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Strictly 2017 – Performance Review – Week 4!

From past series, Week 4 has always been truly fab-u-lous so a lot was riding on this week. We had very high hopes which were lived up to and even surpassed on certain accounts.

Here’s what we thought of tonight’s fab-u-lous night full of fantastic dancing. We’ve reviewed each of the dances, performance by performance:

Debbie and Giovanni’s Cha Cha Cha – Debbie was a secretary and Giovanni a delivery boy. I feel very disappointed that our Tesco delivery wasn’t delivered by him this week. The dance was good, and we love that week after week Debbie surprises us. The judges criticised her leg action, but we think that with a lower heel she’d perfect it. We awarded her an 8, the judges gave her 27/40.

Brian and Amy’s Paso Doble – Brian looked oddly familiar this evening. He had the look for Julian Clary. We think it was the Bri-Liner. On a side note, he rocked the Paso Doble. Amy’s choreography suited him well and he performed the steps he was given really well too. We think Brian could be the dark horse of the competition. We awarded him a 7. The judges gave him 21/40 and he had the best reaction!

Mollie and AJ’s Salsa – Mollie looked absolutely stunning, mind you, she could wear a binbag and look a million dollars. The Salsa music was great, the lifts were brilliant and her dress looked wonderful. There was attack but it sort of disappeared half-way through the dance. We think that next week Mollie needs to focus and maybe if AJ got her an acting coach she’d have more confidence. We gave her a 7. The judges awarded her 27/40.

Davood and Nadiya’s Viennese Waltz – After last week’s Samba, we did wonder if Davood would do sophistication and he did and nailed it. He was dizzy and could see 8 people when stood by the judges’ desk (seeing one set of judges is scary enough!) Anyway, we digress, the performance was sophisticated, but intense and romantic Viennese Waltz. We loved the storytelling and choreography as well as the outfits too. In our eyes they deserved an 8. The judges gave them 29/40.

Charlotte and Brendan’s Jive – They were getting married. Brendan was wearing pink and Charlotte looked like she was having the time of her life. It showed that she was having fun and it was an improvement on the past weeks. We thought she deserved a 6. The judges gave her 19/40

Joe and Katya’s Cha Cha Cha – The choreography was brilliant, the outfits were superb but Cha Cha Cha is a really hard dance which Joe did well with, despite what the judges said. There was a lot of content in the routine which challenged Joe but we thought he was uh-may-zing. In our eyes he deserved an 8, the judges gave him 24/40.

Ruth and Anton’s Tango –  Anton felt hot in his velvet suit, Ruth nailed the choreography and didn’t go wrong once. *Does a Victory Dance*  She played the part of the Tango Temptress perfectly and performed with drama and passion. The Tango is her dance. It earned her 24/40. *Does another Victory Dance as she realises they scored over 20/40*

Aston and Janette’s Quickstep – Last week he was a troll, this week he felt like bambi, next week he’ll be a minion. This dance was so fast and Janette put so much quickstep for Aston in it. We loved the fact that he flew and travelled across the ballroom. The judges mentioned his footwork, but we didn’t notice it and it was perfect for us. We loved Janette’s dress *feels pestered by her 7 year old to make one* We awarded him a 9. The judges gave him 32/40. 

Simon and Karen’s Samba – Ok, it did go wrong, but we loved the choreography, the costumes (my 7 year old would like me to wear it when I run the marathon next year), the music and the bananas. It was one of those must-see Strictly moments and Simon did shimmy like a pro and gave it his all! We gave them a 7. The judges awarded them 19/40

Gemma and Aljaz’s Paso Doble – Aljaz did look like Aladdin (again) this week. We loved the choreography and Gemma looked truly fierce and fab-u-lous. It was a gawjus routine which we loved and could not fault at all! We gave her a 9. The judges gave them 35/40.

We said it last year and will say it again. You know when you wait ages for a bus, and well 3 come at once? Well this seems to happen with 10s. Last year it happened in week 4 and tonight, #Team Alorka (Alexandra and Gorka) wowed us with the Jive to rival the Jives which have defined their series. It was such a phenomenal dance that even my husband (who’d nipped out to make a cuppa) walked in and said “wait a minute, is that a pro dance?” I did correct him, and we then decided it was worthy of at least 1, if not 2 tens, but the judges were all in a good mood and gave her 39/40. Alexandra got emotional, but we’re pretty sure that her mum would be proud of her and what she’s achieving.

