because I really couldn’t believe it was happening! I can’t thank my sister, who nominated me,enough for giving me the opportunity to live the best experience of my life!

Yep, we felt the shock too and wanted to reach into our TV and give you a hug *gives a virtual hug.* You have been lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Aljaz Skoranjec (your favourite Strictly pro.) What has it been like dancing with him?

Trishna: Aljaz has honestly given me the best time of my life. We’ve had so much fun during training and he’s helped me to achieve things that I never thought would be possible. 

At my dance reveal, which is when I found out that I would be dancing the jive and was the first time I tried a few steps, I put my head on Aljaz’s shoulder and said “Oh noooooooo! Now I’m totally freaked out!” He’s taken all my concerns about the jive and turned them around so now I’m completely in love with it! We hit it off instantly and lots of people who have seen us rehearsing and performing have remarked that we have a brilliant connection. He really is one of the most caring, understanding, compassionate and kindest people I’ve ever met and I feel so privileged to have shared this journey with him!
You truly couldn’t ask for more from a Strictly Pro. Like all the other People’s Strictly contestants, we can see you’re having a ball learning to dance the jive. What’s been the most challenging part and the best part of dancing on Strictly? If you could perform another dance on Strictly what would you choose and why?

Trishna: The biggest challenge has been using muscles that I’ve never used before. After my first training session I couldn’t walk for four days because I was in so much pain! Also dancing in heels has been a challenge because I rarely wear heels so I had to learn how to jump about in them! The best part of dancing has been how I feel when I’m doing it. I love it. It makes me feel so happy! There have been times in rehearsals when Aljaz has had to rein me back in because I got so caught up in the music I would forget about all the technicalities like arm placement etc and just start dancing like no-one was watching! (Only Aljaz was!) If I could dance on the show again I’d like to do a salsa, samba or cha cha. I love Latin music and would love to shake it on the ballroom floor!

You were lucky enough to be nominated to appear on the show. If you could nominate one of your friends or family to appear on another People’s Strictly who would you nominate and why?
Trishna: I’d probably nominate my Mum! She admittedly has two left feet and a questionable sense of rhythm so I’d love to see what the pros could do with her! She’s had a bit of a dance with Aljaz and I loved seeing her face when she realised she was actually getting the steps!

That sounds like a great idea! Like all the People’s Strictly contestants you are a true inspiration to us and have shown that you can overcome many challenges in life to dance. If you could give anyone who was hesitant/reluctant about learning to dance some advice, what would it be?
Trishna: I’d say if dancing makes you happy then that’s what’s the most important. Life is short and you never know what’s around the corner. It took me being diagnosed with MS to really start living life and overcoming fears in order to make the most of opportunities because with something like MS you just don’t know when your next relapse might happen. So don’t let fear stop you!

Some great advice there *signs up to a dance class quickly* Finally, a question from my little one… Strictly is full of glitter and sequins. Which are better, sequins or glitter? I like them both!
Trishna:  How can I possibly choose?! I love everything that sparkles so give me both!

Great answer! In our opinion a girl can never have too many sequins, glitter or sparkly things. Thank you Trishna for taking part in our Q&A. 

The People’s Strictly is on BBC One tonight from 9pm. We’ll be on our twitter account @scd_support from 8pm chatting about all things Comic Relief and then tweeting along with the programme from 9pm. We hope you can join us then

The People’s Strictly – Show 3 Recap!

Normally around this time of year we’re all suffering Strictly withdrawal symptoms, eagerly counting down the sleeps until the show returns to our TV screens in September. Over the last 10 days we have been truly spoilt by the wonderful, sparkly, fabulous people of Strictly with not one, not two, but three brilliant programmes.

Yes, tonight we saw another wonderful episode of The People’s Strictly! It showed the 6 couples take their first steps in the dance studio, learn their routines and get a glamourous makeover. They also met someone who looked familiar but seemed to be acting a little bit peculiarly. That’s right! They met a kind Craig Revel Horwood.

“What? You telling me he can be nice?”

Yes, pussycat. It’s an all-new and lovely Craig Revel-Horwood. We’re pretty sure he’s a pussycat really. In fact, we even had proof from one of The People’s Strictly Contestants: 

The show started seeing our 6 contestants meet one another on the Strictly Ballroom floor. We’re pretty sure that Planet Strictly is a magical place where friends for life are made and their first meeting proved this. Strictly unites the nation and has brought together so many people regardless of their age, background etc, and this show is testament to that.

