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Strictly 2017 Goes To The Musicals – Performance Review by Bella (aged 7 1/2) πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»

There are about 10 things I love most in the world and the top three are Strictly, Unicorns and Musicals. Tonight’s Strictly made me really excited because it was Musicals Week. I was even more excited because Mummy was in the audience tonight which meant two things:

1) I got to play Where’s Mummy?

2) She let me take over on twitter and the blog tonight (with daddy’s help!)

It was a magical night that I gave a 5 Star review. Here are my thoughts on each of the performances and the group dance:

The Group Dance – I’ve never seen Oliver, but it looks like a lot of fun. Daddy told me that the pros had coal on their faces, but I think they had nutella on their faces. I like the opening routines on theme weeks because they always look like so much fun. I liked AJ’s singing. He should be in a Strictly choir, or in Little Mix, if they want a boy in the band.

Gemma and Aljaz’s Quickstep – I loved Gemma’s dress. It looked sparkly like a glitterball. I also liked her hair because it looked like a donut. If she got hungry, she could eat the donut. The dance looked really good and lots of fun. When I grow up, I want to dance a Quickstep like that, but I’d dance it with Giovanni. I gave them 10, but I think Craig was really grumpy tonight because they only got 29/40. Craig needs to watch out because Santa’s watching and anyone who’s naughty will go on the naughty list.

Mollie and AJ’s Rumba – Mummy told me if the dance was naughty I needed to close my eyes and cover my little sister’s eyes tonight. It wasn’t naughty, it was really nice and so good I think Mollie and AJ deserve a really nice treat from Father Christmas for that dance, even though they performed a lift that Craig thought was naughty. I loved Mollie’s dress and thought the dance was really beautiful. I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 31/40.

Joe and Katya’s Samba – I was a little confused by the music because I thought it should have been a Charleston but I really liked the dance. Katya’s dress was sparkly and stripey like a zebra. I like zebras. The choreography was really good too and it looked awesome. Joe’s make-up scared my baby sister a little bit, so I put some lipstick on daddy and she giggled instead. I liked the dance a lot and gave them a 9. The judges gave them 37/40.

Debbie and Giovanni’s American Smooth – They were cats. I like cats almost as much as I like Strictly. When I grow up, I’d like to dance a dance like this because it was purrfect. Daddy said it was the Cat’s Whiskers and mummy gave me permission to eat her hat if they didn’t get a 10. Luckily the judges gave them 39/40, so her hat was safe. I was happy that Craig was nice to them because as they were cats they could have scratched him. I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 39/40.

Davood and Nadiya’s Argentine Tango – The dance was a mix between a Paso Doble, a Showdance and an Argentine Tango. I really liked the choreography and I liked that Davood can fly. He did it in Blackpool and did it again tonight. I think he must be a Strictly Superhero. I gave the dance an 8. The judges gave them 29/40.

Alexandra and Gorka’s Charleston – This dance was Super (califragilisticexpialidocious) and I liked Gorka because he looked like a lollipop. It was so good I think these two should be in Mary Poppins the musical. I was singing along and dancing at home. I’m not sure if you heard me. I gave this dance a 10. The judges said it was practically perfect in every way, but Craig obviously didn’t think so, because he gave them a 9. I think I’ll tell Santa he deserves to be on the naughty list, so he can get his 10 paddle out. The judges awarded them 39/40 overall.

So there are my thoughts on Strictly musicals week. It was uh-may-zing, fab-u-lous and just as good as something on the West End. I did manage to see my mummy, She was somewhere behind Ed Balls. I don’t think she saw me waving though. From what I’ve heard she had the best night ever! I hope you enjoyed tweeting with me last night. I had lots of fun and hope you like this review too.

I’ll be back later this evening at 7pm tweeting along with the results show. Let me know what you thought of last night’s show by leaving a comment below.

Bella πŸ™‚


Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 10! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»

*SHOCK HORROR* Bella missed Strictly this Saturday, but fear not my friends, the Strictly Superfan that she is was up at the crack of dawn (6.30am) watching Strictly on Sunday! After she watched it, I asked her to tell me her favourite bits from the weekend’s Strictly action! Here are her best bits, along with what she thought of Strictly Week 10.

