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Strictly 2016 – Photo, GIF and Caption of the Week – Blackpool

It’s that time of the week again!

Yes, time for us to delve deep into Strictly memories of Blackpool and share with you our photo, GIF and caption of the week!

Photo of the week:

We have one word for this photo… Slay!

It captures a perfect powerful moment during the best Paso Doble! Kevin sure knows how to choreograph a Paso Doble and this moment captures the power and drama of the Paso perfectly!

GIF of the week:

We have one word for this GIF…. Wow!


Throughout the series we will always see one couple who are in perfect sync from the very start. This year, there are many but one of them is Danny and Oti! This cartwheel demonstrates that as well as the risks that  Oti is taking, giving Danny such challenging choreography!

Caption of the week:

Some moments just need to be captioned and this is one of them:

We asked you to come up with a caption for this picture! We had some wonderful suggestions, but this one is our favourite:

Those are our picture, caption and GIF of the week. What were your eye-catching moments from Saturday’s show? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


Strictly 2016 – The Magnificent Sev-ern Head to Blackpool! 🏖🍭💃🏻🍭🏖

Tonight the magnificent sev-ern hit Blackpool for a truly brilliant night in the Tower Ballroom! We packed our buckets and spades and headed to the seaside (well almost!) to watch a spectacular show.

It was a night of firsts:

Claudia’s first trip to Blackpool

Joanne’s first performance at the Tower Ballroom with a Celebrity on Strictly

And we also had the first perfect 40 score of the series for Danny and Oti with their wonderful Charleston!

Overall it was a brilliant night of dance and was even better than we expected. Here’s what we thought of each of the dances, performance by performance!

The show opened to what can only be described as the best group dance ever! It was performed to One from a Chorus Line (one of our favourite musicals) and was full of class, glitz and glamour! Just like Strictly. We loved it and it set the tone for the evening ahead.

First up to perform were Claudia and AJ who performed the fastest Jive ever to Hey Mickey! They were cheerleaders and the routine had so much energy and joy. Week after week we will Claudia and AJ on to do well. They are truly adorable. It was a shame that there was a slight slip in the middle. The choreography was fast and fantastic and overall we thought it deserved a 9! The judges awarded Claudia 36/40.

Next up were Ore and Joanne they were performing a Viennese Waltz to “That’s Life!” It was a routine filled with glamour and glitz. Joanne looked gorgeous, just like Marilyn Monroe and her choreography had so much movement and coverage across the floor as well as the longest fleckerl ever! The dance itself was beautiful. We thought they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40!

Louise and Kevin (AKA The King of Paso) then took to the floor with a fiery and dramatic Paso Doble! Kevin’s choreography every year excites us and his paso dobles are the stuff of legend! This was truly powerful routine with beautiful choreography. Louise was on fire and matched Kevin perfectly! (it was lovely to see Karen dancing in the background to!) We hoped they would get 40/40, the judges also awarded them 38/40!

Danny and Oti then wowed us with a wonderful Charleston. Week after week Danny amazes us and looks like a professional on the floor! Oti’s choreography is challenging and their performances are always imaginative and brilliant! We loved the whole dance and awarded them a 10! The judges agreed with Craig finally pulling out his 10 paddle (yes it does exist!) and awarding them 40/40!

Ed and Katya were next to entertain us with a truly unique but amazing Jive! We love Ed and he always tries his best. He really does deserve his place in the competition. It wasn’t technically perfect but it filled us with joy! We loved it and thought they should get a 7. The judges awarded them 23/40 (including a 4 from Craig!)

The penultimate couple of the evening were Greg and Natalie who performed a quickstep. We learnt that Natalie was struggling to keep up with Greg in training (he was dancing so fast!) It was a dance that made us smile and was fast, fun and fab-u-lous! We thought they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 32/40!

The final couple to take to the floor were Judge Rinder and Oksana. They were performing a spicy Salsa! He had brilliant hip action and their outfits made us feel like we were at a carnival. He performed the choreography brilliantly. We loved the whole routine as it filled us with joy! In our opinion he deserved a 10. The judges gave him 33/40!

So who were your favourites tonight? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the results show.

Cassie 🙂

Thought For Thursday – The Magic of Blackpool 🍭🏖💃🏻

For many years Blackpool has been seen as the ballroom capital of the UK. The Tower Ballroom has become a magical place where dreams come true and has an even fairytale kingdom-like quality.

