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DWTS Ireland – The Final! A Review by @ByrneSarahNow

Over the past 11 weeks, our wonderful Irish reporter, Sarah (@byrneSarahNow) has guided us through the fab-u-lous first series of the Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing, DWTS Ireland. There have been many an embellished jacket (which puts Craig Revel Horwood’s costume’s to shame) and some epic dances. Here is what she thought of the final. If you haven’t watched it yet, look away now, as there are spoilers!

Welcome back everyone to my final review of what I have to say may of had a bit of a shaky start but has ended up being a brilliant series. 

Right from the start of the Final show we were given an amazing pro dance which included our judges strutting their stuff and showing us that not only can they talk the talk but dance the dance. So sitting there watching the dance to see who is who and up next pop Nicky and Amanda giving it loads and it just set the tone for what was to come.

We also have our last instalment of Julian’s jacket watch who worn a glittery number this week. We have a photo of Julian with the creative mind behind his jackets, Claire Garvey @cgraveydesigner.

With everyone doing three dances it was time to get going.
First up 

Aidan & Valeria

Judges Choice – American Smooth – 25 (Week 5 -21)

Favourite – Salsa – 25 (Week 1 – 19)

Freestyle – 30

Last week I commented on the power of the vote & this week Aidan wanted to prove to everyone that he had as much right to be in the Final as anyone else. And did he ever. with an increase of 4 points for his classy American Smooth & an increase of 6 points for his Salsa, he showed he has come a long way. 

The Freestyle that Valeria came up with was nothing short of amazing. She used his strength and with the lifts that she put into it showed an unbelievable level of trust in him. I thought it was amazing & just right that he got a perfect score for it. Well done Aidan.

Aoibhin & Vitali

Judges Choice – Jive – 29 (Week 8 – 28)

Favourite – Rumba – 29 ( Week 6 – 26)

Freestyle – 30

Maybe it’s just me but I prefer when they go back a good few weeks & pick a dance so we can see the level of improvement. Aoibhin’s dances were all pretty good the first time around with only Brian with holding his 10 paddle.
Aoibhin’s Freestyle was a dramatic contemporary with some amazing lifts & moves. Vitali has showed he has a flare for the dramatic & Aoibhin proved that she was up for the challenge.

A great night for Aoibhin.

Denise & Ryan

Judges Choice – Tango – 30 (Week 3 – 26)

Favourite – Salsa – 30 (Week 8 – 27)

Freestyle – 30

Sheer perfection from Denise. She also showed improvement in her previous dances & I had serious concerns for Ryan who looked like his heart was about to burst he was so proud of Denise.

We have learnt over the course of the season that Ryan is a very talented choreographer so when he was able to let loose with the Freestyle he was fantastic. Their Freestyle was a soft & emotional contemporary dance, with more fabulous lifts. With 3 perfect scores Denise could do no more – well done.

So there you have it. We started with 11 and now our final 3 can do no more, 12 long intense weeks and it’s time for the public to vote and choose our winner as the judges scores are only a guide. 

All of our previous Stars are back for one night only and we see poor Hughie hasn’t toned down the tan, Dayl is still feeling devastated that he is not in the final and I think Katherine and Teresa started the wrap party early. They took part in a group number which allowed them to take part one last time.

We also had live music from The Vamps who had support from our Wonderful Pro Dancers.
With the voting closed and counting done it was up to Amanda and Nicky (who took so long I thought they had left) to announce our winners…. Aidan & Valeria.

Congratulations to Aidan & Valeria, I for one am delighted with the result. Was he the best dancer – No, did he entertain – Yes. 

Some people seem to forget that whilst it is a dancing show it is also an entertainment show and Aidan showed us all that you can go from zero to hero. If he can do it anyone can and even if you don’t feel confident enough to do a Tango up the aisles of Super Value you may be able to give your significant other a twirl around the kitchen. 
The country went into such a state over this result I think the only thing I can compare it to was when Chris Hollins beat Ricky Whittle. (I was delighted with that result too). We will leave you as a divided country with half delighted for Aidan and the other half thinking it’s a scandal like no other and the girls were robbed. 