Our penultimate couple of the night were Jonnie and Oti with their American Smooth. We loved Oti’s dress, but also love her Choreography *crosses everything out* We love Oti! This dance was sizzling and what we look for in an American Smooth and more. Oti’s choreography challenged Jonnie and he performed a brilliant routine. We thought he deserved an 8. The judges gave him 31/40.

The final couple to take to the floor were Susan and Kevin. We love that they danced on the “sleepy train” and that they have matching unicorn masks. Susan gives us so much joy whenever she performs we just want to give her a hug. Their quickstep was Morecambe and Wise themed but was a true quickstep with a lot of content. Susan flew across the floor and it was her best dance yet. The judges gave her 30/40. We thought she deserved 9/10.

That ended tonight’s show. If you haven’t already, click on this link below to vote for your top three dances:

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the live results show. WE look forward to seeing you then.

Cassie 🙂 


Out with the old and in with the new!

We love reading all blogs, especially when they’re #Strictly related. Yesterday we read a blog from @Strictly_Emma on twitter which you can read if you click this link  .

It got us thinking. My whole family are Strictly superfans. I’ve watched the show from the very beginning, and my 7 year old has watched the show every week since she was 3!

A lot of things have changed from the very beginning, and since my little girl has watched, Strictly has been a different programme to the programme many fans fell in love with, 13 years ago, when it started.

Yesterday night, I dug out an episode of Strictly from 2006 and decided to watch it with Bella to see what she thought of it compared to Strictly now. It was week 5, where “microphone gate” occurred during Mark and Karen’s Salsa.

Here are her thoughts on the show in her own words comparing it to Strictly 2017:

Strictly in the old days was a lot of fun, but nowadays they have more theme weeks, which make it even more fun. The results show was on a Saturday and not on a Sunday meaning that we and the couples don’t have to wait a whole day to see if they’re safe. I think this is a lot fairer.

There weren’t as many dances are there are now on each show. I like seeing lots of different dances, but in the olden days you could see the people who were really good dancers and see the people who weren’t as good dancers, so the judges scoring didn’t seem as weird as it does now. Maybe they should make everyone do either one latin dance or one ballroom dance.

The judges look really young then and now Bruno and Craig look older. I like Arlene and think she should come back onto Strictly. It was nice to see Brucie too. I miss him but he must be in heaven looking down and watching everyone this year. It’s nice to see Karen Hardy dancing, I liked her doing Choreography Corner but she was a brilliant professional (avoids showing her the Gary Rhodes footage.)

I like the outfits nowadays. They were good before I was here, but now they’re even sparklier and more glittery than ever. The costumes look more fun nowadays and keep getting more magical than unicorns.

Nowadays they take the people out during the week to do something fun linked to their dance, but in those days all the bit before the dance was just from the training room. That’s a little boring really, isn’t it?

There was no dance-off in those days and it was decided on the public vote. I like the dance-off because it means the people in the dance-off can make their performance even better and get safe to the next week. Without a dance-off, someone could have had a bad dance because they were nervous and get voted off without having a chance to perform their dance better a second time round and show the judges how uh-may-zing they really are. 

Bella’s verdict made a lot of sense. I asked her to tell me whether she preferred Strictly 2017 or Strictly 2006.

Her answer Strictly 2017 is a million, billion, trillion, gazillion times better now. I would like them to show the results show on the same day though and bring back just two dance styles every week.

So it’d seem that although Strictly 2006 was magical for many, for my little Strictly Superfan, it’s nothing on Strictly 2017.

Do you agree with Bella? Comment down below to let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


 Strictly 2017 – Our Week 4 Predictions!

It’s that time of the week again & time for us to tell you what we think will happen on this weekend’s show. Earlier tonight, the dances for this weekend’s show were revealed. It caused much excitement in our house and the songs were soon added to our Spotify Playlist *listens on repeat and inserts a link for all her readers* 

Here’s what we predict will happen on the show: 

Alexandra and Gorka perform the Jive to Proud Mary by Tina Turner

Last time this song was used for a competitive Jive was in 2013, when Natalie and Artem nearly performed a Jive on the live show. When we eventually saw it on tour it blew our socks off! We’re very much looking forward to see Alexandra dance a latin dance and are pretty sure it’ll be truly uh-may-zing. We predict 9s and possibly our first 10 of the series.

Aston and Janette will Quickstep to Mr Blue Sky by ELO

We’ve looked forward to this song being used for a quickstep for many years and are very excited to see Team MnM perform this dance. We’re sure it’ll suit them and they’ll be running around the dancefloor faster than … an Aston Martin! We’re secretly hoping they are dressed as trolls again (and for the rest of the series) as they looked adorable on Saturday. We predict 9s and possibly the first 10 of the series.

