Strictly Support Group – 10 things that 2017 on Planet Strictly Taught Us πŸ’ƒπŸ»

The Last 12 months on Planet Strictly have been… eventful. After heading to numerous tour shows during the early part of the year (to cure our post-strictly blues) Strictly samba’d back onto our screens this September with what has quite possibly been the best series ever. I know we say it every year, but this year was the Best Series ever! Here are 10 things we learnt from Strictly 2017:

1) Don’t judge a book by its cover

Let’s face it! When we heard that Debbie McGee would be on Strictly, we had expectations and no way did we expect her to be as good as she was. I was always told as a child, never to judge a book by its cover. Week after week, she came back and amazed us with technically brilliant performances. She performed death defying lifts which took risks, even made Craig speechless (πŸ™ŒπŸ») and earned the earliest 40 ever awarded on Strictly with her Tango in Week 7. Credit has to go to Giovanni for giving Debbie such beautiful choreography too and pushing her week after week to take her all the way to the final.

2) It doesn’t matter if you’re not a good dancer, but capturing the spirit of Strictly is what will get you far. Not everyone is a natural dancer. Some dances suit some people and others, well don’t! It is the luck of the draw what dance you get given, but if you embrace the Strictly sparkle it will take you far. One person who stands out for us when we say this is Susan Calman. Again, we did not expect much, but she was what Strictly is all about and watching her joy performing every week on the Strictly floor was refreshing and did make us feel all warm and fuzzy. For us, a particular favourite was her Quickstep with Kevin:

3) Brucie may be gone but a part of him will still live on in Strictly We were away when we heard the sad news that Sir Bruce had passed away. He was a Strictly legend who will never be forgotten and we feel that a part of him will still live on in Strictly. The touching tribute from the Strictly pros, as well as some gorgeous Ballroom choreography this year showed that:

4) Katya Jones is the Queen of Choreography When we saw her choreography last year with Ed Balls, we knew that given a good celebrity she would work magic, and she did just that! We’re pretty sure that that Argentine Tango lift (aka Strictly Core Challenge) helped them lift the Glitterball, but throughout the season Katya’s choreography has been outstanding. We’re awarding her our sparkly tiara for Choreography.

5) We πŸ’– Shirley We did think before the series we would miss Len’s catchphrases and his pickled walnuts, but Shirley has been refreshing. Her technical knowledge and encouragement of all the couples along with her constructive criticism has made us love her as a judge. We’re even tempted to get t-shirts with “I πŸ’– Shirley” printed on them.

6) Buttongate Those of you who follow our blog and follow us on twitter during the Strictly season will know my 7 year old worries about the pro dancers when they have no buttons on their shirts! It has become known as Buttongate in our house. We’re hoping that she’ll grow out of this phase *inserts a lovely picture of Aljaz, Gio and Pasha*

7) Kevin Clifton is the king of choreography, however a final without him was missing something. Over the past 4 years we had seen a Kevin Clifton Showdance in each and ever final. Sadly, this year he did not reach the final. Yes, it was magical, but we felt the showdances were missing a little Kevin from Grimsby magic *crosses fingers he’s back next year* We must point out that his choreography was πŸ‘ŒπŸ» perfect this year. The game of thrones Foxtrot, Morecambe and Wise inspired Quickstep, Wonder Woman Samba and Strictly Ballroom Paso Doble at Blackpool all deserve a glitterball in their own right.

8) Craig can do the best Bruno Tonioli impersonation (ever!) We had one brunoless week this year *falls off her chair in shock* However, Bruno may not have been there, but Craig became Bruno for one night only:

9) Bruno can stay on his chair for a whole 13 weeks. This year, Bruno only fell off his chair once! Yes, once! That was in the final. It’s a pretty impressive achievement in our books and my 7 year old wants to give him a glitterball of his very own!

10) 2017 was the best Series Ever! Strictly keeps getting better and better. Year after year we tell you this and this year’s show was the best series ever. The costumes were amazing, the dances even better, the new pro dance line up was awesome and this year’s cast were our favourite cast yet! If we were to award Strictly one thing, it’d be a glitterball award for continuing to get better and better each year.

There you have it, what we learnt from Strictly 2017. What did 2017 teach you? Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚


Strictly Support Group – An End Of Year Chat!