Over the past few years when Strictly has visited the tower ballroom we have seen many magical routines. There have been dances which have truly wowed and amazed us. Scores in Blackpool are on average a lot higher than in other weeks and the judges seem more generous dishing out their tens than in other weeks. So what makes Blackpool performances so magical?

Well, firstly the anticipation. The professionals have all danced at Blackpool and they all want to get to the Strictly Blackpool show to show their celebrities how amazing it is. The professionals put their all into their choreography week after week, but at Blackpool they really do push the boat out creating routines worthy of the world championships. At home we cannot wait to see the performances. We expect great things this year, and are sure the pros and celebrities will not disappoint.

Secondly, it has to be the audience. In the studio there is a much smaller audience, whereas at Blackpool the celebrities and professionals are performing to a much larger crowd. This in turn creates a more entertaining and enthralling atmosphere. In fact in 2013, after Susanna Reid and Kevin Clifton performed their legendary Paso Doble, the audience cheered so loudly it broke the record for the loudest applause ever on TV. Now that’s something.

With a larger ballroom floor, the celebrities and professionals can cover much more distance. This is particularly noticeable in the Ballroom routines where the celebrities and professionals cover the floor as much as they can. There is nothing more magical than watching a Quickstep, Foxtrot or a Viennese Waltz on the Blackpool floor. The couples use up the whole floor which impresses us and the judges and creates truly magical routines.

The judges always seem to be in a better mood in Blackpool. Perhaps it’s the sea air. It may also be because it is a little like a holiday. A change from the norm is as good as a rest and leaving the Studio to go to such a magical place as the Tower Ballroom would make even the grumpiest of people (yes Craig, that’s you) smile!

Finally, let’s not forget the band, singers, costume team, make-up, hair and behind the scenes team. Week after week they help produce a show which we all love from the comfort of our own sofas. In Blackpool they go the extra mile to really impress us. The costumes are always super sparkly, the music always sounds amazing and the hair and make-up (aka Glam Squad) make the looks super glitzy too. They really do go the extra mile to make Blackpool even more special.

So that’s what makes Blackpool even more magical for us. What makes Blackpool magical for you? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2016 – All aboard the bus to Blackpool!

This weekend we’ll see the magnificent sev-errn couples who remain in the competition take the Blackpool Tower Ballroom for one night!

Blackpool is always a truly magical and spectacular night where dances come to life! Yesterday we asked you to tell us the dances you thought were the greatest Blackpool performances ever. We were given some brilliant choices, which were so good we had to make a special playlist for you:

Blackpool is the home to many ballroom and latin championships. It got us thinking, if there was a Strictly Blackpool Championship, which routine would win?

Here at the Strictly Support Group we know the only way to decide this once and for all is by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with a poll! Once you’ve watched the dances in the playlist above, choose your top three from the poll below. We’ll then reveal the winner after 8pm on Friday!

Get Voting people! 

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool.

Unless you have been hiding under a Blackpool rock for the last few days, you’ve probably heard some less than favourable rumours about, what we think is the best show on TV, Strictly!

I have loved and watched Strictly from the very beginning. Over the course of the last 11 years, you could probably count the number of times I’ve missed the show on one hand. More recently, my little girl (Bella) has followed in her Mummy’s footsteps  and become the biggest smallest Strictly fan I know. I’m not someone to get on my soapbox, but as it relates to something I love, and more importantly something my little girl loves, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on what happened in Blackpool.

My little girl has asked many questions over the last few days, especially when she has seen Strictly all over the papers. I have explained what’s happened, and in her opinion “that’s rubbish Mummy!” I agree with her completely. We both love Strictly, and nothing can change our opinion on that!

The dance-off was brought in to ensure that the right couple in the bottom two are saved by the judges. The judges are entitled to their own opinion and will pick the couple they think is right to go through based on the performance in the dance-off. Jamelia’s performance may have been stronger in the dance-off, but Peter’s dance was massively improved from his first performance. 

Yes, there will be differences of opinion between the judges, as they all look for differently things. Craig, Darcey and Bruno tend to focus more on the performance element, whereas Len is a traditionalist. When a competition is so close, and a dance-off very close in standard, not all the judges will agree on who should be saved. Len will have the deciding vote, however if the three judges vote for the same person, his vote doesn’t count. You could see Darcey was physically torn after casting her vote. The competition is so close this year, that saying goodbye to anyone is extremely difficult, so this display of emotion is natural and to be expected.