Brian and Amy dance the Paso Doble to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

Paso Doble is a notoriously tough dance for the male celebrities and can come across as a bit stompy. Brian is best when he’s playing a character, so if he’s playing a rockstar in this dance, we think he could pull it off! Even if he doesn’t it’s sure to make us smile. We predict 5s and 6s!

Charlotte and Brendan will Jive to Marry You by Bruno Mars

*Looks puzzled* I’ve never thought of this song to be used for a Jive, but it could work. *Imagines Charlotte dressed in white at a wedding to Brendan, with said wedding being officiated by The Rev!* Now there’s a thought. Jive is a very happy dance and we think Charlotte’s smile will help her through this dance. After a bad 2 weeks, we think this could be her best dance. We predict 6s and 7s (if it all goes alright on the night!)

Davood and Nadiya perform the Viennese Waltz to Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware

We love this song choice and it’ll really suit a Viennese Waltz. If the choreography is traditional, we think this could be the dance of the night. These two have great natural chemistry and are quite possibly the hottest Strictly pairing ever 😍 Davood has shown he can lead Nadiya and with the right choreography, we think this could be a beautiful dance. We predict 8s and 9s.

Debbie and Giovanni Cha Cha to The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss) by Cher

*Relives her childhood watching Mermaids* My 7 year old is convinced that Debbie is a real-life human unicorn, so if she is a mermaid we think this dance will be epic. Debbie has surprised us week after week, and we can’t wait to see her show a cheeky character on the dancefloor. We predict 8s and 9s.

Gemma and Aljaz to Paso Doble to Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Ooh this is a good song. They’re dancing a Paso Doble *wonders if the bear/mouse costume will make an appearance again.* Gemma is our “j-word” contestant. She has shown promise and keeps improving week after week. As an actress, we think she’ll be able to pull off a dramatic and passionate Paso Doble. We predict 8s and 9s for this dance.

Joe and Katya perform the Cha Cha to You Keep Me Hanging On by Human Nature

Joe’s cheeky character is sure to shine in this dance. Katya’s choreography is always original and inspired and we predict this could be another one of our favourite dances this weekend. We predict 8s for this dance. 

Jonnie and Oti dance the American Smooth to Cry Me a River (Michael Bublé cover)

Oti’s choreographing an American Smooth. *Has visions of this happening again*

On a side note, we love Oti, we love Jonnie, we love Team Glitterblade and predict this will be a showstopper of a performance which will tug at our heart strings. We love a bit of Buble and just love the thought of this dance. *Melts into a mush on the floor.* We predict 8s and 9s for this dance. 

Mollie and AJ will also dance the Salsa to Súbeme La Radio by Enrique Iglesias

Mollie’s lifts last week were impressive so we predict the lifts will be great in this dance. We think this dance could suit Mollie’s personality and are quite excited to see it. We predict 7s and 8s for this dance.

Ruth and Anton perform a Tango to Allegretto by Bond

Ruth’s back in the ballroom hold *Does a conga through her living roo.* Anton’s ballroom choreography always wows us and we think this could be her dance. We predict 5s and 6s for this dance.

Simon and Karen will Samba to Copacabana by Barry Manilow

We hear from Twitter that Simon’s samba has had Karen in stitches on the floor.  😂 This makes us excited. We cannot wait. We predict 6s and 7s for this dance. 

Susan and Kevin perform a Quickstep to Bring Me Sunshine by The Jive Aces

Susan radiates joy with every step she takes on the floor. Her love of her whole strictly experience entertains us and  just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She’s dancing quickstep to her wedding dance song in front of her parents. No pressure, Kevin! We think this dance will suit her character *predicts some Morecambe and Wise accents* Last time this song was used was in 2012 when Lisa and Robin performed this dance

We predict this performance will be just as good and could be Susan’s dance. We predict 7s and 8s!

So that’s what we think will happen on this weekend’s show. Do you agree? Who do you think will impress? Who do you think will be going home? Comment below to tell us or tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

Anton and the Glitterball – A Story By Bella (aged 7 1/2)

Earlier this week, Bella was asked by her teacher to write a story about something Strictly related at school. She got really excited and decided to write a short story about what happened when the glitterball fell into Anton’s hands. She wanted to share it with you all, so here is Bella’s story about Anton and the Glitterball!

