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🍀 Your St. Patrick’s Day Strictly Fixes! 🍀

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so we wish all our Irish followers a great day and hope you enjoy celebrating. Now, we wouldn’t be the Strictly Support Group if we didn’t treat you to a daily dose of something strictlified! Today, we’re treating you lovely folk to two dances, both with an Irish flavour.

Our First Strictly fix was our Tango Tuesday fix, from Nicky Byrne and Karen Hauer. We watched their phenomenal Argentine Tango. When we first saw it, it sent shivers up our spine and gave us goosebumps. It was so good and in our eyes deserved 4 10s!


St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some good old-fashioned Irish Dancing, so for a second (yes we showed you two dances) Strictly Fix, we showed you this fab-u-lous routine from our Strictly Pros and the wonderful Riverdance crew. It was truly amazing, not only because Tristan was in it, and has to be watched. 


We hope you enjoyed watching both our Strictly Fixes today. We’d love to hear what you thought of them. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t forget! Lucky the Leprechaun will be on twitter from 7.30pm tonight for our St Patrick’s Day chat. We hope you can join us then!

Cassie 🙂


The People’s Strictly – A Q&A with the lovely Trishna (@TrishnaBharadia)

Tonight sees our six everyday heroes take to the dancefloor for the final episode of The People’s Strictly *sobs.* It’s been a truly emotional show and we have single-handedly kept a well-known tissue manufacturer in business all been amazed, inspired and bowled-over by this wonderful programme and cannot wait to see all 6 couples perform! 

As you know, there’s nothing we like more than a good Q&A, so we put some questions to one of the amazing people taking part in The People’s Strictly, Trishna. Here’s what she had to say.

We began by asking You were nominated by your sister to appear on the People’s Strictly and were surprised at a Zumba class. How did it feel being nominated? Did you at all suspect you were going to be nominated?

Trishna: Finding out I was on the show was a complete shock! At that Zumba class, I had no idea what was going on when everyone else started dancing choreographed moves around me. All I could think about was how silly I must look standing in the middle of everyone not knowing what I was doing! You see it in the footage that I try to run to the side of the room! When Louis and Natalie turned up I was just astounded (as you can probably tell from my face!) It felt like an out-of-body experience because I really couldn’t believe it was happening! I can’t thank my sister, who nominated me,enough for giving me the opportunity to live the best experience of my life!

Yep, we felt the shock too and wanted to reach into our TV and give you a hug *gives a virtual hug.* You have been lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Aljaz Skoranjec (your favourite Strictly pro.) What has it been like dancing with him?

Trishna: Aljaz has honestly given me the best time of my life. We’ve had so much fun during training and he’s helped me to achieve things that I never thought would be possible. 

At my dance reveal, which is when I found out that I would be dancing the jive and was the first time I tried a few steps, I put my head on Aljaz’s shoulder and said “Oh noooooooo! Now I’m totally freaked out!” He’s taken all my concerns about the jive and turned them around so now I’m completely in love with it! We hit it off instantly and lots of people who have seen us rehearsing and performing have remarked that we have a brilliant connection. He really is one of the most caring, understanding, compassionate and kindest people I’ve ever met and I feel so privileged to have shared this journey with him!
You truly couldn’t ask for more from a Strictly Pro. Like all the other People’s Strictly contestants, we can see you’re having a ball learning to dance the jive. What’s been the most challenging part and the best part of dancing on Strictly? If you could perform another dance on Strictly what would you choose and why?

Trishna: The biggest challenge has been using muscles that I’ve never used before. After my first training session I couldn’t walk for four days because I was in so much pain! Also dancing in heels has been a challenge because I rarely wear heels so I had to learn how to jump about in them! The best part of dancing has been how I feel when I’m doing it. I love it. It makes me feel so happy! There have been times in rehearsals when Aljaz has had to rein me back in because I got so caught up in the music I would forget about all the technicalities like arm placement etc and just start dancing like no-one was watching! (Only Aljaz was!) If I could dance on the show again I’d like to do a salsa, samba or cha cha. I love Latin music and would love to shake it on the ballroom floor!