Bella’s Best Bits

1) Mollie and AJ’s Quickstep

I really liked this dance as quickstep is my favourite ever dance in the whole wide world and Mollie’s dress looked like a sparkly sunshine. The music was really cool and they proved that it’s not bad luck to dance with an umbrella on Planet Strictly as like Ore and Joanne they got a really good score, including a 9 from Bruno.

2) Debbie and Giovanni’s Argentine Tango

Debbie looked like a pair of scissors! I can’t do the splits like her yet, but when I grow up I want to dance like her. Mummy says she can’t do them either, so maybe when she’s really really old (like 100) she’ll be able to do them too. The lifts were really good too. I tried them with my daddy this morning and they are harder than they look.

3) Gemma and Aljaz’s Samba

This is what happens in my sleep when I dream of Strictly, but I’m not dancing with Aljaz (he’s my little sister’s favourite,) I dance with Gio or Kevin in my dreams. I thought this dance looked like a lot of fun. It really made me smile and I don’t know why the judges were grumpy because it was really good!

Bella on the other dances

Joe and Katya’s Quickstep – If I was allowed another best bit, I’d have picked this dance because it looked so much fun and I like that fact that Joe always smiles when he’s dancing. The music was really cool too!

Alexandra and Gorka’s Rumba – Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Rumbas, but she let me watch this one. I loved Alexandra’s dress, and thought it was really beautiful like something from the ballet. I like the spinny bits too! They were really cool. I was really sad she was in the dance-off but when everyone is so good, it’s hard to see anyone in the dance-off.

Davood and Nadiya’s Waltz – Nadiya is Princess Elsa. When I marry Giovanni or another pro dancer, I want to wear that dress because it was like a princess dress. I liked the dance a lot too and think Davood is improving lots.

Susan and Kevin’s American Smooth – They were dancing on a ship which could be wet and slippy but they took the risk and danced a dance that made me feel really happy inside. That’s what dance and Strictly make me feel.

The Paso Doble-thon – It was like break-time in my school playground, but without the swings, slides and climbing frame. It looked very confusing and I’m not sure what was going on.

Bella on the dance-off:

I was really sad to see Alexandra and Gorka in the dance-off. I love Susan and Kevin but wasn’t sad to see them go home, because they’ve had so much fun and Susan’s made us all smile each week. She was dancing for 10 weeks which is a really long time. I think that deserves a trophy or a unicorn or even a caticorn!

So there you have Bella’s best bits. Do you agree with her? Let us know what you thought of Saturday night’s show. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Blackpool Week πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ—ΌπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

If there’s one thing my 7 year old Bella loves more than Unicorns and Disney, it’s Strictly. By far, her favourite week of them all, is Blackpool week.

In our house, it is a magical show, where dances come to life and couples surprise us with their skill!

On Saturday night, we sat to watch in our living room (which looked like the Blackpool illuminations – unicorn and glitter ball lights were out in force.) Shortly after the show I asked Bella to tell me her best bits!

Here are her top 3 moments of Saturday night’s show, along with what she thought of all the other performances.

1. Gemma and Aljaz’s American Smooth

This was Gemma’s best dance by far. I liked her outfit and thought she looked like a stick of rock. She looked really comfortable and relaxed in the lifts. I think that’s because she rehearsed in her pyjamas this week. Next week, she needs to wear a unicorn onesie when she’s rehearsing and she’ll get 40/40. Mummy, can we send it to her?

2. Alexandra and Gorka’s Quickstep

These two are normally sassy pants dancers (by sassy pants she means that they have attitude) but this week they were glitter pants dancers. I really liked Gorka’s trousers. My mummy seemed a little distracted and I’m not sure why. This dance was so fast and these two are magical dancers, so much so they look like dancing unicorns when they dance.

3. Susan and Kevin’s Paso Doble

Susan isn’t the best dancer, but she is the person who’s having the most fun and I really liked this dance. Mummy made me watch Strictly Ballroom the other day and this dance was just like the Paso Doble they did at the end. My favourite part of the dance was Susan’s Paso face. I pull the same face when my little sister takes my unicorns away from me!

So those are Bella’s favourite dances of Blackpool Week 2017. Here’s what she thought of the other routines.

Mollie and AJ’s Charleston

I like Little Mix, but for me this wasn’t a real Charleston song. I thought Mollie danced really well and I liked the lifts because they looked really cool.