Once upon a time, on a sparkly planet called Planet Strictly, there was a professional dancer called Anton. Anton had lived on Planet Strictly for a very very long time. He loved living there, but wanted one thing. He had come close to touching it but had never got to keep it in the whole of his time there. It was the Glitterball. It sparkled and shone and looked really pretty. 

One day before a Strictly live show, Anton saw the Glitterball briefly. He thought to himself “I wonder how I can get to touch it!” He sneaked into the secret Glitterball room where it was stored and found it was everything he thought it would be and even more. There were sparkly lights everywhere, glitter and more importantly the Glitterball. 

For once, Anton was able to touch the Glitterball. He held it with both his hands and cuddled it like a teddybear. He thought “I’ll just borrow it for a few hours, nobody will notice!”

The next day, Anton was late. He hurried to the studio (forgetting the glitterball!) He spied Kevin Clifton who told him that Len had called a meeting.

At the meeting Len told all the dancers “The Glitterball has disappeared. It was here yesterday but it has gone. If you’ve seen the Glitterball, let me know, because Strictly cannot go on TV without the Glitterball.”

All the dancers were worried. Kevin started a search party with Giovanni and Aljaz and Betty was taken too to help sniff out the Glitterball. The glitterball was nowhere to be found.

Anton hid away from Len and the other dancers. He felt really bad that he had forgotten the Glitterball, but he loved looking after it. He’d come so close but had never been lucky enough to keep it. 

The dancers really needed some help to find the glitterball, when along came Susan, dressed as Wonder Woman! She had magical superhero powers ready for her performance that night. She predicted the Glitterball wasn’t too far, but was not in the studios.

The dancers went off on a hunt. They went around the town, to the station, to the dance studios, to the shops and to the school. The smell of glitter got stronger and stronger with every step they took. They tiptoed through the library looking for it, but it was not to be found there. Then they reached somewhere where the scent was even stronger. Betty barked. When they looked up, they realised, they were at Anton’s house! 

“Why would Anton ever steal a glitterball?” Asked Giovanni. 

“I guess he just wanted to see what it would feel like to win!” Said Kevin.

The found the glitterball and used their magical dancer powers to pull it out of the house. They then took it back to the studios. Everyone was relieved. They could now dance on Strictly.

Anton was given a punishment of a score of no more than 2 from Craig Revel Horwood every week. The low scores didn’t put the people at home off voting for him, as he ended up winning that series and finally taking the Glitterball home!

The End!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that story from Bella is truly awesome! Mummy awards you a Glitterball Boo!

What did you think of Bella’s story. Comment down below to tell us  what you thought.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 2 🦄💃🏻🦄

She’s cute, sassy and loves unicorns almost as much as she loves Strictly! Every Monday of this series, one of Strictly’s youngest Superfans,  Bella will be sharing her favourite moments from Saturday’s Strictly show!

Here are her highlights of Strictly, Week 2:

1) Alexandra and Gorka’s Paso Doble

Alexandra was a mermaid dancing the paso doble. I loved her dress. It was beautiful and mer-mazing. It’s a shame that the costume people forgot Gorka’s buttons though. The dance was amazing and it’s one of my favourite ever Paso Dobles. It was almost as good as Kevin and Louise/Susanna’s Paso Dobles. 

2) Janette and Aston’s Salsa

Janette looked like a unicorn and all the lifts and tricks were awesome. I think she’d done some of them before with Jake in 2014. Mummy forgot, but I remembered. It was a magical dance and they performed to my favourite ever song, Despacito. I danced at home, and mummy did too, but she wasn’t as good as Janette and Aston. 

3) Simon and Karen’s Waltz

I really liked this dance. Simon tried really hard and he danced a dance that was really beautiful. It made my mummy cry in a good way and I thought even though they made a little mistake they kept going and did really well. I’ve always been told by dance teachers, if you make a mistake don’t worry, just keep going and that’s what he did. Karen looked like a princess in her dress too.

4) Susan and Kevin’s Charleston

Susan always makes me smile and I like that she’s having a lot of fun on Strictly. Kevin was a judge, and I think he should be a judge, because he knows all the rules on Strictly! The dance was a lot of fun and I started dancing along at home. I can’t wait to see her Samba next week to Wonder Woman, but I’m not sure what Kevin will do. Maybe he’ll be Wonder Pro? 