Also, from past experience, the judges will look at the couples’ progress over the competition, especially if the dances are of a similar standard in the dance-off. Where couples have been in the dance-off before, it does suggest they are struggling with public support. We have no idea what a dance-off is like, having never been there, however Jamelia was a true fighter till the end in her 5th dance-off. We can imagine the dance-off is a scary place, where nobody wants to keep ending up in the competition. The judges may have voted Jamelia off to save her from yet another Dance-Off. Sometimes you have to be a little bit cruel to be kind.

We all know the Results Show is recorded and edited. For the hours of footage that are probably condensed into 35 minutes, it is possible that things may not be shown in as impartial a light as is hoped. The Tower Ballroom is not a TV studio. We saw the camera wobbling whilst couples were dancing on the springy floor, so it’s natural that they would need to record or re-record extra footage (such as Standing Ovations) to compensate for wobbly cameras. The Strictly studio Director’s opinion on what happened in Blackpool cleared a lot of things up and explained things perfectly for us.

Finally, let’s not forget how hard the professionals, celebrities, creative team, production team, hair team, costume team and make-up all work to make Strictly a magical show. This year’s choreography has been more creative than ever and Strictly keeps getting better and better. 

In our opinion, Strictly is still the best show on TV and nothing will ever change that. This is our side of the story. We know there are two sides to a story, however let’s put the fix rumours to bed. What happened in Blackpool, stays in Blackpool. *steps off soapbox*

Thank you for reading this.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – Blackpool Week Performance Recap

It’s that time of year again and time for us to dust off our Kiss Me Quick hats and chomp on a stick of rock (or 2!) Yes, tonight, Strictly went to Blackpool for what was quite possibly the best Strictly ever! We’re hoping our Kiss me Quick hat was better received than Claudia’s *watches as everyone apart from the cat leaves the room* 😳

The show started with a group dance of epic proportions featuring all the professionals and celebrities on the floor together. It was an upstairs-downstairs theme, and we’d love the Strictly Pros to wait on us when we next go out for a meal, even if it does mean Giovanni ends up with another Custard Pie on his face.


The judges made their entry into the ballroom and one judge made a particularly dramatic entrance to Bohemian Rhapsody. There was one very familiar face in the audience, Jeremy Vine. This was supposed to be the theme of Jeremy & Karen’s routine this week had they not been eliminated last weekend. We have the funniest feeling that Craig didn’t ask Jeremy his permission before making his entrance, as Jeremy scored him a 3 for this efforts.

First up performing tonight were Jay and Aliona with their Salsa. Jay worked on his facial expressions this week. His hard work really showed in his performance.  It was a super cool Salsa which took us to Havana and back. We could hardly tell the difference between him and the other backing dancers. We loved it and awarded him a Strictly 10. Our judges gave him 36/40.

It was then time for Jamelia and Tristan to perform their Quickstep. After surviving the dance-off for the 4th time last week, this week these two became dolls. Hands up if you’d like a Tristan doll on your Christmas list!

It was by far their best dance of the series and in our opinion deserved a 9. They looked like little dancing dolls and it was dolly good! Jamelia’s dress was beautiful. Things got a little emotional and Jamelia even cried as the judges awarded them 31/40!

Anita and Gleb then amazed us with a Paso Doble full of drama and flamenco flair. Paso Dobles always thrill and wow us in Blackpool and this was no exception. We loved it and felt like we were transported to Seville (Poor Derek the Donkey! We’ve done a lot of travelling tonight, haven’t we?) We awarded it a Strictly 10. Our judges gave Anita her first 10 and she earnt a wonderful 37/40. Her parents were there to watch her dance, and we think Anita’s Mum is quite possibly the cutest human being ever.

Katie and Anton then took us to Hollywood (just as well we only just renewed our Passport!) for an American Smooth full of glamour, class and elegance. These two do these 3 things perfectly, and this routine was simply beautiful. We loved it and in our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges awarded them their best score so far 35/40. Anton (and my 5 year old) were both over the moon and we heard Anton sleeps in his Top Hat! Strictly producers, if you’re reading this, we want to see photographic evidence of said Top Hat!