We’re approaching the final 24 hours of 2017. For us, 2017 has been a really memorable year on Planet Strictly. We witnessed Strictly win a handful of (well-deserved awards,) said Farewell to Len and welcome to Shirley and also bid an emotional farewell to Brucie.

Last night, we hosted a chat focusing on the awesomeness of Strictly 2017 and asked you some wonderful questions focusing on Strictly related events this year.

We began our chat by asking this:

January 2017 saw the 10th anniversary of the Strictly tour. If you went, what was your favourite moment of the tour? If not, which moments would you have liked to have seen on the tour?

We had some wonderful answers, including these:

For our second question we focused on all the awards that Strictly had won this year (and well deserved they were too!) We asked If you could give another award to Strictly or to any one who has been on Strictly, what would it be for?

For our third question, we asked you to give your verdict on Strictly’s newest judge, Shirley! We have loved her honesty, technical expertise and words of encouragement. Here’s what you thought:

For our fourth question, we paid tribute to Sir Brucie, who passed away earlier in the summer. We asked you to tell us your favourite Brucie moments. Here are the moments you suggested:

For our penultimate question we asked you to tell us your favourite moments of Strictly 2017. For us it’s been the best series ever and there are so many memorable performances. Here are you favourite moments of the past 12 months on Strictly:

For our final question, we asked you to tell us your hopes for Strictly in 2018. Here were some of your wonderful answers:

And that ended our Chat of 2017. We hope that you enjoyed it! If you didn’t get the chance to take part, don’t fear! You can still take part and send us your answers to these questions by tweeting @scd_support or commenting down below. We look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of all at the Strictly Support Group, we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Sparkly 2018. Hope all your dreams come true! We’re back next Saturday from 7.30pm for our next Strictly Support Group. Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Gifts for the Strictly Fan – Treats That Santa Left Us in our Stocking πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»

As Strictly fans, we always make our Christmas Wish Lists. Each year, many of these wishes come true, but yesterday Santa surprised this Strictly Superfan (me) with some fab-u-lous treats which would give any Strictly fan a case of Glitterball envy!

In addition to tour tickets, tickets to see Pasha, Giovanni, Remembering Fred and many more, Santa also brought some little treats for me! Here is what was lurking in my stocking.

1) A Strictly Annual and Calendar 2018

Each year we get one copy of this in our house. Normally, it ends up hidden in my little Strictly fan’s bedroom, so knowing how much I wish I could read a copy, Santa brought me my very own copy. He also brought me a very nice Strictly 2018 Calendar, which I will put to good use in the new year *swoons over Gorka in a shirt with no buttons* 😍

2) AGlitterball Mug

I already had a Discoball Cup for Cold Drinks, but I do love a cuppa on these cold winter days. My 7 year old asked Santa to bring me a Glitterball mug. In her words, I deserved it as if there was a Strictly championship based on being the “best mummy ever” I’d win it. *sobs uncontrollably into her mug* I haven’t tried drinking from it yet, but I predict it will make the tea extra sparkly!

3) Strictly DVDs.<
ast year, we played Len's Grand Finale so many times our DVD wore out. I had been searching for a replacement copy, but couldn't find one. Thankfully, Santa managed to find one just for me in time for the festive period. We were also treated to the new Strictly DVD which we're sure will come in handy once our Post-Strictly blues set in in about a week's time!

4) Glittery Bath Bomb Set<<<
'll put my hands up and admit that LUSH products normally give me a migraine, but this set looks and smells fab-u-lous, sparkly and perfect for a Strictly fan. I'm excited to start using them, so thank you Santa!

5) A Glitterball Necklace<<
hen I was shopping for our Christmas Giveaway I came across this lovely necklace on ASOS. Santa was obviously looking in my shopping basket and decided to treat me to one of my very own. It is super sparkly & fab-u-lous and perfect for a Strictly Superfan!

6. A Glittery LipBalm <
s a Strictly fan, I am drawn to anything Glittery. Think of me like a Strictlified Magpie. My lovely kids and hubby saw this beautiful lip balm and decided to ask Santa to buy it just for me. It is gorgeous & has a beautiful shimmer to it!

7. A Set of Glitterball Lights

Currently my 7 year old has her set of Glitterball lights in her bedroom. She desperately wanted a set to go infront of the TV, so Santa listened to her and my wish and put these in my stocking.

So that’s what Santa left in my stocking? What did he leave for you? Comment down below with your Strictly Stocking Fillers or tweet @scd_support using the hashtag #StrictlyStockingFillers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Christmas Special 2017 – Pic, GIF, Caption and Outfit Of The Night!