5) Debbie and Giovanni’s Viennese Waltz

Debbie actually looked like Princess Elsa and she has magic dust which is helping her dance really well. She looked like a princess and Giovanni looked like a prince. The dance was beautiful and they spun and twirled around the floor really really fast. Debbie can stretch her legs really far, I think she can do the splits! 

So there were Bella’s best bits. What did she think of the elimination?

It was too early for anyone to go home. I’m upset that Chizzy went home, because she could have done many more dances. She was a sassypants dancer and I’ll miss seeing her on Strictly… a lot! I think that next year, they need to make sure people get to stay until Week 3 to dance on Strictly! 

Do you agree with Bella’s Best Bits of Strictly Week 2? 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 1 🦄💃🏻🦄

You can always trust children to be completely honest and speak their minds. On Saturday, my 7 year old spoke her mind several times during the live show *inserts examples here*

As she is so honest, I’ve decided to let her reveal her best bits every week on the blog *gulps* Here are her top six moments of Strictly 2017, Week 1:

1) Joe and Katya’s Jive

I loved this dance as it looked like Joe was having a lot of fun and it was really fast and so so good. I liked Katya’s sparkly jeans in this dance too *asks mummy for a pair.* I think he was scared about doing the dance which helped Ore win last year, but he didn’t need to be scared because he’s just as good as Ore.

2) Susan and Kevin’s Viennese Waltz

If I was dancing with Kevin, I think I’d be like Susan and wouldn’t know what to do with my popcorn. Kevin did look like he’d been drinking hot chocolate before because he had a funny moustache. The dance really made me smile a lot and I can’t wait to see what they do next week. Part of being on Strictly is having fun and that’s just what these two did.

3) Aston and Janette’s Foxtrot

This dance was so good Aston looked like a professional. I liked the bit at the start where he slid down the stairs. He looked really cool and this dance really suited him. It was awesome! Janette’s dress made her look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (my favourite movie.)

4) Chizzy and Pasha’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance looked like a lot of fun. I’m not sure why Craig didn’t like it but maybe he needs to see a doctor to cheer him up, because he was really grumpy this week. Chizzy looked really happy dancing and I really liked her dress. I want Chizzy to get really far on Strictly because she makes me happy when she dances.

5) Richard and Dianne’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance made me smile a lot. Mummy was laughing throughout this dance, so I had to tell her off because it’s not nice laughing at people when they’re dancing. They looked like they had a lot of fun and I liked that Richard learnt how to fly too.

6. Simon and Karen’s Paso Doble.

The Paso Doble is all about being really angry, so I think Karen stole Simon’s dinner before they performed this dance. He was so powerful and Karen had unicorn hair so I loved it. I don’t know why the judges didn’t like it so much, because it was really awesome.

So there you have Bella’s best bits. Which moments were your favourite on this week’s #Strictly? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you Bella

Mummy (Cassie) 


Strictly 2017 – Week 1 – Performance Review

It’s that time of year again. Time to clear our Saturday night (and Sunday night) diaries to dedicate ourselves to one cause… the Glitterball.

Tonight, we sat down for a sparkly marathon, complete with Strictly Snacks for what was to be an uh-may-zing show. We say it every year and Strictly never fails to surprise us. From tonight’s show, it has set the standard of this show really high.

Kicking off this year’s show were Gemma and Aljaz (or as they’re known in our house, Gemma and Eyelash.) Gemma was nervous but came out and performed a respectable and cheeky cha cha cha. My 7 year old thought it was a real sassypants dance. We awarded them a 7, our judges gave them 20/40

Next in the spotlight were Brian and Amy with their Tango. We learnt that Amy had been pushing Brian hard and he’d been struggling most with the Tango Face. His Tango Face was a picture on the night and his expressions were full of drama. My girls are convinced that Amy is a magician (after the shoe trick) and for us if the dance was down to acting skills alone, we’d award him a 10. Sadly the judges were looking at technique and he achieved a somewhat lower score of 16/40

Our third couple to take to the floor were Alexandra and Gorka. We learnt that Alexandra had brought a lot of coffee to rehearsals and had a lot of energy. They were performing a waltz which she dedicated to her late mum *sobs.* The dance was beautifully performed, elegant, romantic, soft and one of those dances which made us turn into an emotional blubbering wreck on the sofa. We’re pretty sure Alexandra’s mum would be truly proud of her and in our eyes the dance deserved a 9, our judges awarded them 24/40.