This has concluded a fabulous first season which is sure to return as it has given us all something to talk about other than sport and politics. I would like to thank @scd_support for allowing me to do this review and to all of you, who had read, commented and messaged me, I really appreciate it. 

Till next year, KEEP DANCING


Thank you for another brilliant review Sarah! You really do deserve a chocolate glitterball for all your efforts. We’d love to hear what you thought of the series, if you’ve been lucky enough to watch it. Did it amaze you? What did you think of the result too? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


DWTS Ireland – Icons Week – A review by our Irish reporter @ByrneSarahNow

Over the past 10 weeks, we’ve been following Dancing with the Stars Ireland. We may not be able to watch it due to geoblocking, here in the UK, but have an expert Irish reporter (the lovely Sarah) who has been following it for us. Sunday just gone was Icons week. Here’s what she thought of the show:

This week was all about ICONS and I am pleased to say that our very own style Icon Judge Jules is back with his own tribute to David Bowie. Sad to see Darren go but nice to see Julian back.

We are down to six and soon to be five but who will survive the Dance Off???

First up we have – 

Katherine & Kai – Jive – 19

Tina Turner

I don’t think Katherine could have done this dance in week 1, & even though it wasn’t her best she through the kitchen sink at it. She looked like she had a great time performing it but I think they might of had a bit of a practice back stage. Fingers crossed its not them.

Denise & Ryan – Quick Step – 22

Amy Winehouse

These two are starting to annoy me. They are so good when it comes to dancing but Ryan feels like he should just ignore everything & do his own thing. Ryan added Foxtrot to his Quickstep which did them no favours as they only got a 22 and even though the dance was very good they had to rely on public votes. I like Ryan, I really do but some times he just has to Nod, Smile & Agree because he might be hurting Denise’s chances – I hope not.

Dayl & Ksenia – Cha Cha – 25

Justin Bieber 

Yes folks you read that right, Dayl chose Bieber as his Icon!!! We can weep for the generation later. They did a really good, cheeky Cha Cha which I enjoyed & so did the judges.

Aidan & Valeria – Charleston – 28

Ray Charles

It is hard for a Donegal person to say anything nice about a Kerry footballer but I have been waiting for this to happen since week 1, such was his breakthrough. This dance had everything from Aidan & got him a 10. It showed a different side to him & I hope he can keep it going in the coming weeks. Absolutely delighted with his performance.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Salsa – 29


Another confident performance from Aoibhin who seems to blooming under Vitali’s teachings. She looked like a professional she was that confident, fantastic performance.

Des & Karen – American Smooth – 17

Billy Joel

While Dancing Dessie may be back he is the Ed Balls of DWTS Irl. He managed the lifts better than Ed but sadly I think even he realises his time might be up.

Everyone has danced and we’ve had hits, misses & jaw dropping surprises so voting lines are open. Whilst we are waiting on the results of the voting we have the usual chit chat to everyone and then we are treated to two amazing Pro Dances. 

The first dance is to Man in the Mirror from Thriller Live which will be at The Gaiety Theatre. It was danced with junior dancers and looked so good. The second Pro Dance was just as good and I am really enjoying the live performances.

 With the voting closed and those progressing to next week we are down to our bottom three.

Aidan, Katherine & Dayl – notice no Des – twitter was not happy😒

Well now no matter who is in the dance off it is not going to be a happy ending for me and I knew it, Katherine was there with Dayl of all people. 

There was really no need for a vote as the nation knew the result – it was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Katherine & Kai. Ragin, that my favourites are gone but I will continue to cheer on the rest of the stars.

I know RTE could of pick a better photo of Kai, I mean there must be loads to choose from.

Before I got and weep into a hanky, is Brian getting on anyone else’s nerves when he says “From Brian a….8, 9” I mean come on, save that for a 10 surely. Also the judges seem to have taken a real dislike to Ryan and God love him, he is not helping matters. Anyone else think this or am I imagining it?

Chat to you next week when five become four.



