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Salsa Saturday – Reasons Why We All Should Be Dancing!

This afternoon we’re making our way to the fab-u-lous, sparkly, glittery O2 to spend the evening on planet Strictly. To say we’re excited would be the understatement of the year. We’re so excited we might dance our way to the O2 instead of catching the train and tube.

This time last year, we went to the tour and watched today’s Salsa Saturday dance. It made us want to get up and dance in the O2 and we’re pretty sure it’ll do the same when you watch it today. We’re watching Abbey and Aljaz’s Salsa which we should all be dancing to. Here are some reasons why you should be dancing (yeah!)

1) Dance fills you with joy. This routine did just that. It was a real crowd-pleasing routine. Yes, it was slightly more disco than Salsa, but who cares, they danced it with style!
2) It’s a Saturday Night, which means one thing… We all have a case of Saturday Night Fever. We all know there’s one way to cure your Saturday and Post-Strictly blues and that’s by dancing, so why not join in with this routine. We promise you’ll look fab-u-lous and will be scoring 10s in no time at all!
3) Practice makes perfect. This reason may take a bit of imagination. Close your eyes and imagine a hunk/heroine stood looking dreamy *imagines Pasha dressed a la John Travolta* then switch on some disco/funk beats to get you moving and within no time at all, you will be a dancefloor god/goddess!

Ok, maybe we went a bit crazy with that last one, but we loved this routine and it was a dance that made us want to get up and join in at home. Here are Abbey and Aljaz to get you in the party spirit with their superb Salsa. We hope you enjoy it:

We’d love to hear if you were dancing (*in a high-pitched beegees voice* yeah!) along to that song. Let us know what you thought of it. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be on twitter later posting pictures of the tour as it happens. We hope you can join us.

Cassie 🙂


Smooth Sunday – A Tribute To Our Reigning Champions

We’re still excited from last night’s semi-final, so to calm us down we’re chilling out and watching a wonderful American Smooth.

This year’s series has gone by so quickly, we can hardly believe there are only 6 days until the final! This time last year Abbey and Aljaz were lifting the trophy, so it seemed a fitting tribute to watch their American Smooth as our Smooth Sunday fix this week.

When we saw this dance last year, it really made us smile. Abbey’s transformation into a ballroom dancer was beautiful and this dance showcased this. The choreography was brilliant, the music was great, the costumes were great, the dancing was great and more importantly, there were lots of balloons!

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Abbey and Aljaz with their American Smooth:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it, as well as who are your champions of Strictly 2014. Just vote in the poll below to choose. We’ll keep the vote open all week until Saturday:

We’ll be back at 7pm with our results show chat. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂

Monday Memories – Two of our favourite ever first dances

As we write this post, there are only 4 days until Strictly shuffles its way back into our lives. Yes! Our weekends are planned right up until Christmas, and they look glittery, sparkly and a-may-zing!

This week, we’re sharing some of our #favefirstdances with you. Everyday we’ll show you two routines where our celebrities have made a good impression, have entertained or just danced their hearts out!

Today we’ve chosen to show you two dances from the glittery archives. The first, first dance we chose is Abbey and Aljaz’s tearjerkingly beautiful waltz. This dance was simple, understated and captured the true emotion of the waltz. Abbey looked gorgeous (as ever) and performed the dance beautifully. We were left desperately seeking kleenex and feeling a little teary-eyed. We loved it and thought for a first dance it was just gorgeous! It landed them an amazing 32 points too. Here it is along with a pack of kleenex just for you, Abbey and Aljaz’s Waltz:

For our second dance today we felt that we’d got a little too emotional this morning, so we needed a lift! For us, no first dance cheered us up more than Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor’s cheeky Cha-Cha. Here Lisa made a great first impression and proved she was the dark horse of series 10. She had natural rhythm, charisma, bags of enthusiasm, a true love of all things dance and a great friendship with Robin. The Cha-Cha sections were brilliant too and Robin’s choreography was imaginative. Craig even stated “dahling! you can dance!” One of our favourite ever quotes from the book of Revel Horwood. It is one of our favourite ever First Dances and we hope you enjoy watching it. Here are Lisa and Robin with their Cha-Cha:

Those are today’s #favefirstdances. We’ll have two more every day until on Friday when we’ll launch a poll to help you decide the ultimate First dance.