Our 4th couple to dance were Simon and Karen. They were performing a Paso Doble. Paso Doble in Week 1 is a challenging dance and Simon’s timing and rhythm were spot on. He had power and drama and Karen’s choreography was challenging. We loved the outfits (and Bella especially loved Karen’s “unicorn hair.”) Ok, it wasn’t technically perfect, but for week 1, he did a damn good job. For us, we gave them a 6. Our judges awarded him 17/40.

Next up were Charlotte and Brendan with their Foxtrot. Charlotte oozed elegance and performed Brendan’s choreography beautifully. For us, she somewhat reminded us of Katie Derham. The dance was classy, elegant, and everything you could ask for in a foxtrot. We predict this pairing will go far and gave them a 7. The judges awarded her 22/40.

Chizzy and Pasha then performed a Cha Cha which was just what the doctor ordered. It was cheeky and Chizzy showed off her natural rhythm and dance ability. Bruno thought she was crazy and Craig’s scoring was even crazier. We love Chizzy and with Pasha we think she’ll go far in the competition. For us she deserved at least a 7. The judges also awarded her 22/40.

It was then the turn of Oti and Jonnie to perform. Sportsmen always do well on Strictly, and Oti’s choreography protected Jonnie whilst making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was a truly beautiful dance. We felt they deserved an 8. The judges gave them 20/40.

Joe and Katya (strictly 2017’s most adorable partnership number 1) then wowed us with a polished jive full of energy and kicks and flicks. It not only wowed us but also wowed the judges, earning them 29/40.  We cannot wait to see this couple’s next dance and predict they will go all the way to the final. Craig even got out his 7 paddle. We’re pretty sure most of the UK (including the cameraman) fell off their chairs.

Our next couple to take to the floor were Susan and Kevin (Strictly 2017’s most adorable partnership number 2.) They were performing a Viennese Waltz. As well as a tour of Glasgow in their pre-dance VT, we saw them start something we’d love to see – Strictly Carpool Karaoke. Kevin’s choreography always plays to his celebrity’s strengths and this dance was no exception. It had comic moments, as well as moments of choreographical genius. The dance itself was endearing and really made us smile. My 7 year old did point out If I was on Strictly, I think that’s how I’d dance with Kevin mummy!” In our eyes it deserved a 7. The judges gave it 20/40

Debbie and Giovanni (Dark Horses of Strictly 2017) then surprised and wowed us with a Paso which left even my two little chatterboxes speechless. When I’m Debbie’s age, I’d love to be able to dance like that. Her flexibility, lines and movement across the floor were perfect. She captured the drama, passion and agression of the Paso Doble perfectly. Giovanni choreographed a challenging dance, which Debbie mastered. In our eyes, they deserved a 9, the judges awarded them 30/40.

Davood and Nadiya (aka Strictly 2017’s hottest partnership) then performed a cha cha cha which was smoking! We needed a fan to cool down at home and the grown-ups at home were so distracted, we missed the score. Fortunately, my 7 year old had her eyes peeled and noticed the judges awarded them 27/40

Ruth and Anton were next to take to the floor with a waltz. As Anton said, Ruth didn’t go wrong, she did it differently! Ruth let her nerves get the better of her, but she did look stunning and truly lovely. In our eyes she deserved a 6, the judges awarded her 16/40.

Richard and Dianne (aka Team Beauty and the Priest) then took to the floor for a Cha Cha Cha. It was, as we predicted, one of those moments which truly made us smile and left us speechless. I did get told off by my 7 year old for laughing at them (sorry Bella) but it was a really entertaining dance and it could be in our eyes, this year’s Gangnam Style moment. One of the judges was less than complimentary about their dance, but in our eyes they deserved a 10 for entertainment. The judges awarded them 17/40.

Our penultimate couple to dance were Mollie and AJ who performed a Jive. It was super fast and Mollie did well keeping up with AJ. She looked pretty in pink and for a first dance, it was a sterling effort. In our eyes, they deserved a 7, our judges gave them 23/40.

Strictly then saved the best till last with Janette and Aston (aka Mr Foxtrot) performing their foxtrot. It was a confident dance full of natural flair and rhythm and showed Aston’s true ability and potential. It was one of those magic Strictly moments where everything comes together to create a perfect dance and reminded us very much of a dance we’d seen in Remembering Fred earlier this year. In our eyes they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 31/40.

On a little side note, we must say that we love the new head judge Shirley Ballas. She is knowledgable, fair, constructive and also encouraging. It’s easy to see why they chose her to replace Len. 