Our couples ventured into the dance studios to start learning their routines. Some struggled whereas others seemed naturals picking up the routines. They are all truly remarkable human beings and watching them all learning and picking up their routines, it proves that anyone can learn to dance, provided they put their mind to it.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing. We saw injuries which made our hearts skip a beat! We saw our couples struggle with steps, performance, tiredness and personal space invasion!  We also saw our professional dancers taken out of their comfort zone, with Aljaz learning to play hockey. Sadly, he didn’t get to wear a skirt, but there’s always next series of Strictly.

Once our couples had learnt some of their routines, they were invited to Wembley to perform infront of Mr Grumpy Mr Not-so-grumpy but nice, Craig Revel-Horwood. He was very complimentary, which we found a little scary.

To make up for this, our inspirational people were treated to the star treatment. Not only did they get covered in sequins, fake-tan and given a true Strictly Makeover, but they were given some brilliant advice by their celebrity mentors. Strictly have chosen 6 of the best celebrities who truly embraced what Strictly is all about. They have provided all 6 of our everyday heroes with support (just like our professional dancers) and it looks set to be a close competition. In our eyes all 6 couples deserve a glitterball (infact, my 4 year old has promised to make them all glitterballs, because they all deserve them!)

For us, the whole show was a highlight, but there were several moments which were highlights. These were our favourite moments of tonight’s show:

 What were your favourite moments? Let us know, either by commenting below or tweeting us @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.
Cassie 🙂

The People’s Strictly – Show 2 Recap

Earlier this evening we sat down, girded our loins and prepared ourselves to watch the wonderful programme that is the People’s Strictly. Following last week’s show, we ensured we had enough glittery tissues for ourselves and you lovely people along with Strictly Snacks to share out.

On tonight’s show we saw the inspirational Anna Kennedy, Trishna Bharadia and Phil Barnett get the surprise of their lives as they found out they were on The People’s Strictly and take their first steps in the Ballroom.

Once again, we found the stories truly touching and became emotional blubbering messes only 5 minutes into the show. We think our mascara may have run, just a little bit:

Artist’s impression of how we looked (We’re not that fluffy, honest!)

The show didn’t disappoint and showed us how truly amazing and selfless the 6 contestants of the People’s Strictly are. They are all well-deserving of their place on the show and in our eyes are all winners.

So, what did we learn tonight?

1. We learnt that the Strictly ballroom is the place where dreams come true and to never to be too trusting of any friends or family who invite you to go to watch the Strictly live show show. As Anna Kennedy found out the Strictly Ballroom truly is a place where dreams can come true and where you can have the shock and surprise of your life.

2. Never trust Brian the Zumba instructor. When you’re invited to a Zumba DVD recording, always be suspicious, especially if you’re surrounded by dancing couples. Be even more suspicious if some of our professional dancers appear. Poor Trishna looked like she needed a hug dancing all alone in the zumba studio, but to make up for it, she was lucky enough to get to have a boogie with Louis Smith 😍

3. Singing children are adorable and will move you to tears (need more mascara 🐼.) ABBA’s Thank You for the Music also works surprisingly well as a Samba Track. 

4. You should embrace and run towards the sequins and anyone associated with the world of Strictly. This is exactly what Phil Barnett did and he looked fab-u-lous running towards Lisa Riley and Kevin Clifton.

5. To quote Anna, we also learnt that Robin Windsor looks even better in the flesh than he does on TV! We also saw that Anna is a natural performer and picked up dancing the Charleston in seconds. Wow!

6. We learnt that housework can be fab-u-lous! We will now mop our floors in style, just like Aljaz Skoranjec did. We may need the “banana band” to help. We saw that Trishna and Aljaz take their first Jive steps. Their energy looks great and together they look an amazing and very strong couple.

7. Phil also showed just what a joy it is to dance and to be on Strictly. His joy at learning he was paired with Janette was priceless and their American Smooth looks set to be super suave, smiley and sophisticated. In fact, all our couples showed enthusiasm, passion and sheer sparkly joy.

8. When dancing wear shoes that make you look fab-u-lous. Don’t worry if you fall out of them, as you will look gaw-jus dahling!

9. Swing Patrol looks fun, as did Trishna’s 50s style evening. *nudges husband to take her out* It gave both Anna and Trishna a taste of what Strictly is like and has encouraged us to take a trip back to the 1950s and try Rock and Roll and Swing dancing.

On a more serious note, we saw another wonderful and inspiring programme. It has made us realise that all 6 contestants are truly deserving of their place on the show and are all winners in our eyes. They are true everyday heroes who deserve to be treated to a little bit of sparkle. We know they will all be fab-u-lous and cannot wait to see their performances.

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Cassie 🙂