Davood and Nadiya’s Paso Doble

This dance was really dramatic and I liked it because they looked like they were flying. Mummy was distracted and Daddy was a bit distracted too. I don’t know why but they tell me I’ll understand when I’m older.

Joe and Katya’s Salsa

Their outfits were really bright so I had to wear my sunglasses while they were dancing. Katya looked like a mermaid and they did some really cool lifts. I tried one of them with daddy this morning and it was really hard. Joe looked really happy and I think he may win this series because he’s really good.

Debbie and Giovanni’s Samba

I don’t know who the Spice Girls are, but if they dance like this they must be good. I thought Debbie’s hair looked a little scary, so daddy said she was more like Scary Spice than Ginger Spice. I was sad that they ended up in the dance-off because I thought they were really good. It shows you should vote for your favourites each week.

Jonnie and Oti’s Tango

They looked like they were wearing part of the glitter ball. I thought that Jonnie had a great tango face and did really well with the dance. I think the judges have forgotten that he has not got a proper leg as they seemed really harsh. He was trying his hardest.

Bella on the Group Dances

I liked the Strictly Circus routine best. I hope they do it on the tour because it looked so cool and so much fun.

Bella on the Dance-Off

I was really sad to see Debbie and Giovanni in the dance-off, but was really upset that Jonnie and Oti went home because he is a superhero dancer and was really good. He tried his hardest, but I can’t wait to see him on the tour.

So there you have it. Bella’s thoughts on Blackpool week. Do you agree with her? Comment down below to let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 8!

Guess who’s back… back again? Bella’s back with her friend (Lola the Unicorn) and ready to reveal her favourite moments from Week 8 of Strictly 2017. She’s fair but honest and could give our judges a run for their money.

Yesterday, on our way back from an audition, I quizzed Bella to ask her her favourite moments of Week 8. Here are her top 3 moments of Week 8 of Strictly, along with her thoughts on the other performances.

1) Mollie and AJ’s Paso Doble

I loved this dance because it was a real sassy pants dance and Mollie gave her all in this dance and looked so good. I don’t think the judges were watching the same dance because it was awesome in my opinion and deserved at least an 8 or a 9! I’m glad Mollie is safely through to Blackpool because I’d have been really upset if she hadn’t got through.

2) Gemma and Aljaz’s Viennese Waltz

This was a real princess dance and Gemma looked beautiful. It was really spinny and I thought she did really well even though her shoe came off. I thought she deserved at least an 8 or a 9 and was angry the judges didn’t give her good scores. She always tries her hardest and Aljaz looks like a prince in this dance.

3) Susan and Kevin’s Tango

Susan is normally happy and I know it’s really hard work to be grumpy and she did really well. I think Craig must have taken her unicorn from her before the show, because I’d have been just as grumpy too. I thought this dance was great! I gave them an 8 as I thought it was so good. Dancing isn’t just about being the best, it’s about trying your hardest and these two always work hard and dance their socks off! I love that.

Bella on the other dances:

Alexandra and Gorka’s Argentine Tango – Their legs look like scissors. That’s so hard to do!

Davood and Nadiya’s Charleston – They had fun but I’m not sure about her dress. I wouldn’t wear it to the market.

Debbie and Giovanni’s Salsa – This dance was really spinny. I want to dance like that when I’m older. I think she went in a washing machine to practise.

Joe and Katya’s Rumba – Mummy normally won’t let me watch the Rumba, but I watched this one and it’s one of the most beautiful dances I’ve ever seen. I thought Katya looked like a bird in her dress, when she shouldn’t really look like a bird, she should look like a girl.

Jonnie and Oti’s Foxtrot – She was Belle! He wasn’t the beast because he danced a lot better than the beast. I thought this dance was really beautiful and they danced in Paris too which is the prettiest city in the world. I was sad he was in the dance-off but he danced a lot better the second time around.

Ruth and Anton’s Foxtrot – First the judges said she looked like a horse, then a swimmer but she’s supposed to be a fox. I think she needed magical unicorn shoes to help her dance as she kept making mistakes. It was a shame that she had to go home, but maybe Anton will win the glitterball next year!

Bella on the judges – The judges were really mean on Saturday night and I didn’t like it. I think someone must have stolen their strictly snacks before the show. I wish they were friendlier because it’s not nice being mean when people are learning something.