You were lucky enough to be nominated to appear on the show. If you could nominate one of your friends or family to appear on another People’s Strictly who would you nominate and why?
Trishna: I’d probably nominate my Mum! She admittedly has two left feet and a questionable sense of rhythm so I’d love to see what the pros could do with her! She’s had a bit of a dance with Aljaz and I loved seeing her face when she realised she was actually getting the steps!

That sounds like a great idea! Like all the People’s Strictly contestants you are a true inspiration to us and have shown that you can overcome many challenges in life to dance. If you could give anyone who was hesitant/reluctant about learning to dance some advice, what would it be?
Trishna: I’d say if dancing makes you happy then that’s what’s the most important. Life is short and you never know what’s around the corner. It took me being diagnosed with MS to really start living life and overcoming fears in order to make the most of opportunities because with something like MS you just don’t know when your next relapse might happen. So don’t let fear stop you!

Some great advice there *signs up to a dance class quickly* Finally, a question from my little one… Strictly is full of glitter and sequins. Which are better, sequins or glitter? I like them both!
Trishna:  How can I possibly choose?! I love everything that sparkles so give me both!

Great answer! In our opinion a girl can never have too many sequins, glitter or sparkly things. Thank you Trishna for taking part in our Q&A. 

The People’s Strictly is on BBC One tonight from 9pm. We’ll be on our twitter account @scd_support from 8pm chatting about all things Comic Relief and then tweeting along with the programme from 9pm. We hope you can join us then

The People’s Strictly – Show 2 Recap

Earlier this evening we sat down, girded our loins and prepared ourselves to watch the wonderful programme that is the People’s Strictly. Following last week’s show, we ensured we had enough glittery tissues for ourselves and you lovely people along with Strictly Snacks to share out.

On tonight’s show we saw the inspirational Anna Kennedy, Trishna Bharadia and Phil Barnett get the surprise of their lives as they found out they were on The People’s Strictly and take their first steps in the Ballroom.

Once again, we found the stories truly touching and became emotional blubbering messes only 5 minutes into the show. We think our mascara may have run, just a little bit:

Artist’s impression of how we looked (We’re not that fluffy, honest!)

The show didn’t disappoint and showed us how truly amazing and selfless the 6 contestants of the People’s Strictly are. They are all well-deserving of their place on the show and in our eyes are all winners.

So, what did we learn tonight?

1. We learnt that the Strictly ballroom is the place where dreams come true and to never to be too trusting of any friends or family who invite you to go to watch the Strictly live show show. As Anna Kennedy found out the Strictly Ballroom truly is a place where dreams can come true and where you can have the shock and surprise of your life.

2. Never trust Brian the Zumba instructor. When you’re invited to a Zumba DVD recording, always be suspicious, especially if you’re surrounded by dancing couples. Be even more suspicious if some of our professional dancers appear. Poor Trishna looked like she needed a hug dancing all alone in the zumba studio, but to make up for it, she was lucky enough to get to have a boogie with Louis Smith 😍

3. Singing children are adorable and will move you to tears (need more mascara 🐼.) ABBA’s Thank You for the Music also works surprisingly well as a Samba Track. 

4. You should embrace and run towards the sequins and anyone associated with the world of Strictly. This is exactly what Phil Barnett did and he looked fab-u-lous running towards Lisa Riley and Kevin Clifton.

5. To quote Anna, we also learnt that Robin Windsor looks even better in the flesh than he does on TV! We also saw that Anna is a natural performer and picked up dancing the Charleston in seconds. Wow!

6. We learnt that housework can be fab-u-lous! We will now mop our floors in style, just like Aljaz Skoranjec did. We may need the “banana band” to help. We saw that Trishna and Aljaz take their first Jive steps. Their energy looks great and together they look an amazing and very strong couple.

7. Phil also showed just what a joy it is to dance and to be on Strictly. His joy at learning he was paired with Janette was priceless and their American Smooth looks set to be super suave, smiley and sophisticated. In fact, all our couples showed enthusiasm, passion and sheer sparkly joy.