Have a wonderful day.

Cassie 🙂

Foxtrot Friday – A Letter To You All

Dear Strictly Support Group, Readers and Supporters,

In this age full of modern day communications, nothing beats a good old fashioned letter, so today’s dance fix is brought to you by good old fashioned pen and paper (well the draft was until we typed it on our blog!)

For today’s Foxtrot Friday, we’re going back a couple of months to see Abbey and Aljaz’s Foxtrot to “Dear Darling” by Olly Murs. When this dance was performed in Week 5 of the last series, we fell in love with Abbey’s dress (and suffered with serious dress envy!)

We loved the dancing as they glided across the floor and felt even though it was performed to a modern song, the whole dance captured the old-school glamour of the foxtrot perfectly.

For us it was pure class and it felt like the perfect dance for us to share with you today to thank you all for being amazing. See this as a little thank you letter from us to you for all your amazing support so far. You make running this blog and page an absolute joy! We hope you enjoy watching it and have a great weekend:

Don’t forget, tonight @serenepingu will be hosting our Strictly Support Group as we’re away for the evening. Join her on @scd_support from 7.30pm to take part.

Cassie 🙂

Your Easter Saturday Strictly Fix – A bouncy dance, so light it’d even make the Easter Bunny Jealous!

With it being Easter Saturday, we thought it more appropriate to choose a Samba rather than a Salsa as our daily Strictly Fix!

The Samba, with a bounce action even the Easter Bunny would be jealous of, seemed the perfect dance to choose for you this Easter Saturday.

So whilst we’re hopping round the garden frantically searching for Easter eggs, we’re watching Abbey and Aljaz’s great Samba from this last series. Not only did they manage a great bounce action, but it featured speedy choreography, great costumes and music which made it one of our favourite Sambas of Strictly 2013. They looked like little bunny rabbits, perfect for this time of year.

Here it is, just for you, Abbey and Aljaz’s amazing Samba. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Have a great weekend.

Cassie 🙂

Salsa Saturday – Chosen by a Disco Diva

My best friend @serenepingu celebrates her birthday today. She’s possibly the biggest fan of Strictly and is always first on the dance floor at any party we’ve been to together. She’s a disco diva, a dancing queen and a sensational salsa dancer, so today I’m dedicating our Salsa Saturday fix just for her.

When we saw the tour together back In February, she loved this couple’s amazing Salsa, so here it us just for her and you all, Abbey and Aljaz’s Saturday Night Fever & Bee Gees inspired Disco Salsa.

We hope you enjoyed watching it. If you have a birthday coming up or would like to choose a dance for your special day, DM us, we’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 🙂

Yummy Mummies – The Results

As you know, here at the Strictly Support Group, we love a good vote and with it being Mother’s Day we couldn’t resist trying to find out who’s been the yummiest mummy in the history of our favourite show.

Your votes have been checked, counted and verified and we can now reveal the results (does a happy dance and forgets where she is..) Now where we’re we? Oh yeah! The results…

In 3rd place we have a tie (gasps!) between Zoe Ball, Abbey Clancy, Karen Hardy and Denise Van Outen.


In 2nd place we have the Gorgeous and very Glamourous Fiona Fullerton.


And our winner, in 1st place, the wonderwoman and yummiest mummy of Strictly is Susanna Reid


As a treat we decided to show you Susanna and Kevin’s neck of steel Showdance, one of our favourite routines of the last series.

Here it is as our way of wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day and saying thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Cassie :);

Smooth Sunday – A Mother’s Day Treat

Whilst we’re being treated to breakfast in bed and being showered with cards, cake and other Mother’s Day Gifts, today we thought we’d dedicate our Smooth Sunday especially to Mother’s Day.

