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The Countdown To Strictly Challenge – Day 4

It’s Day 4 of our Countdown to Strictly Challenge and today we’re sharing one of our favourite Breakthrough Dances. There are moments where during a couple’s journey everything clicks into place and their performance wows us!

Today’s performance did just that. Earlier, we watched Louise & Kevin’s Awesome Argentine Tango.

For many weeks Louise had shown she had the skills to be a brilliant dancer, but with this dance she came out and wowed us (and the judges) achieving her highest score to date – including 2 10s from the judges.

We love the Argentine Tango, and Kevin’s choreography challenged Louise. In fact, it allowed us to see a whole new side to her as a performer and we were impressed.

In case you missed it earlier, here are Louise and Kevin with their brilliant Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear your favourite Breakthrough Dance of 2016. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly Couple Weeks – Sophie and Brendan – Day 2

Over the years on Strictly we have seen many memorable and fab-u-lous Argentine Tangos. In 2013, we suffered a bit of an Argentine Tango drought, with no Argentine Tango being performed until week 7 (when our couple in the limelight, Sophie and Brendan took to the floor to show us this brilliant dance.)

We had waited what felt like a life-time for an Argentine Tango and once we watched this dance we fell in love! 

It was beautifully choreographed and gave us goosebumps. Sophie’s dress was gorgeous and the whole routine made us remember why we loved this dance so much. In our eyes it was slightly undermarked – it got 32/40 points but in our eyes it deserved at least 3, 9s in our opinion

In case you missed it earlier, her are Sophie and Brendan with their wonderful Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Couple Weeks – Mark and Karen – Day 2

So yesterday, we shared Mark and Karen’s wonderful Cha Cha Cha which got the week started off with a bang!

It’s Tuesday, which can mean only one thing here at Strictly Support Group HQ. It’s time for us to share a tango from this brilliant pairing. One Tango they performed stands out, and that’s their Argentine Tango.

Yes, even today, 11 years after it was performed, it still gives us goosebumps. It was one of those perfect Strictly moments and a perfect Argentine Tango which just oozed passion, agression and everything you’d expect it to!

In case you missed it earlier, here are Mark and Karen with their brilliant Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Simply tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Couple Weeks – Claudia and AJ – Day 2

So, yesterday we launched Team Pocket Rocket week, sharing their light, bright and cheery quickstep.

Today things are getting a little sultry with their Argentine Tango.

This was a dance which was everything we expected from an Argentine Tango but it gave so much more, especially with that epic lift!

Once again, hair, make-up and costume pulled together to produce a wonderful look and the song was a song we’d never have imagined being used for an Argentine Tango. That being said, it worked, and worked really well.

Claudia performed the dance really well. It was technically precise and one of those dances where the passion left us mesmerised. We were shocked when there were no 10s.We weren’t alone in our shock, as Claudia (Winkleman) did ask the judges that week what Claudia had to do to achieve a 10. The next week all our dance dreams were answered when they achieved their first 10 of the competition with a truly roar-some Salsa!

Earlier we shared this stunning dance on our twitter and Facebook pages. If you didn’t see it earlier, here it is again for your eyes only:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Simply comment below or tweet us @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚

The Ultimate Strictly Challenge – Week 6.

We are now at week 6 in our Ultimate Strictly Challenge and it’s time to let ganchos and twist turns battle it out in what has become known as the battle of the Argentine Tangos and the Pasha Specials.

Before we do that, we have just about enough time to reveal the results of Week 5 of our Ultimate Strictly Challenge vote.

Thank you for all your votes once again. Your votes have been checked, counted and verified by an independent adjudicator and Strictly Superfan (Bella!) and we can now reveal the the Viennese Waltz making its way to the final isΒ Ali and Bryan’s.Β The three Charlestons going into the final areΒ Caroline and Pasha’s, Danny and Oti’s and Georgia and Giovanni’s.Β Congratulations to all 4 couples!

This week’s categories are the Argentine Tango and the Pasha Special. There have been many goosebump-inducing, perfect scoring Argentine Tangos. Pasha has achieved a perfect score many a time, but these two dances of his are something extra special. All you need to do is watch the dances below and then vote for your favourite from each:

You can vote once a day in each poll for your favourites. Voting will remain open until 6pm next Sunday. Please ask Bill Payer’s permission (whoever he is) before you vote. We’ll then reveal the Pasha special and the 3 Argentine Tangos which will make their way into the final!

Get voting!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Support Group – The Election, Day 6!

It’s Tango Tuesday today and Day 6 of our General Election. There are lots of similarities between the General Election and the Tango. Both are filled with drama, tension and agression. They are a fight for survival of the fittest and today’ s Tango Tuesday fix is the leader of the pack! In fact, even Simba feels threatened, it was so good:


“Wow! They’re roarsome. I could never do that with my two left feet!”