It was then time for Peter and Janette’s Jive. We love Tina Turner and thought this dance was Simply the Best. The music choice was brilliant. It was not technically perfect, but Peter came out and performed this routine brilliantly. It got us dancing and once again, Janette’s choreography was great! In our opinion they deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them a disappointing 29/40.

Georgia and Giovanni were next and gave an impressive performance. Their American Smooth Viennese Waltz was beautiful and Giovanni’s singing has to be the best thing ever. It did make us ever so slightly emotional. These two really are the Prince and Princess of the ballroom. For us they deserved 10. Our judges awarded them 38/40.

We then took a trip to Broadway for Helen and Aljaz’s Charleston. As well as multiple Helens (which confused us) this dance had really tricky choreography which Helen mastered. There was a split between the judges. Darcey and Bruno loved it (as did we!) Craig said it was too controlled and Len felt there was too much side-by-side choreography and not enough dancing! In our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges awarded them 34/40.

Strictly really do save the best till last. Tonight it was the turn of Kellie and Kevin who took us to the office for a first class Quickstep. It was light, bright and brilliant. We wish every day at the office was like this dance *begs James in accounts to dance on Monday* We loved it and awarded them 10. Our judges gave them 37/40 and Kevin and Kellie’s first 10 of the series. 

That ended tonight’s Blackpool show. We can honestly say Strictly gets bigger and better every week and this week was no exception. We loved it and hope nobody goes home tomorrow night. They’re all too good to leave.

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. We’d love to hear what you thought of the show too. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re back tomorrow night from 7pm, tweeting along with the Strictly Results show. Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Wednesday Warm-Up – A Dance Chosen By One Of You Lovely People

For today’s Wednesday Warm-Up, we let the lovely Becky (@beckywarkup) on twitter choose her favourite ever Strictly moment.

She chose the day when carnival came to Blackpool in 2013 and half of Grimsby, some adorable children, all our pros, some more dancers, and our celebrities filled the dancefloor with a technicolour fiesta of a performance.

She loved the way that all these elements came together to make such a happy dance and we have to agree. It truly set the scene for a marvellous night, which at the time we said would be very hard to top (but being amazing, the lovely folk at Strictly made an even more impressive opening routine this year!) This routine had acrobatics, gorgeous samba and Latin American dancing as well as colourful costumes and great music! If you’re in a bad mood, it’ll turn your frown upside down guaranteed! We loved it and hope you will too. Here are some of our class of 2013, with half of Grimsby, junior champions, our professional dancers and some other pro dancers performing in Blackpool:

We hope you liked watching that dance and thank you to Becky for suggesting it. It’s really made us smile this morning. If you’d like to see a Strictly moment, tweet us @scd_support, comment below or on our facebook page and we’ll add it to our list of dances to watch again.

Cassie 🙂

Wednesday Warm-Up – We can’t blame this one on the sunshine or the moonlight!

For today’s Wednesday Warm-Up, we’re watching a dance so good we can’t blame it on the sunshine, moonlight or good times nor can we blame it on the boogie.

We’re watching the dance my husband named Jacksonfest! Yes, we’re watching the “thriller” of a group dance from Saturday’s show. Not only did this dance feature all our fabulous professionals performing an amazing Charleston/Quickstep routine but our celebrities all joined in and looked Fab-u-Lous, mad and bad (in a good way!)

We loved the whole concept, costumes and music. As a fan of Michael Jackson, we were in our element. Whoever choreographed this routine was a smooth criminal, it was so good! We loved it and may have even had a boogie along at home!

All our celebrities looked smoking hot, especially Steve (who we’re now even more in love with than we were before – sorry Pasha!) and Judy Murray put in a great effort which made us smile!

If you’re feeling bad or have had a bad day today, watch this dance! It’ll definitely put a smile on your face! Here is our Class of 2014 and our professional dancers setting the Blackpool Ballroom alight with an amazing routine:

We hope you enjoyed watching this dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support, comment in the box below or on our facebook page!

Have a great evening.

Cassie 🙂

Smooth Sunday – We think we’ve flooded the tower ballroom

Last night, I judged a talent show competition and being the hormonal person I am right now (blame the little lady inside me!) I did cry a lot! If I had been judging Strictly, I’m pretty sure I’d have flooded the Tower Ballroom so it’s just as well I wasn’t. From what my lovely 4yr old told me, it was a-may-zing and our couples dazzled and shone like sparkly glitterballs.