Thank you Sarah. If you were lucky enough to watch the show we’d love to hear what you thought of it. We’d also like to hear who your icons of Strictly have been. Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

DWTS Ireland – A Week 8 review from @ByrneSarahNow

Unless you’ve been hiding under a sparkly rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know we’ve been following the DWTS Ireland series from the comfort of our own home. We may not be able to watch the series from here in the UK due to geoblocking, however our lovely Irish reporter Sarah has been covering the series for us and reporting on the goings on each and every week. Here’s what she thought of this week’s show:

Before we kick off on this week’s show just a little bit of an update on Judge Jules as some of you have been asking …..well he will be back next week.😊 No word yet on how outrageous the jacket will be but with four weeks to make up for I can only imagine, there is also no word on whether Darren will stay on as a four judge?

We are down to the Magnificent Seven which allowed Amanda & Nicky to cram some about of puns in – now I like these two but they are no Claudia and Tess.

Everyone was reunited and it was back to work as we have elimination this week with the dreaded DANCE OFF, I can hardly wait.

First up

Dayl & Ksenia – Contemporary Ballroom – 28

After the high of last weeks perfect score that Dayl got with Valeria, I think Ksenia was on a mission to do a good job this week. They did a lovely number in bare feet, which involved a very tricky Dirty Dancing lift & it suited Dayl so much so that Darren came them a 10.

Teresa & John – Paso -16

This Paso had very little fire & passion & was more like a gentle stroll in the park I’m afraid. It’s a shame as John is so good I feel he is the Anton of DWTS Irl but hopefully next year he will be able to showcase his talents. Teresa had a great time & her two teenage boys in the audience looked absolutely mortified.

Denise & Ryan – Salsa – 27

It was mentioned a time or fifty that that Ryan was UK & British Pro Latin & Show dance Champion & we can see why but a quick question to all you people on the other side of the water – What’s the difference between UK & British?? I thought it was all the same!!! (can anyone enlighten us? – *scratches her head*)

They did a fabulous number with lots of tricks & content & I thought it would score higher.

Des C & Karen – Viennese Waltz – 19

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Not only were they waltzing to the tune of the Marino Waltz by the Dubliners but Karen had surprised Des by having Dubliner John Sheahan show up & preform the tune for them in rehearsals. Everyone was overcome with emotion & Des did a fantastic job.

Katherine & Kai – Charleston – 23

My favourite couple back together again. This was Katherine’s dance, cheeky & flirty but sadly she was concerned about the lifts & if Kai would be able to lift her. Many of you may not know that Katherine took part in Operation Transformation before this show & she lost 13.5lbs on it & has lost a further stone & a half since. She looks amazing & it’s a hard mind set to overcome but Katherine you are doing great & the envy of the female population.

So send some positive feedback her way @katherinelyncho

Aidan & Valeria – Waltz – 22

Poor Aidan after last weeks pounding I was hiding behind the cushion & hoping for the best & it was like Aidan from week 1. I will admit that I did a little clap I was so pleased for him. His waltz was lovely & lyrical.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Paso – 26

Another good performance from Aoibhin but this Paso had a bit of a contemporary feel to it compared to Vitali’s dark & dangerous one which he performed with Katherine. Sadly no hat trick of 10s but still a very good score.

The Leaderboard

So there you have it all seven have dance, voting lines are open & we have the chit chat with the judges and Stars. We also have a very colourful Pro dance and again some live music, this time from the wonderful Roisin O. Kai & Guilia performed a brilliant Argentine Tango to her music.

So who is through to next weeks Icons week – Katherine, Aidan, Dayl & Des Cahill. Which means Teresa, Aoibhin & Denise are in the bottom three.

Three become two with Aoibhin through to next week. It’s an easy decision for the judges who all opt to keep Denise in the competition.

Teresa showed that she is indeed a classy lady and didn’t “storm” off on what was in no way an Unnecessary Journey for her as it allowed us to see a different side to the wind battered reporter who became an internet sensation.