Bella on the result – It’s sad when someone goes home so close to Blackpool. I wish they let everyone stay until Blackpool then made people go home every week after that.

So there you have it, Bella’s best bits for week 8. Do you agree with her choices? Tell us what your best bits were by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 7

It’s Monday & little Bella has spent almost as much time writing this post as she has doing her maths homework! She is a dedicated Strictly fan and loved the show this weekend! Here are her Top 5 moments along with what she thought of the other dances!

1) Alexandra and Gorka’s Cha Cha Cha

Now this was a real Sassy Pants routine and Alexandra looked as good as one of the pro dancers in this dance. I really liked the music because it made me want to get up and dance, and the dance looked a lot of fun to perform. I’d like mummy to wear a dress like she wore on the school run…. with some wellies (😱!) and a coat of course because I don’t want her to get cold.  It was also good that the costume people gave Gorka shirt buttons this week because it’s been very cold and I don’t want him to get ill.

2) Susan and Kevin’s Jive

This dance looked so much fun. I wish we could get decorators like them to come to our house and decorate my bedroom. Decorators should dance and not just whistle or sing. Susan did a lot of proper Jive steps too and she always looks so happy dancing, it makes me want to join in at home. I wonder if the number we use to vote for them is the number I need to call to get them to come round and paint my room all sparkly! 

3) Joe and Katya’s Charleston

I loved this dance as it looked a lot of fun and their outfits looked really cool. They looked like they should be on a Christmas Tree! I went to see the Nutcracker with grandma last year and they didn’t do a dance like this, but I’d have loved them to have done a dance like this one. There were some really cool tricks and lifts. I tried them with my unicorn but they’re really difficult. I thought they deserved a 10, but I think the judges had lost their 10 paddles at this point. They need to be really careful though because Santa’s watching and if he finds out that they were being mean, they (the judges) may not get any presents.

4) Davood and Nadiya’s American Smooth

When I grow up, I’d like to dance a dance like this one and wear a dress like Nadiya’s dress. It was a proper princess dance. It even made my mummy cry a little bit because it was so beautiful. I thought Davood deserved a 10, because he lifted Nadiya really high up and that’s really brave.

5) Mollie and AJ’s Foxtrot

I was really sad that Mollie was in the dance-off last week and thought this dance was really beautiful. She looked like she was floating on a magical unicorn. It was a shame there was a little mistake and even more of a shock and sadder to see her in the dance-off. I think that next week we all need to vote for Mollie to make sure she’s safe and goes to Blackpool.

What she thought of the other dances

Bella on Jonnie and Oti’s Salsa – This dance really suited him and he looked like he was having a lot of fun at a disco. I think the judges would have given him an 8 but he had no buttons on his shirt. Oti looked like a spinning top. I tried to do her spins and nearly fell over. Don’t try this at home people.

Bella on Debbie and Giovanni’s Tango – This dance was really magical and I liked it a lot. Giovanni is King of the Tango. The dance and choreography gave me Geese Bums (Goosebumps) but I didn’t really like the music. It sounded a bit stupid.

Bella on Gemma and Aljaz’s Salsa – This dance reminded me of holidays. Gemma can do the splits and can fly like a unicorn which is really cool and I liked her swimming costume she was wearing too! (*reminds 7 year old it’s really a dress*)

Bella on Ruth and Anton’s Paso Doble – The judges thought it was funny, but I saw a lot of proper Paso Doble and Ruth looked really grumpy which helped. I think she was grumpy because Anton was being naughty.

Bella on Aston and Janette’s Viennese Waltz – I felt sorry for Aston and Janette because that dance was worth a lot more than a 4. It was worth 4, 7s at least! Craig needs to go on Santa’s naughty list. I think the judges complained that he didn’t move a lot, but that’s only because they didn’t want to trip over the big chair that was in the way. Now that would have been a real disaster.

The Dance-Off

I love everyone this year so I don’t want anyone to go home and was really upset that Aston and Janette had to go home. Nobody is safe and everyone needs your votes, so keep voting for your favourites (but ask Bill Payer’s permission first!) One good thing is that how he can watch Strictly with his bestie, Brian (Conley.)