We love a good Strictly fix and when Strictly returned to our screens for one night only, for the Christmas Special, we could not resist picking out our favourite visual moments. There were some truly festive treats and we found it hard to pick just a few, but here they are for you, just like a sparkly festive stocking.

Picture of the Night

GIF of the Night

After eating a fab-u-lous festive lunch, we were left rolling onto the sofa. We think this is how we’ll be getting around from now until the New Year:

Caption of the Night:

Our caption of the night came from Alex (@thepensmith10 on twitter) who came up with this gem for this picture:

Outfit of the Night:

Lots of dresses gave us dress envy, but in addition to Bruno’s jacket and Darcey’s dress, this outfit gave us serious dress envy. My 7 year old has now decided that Katie is a unicorn!

That’s the last one of these posts for 2017 *sobs uncontrollably* We’ll be back with another post tomorrow, but will also have a chat on twitter on Thursday night to celebrate our 4th Birthday! Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 Christmas Special – A Review πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„- Spoiler Alert!

This evening, after eating our body weight in food and opening copious amounts of presents, we sat down to watch the Strictly Special. This evening, 6 former Strictly Stars returned to the ballroom for one night only. They were:

Robbie Savage (Series 9) with Dianne Buswell

Colin Jackson (Series 3) with Amy Dowden

Jeremy Vine (Series 13) with Karen Clifton

Judy Murray (Series 12) with Neil Jones

Katie Derham (Series 13) with Brendan Cole

Kimberly Walsh (Series 10) with Pasha Kovalev

We witnessed some fab-u-lous dances which truly got us in the festive spirit. We also witnessed some entertaining bits including Craig changing his score after Darcey gave him the death stare!

For us, seeing Pasha dressed as Rudolph made our evening and our Christmas *hopes he wears this costume when he goes back on tour.* Here are our thoughts on each performance, dance by dance!

Robbie and Dianne’s American Smooth – Robbie and Dianne opened the show with this dance which made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It had great showmanship and was full of ballroom flair. We loved it, even if one of the judges (Mr Grumpy) didn’t and thought they deserved an 8. The lifts were sublime and the dance was super smooth! They scored a total of 31/40.

Judy and Neil’s Charleston – In 2014, Judy performed many dances. Tess referred to them as “ace” performances. Some were good, some not so good. This, however was by far her best dance! Her swivel was exceptional and she captured the character of the naughty elf/toy elf perfectly. Neil’s choreography was imaginative and took risks which paid off. It saw her achieve her highest score of the competition ever, 31/40!

Colin and Amy’s Rumba – When my 7 year old learnt that Colin performed on the show all the way back in 2005, she could not believe their was Strictly before she was born. She was impressed that Colin was magical (like Debbie) and managed to light the christmas trees with his dancing. The dance was a beautiful Rumba which was technically perfect. We’d hoped it would have got a 10, but we’re pretty sure that Craig had lost his 10 paddle, so they only achieved 4 9s (36/40.) This resulted in me eating the hat from my cracker.

Jeremy and Karen’s Quickstep – Jeremy was a star on top of the tree (and not cheese on toast as some people stated!) He was performing quickstep and it was a joy to watch. He even emulated us leaving the dining room table after our Christmas lunch:

It was light and bright and we loved it. We nearly had a fall out from the judges after Craig awarded him a 2. After Darcey gave him the death stare, he quickly changed this to a 7, meaning they scored 31/40.

Katie and Brendan’s Viennese Waltz – This was a magical dance and as magical as (if not more magical than) when Katie performed Viennese Waltz with Anton. Katie always oozed elegance and looked gorgeous performing ballroom dances and this was one of those magical, perfect Strictly moments. It did make our eyes ever so slightly leaky but we loved it and thought it deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 37/40.

Kimberly and Pasha’s Jive – The two reindeer (who made our Christmas) performed, with Santa, one of the most fab-u-lous Christmas performances ever. It was truly adorable and had a lot of bounce and some great choreography. We’d love Pasha to dress up as Rudolph when he goes on tour. We thought they deserved a 10, the judges awarded them 39/40.

So that ended the Christmas Special. There were magical group routines and we then saw Katie and Brendan crowned Strictly Christmas Champions! Congratulations to them!