8. When dancing wear shoes that make you look fab-u-lous. Don’t worry if you fall out of them, as you will look gaw-jus dahling!

9. Swing Patrol looks fun, as did Trishna’s 50s style evening. *nudges husband to take her out* It gave both Anna and Trishna a taste of what Strictly is like and has encouraged us to take a trip back to the 1950s and try Rock and Roll and Swing dancing.

On a more serious note, we saw another wonderful and inspiring programme. It has made us realise that all 6 contestants are truly deserving of their place on the show and are all winners in our eyes. They are true everyday heroes who deserve to be treated to a little bit of sparkle. We know they will all be fab-u-lous and cannot wait to see their performances.

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 9pm as our super six get more treats and surprises from the world of Strictly. Follow us @scd_support on twitter to join in our chat.

Cassie 🙂

Salsa Saturday – Reasons Why We All Should Be Dancing!

This afternoon we’re making our way to the fab-u-lous, sparkly, glittery O2 to spend the evening on planet Strictly. To say we’re excited would be the understatement of the year. We’re so excited we might dance our way to the O2 instead of catching the train and tube.

This time last year, we went to the tour and watched today’s Salsa Saturday dance. It made us want to get up and dance in the O2 and we’re pretty sure it’ll do the same when you watch it today. We’re watching Abbey and Aljaz’s Salsa which we should all be dancing to. Here are some reasons why you should be dancing (yeah!)

1) Dance fills you with joy. This routine did just that. It was a real crowd-pleasing routine. Yes, it was slightly more disco than Salsa, but who cares, they danced it with style!
2) It’s a Saturday Night, which means one thing… We all have a case of Saturday Night Fever. We all know there’s one way to cure your Saturday and Post-Strictly blues and that’s by dancing, so why not join in with this routine. We promise you’ll look fab-u-lous and will be scoring 10s in no time at all!
3) Practice makes perfect. This reason may take a bit of imagination. Close your eyes and imagine a hunk/heroine stood looking dreamy *imagines Pasha dressed a la John Travolta* then switch on some disco/funk beats to get you moving and within no time at all, you will be a dancefloor god/goddess!

Ok, maybe we went a bit crazy with that last one, but we loved this routine and it was a dance that made us want to get up and join in at home. Here are Abbey and Aljaz to get you in the party spirit with their superb Salsa. We hope you enjoy it:

We’d love to hear if you were dancing (*in a high-pitched beegees voice* yeah!) along to that song. Let us know what you thought of it. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be on twitter later posting pictures of the tour as it happens. We hope you can join us.

Cassie 🙂

Smooth Sunday – A Tribute To Our Reigning Champions

We’re still excited from last night’s semi-final, so to calm us down we’re chilling out and watching a wonderful American Smooth.

This year’s series has gone by so quickly, we can hardly believe there are only 6 days until the final! This time last year Abbey and Aljaz were lifting the trophy, so it seemed a fitting tribute to watch their American Smooth as our Smooth Sunday fix this week.

When we saw this dance last year, it really made us smile. Abbey’s transformation into a ballroom dancer was beautiful and this dance showcased this. The choreography was brilliant, the music was great, the costumes were great, the dancing was great and more importantly, there were lots of balloons!

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Abbey and Aljaz with their American Smooth:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it, as well as who are your champions of Strictly 2014. Just vote in the poll below to choose. We’ll keep the vote open all week until Saturday:

We’ll be back at 7pm with our results show chat. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂

Adios, Au Revoir, Arrivederci Alison and Aljaz

Last night, despite performing a dance that even the genie from Aladdin would’ve been proud of, Alison and Aljaz waved goodbye to the ballroom.

On the show we’ve loved Alison and Aljaz’s partnership. Alison’s love of dancing and enthusiasm have lit up our screens on Saturdays and her bubbly personality will be missed on the show.

For us her Charleston was our favourite dance and she went out on a high!

Alison, thank you for empowering so many curvy ladies to learn to dance. You are a true role model.

As we have done for all our couples we’d like to make them a memento of their time. Just comment below with your messages for them and we’ll make sure they see them.