As I mentioned it’s Icons week next week so we will have to wait & see what they have in store for us. Let me know what you thought @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support

Bye for now


Thank you Sarah! If you know the difference between UK and British or watched the show and would like to let us know what you thought of it, you can comment below or tweet @scd_support. If you’re also up to anything Strictlified soon and would like to blog it for us, send us an email to strictlysupportgroup@aol.co.uk to let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

DWTS Ireland – Week 7 Review by @ByrneSarahNow (Our Irish Reporter)

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks, you’ll know that Ireland now have their very own version of Strictly. We have a Strictly Superfan as our reporter, Sarah who has been letting us know what happened each week. Here’s her review of week 7! 

Hi all, 
Well what a treat we had on Sunday night. It was Switch Up Week and we were spoiled. 
The show kicked off with a fabulous group number where the couples started in their original pairings and then throughout the dance the switch up couples were revealed. It really was a nice touch because unless you watched Can’t Stop Dancing on Friday you may not have known the new pairs which were picked by the judges. Think next year they should let the public vote.
Good news, Bad news – We still have Darren as a judge which means Julian is still sick but Nicky says he is on the mend. you never know we may end up with four judges before the end of the season.
Des C & Ksenia – Samba – 17

Dancing Dessie was back looking a bit like Hugh Hefner. He gave it his all & the judges were very happy with him despite being sick all week.
Denise & John – Viennese Waltz – 26

Here I don’t know who had more pressure on them Denise or John? John had to live up to Ryan’s brilliant choreography & he stepped up like the pro he is. Their V. Waltz was very dark & dramatic & Denise coped very well.

Katherine & Vitali – Paso – 21

Katherine took a step to the dark side with this dance & I’m glad as again it is showing another side to her. She embraced it & looked like she was having fun. Katherine is firmly in the middle of the pack & needs to take a few risks to catch up on the top three.

Dayl & Valeria – Salsa – 30

A lot of emphasis was put on this dance to be hip hop, I might have missed the bit where it was a fusion dance like the Disco Salsa we had a few weeks back but who better than Dayl to pull it off. It was like a show dance & rave all rolled into one. If you remember Dayl has already had two strikes against him from Brian for his Hip Hop antics but Brian declare this a Home run & Dayl & Valeria gets a PERFECT SCORE -30

In here we get live music – yipee – it’s from The Kinks Muscial coming to Dublin next month – Sunny Afternoon.

Aoibhin & Kai – Foxtrot – 28

Aoibhin has become a great dancer & is handling any dance that comes her way. Kai gave her great choreography & it earned her another 10.

Teresa & Ryan – Jive – 18

Based on resent weeks I think the country as a whole feared for poor Teresa when we found out she had Ryan. How would our nervous reporter cope with no filter Ryan? With no trouble at all. Ryan encouraged her more & Teresa seemed to soften his edges. She improved her score but I think she will be happy to have John back next week.

Aidan & Karen – Samba – 15

It is not often that the Kerry & Dublin are on the same side but that’s what we got with this pairing. Karen’s no holds barred approach to liven Aidan up worked to a certain extent. The fun element was there but he again failed to deliver on technique. The judges were very critical & for another week running Karen was in the firing line. Aidan said he would prefer more constructive criticism & offered to take Brian out to a GAA pitch to see how he would fare.


With no eliminations this week all votes are carried over till next week so we had the usual filler time of chatting with the Stars & Judges. We had another colourful Pro dance & we even spotted Strictly’s AJ & Chloe in the audience and I do believe Neil & Katya are coming over soon.  


There was also a hint dropped during the show about a possible Oscars week????
So with everything returning to normal again what will they have in store of us? Oh wait – The Dance Off is coming & they have finally listened to the nation. Happy days.
Bye for now 


On the subject of this review, would you like to see a switch-up week on Strictly 2017? (Where couples are switched around.) Tell us by voting in this poll below:

Thank you once again to Sarah for another fab-u-lous review *grants you a glitterball*

Cassie 🙂 

DWTS Ireland – Week 5 – A review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

It’s time for us to venture over to the Emerald Isle to see what happened on this week’s Dancing With The Stars – Ireland. Our lovely reporter Sarah Byrne has been busy writing a review for us. Here’s what happened in her own words:

Hi all, another fun packed Sunday night has come and gone which means we have lost another Star and we are sadly another Rumba walk closer to the end, but we are not there yet!!!
So the big news out of Sunday nights show was that judge Julian Benson was ill and needed his outrageous jacket filled, always ready to save the day up stepped none other than Darren Bennett. Thankfully for Darren, Julian had the key to his wardrobe tucked away so no jacket watch this week.
Ryan was also sick this week but managed to dance and if reports are to be believed the person giving him a bit of TLC is….Thalia Heffernan. Yip seems a romance is blooming. 