We’re back tomorrow with our Pictures, GIFs and Caption of the Christmas Special! We’ll also have a special Birthday Chat on Thursday from 8pm, to celebrate the Strictly Support Group’s 4th Birthday.

Hope to see you then!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Support Group – Our Favourite Christmas Special Moments

On Christmas Day, the glittery void in our lives left by Strictly is quickly filled up by the Strictly Christmas Special.

It’s a moment for all the family to watch Strictly together before it disappears from our screens until the following September. We think of it as Santa’s Strictly Gift to us each and every year (although Santa, if you’re reading this, we would like a Strictly dress and some tour tickets if we’re good!)

There have been many memorable and fab-u-lous moments over the years on the Strictly Christmas Special. Here are our top 5:

1) Harry Judd and Joanne Clifton’s American Smooth

We always thought that Harry could have been a pro dancer following his stint on Strictly, and when he returned to the ballroom in 2015, it was clear to see that he still had talent and this is (in our opinion) the best Christmas Special Dance ever. Here it is for you again:

2) Cassidy Little and Natalie Lowe’s Jive

Before Jonnie Peacock, Cassidy Little proved that disability does not stop you from enjoying something you love. After his victory on the People’s Strictly in 2015, he ventured back onto Planet Strictly and performed a brilliant jive full of bounce and energy. It was a dance that really made us smile and has become one of our all-time favourite Christmas Special performances.

3) Rachel Stevens and Tristan MacManus’s Viennese Waltz

In her series, Rachel became a force to be reckoned with, but lost out to Tom Chambers in the final. When she returned for the Christmas Special in 2014, with Tristan (😍) something magical happened on the dancefloor. Not only was she a fairy, but the dance was so beautiful, it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4) Rufus Hound and Flavia Cacace’s Tango

Strictly isn’t just about great dancing, but also about entertainment. One routine which did this, was this one! Ok, it wasn’t technically perfect, but Rufus and Flavia (along with their two husky buddies) stole the show. It had a lot of tango content, but the comedy value did make us smile at home.

5) Gethin Jones and Chloe Hewitt’s Quickstep

ver the last 12 months we’ve campaigned to #GetChloeACeleb. Last year, she was given the task of dancing with Gethin Jones (Series 5 Semi-Finalist.) They performed a really adorable quickstep which made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and showed us what she would be capable of if she were given a celeb. If there’s one wish we have for next year, it’s that Chloe gets a celebrity:

So there you have our favourite Christmas Special moments. What are your favourite moments? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.


Strictly Support Group – A Final Themed Chat! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

You know that feeling? The one where you know on Saturday night you are meant to be watching something, but can’t figure out what it is? Well that’s what happens in our house when Strictly finishes for yet another year. Fear not, my friends, for here at the Strictly Support Group, we keep the Strictly Sparkle going all year round, with themed chats to keep the Strictly Spirit well and truly arrive.

Tonight, we hosted our very first post-Strictly chat of 2017. We may be missing this year’s cast already, but on Monday we have a very exciting line-up for the Christmas Special and we got ourselves in the mood tonight by talking all about the final!

For our very first question we asked you: This year’s Final featured some memorable and fabulous dances. How did it compare to Finals in Previous years for you? We had some wonderful answers. Here are some of our favourites:

We found these tweets interesting as in our opinion there was a classy but elegant understated nature to this year’s final.

For us, we’ve always hated that one couple get all the way to the final, but then cannot perform their final dance. Allowing all 4 couples this year to perform 3 dances did make the competition even closer and a lot fairer in our opinion.

Although we felt the final was understated, we still loved it just as much, as these two tweets showed us:

After these wonderful answers, we asked you to tell us your dance of the night from the Strictly final. Here are your favourite final moments in picture form:

For question 3, we asked you to tell us the three words you would use to describe the final of Strictly 2017. Here are some of our favourite answers:

For us it’d have to be Best Final Ever! Because it was and we loved it.