Cassie 🙂

The Dance You Are Most Looking Forward to this week

So earlier on this week, we launched a poll to find out which dance you are most looking forward to see this week on the show! The results are in and we can reveal that:

In joint 3rd place, you are most looking forward to see Mark and Karen’s Samba and Alison and Aljaz’s Tango. We’re pretty sure they’ll be amazing!

In 2nd place you are looking forward to see Frankie and Kevin’s Foxtrot! We do love the Foxtrot, partly because it has the word Fox in it, but are sure these two will pull off a fierce performance once again!

and in 1st place, you lovely lot are most looking forward to see Caroline and Pasha’s Pasha Paso Doble and Jake and Janette’s Quickstep! 

We cannot wait until tonight’s show and are prepping our Strictly Snacks as we speak! We’ll be on twitter from 6pm, so join us then to take part in the fun!

Have a great afternoon.

Cassie 🙂

Monday Memories – Two of our favourite ever first dances

As we write this post, there are only 4 days until Strictly shuffles its way back into our lives. Yes! Our weekends are planned right up until Christmas, and they look glittery, sparkly and a-may-zing!

This week, we’re sharing some of our #favefirstdances with you. Everyday we’ll show you two routines where our celebrities have made a good impression, have entertained or just danced their hearts out!

Today we’ve chosen to show you two dances from the glittery archives. The first, first dance we chose is Abbey and Aljaz’s tearjerkingly beautiful waltz. This dance was simple, understated and captured the true emotion of the waltz. Abbey looked gorgeous (as ever) and performed the dance beautifully. We were left desperately seeking kleenex and feeling a little teary-eyed. We loved it and thought for a first dance it was just gorgeous! It landed them an amazing 32 points too. Here it is along with a pack of kleenex just for you, Abbey and Aljaz’s Waltz:

For our second dance today we felt that we’d got a little too emotional this morning, so we needed a lift! For us, no first dance cheered us up more than Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor’s cheeky Cha-Cha. Here Lisa made a great first impression and proved she was the dark horse of series 10. She had natural rhythm, charisma, bags of enthusiasm, a true love of all things dance and a great friendship with Robin. The Cha-Cha sections were brilliant too and Robin’s choreography was imaginative. Craig even stated “dahling! you can dance!” One of our favourite ever quotes from the book of Revel Horwood. It is one of our favourite ever First Dances and we hope you enjoy watching it. Here are Lisa and Robin with their Cha-Cha:

Those are today’s #favefirstdances. We’ll have two more every day until on Friday when we’ll launch a poll to help you decide the ultimate First dance.

Have a wonderful day.

Cassie 🙂

Kevin and Karen From Grimsby – A Review by @chachadilton

We were a little gutted hearing that the phenomenal Flashmob tour had been cancelled, however when we heard Kevin and Karen from Grimsby were doing a one-off show in Grimsby it made us smile! Although we were unable to go, the lovely @chachadilton was there and agreed to review the show for us. Here are his thoughts:

An Evening with Karen and Kevin from Grimsby
12 July 2014
Grimsby Auditorium

After the excellent Flashmob run at the Peacock Theatre in London, it was a huge disappointment to receive the news of the cancellation of many of the UK tour dates.

This has enabled a spectacular one off show of talent to raise from its ashes. It has taken a fortnight to deliver a show of incredible quality with the very hard working Keith and Judy Clifton (Kevin’s parents) behind the scenes. An amazing feat may thought impossible with the challenging timescale.

The show started with a very funny exchange of words between Kevin and Karen before the curtain was raised. Pure genius as it had the audience engaged right from the start.

The stars of the show open with a very rhythmic samba, Karen’s yellow samba dress accentuating the fabulous movement characterised in this Brazilian dance. This was followed by an expertly performed Irish dance fusion from Brosena. Tom and Erin are always a delight to watch.

Strictly 2013 winning professional dancer Aljaz and his partner Janette performed a modern paso doble. This was a masterful performance and Janette danced in a spectacular dress (one of her mother’s creations). Following this was the first dance from contemporary dancers Alleviate. A fantastic story of role reversal to the song ‘If I was a boy’.