So with nine Stars left lets see how they got on.

Denise & Ryan – Samba – 27
Despite Ryan being sick & Denise trying to train on her own this was another great performance.

Des C. & Karen – Tango -18

Dancing Dessie decided to give the judges a dance with no messing about, & that is what he did. Full of intent & drive Des impressed the judges.

Teresa & John – Disco Salsa – 16

Teresa showed improvement with her Boogie Wonderland Salsa and a bit more confidence but still a good bit to go.

Dayl & Kzenia – Viennese Waltz – 26

Soft & romantic was the flavour of this dance & as in previous weeks Dayl didn’t disappoint. At this stage its a race between Denise & himself to see who gets the first 10.

Katherine & Kai – Foxtrot – 22

West Side Story – Leitrim Style. The ballroom dances allow Katherine to show off her feminine side & she is quietly working away & getting better each week.

Dr Eva & Sean – Cha Cha – 14

We will forget about the dance because honestly whilst she looked like she was having great craic making it up as she went along poor Sean was left thinking “It’s all over now”. Dr Eva looked A-maz-ing & you would hardly recognise her she was having such a great time.

Aoibhin & Vitali – Viennese Waltz – 24

Like last weeks Rumba Aoibhin took a difference approach to her Viennese Waltz with it being very dark & a touch aggressive at times. She was definitely out of her comfort zone stating she prefers the romance.

Des B. & Guilia _ Cha Cha – 24

Another strong performance from Des & like Katherine he is quietly working his way to the top however with such strong competitors ahead of him he may need a stand out dance to propel him there.

Aidan & Valeria – American Smooth – 21

They went for an A.S. Foxtrot and I think Aidan was back to what he likes best – in hold & covered up. He was good with the lifts but will be better with the next ones as he learns to trust himself.

Now a bit of a confession to make here on my behalf. Not only were Ryan & Julian sick but I think half the country was struck down with something similar to the dreaded “Man Flu” including yours truly. Add to this this I had visitors, I know, why were they not watching I hear you ask. All this meant that I had to PAUSE the telly so as not to miss any of the important bits but on the plus side I was able to fast forward all the ad breaks. Yeah!!

Anyway I missed voting as the lines had closed by the time I had caught up but I was in time for the results. With all the other couples saved we were down to the bottom three – 

Dr. Eva, Des B & Katherine

This week we say goodbye to Dr Eva & Sean and while she didn’t look surprised, she seemed very disappointed. 

This might also be the kick Des B & Katherine need to bring it for next weeks Valentines Special.   
Hopefully will be back to normal next week to enjoy the romance, until then let me know what you think as I love hearing others points of view by tweeting @byrnesarahnow or @scd_support
Take care 


DWTS Ireland – Movie Week – A Review by @byrnesarahnow

If you’ve been reading our blog recently, you may know we’ve been following Dancing with the Stars Ireland and have our very own Irish reporter, Sarah! This week was Movie Week. Here’s her 5 * review of what happened on this week’s show. *Grabs a load of popcorn to nibble on whilst reading this blog*

It was all about the Movies this week and we had the popcorn ready for dances that were sure to have some drama, comedy and sadly some horror.

Before we move on Julian didn’t appear to have calmed down the jacket styles which really are in a league of their own.

So sit back and enjoy the show…Lights, Camera, Action… 💡📽🎞

Aidan & Valeria – Paso – 16

Indiana Jones

Things didn’t go well for Aidan, he seemed to have the aggression bit down but lacked the finesse of the Paso & was a bit of a march around the floor. Still a great effort & the abs were on show. 