Costumes are an integral part of Strictly and for Question 4 of our chat tonight we asked you to tell us who you thought looked Belle of the Ballroom in their costumes. We had 2 suggestions. The first one needs a GIF to describe it and show it’s fab-u-lous-ness *inserts GIF here*

The second one, is so beautiful and elegant, my 7 year old wants a dress like this so she can dance with Giovanni too:

We touched on the magic of Cinderella in question four, so for Question 5 we asked you to tell us who you thought had a fairytale of a Strictly 2017. Here are your lovely lovely answers which made us live happily ever after:

For question 6, we remembered one person who was notably absent from this year’s final. Yes, we’re talking about Mr Kevin from Grimsby. Although he reached week 10 this year, we didn’t get to see his Showdance Choreography Awesomeness that we had done for the past 4 years. My 7 year old Bella (a huge Cliftons fan) wanted to know if you thought the showdances were as good as Kevin’s awesome showdances. Here are your answers:

It’d seem that most of you did miss a little Kevin from Grimsby, so here is (what we rate as his best showdance ever) his showdance with Kellie from 2015:

For our final question, we touched on the final group routine of 2017. We love the final and seeing the whole cast reunited for one last time. We asked you to tell us what you thought of it. This answer summed up perfectly how you, and all of us felt about this:

That question ended our chat. Thank you to each and every one of you who took part. We really appreciate your support. If you missed out, don’t fear! You can still catch up by tweeting your answers to @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back on Christmas Day with a recap of the Strictly Christmas Special. We hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 – My Favourite Moments Of The Series

Over the past few months, those of you who follow our blog will know that my little 7 year old Bella has been revealing her favourite moments on Strictly each and every week. Whilst asking her to tell me her favourite moments of the series earlier on in the week, she asked me the same. There have been so many wonderful moments this year on Strictly and it was hard to pick just five, so I didn’t, I picked 7 (Len would be proud!) Here are my top moments of Strictly 2017:

1) Joe and Katya’s Argentine Tango

We love it when dancers on strictly break boundaries and try something different. Katya has proven she is the queen of choreography with her brilliant choreography this year. This dance was epic for so many reasons, but the main one was the lift right at the end. It was my moment of the series and in my eyes, the dance that helped Joe win the series.

2) Debbie and Giovanni’s American Smooth

Musicals week always brings out the best in performers and Giovanni choreographed this routine brilliantly, tailoring it to Debbie’s strengths. It was beautiful, emotional and watching it in the studio made it even more magical and memorable. If you didn’t cry watching it, there is something wrong with you!

3) Davood and Nadiya’s American Smooth

Every series, we see one celebrity that goes on a journey. For us, this year it was Davood. He had no dance experience yet grew with confidence each and every week. This routine was for me his breakthrough dance and showed he was a true contender. I’ve also picked it as I would love a dress just like Nadiya’s *Asks Father Christmas nicely*

4) Alexandra and Gorka’s Quickstep

As a result of this dance, Gorka is now forever known as Gorka Glitterpants/Glitterbottom in our household. Blackpool is the home of ballroom and of all the performances that night, this one stands out for me. It was first class and captured all the elegance, glitz and glamour of a west end performance. Alexandra was (to quote my 7 year old) A Dancing Unicorn, who could take to any dance like a Duck to Water and this dance proved her ballroom skill.

5) Susan and Kevin’s Quickstep

There are moments of pure joy on Strictly and this is one of them. Susan captured what Strictly is all about this series. She had fun, she tried her hardest and made us want to dance along with her at home. This dance was an inspired choice and Kevin’s choreography had a lot of quickstep content in it, along with the nods to Morecambe and Wise. I loved it and if I was a judge I would have awarded her a 10.

6) Alexandra and Gorka’s Paso Doble

Those of you who follow us during the Strictly live shows, will know that my 7 year old does worry when Gorka’s shirts are buttonless. When he performed this Paso Doble in week 2, we were amazed and wowed (and slightly distracted by his Gorkaness) It was one of my moments of the series and one word can be used to sum it up… #Slay

7) Aston and Janette’s Waltz

I am prone to the odd emotional outburst whilst watching Strictly. Think Ore, but 100 times worse. I do watch the show armed with a pack of Kleenex Mansize. This dance did make my eyes leak a lot. Janette’s choreography is always original and creative and in this waltz she allowed Aston to take the lead but show what an amazing Ballroom dancer he had become. It was a shame that he did leave the competition so early as he was a contender in our eyes. For me, this was his best dance.

So there you have it, my moments of Strictly 2017. What were your favourite dances? Comment down below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Thought For Thursday – What Strictly means to us!

Each year Strictly graces our screens and brings us lots of joy. We’re left with a sparkly void once it finishes, but Christmas is all about a chance to reflect on the true meaning of things. Earlier today, thinking about what an awesome series we’ve just witnessed, I decided to think about what Strictly means to me.