So there are Bella’s Best Bits for week 7. In addition to this, Bella has a question for you all:

Do you agree with Bella on her best bits for this week? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Cassie (and Bella) 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Halloween Week πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

There were some frightfully good and spooktacular goings on in the world of Strictly this week, and my fearless 7 year old watched the Halloween Special extra closely!

As we have done every week, I’ve asked her to tell me her favourite dances of the week and also give her verdict on the dance-off. Here are her Top 5 moments along with her verdict on the dance-off. Here’s what she thought of the weekend’s Halloweeny Strictly!

Bella’s Best Bits:

Susan and Kevin’s Foxtrot:

I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones before, but my daddy has and he says it’s not as sparkly as Strictly. Kevin and Susan though made this dance really sparkly and I thought Susan looked good with the blonde hair. I’ve only ever learnt the Foxtrot once and I saw a lot of Foxtrot in their dance so I’m not sure what the judges meant. I thought it was awesome and it made me smile! Go Susan and Kevin! 

Mollie and AJ’s Cha Cha Cha

I thought this dance was a really good dance for Mollie. She looked really really confident and I thought they looked very cheeky as two little devils. I think AJ must have put green slime in Craig’s shampoo bottle which is why he had green hair! 

Joe and Katya’s Foxtrot

I don’t like spiders and if I ever see one I scream until mummy and daddy come to pick it up, but I loved this dance. It was really really cool and it had just as much foxtrot as Susan and Kevin’s did too. I really liked the bit at the beginning where Katya was spinning a web to get Joe to dance with her, that looked a lot of fun.

Gemma and Aljaz’s Jive

My little sister loves Aljaz, but she can’t quite say his name yet so we call him Eyelash at home. I really liked this dance as it looked like the two of them were having a lot of fun! Aljaz looked really cool as a vampire and Gemma made a sassypants vampire slayer! She did a lot of sharp kicks and flicks and I loved her dress too, it looked fluffy like a teddybear. 

Debbie and Giovanni’s Charleston

So Debbie borrowed Susan’s hair for a week. How did she do that? πŸ€” Must be that Strictly magic again. This dance was a really good Charleston. Gio looks too beautiful to be a monster but he looked good in green. I liked the lift at the end because that looked really scary, mummy wasn’t so keen. I’ve tried it with my teddybears and unicorn and it is really hard. She’s also now a queen of latin because Shirley gave her her crown. Woah! That’s amazing.

What she thought of the other dances:

Aston and Janette’s Paso Doble – I loved the dance, but the music was a little too shouty and angry for me.

Davood and Nadiya’s Rumba – Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Rumbas but I thought that Nadiya looked like a magical unicorn in this dance and it looked really beautiful

Alexandra and Gorka’s Tango – They made really good Zombies, but they weren’t like real zombies, they could dance and they were awesome.

Jonnie and Oti’s Cha Cha Cha – He looked good as a pirate but I don’t think it was his best dance. Some dances don’t suit everyone. I can’t do the tango properly because I can’t look grumpy – unless someone steals my unicorn.

Simon and Karen’s American Smooth – He only could train for 8 hours, so I think the judges were really harsh on them. He’d hurt himself and I thought he did really well with the dance. He must be really brave to keep going and I think that deserves a Glitterball in itself!

Ruth and Anton’s Quickstep – Anton was a bunny rabbit who became a dancer. I liked their dance a lot and it made me smile. I think Anton’s a really good name for a bunny too!

What she thought of the dance-off:

 I was really upset that Mollie and AJ and Simon and Karen were in the dance-off together as they’re two of my favourites. I felt really sad to see Simon and Karen go, but at least they got to eat chicken before they went home. My unicorn Lola the unicorn was sad too, but she now needs a new team to support. Click this poll below to help us decide which team she should support:

So there are Bella’s thoughts on the Halloween special. Do you agree with her? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

Cassie (and Bella)

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 5!

She’s cute, adorable, sassy and extremely honest. She loves Strictly and even featured on the Radio Times blog with her comment about Anton this weekend:

It’s half-term this week, but I took time out from Bella’s busy social schedule to ask her to reveal her top 5 moments of Strictly Week 5. Here they are in no particular order  in order of preference!

