Salsa Saturday – It’s my birthday!

*Sings (badly)* It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to! *pauses* wait! I won’t cry and will have lots of reasons to celebrate because…

🎈It’s my birthday
🎈I’m being spoilt rotten – breakfast in bed, lots of presents, lunch and a day of pampering – pedicures, manicures and a much needed massage
🎈It’s strictly support group day
🎈I have cake
🎈And it’s Salsa Saturday.

If there’s one dance that makes you feel like celebrating, it’s the Salsa. With it being my birthday and the last one of my 20s (eek!) we couldn’t think of a better dance to celebrate this than the Salsa. For today’s dance we’re going back to the semi-final to see Natalie and Artem letting their hair down and dancing a technically perfect salsa which we loved for 3 reasons:

πŸ’ƒit had lots of tricky choreography, danced perfectly and looked impressive (check out Natalie spinning around Artem like a spinning top at the end!)
πŸ’ƒNatalie shouting “you’re a vegetable” at Artem during the dance made us smile πŸ˜€
πŸ’ƒ We want Natalie’s hair!

As a little treat to you, here is their Natalie and Artem’s amazing Salsa once again. It’s the icing on the birthday cake for us, the cat’s whiskers and the bee’s knees of Salsa. We loved it and hope you love it too:

We hope you enjoyed watching that. We’re off out for the day, but will be back at 6.30pm with our Strictly Support Group. As it’s our birthday we’ll have lots of surprises and fun in store. Join us then to take part!

Cassie :o):


International Day Of Happiness – The Results

Yesterday to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, we decided to try and find the ultimate happiest strictly moment for you. This could be anything from a dance, an overall performance, comedy moments or something on It Takes Two. In our quest to find the ultimate happiest moment, we thought we’d also find the professional dancer and celebrity who always make you smile no matter what.

Well, our blog wouldn’t be strictlified without a results reveal, so here are the results! Your votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal the results *cue tense music.*

The winner of Happiest Strictly Moment is *drumroll* Susanna and Kevin’s Quickstep

This was the dance we chose as our happiest moment, and watching these two dance it again reminded us just why.

We can also reveal the contenders and results for The Professional Dancer Who Never Fails To Make You Smile


Yet again, we agree with your choices. All these pros make us smile, but Kevin should be a stand-up comedian, with his impressions, his reaction to the swingathon (somewhere in this video,) and his Oscar-worthy vote plea from the Strictly Live Tour.

And finally, the results for The Celebrity Who Never Fails to Make you smile


Some great choices here too! Who could forget Mark’s MC Hammer Routine? Ali and Natalie’s beautiful dancing always made us smile, but the winner for sheer enthusiasm has to be Susanna Reid. Her love of dancing and infectious energy in every dance really made us happy. She sold every performance to us at home and it’d seem a lot of you agree.

Thank you all for your votes. I think it’s safe to say that Team Kevanna are the couple that made us happiest this series and they’re also our ultimate winners. Their enthusiasm and love for dancing was infectious and never failed to make us smile.

Congratulations to Susanna and Kevin, you swept the (dancefloor)board with your dancing! You truly represent the International Day Of Happiness. You’ve now been named the Strictly Support Group Ambassadors for the International Day Of Happiness.

Here’s your badge…. Wear it with pride! πŸ™‚


Cassie πŸ™‚

Fairytale Foxtrot Friday – A Step Back In Time

Once upon a time, in a glittery kingdom many moons ago (well nearly 8 years ago) a handsome Rugby Player (Matt) met a beautiful Russian Princess (Lilia.) The fairy godmother in her Glitterball paired them together and they were to dance together on our favourite dancing show for a very long time.

But things didn’t go their way, and Matt’s evil stepbrother called Craig did not like their dancing. Matt knew he had to prove Craig wrong and week after week he came back and kept improving his performance. He became a beautiful, elegant and handsome ballroom dancer and won the public support too.

One week he decided to dance a fabulous foxtrot under the moon and stars (well in the studio, but the song he danced to was Moondance.) He looked smooth, suave and sophisticated and swept across the dance floor of the glittery castle smoothly and flawlessly.

The king of the castle (Brucie) named them his favourites and the evil stepbrother even gave them a score of 8. The public loved their dance and voted them through to the final where they became runners up in the glitterball contest.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End!

We hope you enjoyed your daily Strictly Fix. For foxtrot Friday, here’s their beautiful foxtrot for you to enjoy.

Cassie πŸ™‚

International Day of Happiness – A Poll

As part of international day of happiness, we decided to set up a chat to find your happiest strictly moments from the last 11 series. We’ve had lots of fantastic answers so far but would like to find out the ultimate strictly moment which makes you happiest, along with the happiest pro and celeb. Just vote in the poll below to join in. Voting closes at midnight. We’ll reveal the winners tomorrow.

Please feel free to add your favourites to these polls and vote using the other button.

Cassie πŸ™‚

International Happiness Day – A Strictly Take on Events

As the great songster Pharrell states “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!” And with today being International Day of Happiness we’ve been clapping so much that our palms are sore (Ouch!)