For me, Strictly has always been a real family affair. I watch it, my hubby watches it, my daughters watch it (our youngest watched her first show at the grand old age of… 3 days old. I’m still not sure how much she got out of it, but anyway), my mum and dad watch it, my sisters watch it. You get the picture, we all watch it. It is a real show that allows us not just to spend time together as a family but also a show that works well for all ages, from young to (sorry dad if you’re reading this) old!

I’ve always been one to like to try new things that take me out of my comfort zone and watching celebrities with little or no dance experience, performing live on TV and learning a new skill. It may seem weird, but watching these celebrities come out of their comfort zone somewhat encourages me to take risks and try new things. I even tried Ballroom Dancing classes a few years ago after one series. (I was more Ed Balls than Alexandra Burke – but I tried my hardest.) It’s not just inspired me but it’s also helped inspire my little girl Bella (and now her little sister Elodie) to take up dance and keep dancing.

Strictly is an important part of the countdown to Christmas in our house. It warms up those dark autumn Saturday nights and brings us some colour and sparkle which we all love at home. It cheers us up when we’re feeling blue and makes us want to get up and dance… a little like this:

But for us, the biggest part of Strictly is the friends that we have met through the show. We set the Strictly Support Group up as a way of fans talking to one another and relieving post-strictly blues, but we’ve heard of so many friendships that have been forged and we’ve met so many people we consider good friends thanks to Strictly!

So, that’s a short post to tell you what Strictly means to us. What does it mean to you? Comment down below or tweet us @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Saturday night saw Strictly 2017 come to an end with what we think was quite possibly the Best. Final. Ever! It was a very closely fought battle which saw Joe and Katya crowned champions.

Lots of you who follow our blog will know that over the past 3 months, my 7 year old has ventured into the world of blogging, revealing her favourite moments of the shows each week! In her words, on Saturday she loved every dance, but has decided to come back for one last time *sobs* this year *sobs* to reveal her top 5 dances and moments of the series. Here are her Best Bits of Strictly 2017:

1) Joe and Katya’s Showdance

I really like fairytales and loved this showdance because it was just like Cinderella. It had bits of quickstep and charleston and jive, my 3 favourite dances. I also really liked Katya’s dress. It had magical powers and I think that helped them win Strictly. I’m asking Santa for a dress just like Katya’s for Christmas. I wonder if his elves can help him make it?

2) Debbie and Giovanni’s Showdance

This dance was also really magical. I have a jewellery box that has a ballerina in it. I wonder if she comes to life at night and dances with my teddy bears. When I grow up next year, I want to dance that dance with Giovanni and I want Giovanni to be my partner, because he’s the kindest pro ever.

3) Susan and Kevin’s Quickstep

There are people on Strictly who always make you feel happy and Susan was one of them. This dance made me smile and I think they deserved the glitterball for making people smile. I may even make them one.

4) Joe and Katya’s Argentine Tango

This is the dance with the lift that I tried at home and it was really difficult. They had legs like scissors and were really really fast. When I grow up, I want to be able to dance a dance like this. I think Katya’s the best choreographer on Strictly… ever!

5) Aston and Janette’s Cha Cha Cha

They were trolls and they danced on Strictly. This is one of the best dances on Strictly ever. I really liked it and I think if they make a Trolls: Musical again, they should put Aston and Janette in the main roles because they were totally trollific.

So there you have it, Bella’s best bits from Strictly 2017.

I also asked her little sister, Elodie (aged 3) for her 5 favourite moments of Strictly. She is a huge Aljaz/Eyelash fan and voted this way:

1) Gemma and Aljaz/Eyelash’s Charleston

In her words: It had Eyelash in it and he was a teddybear who danced!

2) Gemma and Aljaz/Eyelash’s American Smooth

In her words: It had Eyelash in it and she looked pretty like a lollipop

3) Simon and Karen’s Quickstep

I like Toy Story a lot and he was good as Buzz Lightyear

4) Debbie and Giovanni’s American Smooth

She was a cat and he was a cat. They went round and round and round. It looked fun.

5) Debbie and Giovanni’s Foxtrot

She looked like a princess in her dress and it rained glitter on Planet Strictly.

So there you have it, Bella and Elodie’s best bits. What were your best dances of the series? Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie, Bella and Elodie

This page may contain glitter, sequins and references to the magical world of strictly! It's our chance to relive some magical memories and cure those #scd blues