Teresa & John – Quickstep – 12

9 to 5

God love Teresa she really gave it her all. She is definitely not the best dancer but lord she is having a great time & enjoying every minute. Fair play to her & as I have said before us Irish Mammies love her.

Katherine & Kai – Samba – 16

Mama Mia

Well Katherine had a great time & looked fabulous doing it. Judges said it lacked bounce but I feel she really sold the performance.

Denise & Ryan – Rumba – 26

Lord of the Rings 

Ryan put a Ryan spin on this Rumba & it seemed to have some Paso elements in it & was very dramatic & fiery. Really good Rumba, Denise seems to be very consistent & should make the Final. That’s it I said the F word already.😊

Dayl & Kzenia – Jive – 27


Dayl ditched the Hip Hop & got 3 #9 paddles for his troubles. Highest score so far, well done.

Dr Eva & Sean – American Smooth – 12

Mary Poppins 

Again Dr Eva wouldn’t be the best dancer & like Teresa the judges were especially harsh. Hopefully she can have a better week next week.

Des C. & Karen – Salsa – 14

Austin Powers 

Well…this just made you wonder what you had just watched. Des went out & didn’t seem to have a care in the world & danced like no one was watching. He really looked the part & was all over social media with the people of Ireland calling him “a National Treasure”. All anyone could talk about was “the dessie swim”

Aoibin & Vitali – Rumba – 26


A gorgeous song to dance the Rumba to & she totally sold it. So different from Denise’s but equally as good.

Thalia & Curtis – Jive – 20


My lads loved these two, the costumes were brilliant & lots of bananas which were in some strange places at times. Thalia is very tall & while her long legs suited last weeks Rumba they didn’t work so well this week. Taking over the lead role from Despicable Me, Brian was quick to point out her faults.

Des B. & Guilia – Comtempary Ballroom – 23

James Bond

Before you say what the heck dance is that..it’s the first time this dance has been used in any format to we were all new to it. It is a blend of ballroom & ballet elements & Guilia danced in her bare feet while Des was in shoes. Not sure how Len or even Ian Waite would take that, I was afraid for her toes at some points but the had some great lifts in it & I’m looking forward to seeing others do this dance

So voting lines opened & Nicky talked to everyone but the thing I think we learned from this weeks show is the honeymoon is over and the judges but Brian in particular and decided its time for the Stars to shape up because he has no problems in giving low scores (3s) to help ship them home.
Whilst waiting for the results we were treated to a terrific Pro dance to an Irish cult classic “The Commitments”. It was brilliant & I had to watch it again when the show was over. 
Voting is closed & the results are in…scary bit, hides behind the cushion
Couples are saved & when Dr Eva’s name comes out the nation lets out a collective “What the….” Well we didn’t see that coming. 
We are down to our bottom three Teresa, Thalia & Dayl. Didn’t see that coming either.
And our next Star to go is Thalia & Curtis. Sadly the dance didn’t suit her and although she was in the top half of the leader board she didn’t seem to have the public vote.
That’s a wrap & have to say I’m really enjoying this show and maybe its because I love all these Strictly spin offs but whilst it is getting the country talking about something other than doom and gloom it has some haters. Like this review which is only my less than eloquent opinion they have theirs but on the bright side they are still watching and talking about the show so hopefully will boost ratings and get the show renewed – WIN WIN.

What did you think of Movie Week – let me know @byrnesarahnow or tweet @scd_support.

DWTS Ireland – Week 3 – A review by @byrnesarahnow

Those of you who follow our blog will know, every week we’re following Dancing With Stars Ireland and have our very own reporter, the lovely Sarah, who is bringing us the news week by week! Here’s what happened on Sunday’s show in her own words:

1st Elimination

Well folks, Week 3 arrived and brought with it a whole host of surprises. Julian’s jackets seem to be becoming more elaborate with each week and doesn’t seem to be calming down. May need to have a special section just for him.


As everyone was dancing tonight we were able to get stuck in to all and it seemed like some of the boys underperformed compared to their last outing and the girls got stronger.