1) Susan and Kevin’s Cha Cha Cha

This was a real sassypants dance to my favourite song ever, Shout out to my Ex by Little Mix. I loved the fact they were dressed up like glitterballs and really liked that Susan puts her all into all her steps that Kevin gives her. I loved it and I voted for them lots and lots of times.

2) Joe and Katya’s Paso Doble

Paso Doble is good for actors and actresses because they get to play a part of being someone really grumpy. I loved this dance as it looked like they were dancing in Spain. Mummy said I was really quiet watching this dance, but I was only quiet because I was watching and enjoying the dance so much.

3) Davood and Nadiya’s Jive

I liked this dance as it looked like a lot of fun and Davood even did a cartwheel. They had a lot of energy and started the Strictly party making it seem like a lot of fun. I loved this dance and loved Nadiya’s dress too. 

4) Janette and Aston’s Waltz

This dance was a real princess dance and looked really beautiful. When I grow up I’d like to dance a dance like this because it looked a lot of fun to dance. I’m also the same shoe size as Janette so I think I’m nearly as big as her. Maybe I could dance this dance in my dance class next week *asks her teacher nicely* 

5) Simon and Karen’s Charleston

Simon and Karen looked like Rupert Bear and they looked like they were dancing a dance which was a lot of fun. Simon couldn’t do a swivel but I’ve been dancing for 4 years and I find the swivel really hard. It was crazy and funny and made me smile a lot. It made my sister giggle and she’s normally grumpy when she’s sleepy! 

What Bella thought of the dance-off result:

I was really sad to see someone leave the competition because they’re all so good this year. As so many people got the same score, they should have let everyone stay until Halloween week. I was sad to see Simon and Karen in the dance-off again, but Lola the Unicorn saved them. Brian was a good dancer and he entertained. I’ll miss seeing him next week but someone did need to go home tonight.

So there are Bella’s best bits for week 5. Do you agree with her? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We  look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 4

After a week off, she’s back and more honest than ever. Yes, Princess of the Unicorns Bella (aged 7) is back with her take on Strictly 2017, Week 4! 

I asked her to pick her top 5 moments of the week. Here are Bella’s Best Bits for Strictly 2017, Week 4:

1) Susan and Kevin’s Quickstep

Susan always makes me happy and this dance really made me want to dance along at home. Kevin is an awesome choreographer and I want to learn this dance because it looks a lot of fun!

2) Alexandra and Gorka’s Jive

I like Alexandra because she has a pink teddy as her mascot. Apparently the teddy goes everywhere with her. Mummy reckons the bear was watching Strictly next to her when she was dancing this Jive. I liked their outfits because they looked like Glitterballs and I loved the dance because it was fab-u-lous and fast. Jive is a lot of fun to dance but it looks really hard, she made it look really easy!

3) Janette and Aston’s Quickstep

When I grow up, I’d like to wear a dress like Janette’s it looked magical. This dance was really fast and they went faster than a unicorn when they’ve eaten their porridge and vegetables. It was a happy song, but I didn’t agree with what the judges were saying. I thought they were fab-u-lous and deserved 9s or 10s!

4) Simon and Karen’s Samba

I like Simon because he tries really hard. Samba is a really hard dance and he did make a mistake but he kept going. I liked his shirt too because it reminded me of being on holiday. I was upset Karen didn’t have more bananas on her head though, but I think she might have eaten them. Simon needed a banana when he was getting the judges’ comments. I think I may send them my banana unicorn as their mascot!

5) Mollie and AJ’s Salsa

Mollie looked magical like a unicorn and the lifts looked lots of fun. I liked the music too and I wanted to dance along at home, I but my little sister stopped me because she couldn’t see the TV! I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the dance.

What Bella thought about the dance-off:

I’m sad that Charlotte went home, but her dance did look more like my mummy did when she was running in a race last week. Davood got dizzy but he did really well in the dance-off. I think we need to vote for all our favourites as nobody is safe.

So that’s what Bella thought of this week’s show. Do you agree with her? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie (and Bella)

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 2 πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„

She’s cute, sassy and loves unicorns almost as much as she loves Strictly! Every Monday of this series, one of Strictly’s youngest Superfans,  Bella will be sharing her favourite moments from Saturday’s Strictly show!