Now for something very different. A troupe of young freestyle dancers perform several routines during the show. They demonstrate admirably the high tempo dance style. Very impressive and as they are local had a fabulous amount of support from the audience.

Kevin and Karen do an incredible hip rotating smouldering cha cha cha routine, followed by Alleviate performing a very touching routine. Aljaz and Janette then demonstrate their mastery of the rumba, Janette’s favourite style.

One of the highlights of the show, Kevin dancing with his sister Joanne Clifton (new strictly pro dancer and world champion ballroom dancer) dancing a highly amusing quickstep. We are in for a spectacular Strictly 2014, Joanne was rather good at ballroom. This was followed by another special moment, Aljaz and Janette dancing an American Smooth to ‘Forever Young’, their first dance together on Strictly.

Another fabulous demonstration of freestyle was followed by my joint favourite choreography in the show, Smooth Criminal. Kevin starts the piece solo, soon to be joined by the sizzling Karen in a stunning green dress. This was one dance every Strictly fan needs to see, it was exceptional. Brosena follow with an Irish and classical fusion dance, very well performed.

Kevin wanders on stage adorned head to foot in that incredible matador outfit and announces the star guest, Susanna Reid. This was a huge surprise. They perform a very impressive Paso Doble straight from Strictly Blackpool. This deserved the standing ovation from the receptive Grimsby audience.

Interval, chance to grab a glass of bubbly.

Aljjaz and Janette start the second half with a sensational cha cha cha. This was my favourite performance from them. Top class.

A large focus of this show was Grimsby and given then chance to perform with Kevin, Joanne and Karen are Helen, Steve and Mark. These lucky people are winners from a local newspaper competition and all three perform the most fantastic routines for a couple hours of rehearsal. Susanna comperes this section of the show and judges Aljaz and Janette are very good, watch out Len! With a mix of judges scores and audience cheers Joanne and Steve from Grimsby are awarded the glitter fish. This presentation was incredibly funny but Steve and Joanne we seriously good in their tango.

Alleviate perform their excellent routine with a very touching story following a tragic death. Must admit it brings a tear to my eye. This was followed by Karen and Kevin’s Paso Doble. Now, this was my other joint favourite routine. Incredible routine performed to Roxanne. The best exhibition of this style I have witnessed. Outstanding.

Aljaz and Janette return for a stunning tango, followed by Karen and Kevin’s contemporary rumba. Another tear jerker. Brosena demonstrate another fabulous routine and then all dancers come back on stage for a very well deserved standing ovation. Very moving to see this talent being fully appreciated.

One very lovely touch was the opportunity to meet the stars, have a programme signed and photos taken with them. A great finish to a phenomenal show. This one off was a great concept and very well received. Kevin and Karen’s witty and emotive personalities shine throughout the show. It will be remembered for a very long time.


Sounds like an unforgettable evening, just like Flashmob! It’s got us extremely excited about Strictly 2014. Thank you @chachadilton for reviewing the show!

Serene 😊

Samba Saturday – An Extra Special, Saucy, Sizzling Dance for you all!

Yesterday marked a very special occasion in the history of the Strictly Support Group. We are officially 6 months old! Not only was it our half-birthday, but it was also @strictly_steph’s birthday, so it was a double celebration for us Strictly fans.

Once we’d baked a cake, we showed you two fabulous dances. The first was a sizzling Samba to get us in the party mood. We chose Emma Bunton and Darren Bennett’s dance from Series 4. This dance was saucy, sensual and had a real Carnival atmosphere that took us to Brazil. We loved it and hope you do too:

We then moved on to celebrating Steph’s birthday with her favourite routine from Strictly, Aljaz and Janette’s beautiful routine to Forever Young! This routine had us in tears it was flawless as well as being so romantic and magical. We loved it and I think Steph did too. Here it is (along with some tissues) incase you missed it:

We hope you enjoyed your double strictly fix! Don’t forget if you have a birthday coming up and would like a glittery tweet, please let us know and we’ll make your dreams come true with a strictly fix.

Cassie 😊