Katherine & Kai – Cha Cha – 18

*was like an Irish Madonna seducing a younger man and she did it well*

Dayl & Kzenia – Tango – 19

*Dayl has been given 2 strikes against him from Brian for including Hip Hop in his dancing who seems to be getting into his stride and channelling Craig**

Aidan & Valeria – Quickstep – 16

*Seem to really lose his way this week & has since announced his retirement from County football – maybe to concentrate on dancing who knows.*

Dr Eva & Sean – Foxtrot – 18

* She seemed to take this dance serious and it showed as her scores improved*

Des B. & Giuila – Salsa – 21

*Des went to Club Tropicana as let it all go – he really looked like he was enjoying himself and his confidence is growing*

Hughie & Emily – Waltz – 17

*Hughie 2.0 took to the floor and looked like a completely different person and while the score wasn’t great it was still an improvement*

Teresa & John – Cha Cha – 15

*Teresa is a Breast Cancer warrior and danced to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and it had more of a story than the dance delivered sadly. The dance wasn’t great but she did it for survivors everywhere so well done**

Thalia & Curtis – Rumba – 21

*Thalia was a bit upset by last weeks scores and set out to redeem herself and that’s what she did. Her long legs were made for the Rumba.*

++Is this the earliest we have seen a Rumba? I cant remember, please everyone let me know++

Denise & Ryan – Tango – 26

*Biggest surprise of the night. Described as a Master class  of a Tango, Ryan looked especially pleased with himself. This danced earned not 1 but 2 #9 paddles with Brian giving an 8*

Des C. & Karen – Paso – 18

*Well if Denise gave a Master class of a Tango, Des gave us a demonstration in not only dad dancing but determination and enjoyment. He gave it socks and received a standing ovation worthy of the final for his efforts*

Aoibhin & Vitali – Quickstep – 22

*Last out and showed no sign of nerves, she put in a really good performance**

So there you have it all 11 have danced, voting lines were opened and we had the customary ad breaks and chats to everyone. We were treated to a lovely light-hearted colourful Pro dance which centred around picture frames.

Next up it was the elimination  – panic stations – all couples were on the floor and I felt this bit was a bit rushed. All saved couples were announced and we were left with three.

Thalia, Dr Eva & Hughie – I though sure it would be Dr Eva (she wouldn’t be the most popular person) but huge surprise it was Hughie and no one was more surprised than he was, poor fella he looked devastated.


That’s all for this week, let me know what you thought.


DWTS Ireland – Week 2 Review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

Those of you following our blog will know, we have an Irish Reporter following DWTS with a fine tooth comb, the lovely Sarah Byrne. Last night, she sat to watch a tantastic show 2. Here’s what she thought of the show: 

Hi everyone,

So week 2 took place last night and it was supposed to be all about the girls, however, Hughie’s tan was the talk of the show. Loraine asked him last week “How much tan is too much tan?” Well if we thought it was bad then it was nothing compared to this week. I think the nation as a whole went “Holy God, what has happened to Hughie?”


Anyway enough about Hughie, the show opened with another great pro dance before we were introduced to everyone and then the girls hit the floor.

Actress Aoibhin Garrihy & Vitali Kizmon – Cha Cha – 21

Comedian Katherine Lynch & Kai Widdrington – Waltz – 18

Model Thalia Heffernan & Curtis Pritchard (AJ’s Brother) – Quickstep – 16

Formerly of Operation Transformation Dr. Eva Orsmond & Sean Smullen – Salsa – 13

RTE Reporter Teresa Mannion & John Nolan – Tango – 16

Actress Denise McCormack & Ryan McShane – Jive – 22

It seemed like the extra week helped as the nerves were not as obvious and they all danced well and with confidence. The only slip up was Ryan (the best pro in the show – his words) had a literal slip and everyone took great pleasure in teasing him about it. The extra week did come with drawbacks as the judges seem to be getting more comfortable and had some harsh comments and scores compared to week 1.

The lads had a group number which was good and Nicky again talked to the judges and the stars. It seems like we wont have a results show, they will have it all in one but I hope they have a musical guest next week just to break it up a bit.

