Wednesday’s Midweek Warm-Up

Here at the Strictly Support Group, we love curing those midweek blues! This week we can think of no better dance to show you than this phenomenal jive by Natalie and Artem. Although we never got to see it on the show, it was well worth the wait to see it on tour.

It truly was phenomenal and we want Natalie’s hair! In our books it scores a fab-u-lous 10!

Thank you to the amazing @strictlypros for sharing this video. We hope you all enjoy it!

You should be dancing…yeah!

If you, like us, miss your weekly sequin fix and find yourself cha-cha-chaing on the choo-choo train or Samba-ing in the supermarket, we’d highly recommend taking up ballroom and Latin dancing.

It’s great exercise, and if (like my husband) you don’t mind getting your feed trodden on,  it’s great fun too! You also have the chance to meet other Strictly Fans, like yourself, which in itself is a-maz-ing!

A lot of the contestants this year commented on how much they loved dancing, and Susanna Reid said ”it was tonic for the soul!” Deborah Meaden’s beaming smile through every dance proved this in itself. After a hard day  today, we felt relaxed and chilled out, thoroughly enjoying our tango lesson. As we were relaxed we’re unsure how good our frame was, but our teacher didn’t pick us up on it this week, so we must have improved! 🙂 Dance truly does leave you feeling good about yourself and is guaranteed to make you smile after a bad day.

We’re currently enrolled in a beginner’s ballroom class, and there are lots of classes taking place around the country. To find a class near you, head to

So, have you taken up dance? If so, leave your comments in the box below, we’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 🙂

Susanna and Kevin’s Phenomenal Paso Doble

Your votes have been counted and verified and we’re pleased to announce this performance as your favourite strictly tour memory. Belle from Seville and the Grimsby Matador burnt the floor and scored 39 for this dance on the show and 29 on tour, never quite achieving the elusive 10 from Craig, but we’d give it a 10 every time we see it. It gives us goosebumps! Olé! Video courtesy of BBC.

Monday tour memories.

The tour may be over for another year, but we’re still here to help you relive some of your favourite strictly and live tour memories. We’d like to know which tour dance would you like to see tonight as part of our Monday memories night? The winning dance will be posted on here and on our twitter feed tonight at 7pm, so get voting! 🙂

Cassie 🙂

Our trip(s) to the Strictly Live Tour at the O2

Yesterday, our glittery dreams came true and we experienced the fab-u-lous Strictly Live Tour not once but twice.

Both shows were truly magical. If you’ve never been to see the show on tour, it is really an experience not to be missed and is suitable for anyone aged 1-120. The gorgeous Lisa Riley made a fantastic host and got the audience participating. Bruno, Len and Craig were there too to guide the audience through their scores for the (said in a Len Goodman Voice) magnificent sev-en. Even though Mr Grumpy Craig only got his 10 paddle out four times, we still loved all their comments and they really added to the atmosphere.

The singers and band were also there putting on a fantastic performance which truly entertained us too.

On TV it’s very hard to appreciate the size and scale of the performances, and although high, very high up, all the couples performed brilliantly and gave us a taste of the glittery and magical world that is Strictly. The highlights for me had to be Natalie and Artem’s Jive (just phenomenal) and Susanna and Kevin’s Paso (they were both on fire and really deserved to get tens in our opinion.)

My 3 year old had been practising her adorably cute and grumpy Paso Face ready to see the Belle from Seville and the Grimsby Matador live on stage. Those with kids will know, however, they are unpredictable, so in the arena her favourite performance was Susanna and Kevin’s foxtrot because of Kevin’s glasses because they looked magical, had fun and Susanna wore a pretty dress! She also loved Nicky and Karen’s Charleston, which was fun, energetic and a-maz-ing, even though she’d never seen them dance before and got a little confused wondering why Karen wasn’t dancing with Hairy Dave.

For my lovely mum, her favourite performances came from Deborah and Robin. It was so lovely to see theIr great friendship and Deborah’s love of dance shone through even in the arena.

We were also treated to some phenomenal group routines, in particular the pros routine to Candyman (just Wow!) and an emotional group routine to Annie’s Song with beautiful lead vocals from Tommy Blaize. It had us desperately searching for Kleenex it was that beautiful.

There were many comedy moments, particularly from Mark and Iveta (we loved your statue comment and singing) as well as Kevin (from somewhere up north ;)) and Karen with their pleas for votes. Never mind glitterballs these guys are worthy of Oscars and Grammies!

We absolutely loved the show and will definitely be back for more magic next year. Thank you to everyone involved for making an amazing show that left us mesmerised and wanting to dance. If you ever get the chance to go to the tour, we’d highly recommend it! It is truly amazing and scores a fab-u-lous 10 in our books.

Cassie 🙂

Welcome to the Strictly Support Group Blog

We’ve been told by lots of people for a long time to start a blog and have finally decided thrown ourselves in at the deep end of the sequinned pool of all blogs strictly!

In this blog we’ll bring you news, reviews and photos about all things strictly. We’ll also relive some of our favourite moments of the show and some of our favourite discussions from our strictly support group on twitter.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and hope they help cure your blues too. Welcome to our glittery, sparkly and strictlified blog!

Cassie 🙂


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