So that ended tonight’s Strictly. Who are your favourites after week 1? Vote below in this poll to help us decide:

We’d also love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Comment below to let us know. We’ll be back on Monday with Bella’s Best Bits of Week 1! Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Our Week 1 Predictions 💃🏻

Let’s start this post off by stating we do not possess a Crystal Ball, nor do we have Psychic powers, but as Strictly Superfans (we’ve watched the show since day 1) we know what makes a good first dance.

On Friday, the wonderful people on Planet Strictly surprised us by letting us in on the Week 1 dances of 2017. It meant we had a whole week and a bit to get excited about the dances, and listen to the music.

This year (back by popular demand) we’re going to put the Strictly tunes for 2017 in one place, a handy Spotify Playlist. If you haven’t already done so, you can follow the playlist by clicking below:

When we first heard the Week 1 dances, they left us feeling very very excited. Here’s what we think of our couples’ first dances and what we predict will happen…

Alexandra and Gorka (Team Alorka) will be performing a Waltz to “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” – a beautiful song for a waltz. From watching what we have seen of rehearsals so far, she’s looking like a strong contender and we predict with Gorka the Corker’s choreography we’ll be in for a treat. We predict at least an 8 or a 9 from the judges.

Charlotte and Brendan (Team Charcole) are performing a Foxtrot to “The Best is yet to come” – Charlotte looks elegant and we predict this (along with all her ballroom dances) will be a gorgeous dance. A foxtrot in week one is a pretty tricky dance but we’re sure she’ll sail through it. We think Charlotte will be a contestant who will go far in the competition and will definitely have a journey. We predict at least one or two sev-erns!

Chizzy and Pasha (Team Pashizzy/Team Pascha-cha) are performing a Cha Cha Cha to “Boogie Fever!” From watching the rehearsal footage of these two, they are having a lot of fun and we think that Chizzy’s character will shine through in this dance. Having seen her perform on Let’s Dance for Sport Relief, she has good rhythm and we think she will go far in the competition. We predict at least one sev-ern!

Debbie and Giovanni (Team Lovely) are performing a Paso Doble to “Be Italian!” A Paso Doble… in week 1! Wow, Strictly are really treating us this year. We know that Debbie can perform and we predict a few magic tricks with Gio the Italian Stallion. This will be a dramatic dance and we love Giovanni’s choreography. I think this year this couple will surprise us with their ability. We predict at least one sev-ern! 

Gemma and Aljaz are performing a Cha Cha Cha to “Nothing holding me back!” This couple look awesome together and we’re sure that together they will create dance magic on Planet Strictly. The song choice is good and Cha Cha Cha is always a good dance to start things off with. We’re pretty sure Aljaz won’t hold back with his choreography and this dance will sizzle! We predict at least one 8 from the judges.

Mollie and AJ are performing a Jive to “Good Golly Miss Molly!” An appropriate song choice for this couple who do look adorable together. We predict a dance full of energy which will show off Mollie’s sunny personality. We predict at least one 8 from the judges!

Ruth and Anton are performing a Waltz to ‘This nearly was mine!” *imagines Anton gazing longingly at a Glitterball* Anton is the king of ballroom so we predict Ruth will be in safe hands. From watching the rehearsal footage they are getting on really well and Ruth has a beautiful posture. We predict at least one sev-ern from the judges.

Susan and Kevin are performing a Viennese Waltz to “Mad about the boy!” *imagines the start of the dance being set in Susan’s kitchen where she’s looking at the picture of Kevin on her fridge.* On a more serious note, from what we’ve seen in rehearsals these two look good. Susan’s posture is good and yes, she has got dizzy but Kevin is good at playing to his celebrity’s strengths, so we predict a good dance. We predict at least one or two severn’s from the judges!

Aston and Janette are performing a Foxtrot to “It had to be you!” We love Janette’s choreography. It is always original and creative. Aston is a contender and we predict he will excel in Latin but will also do well in the ballroom! It could be the dance of the night. We predict at least an 8 or a 9 from the judges!

Brian and Amy are performing a Tango to “Temptation!” We wonder whether any puppets will appear in this dance. On a more serious note, these two get along and Tango is a dance full of aggression. Part of comedy is timing and acting, so we think Brian’s timing will be en pointe and his aggression will help him succeed. He may not be the best dancer of the bunch, but this dance will sure entertain and tempt us. We predict at least a 6 or a 7 from the judges.

Davood and Nadiya are dancing a Cha Cha Cha to “Dedication to my ex!” We predict a dance with more drama than Kush’s current storyline in Eastenders. These two win the award for hottest celeb/pro pairing and we think this dance will set the Strictly dance floor on fire. We predict at least a 7 or an 8 from the judges.