It might have been because of the extra female dancer but the show didn’t seem to take as long even with all the ad breaks. So next week we lose our first Star, let me know how you voted & who you think will go home.


Dancing with the Stars Ireland – A Review from our Irish Reporter @ByrneSarahNow 🇮🇪💃🏻🇮🇪

Irish eyes were smiling last night as Ireland’s own answer to Strictly hit TV screens across the Emerald Isle. We may not be able to watch it here in the UK (due to geoblocking 😢) but we have our very own Irish Reporter, Sarah, who will be bringing us some Dancing with the Stars magic this series! Here’s what she thought of show one:

DWTS Ireland – the wait is over

Last night DWTS Ireland hit our screens on RTE One, with much hype surrounding it. It boasted Darren Bennett as Creative Producer and Lilia Kopylova as Choreographer and in my opinion didn’t disappoint.

Now I sat down to watch this thinking it will never be Strictly but you know what, I was surprised. It opened with a great pro number to Putting on the Ritz which ended as a group number. We were then introduced to our hosts Amanda Byram (Wipeout UK) and Nicky Byrne (Westlife & Strictly Season 10), followed by the Judges – Julian Benson (tried a bit too much to be Bruno), Brian Redmond & Loraine Barry. Had never heard of them before but seem to know their stuff and its nice that they are Irish.

We finally got to meet the 11 Stars and here we had some confusion as I had only heard of 6 of them but in my defence I don’t watch any soaps, Irish or otherwise, Strictly is my only reality and I’m a bit passed my boy band (Hometown) stage. 

The ladies had an easier night as they had a group dance to do at the end of the show with the lads being centre stage doing their individual dances. 

Comedian Des Bishop & Giulia Dotta – Tango – 18 points
Big brother star Hughie Maughan & Emily Barker – Cha Cha – 15 points

Sports broadcaster Des Cahill & Karen Byrne – Foxtrot – 16 points

Kerry footballer Aidan O’Mahony & Valeria Milova – Salsa – 19 points

Hometown’s Dayl Cronin & Ksenia Zsikhotska – Charleston – 23 points

They ended the show with another pro number and the the girls group dance with Nicky talking to the Stars and judges in between.

In fairness to DWTS Ireland Strictly Come Dancing has spoiled us so you have to watch it with an open mind and think back to Strictly Season 1, where you didn’t know the judges or the professionals and they are now celebrities in their own right. It wasn’t without its issues as the somehow managed to take 5 Stars dancing on week 1 and make it last for 2 hours – so many ad breaks and no live band or singers.
The first show is over and week 2 is Ladies night, hopefully everyone will be settled down and try to be themselves as we have no elimination till week 3. The next 11 weeks will be interesting but here’s hoping that it will be successful because I can finally vote and once its finished it wont be long till Strictly starts.
Thanks Sarah for sharing your thoughts on DWTS Ireland. We may not have access to all the show but Sarah will be sharing moments from DWTS and giving us weekly reports on our blog! If you were lucky enough to watch the show we’d love to hear what you thought of it. You can comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

30 Day Challenge – Bella’s Smooth Sunday Dance Off!

Our #30daychallenge is almost over. Today, we’re having a #smoothsundaydanceoff! We’ve chosen 2 dances. You have to vote your favourite.
The youngest Strictly Fan in the household, Elodie is getting Christened today, so she’ll be getting a little wet, and hopefully singing in the rain. Today we’re showing you two dances which are performed to the same song “Singing in the Rain!” One is from this side of the pond, the other is from the U S of A. When you’ve watched them both let us know your favourite by commenting below. We’ll then reveal the winner at 7pm tonight!
Our 1st dance is from Jason & Kristina and it’s their fab-u-lous American smooth:

Our 2nd dance is a Jazz routine from Derek Hough and Bethany Mota on Dancing with the stars. We want to see this dance style on Strictly next year! 

Now you’ve seen them both let us know which one is your favourite! Comment to let us know. We’ll reveal the winner at 7pm!
Bella and Cassie 🙂