Today’s American Smooth comes from one of our yummy mummies of series 11, our reigning champion, Abbey Clancy and her dance partner Aljaz Skoranjec. We loved the dancing and theming of this and felt lots of mums across the country would have felt proud watching them dance this school prom themed routine. Abbey’s dress was stunning (as per usual) and we wanted to fill the balloons with glitter and pop them!

We loved it so much, we couldn’t resist showing it to you again. Here it is just for you, Abbey and Aljaz’s American Smooth:

We hope you enjoyed watching that. If you have any Mother’s Day requests or would like to give your mum a shoutout, please tweet us @scd_support. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie :):

Inspirational Women – Our Strictly Support Group Chat

As we may have mentioned earlier, it’s International Women’s Day today. Strictly has shown us many strong and inspirational women over the last 11 series, so we thought we’d ask you who you thought were the most inspirational and strong women on the show. Here are the results:

Kara Tointon, Chelsee Healey, Ali Bastian, Susanna Reid, Abbey Clancy, Natalie Gumede, Zoe Ball, Lisa Riley & Deborah Meaden
Kara Tointon, Chelsee Healey, Ali Bastian, Susanna Reid, Abbey Clancy, Natalie Gumede, Zoe Ball, Lisa Riley & Deborah Meaden
Kristina Rihanoff, Karen Hauer, Erin Boag, Janette Manrara, Natalie Lowe, Karen Hardy, Iveta Lukosiute, Flavia Cacace and Anya Garnis
Kristina Rihanoff, Karen Hauer, Erin Boag, Janette Manrara, Natalie Lowe, Karen Hardy, Iveta Lukosiute, Flavia Cacace and Anya Garnis

Here are some of the reasons you gave why these ladies are so inspiring to you:- https://twitter.com/scd_support/status/442369053697794049








We then moved on our discussion to asking you if you could think of a dance which showed off women as being strong. Here were some of your answers:-


We then held a competition asking you to name as many strictly professionals that have appeared over the years on Strictly Come Dancing. The winner who got all 38 professionals was the a-maz-ing @strictly_steph! You are truly a superfan and a mug is on its way to you.

As a final treat for you all, we asked you to nominate your dance showing women to be powerful, an inspiration and strong. You overwhelmingly chose Lisa and Robin’s Cha-cha cha. Here it is incase you missed it:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8phFucMuELo

Don’t worry if you missed out on our chat tonight, we’ll be back next week and we’d still love to hear your views on tonight’s chat.

We want to also thank you all for being truly amazing and inspiring. You have really made this group what it is and without you, this page would never be as successful.

Cassie 🙂

International Women’s Day

sings Beyonce’s Girls“who run the world? girls! who run the world? girls!”

Listening to this song and watching this fantastic pro dance from 2011 gives us great reason to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Although more men than women have won Strictly Come Dancing over the last 11 series, we have seen many female contestants and professional dancers who have inspired and become role models for all of us both young and old.

Our last series gave us 4 fantastic female finalists each of whom were great role models.

Sophie showed us some gorgeous dancing (who could forget her Charleston?) and stuck true to herself (not wearing fake tan) which we loved.

Susanna showed passion, determination and hard work, which ultimately got her to the final. She could only be described as Superwoman (we’re not quite sure how she did it!) and was a great role model for all us mums. Her love of all things strictly inspired us to take up ballroom dancing, so if you’re reading this Susanna,  a massive thank you from me!

A fantastic dancer, Natalie showed strength and perseverance triumphing over critics, injury and several setbacks along the way. Dancing her quickstep after being in so much pain showed courage and made us want to give her a big hug.

Abbey’s sheer joy and love of dancing, as well as being completely fearless made her the eventual champion.

These four ladies are all amazing role models and show us how Strictly is inspirational for women and girls alike.

For tonight’s Strictly Support Group, we’ll have a ladies’ night discussion. Don’t worry guys, men can still take part, as well as a quiz and fun too. See you at 6.30pm.

Cassie 🙂