Here are her highlights of Strictly, Week 2:

1) Alexandra and Gorka’s Paso Doble

Alexandra was a mermaid dancing the paso doble. I loved her dress. It was beautiful and mer-mazing. It’s a shame that the costume people forgot Gorka’s buttons though. The dance was amazing and it’s one of my favourite ever Paso Dobles. It was almost as good as Kevin and Louise/Susanna’s Paso Dobles. 

2) Janette and Aston’s Salsa

Janette looked like a unicorn and all the lifts and tricks were awesome. I think she’d done some of them before with Jake in 2014. Mummy forgot, but I remembered. It was a magical dance and they performed to my favourite ever song, Despacito. I danced at home, and mummy did too, but she wasn’t as good as Janette and Aston. 

3) Simon and Karen’s Waltz

I really liked this dance. Simon tried really hard and he danced a dance that was really beautiful. It made my mummy cry in a good way and I thought even though they made a little mistake they kept going and did really well. I’ve always been told by dance teachers, if you make a mistake don’t worry, just keep going and that’s what he did. Karen looked like a princess in her dress too.

4) Susan and Kevin’s Charleston

Susan always makes me smile and I like that she’s having a lot of fun on Strictly. Kevin was a judge, and I think he should be a judge, because he knows all the rules on Strictly! The dance was a lot of fun and I started dancing along at home. I can’t wait to see her Samba next week to Wonder Woman, but I’m not sure what Kevin will do. Maybe he’ll be Wonder Pro? 

5) Debbie and Giovanni’s Viennese Waltz

Debbie actually looked like Princess Elsa and she has magic dust which is helping her dance really well. She looked like a princess and Giovanni looked like a prince. The dance was beautiful and they spun and twirled around the floor really really fast. Debbie can stretch her legs really far, I think she can do the splits! 

So there were Bella’s best bits. What did she think of the elimination?

It was too early for anyone to go home. I’m upset that Chizzy went home, because she could have done many more dances. She was a sassypants dancer and I’ll miss seeing her on Strictly… a lot! I think that next year, they need to make sure people get to stay until Week 3 to dance on Strictly! 

Do you agree with Bella’s Best Bits of Strictly Week 2? 

Strictly 2017 – Bella’s Best Bits – Week 1 πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ¦„

You can always trust children to be completely honest and speak their minds. On Saturday, my 7 year old spoke her mind several times during the live show *inserts examples here*

As she is so honest, I’ve decided to let her reveal her best bits every week on the blog *gulps* Here are her top six moments of Strictly 2017, Week 1:

1) Joe and Katya’s Jive

I loved this dance as it looked like Joe was having a lot of fun and it was really fast and so so good. I liked Katya’s sparkly jeans in this dance too *asks mummy for a pair.* I think he was scared about doing the dance which helped Ore win last year, but he didn’t need to be scared because he’s just as good as Ore.

2) Susan and Kevin’s Viennese Waltz

If I was dancing with Kevin, I think I’d be like Susan and wouldn’t know what to do with my popcorn. Kevin did look like he’d been drinking hot chocolate before because he had a funny moustache. The dance really made me smile a lot and I can’t wait to see what they do next week. Part of being on Strictly is having fun and that’s just what these two did.


3) Aston and Janette’s Foxtrot

This dance was so good Aston looked like a professional. I liked the bit at the start where he slid down the stairs. He looked really cool and this dance really suited him. It was awesome! Janette’s dress made her look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (my favourite movie.)

4) Chizzy and Pasha’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance looked like a lot of fun. I’m not sure why Craig didn’t like it but maybe he needs to see a doctor to cheer him up, because he was really grumpy this week. Chizzy looked really happy dancing and I really liked her dress. I want Chizzy to get really far on Strictly because she makes me happy when she dances.

5) Richard and Dianne’s Cha Cha Cha

This dance made me smile a lot. Mummy was laughing throughout this dance, so I had to tell her off because it’s not nice laughing at people when they’re dancing. They looked like they had a lot of fun and I liked that Richard learnt how to fly too.

6. Simon and Karen’s Paso Doble.

The Paso Doble is all about being really angry, so I think Karen stole Simon’s dinner before they performed this dance. He was so powerful and Karen had unicorn hair so I loved it. I don’t know why the judges didn’t like it so much, because it was really awesome.

So there you have Bella’s best bits. Which moments were your favourite on this week’s #Strictly? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you Bella

Mummy (Cassie)Β