For us, Strictly provides us with so many moments that make us feel happy, we felt it really hard to choose one moment. After much deliberation, we had to choose the joyous quickstep from Susanna Reid and Kevin Clifton.

For us (this series) Team Kevanna (as they came to be known) captured the true spirit of Strictly. Their joy and enthusiasm shone through every dance and made us want to join in at home.

We’ve picked this dance as it’s our pick-me-up. Whenever we feel down we want to watch it, and it seems lots of you feel the same way, as we received lots of tweets agreeing with us this morning. It never fails to make us smile and makes sure we have a good morning (good morning!)

Here it is just for you, Susanna and Kevin’s quickstep, with some reaction from you below too:

Later tonight from 6.30pm, we’ll be talking about what strictly moment makes you happiest. We may even make another poll to decide. Join us on our twitter feed @scd_support to take part. We hope to see you there.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Our Caption Competition – A Recap

For yesterday’s fun, we decided to have a caption competition. We showed you a picture then you had to guess the caption.

We had lots of fantastic answers which we thought we’d share with you all on here. We hope they make you smile:

































From reading these, I think you’ve all surpassed your caption writing skills! If you can think of any other captions, comment below or tweet @scd_support. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Throwback Thursday – A Feather Step Back through the glittery archives of all things Strictly

It’s Thursday and as you know, on Thursdays we like to do nothing better than step back through the archives to relive some of our favourite dances.

Today, we’re going back to 2008 to see Cherie and James’s fabulous first dance, their foxtrot.

When we first saw this dance we were amazed at how long James’s hair was really impressed and Cherie quickly became a front-runner in the competition. Technically it was a beautiful dance, perfectly performed and everything was sweet about this foxtrot.

Here it is, just for you this Thursday morning. We hope you enjoy it!

After watching that it’s clear to see that Cherie made a great first impression with our judges and the audience at home. We’d love to hear who, in your opinion has made the best first impression on strictly. It might be they performed brilliantly from day one, or maybe they surprised you with their dancing. Comment below or tweet @scd_support. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 😊

Wednesday’s Warm-Up Hump Day Inspiration

*Thinks really hard and out loud* Wednesday is hump day, camels have humps and live in Egypt. I know, let’s pick an Egyptian themed dance for today’s Wednesday Warm-up.

That’s exactly how our minds work, so today we’ve chosen Denise and James’s amazing Charleston as our Dance Fix of the day.

Not only was this dance danced to a Bangles song (one of our favourite 80s girl groups) but it was a moment of strictly perfection, where pro and celeb danced with such synchronicity (ooh! we’re using long words) that it was impossible to tell them apart.

We loved it and thought you’d love to see it again too. So here it is just for you, Denise and James’s Charleston. It’s a dance that Tutankhamen and Cleopatra would most certainly be proud of:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. We’d love to hear from you about what’s been your favourite Charleston in Strictly history. Tweet @scd_support to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Tango Tuesday – Making Birthday Dreams Come True

At the Strictly Support Group, our sole purpose is to cure your post scd blues, so if you’re missing Strictly, we’re always on hand to remind you of some of your (and our) favourite moments on the show.

When we heard it was one of the lovely @team_deborah’s birthdays, we couldn’t resist the challenge to make her smile, so chose our Tuesday Tango, especially for the lovely Nic.

Today, we’re going back a couple of months to see our favourite Dancing Dragon performing a dramatic Dragon’s Den inspired tango, which although not technically perfect, had lots of passion, drama and agression. It made us fall in love with Deborah’s passion for dancing, which was so very clear throughout the series and on the tour too. We also saw a completely different side to Deborah and fell in love with her as a person as she danced around the ballroom or should that be boardroom.

So here it is, especially for you, Deborah and Robin’s tango. We hope you enjoy it:-

Nic, we hope you have an a-maz-ing and truly fab-u-lous birthday.

If you have a birthday coming up soon and would like to have your dreams come true, you can DM @scd_support and we’ll try and add some sparkly glittery magic for you. We may even provide you with a glittery cake, like this one – ok, maybe not a real one, but a virtual one.


Cassie πŸ™‚

Our St.Patrick’s Day Themed Strictly Support Group Chat – No Leprechauns were harmed in the creation of this blog

For one night only, Len became Len the Leprechaun. With Sev-en being his lucky number, we always knew there was something Leprechaun like about our Len, even though we’ve never seen him wear green and he is a little statuesque to be a leprechaun. This is what may happen to one of our judges on St.Patrick’s Day:


For tonight’s fun, as well as Len the Leprechaun’s quiz, we also asked you, our lovely followers a question which was if you could see any Irish Celebrity on Strictly Come Dancing, who would it be and why? Β We had some fantastic answers. Here are some of our favourites:-

Seeing Dave’s last tweet, Β reminded us of Kevin dressed as a gnome, leprechaun, Werewolf in week 6, so we thought we’d share this (funny but adorable) picture.

No leprechauns were harmed in the making of this picture.
No leprechauns were harmed in the making of this picture or blogpost.

We hope this post has made you smile. If you can think of any other Irish Celebs you’d like to see on Strictly, tweet @scd_support or comment below. We’d love to hear from you.


Cassie πŸ™‚

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