Joe and Katya are dancing a Jive to “Rocking Robin!” We predict a cheeky and adorable jive which will win us over. From the first group dance, Joe’s timing and performance stood out for us. We think he will also be a contender this series. We predict at least one or two 8s from the judges.

Jonnie and Oti are performing a Waltz to “When I Need you” *Grabs tissues as this could get emosh* Oti’s choreography always makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we think with an athlete and Strictly’s first paralympian she will go far this year too. We predict at least an 8 from the judges.

Rev Richard and Dianne are performing a Cha Cha to “There must be an angel” by Eurythmics. Picture the scene, an Angel getting lost at the Church on planet Strictly dressed in a beautiful gown with wings. She finds herself a vicar and they go dancing. Well, that’s my 7 year old’s theory on the storytelling around this dance. We think she may be right and this dance is sure to entertain us, as Richard has done with his tweets so far this year. We predict at least a 6 or a 7 from the judges.

Simon and Karen are performing a Paso Doble to “Song 2!” Woohoo! From watching these two in rehearsals they are looking amazing. Simon looks strong and considering these are his first steps, we cannot wait to see this dance on Saturday. We think that this year he’ll be a surprise contender this year who will go far. We predict at least a 7 or and 8 from the judges.

So those are our predictions for this week’s show. Who are you looking forward to see this week? Who do you think will land up top of the leaderboard? Perhaps you agree with our comments or maybe not. Let us know what you think! Tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂



Thought for Thursday – The Perfect Partnership

Last Saturday, we sat down to watch Strictly Launch Show with so much excitement. We’re pretty sure if we were a confetti cannon we would have exploded and covered our living room in sparkly confetti!


It was a chance to see the cast of Strictly 2017 take to the floor for the first time and see who has real potential to go the distance. It was also the chance to play a game of Strictly Match-making as the celebrities were paired with their professional partners.

Every year we say this, and this year we’re saying it louder than ever *inserts bold text* whoever is behind pairing the celebrities and pros on Strictly is a genius! We may not have seen them dance, but this year’s partnerships look absolutely perfect. We think even Craig Revel Horwood would award them a 10 for fab-u-lous ness.

But what makes the perfect partnership?

This year’s show really showed us that the celebrities were super happy to be paired with their pros. Susan (who is quite possibly our favourite celebrity)’s happiness and tears at being paired with Kevin had to be the cutest thing ever! We know that as the celebs go on their “journeys” they become best of friends with their pro partner, but it always helps to have a headstart and to get on with your professional partner. We’re sure that Team 10CC as they’re now known will become the best of friends.

As well as getting on with the professional partner, it helps to be able to have fun in training. From the training clips we’ve seen, as well as lots of dancing and hard work, it looks like this year’s cast are having a laugh in training. Dancing is all about having fun and a Strictly journey is always better with a few giggles and laughs along the way.

It’s also important that the partnership look good together. For us one partnership looked absolutely stunning and smokingly hot… Davood and Nadiya. All the couples on this year’s show look uh-may-zing together and we’re pretty sure they’ll be magical on the dancefloor.

Bringing choreography to life on the dance floor and performing with natural chemistry will get you perfect scores and will help you to become the perfect partnership too. For us, having fun along the way will win over our hearts and earn the Glitterball.

From what we’ve seen so far this year, we’re sure that this year’s cast will be the best yet. What makes the perfect partnership for you? Which Strictly 2017 partnership have the edge in your opinion? Comment below or tweet @scd-support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Strictly Sweetstake 🍭🍬🍭

Over the years we’ve taken part in many Sweepstakes. In fact, every year we take part, the person we get reaches the final.

I was explaining the concept of Sweepstakes to my 7 year old on Sunday. She thought sweets were somehow involved and asked me if she could create her own Strictly Sweepstake to share with you all. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

She came up with the idea that rather than money, we give away a hamper full of sweets to the person/people with the winning celebrity/pro partnership, because it is a sweetstake after all.

All we needed were some willing and sparkly volunteers. You joined in without even the slightest hesitation and before we knew it we had even more than the 15 people we required.

We put everyone’s names tightly folded into bags and then picked a pro/celeb partnership and one of our volunteers to pair them up! Here are the end results and the pairings our willing volunteers have been assigned *dances along whilst watching the video (sorry we couldn’t resist!)*

We’d love to hear if you’re involved in a sweepstake or another sweetstake for that matter. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