As it’s still officially Blackpool weekend, today we’re watching a dance that may make you a tad emotional. It may even make you Cry a River. We’re watching Kara and Artem’s amazing American Smooth from 2010. Although Len didn’t like it, we loved Artem’s unique choreography and felt Tango really suited an American Smooth. It had tension, romance a floaty nature and great lifts. Not only did they perform it brilliantly but Artem was injured too!

For us this dance scored a 10. We loved it and hope you will too. Here are Kara and Artem with their American Smooth:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support, comment below or like! share or comment on our new Facebook Page (Strictly Support Group!)

We’re here later for a results show chat. Hope you can join us then.

Have a great afternoon.

Cassie 😊

Strictly 2014 – Blackpool Performance Week Through The Eyes Of 4yr Old Bella

Hello, it’s Bella again! Mummy let me takeover twitter tonight. She said it makes me powerful, but I still feel little, so I think she lied to me. She doesn’t know yet, but I voted lots, but that can be our secret, can’t it? Anyway, she’s also let me review tonight’s performances. Here’s what I thought of them.

The show opened with a magical routine. I want to go to Blackpool. Daddy told me to close my eyes and when I opened them I’d be there. It didn’t happen, so I was very cross! *stomps feet and pulls a paso face!*

First up were my favourites Frankiestein and Kevin with a Quickstep. Frankie looked like she was wearing a picnic blanket and daddy thought Kevin looked like Rupert the Bear. I don’t know who he is, but he didn’t look like a bear to me, he looked like Kevin from Grimsby.

They looked really fast, faster than daddy’s car! I really liked this dance and for me they deserved a 10. They were given 37/40 by the judges.

Next up were Janette and Jake with an American Smooth. I really like Janette, because she looks like a princess, but I think they didn’t tell her she had torn her dress, which was mean. My boyfriend at school is called Jake, but he can’t dance. I liked her lifts and the dancing was good. I gave them a 9/10 and our judges gave them 36/40.


Sunetra and Brendan then had a chicken hen party on the Dancefloor! I still don’t understand what a hen party is, but daddy said it has nothing to do with chickens. Zoe seemed to think it did. I think daddy wasn’t telling the truth. I liked their samba, as they looked like they were having fun but she needs to wear more pink! I gave them 7/10, our judges gave them 30/40.

Simon and Kristina then performed an Argentine Tango. Daddy didn’t let me watch it as I’m too little, but the judges seemed to like it and Darcey couldn’t stop talking. I think she needed to eat some cake! Daddy says I can watch it when I’m older. I’d give them a 10/10. Our judges gave them 38/40


Next up were a Judy and Anton. She can fly and I liked her dress. She also gave the judges Candy Floss and Craig a Donut. I like her, she seems nice. She danced better than normal. I gave her 6/10. Our judges gave her 24/40.


Mark and Karen then performed a magical Charleston! It was really good and Mark didn’t hurt Karen! I liked her shoes, but daddy says I might be a bit little for them. They danced really well and I voted for them once twice three four times. I gave them 10/10 and the judges gave them 36/40. I like Karen’s face in this picture, she looks like I do when I’m naughty!


Pixie and Trent then dressed up as a donkey to have a donkey ride on the promenade. I want to have a donkey ride everyday until Christmas. They also performed a Paso Doble. Last year I really liked Belle and Kevin’s Paso Doble and this year Pixie and Trent performed another Paso. This one was just as good. For me, I still loved Susanna and Kevin’s dance more and they’re my favourites. Mummy wants you to vote for your favourite of the two.


They got 38/40 and I think they deserved a 10 because she looked very grumpy. Bruno said she looked invisible, but I could see her. I think he needs to borrow Kevin’s glasses next week.

Steve and Ola then performed an American Smooth. I like Steve because he likes animals and he gives Ola lots of piggy backs. *asks Daddy for a piggy back!* I’d give them an 8/10.

Caroline and Pasha Then performed a Jive. Pasha looked like a teddybear. I like him. I didn’t understand why they weren’t dressed as crocodiles though. They looked like they were having great fun! For me I gave them a 10. Our judges gave them 37/40.


Then it was bedtime for me. I’m only 4 so I was very tired. Who were your favourites tonight? Vote in this poll to let me and mummy know. We love you all lots and lots:

Mummy will be back tomorrow night for a Results show chat. We hope you can join us then.

Bella and Mummy!