Don’t fear Simba, you may not be an amazing dancer but you are an amazing hunter. Today’s candidates however are amazing dancers and this Tango IS the best tango of series 12! We’re watching Simon Webbe and Kristina Rihanoff’s brilliant Argentine Tango from Blackpool last year.

There are several reasons we have chosen this dance as a candidate in the Strictly Support Group General Election:

1) It had more mood, atmosphere, tension and passion than Prime Minister’s question time!

2) The choreography and dancing were fab-u-lous and prize winning. When it was performed at the tour it helped them win the Strictly Tour 2015 trophy.

3) It showed what a strong partnership they were. The death drop takes skill, trust and a lot of practise. Kristina put a lot of trust in Simon and it paid off!

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Simon and Kristina with their amazing Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this routine. Were you team Sytina fans and would they get your vote? What made them such a strong partnership for you? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We’d love to hear from you.

So Simon and Kristina join Susanna and Kevin, Gethin and Camilla, Mark and Iveta, Alesha and Matthew and Chelsee and Pasha as candidates in the Strictly Support Group General Election. Join us tomorrow for our final candidates and the start of our polling day to crown your Prime Ministers


Chief Returning Officer

πŸ€ Your St. Patrick’s Day Strictly Fixes! πŸ€

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so we wish all our Irish followers a great day and hope you enjoy celebrating. Now, we wouldn’t be the Strictly Support Group if we didn’t treat you to a daily dose of something strictlified! Today, we’re treating you lovely folk to two dances, both with an Irish flavour.

Our First Strictly fix was our Tango Tuesday fix, from Nicky Byrne and Karen Hauer. We watched their phenomenal Argentine Tango. When we first saw it, it sent shivers up our spine and gave us goosebumps. It was so good and in our eyes deserved 4 10s!


St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some good old-fashioned Irish Dancing, so for a second (yes we showed you two dances) Strictly Fix, we showed you this fab-u-lous routine from our Strictly Pros and the wonderful Riverdance crew. It was truly amazing, not only because Tristan was in it, and has to be watched. 


We hope you enjoyed watching both our Strictly Fixes today. We’d love to hear what you thought of them. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t forget! Lucky the Leprechaun will be on twitter from 7.30pm tonight for our St Patrick’s Day chat. We hope you can join us then!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Throwback Thursday – This is how to dance a Tango!

For today’s Throwback Thursday, we’re watching Series 9 (2011) champion Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani take to the floor with a thrilling Argentine Tango.

They danced to a song called Asi se baila el tango (meaning This is how to dance the tango in Spanish) and this routine was a true masterclass in Argentine Tango. It was full of passion, tension and aggression and flowed across the floor seamlessly.

We loved Aliona’s dress and the choreography was fab-u-lous. The whole dance was slick, sharp and superb. Harry looked like a real professional and performed the role of a Gaucho perfectly.

It’s one of our favourite dances and we hope you’ll like it too. Here are Harry and Aliona with their wonderful Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Tango Tuesday – A Trip To The USofA

We know how a lot of you love Dancing With The Stars as much as you love Strictly, so over the next few months we’ll be showing you strictly fixes from around the world.

We’d heard lots of lovely comments about today’s Strictly fix. It is one of those moments of perfection which make you speechless. We’re watching Meryl Davis and Maksim Chemerkovsky’s amazing, intense and passionate and everything you’d want from an Argentine Tango and more. For us, it’s 1 and a half minutes of beautiful artistry and dancing.

It’s clear to see why you loved this dance. We love it too. Here are Meryl and Maksim with their terrific Argentine Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support, comment below or on our facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Strictly Support Group!

Tango Tuesday – An Argentine Treat For You All

Strictly has become like watching a sports match in our house. Last Saturday we watched the semi-final eagerly encouraging our favourites from home. We were pretty loud, so we hope they could hear us in Elstree.

All the dances were incredible, but one dance really gave us goosebumps. It was Frankie and Kevin’s amazing Argentine Tango. Our house became so silent you could hear a pin drop *pin drops* and was so intense it gave us goosebumps on top of our goosebumps.

Kevin choreographed a brilliant Argentine Tango routine which Frankie performed perfectly. The classical music really added to the drama, and we secretly want to steal borrow Frankie’s dress, it was gorgeous. The whole performance slotted together to be one of those perfect Strictly moments where music and dance come together and we get lost in the moment. For us, it was that good, it reminded us of Susanna and Kevin’s amazing Paso Doble from Blackpool and we felt they should have been awarded 4 10s!

We loved this dance and hope you love it too. Here are Frankie and Kevin with their amazing Argentine Tango:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. We have another Tango treat for you on our advent calendar today too. Click here to see what it is:

We’ll be here from 8.30pm tonight with a Strictly Support Group chat and hopefully an announcement from our lovely founder Cassie. See you then!

The Strictly Support Group