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The Countdown to Strictly Challenge – Day 10

It’s Day 10 of our Countdown to Strictly Challenge and today we’re sharing one of our favourite ever ballroom dances. We’re sharing a Foxtrot which left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

We’re sharing Judge Rinder and Oksana’s beautiful dance.

There were many fab-u-lous Foxtrots during Strictly 2016, but this one stands out with us for one reason…. Judge Rinder’s smile! Every step Judge Rinder took on the floor, he had the biggest smile, and his grin was even wider than The Cheshire Cat (who’d got the cream in this dance.)

It gave a fuzzy, warm, loveliness to his performance, which made us love him as a contestant even more.

As well as his smile, the dance was technically brilliant and Oksana’s choreography protected the Judge well!

We loved this dance. In case you missed it earlier, here it is again:

We want to hear your favourite Foxtrot of 2016! Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


100 Sparkly Days of Strictly – Day 10!

We are now at Day 10 of our 100 Sparkly Days of Strictly challenge! Today we’re hosting our first competition!

We love Strictly and love selfies just as much! For today’s challenge we’re asking you to share a #strictlyselfie! It could be you with a friend at a tour, or you with one of the pros, or just a picture of you watching Strictly and looking fab-u-lous! It could also be a selfie from a strictly couple that has made you smile.

For us, this is our favourite Selfie. It sums up everything that we love about Strictly. People from completely different backgrounds becoming the closest of friends! Strictly really is a fab-u-lous family and watching the camararderie each series always makes us realise the Planet Strictly is one of the loveliest places on earth!

Send us your favourite #strictlyselfies. We’ll then reveal our lucky winner at 8pm just before our quiz, when one of you will win a sparkly set of disco glitterball lamps! Get sharing and snapping you sparkly strictly superfans!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2014 – Day 10 of rehearsals

So earlier this evening Mark Wright was revealed as the 6th celebrity to take to the Strictly floor this year:

There seemed to be a lot of twitter activity with excited fans, pros and ex contestants all voicing their support and good luck wishes for Mark. Here’s a selection of some of the reaction:

We’re very excited to see Mark on the show, and think he’ll be fabulous! Wonder if we’ll have a Team Marketa two years running?

Today’s rehearsals could be described as photographic and very busy! There were reunions, selfies and much more. We’re going to let the pics do the day’s work justice, so take a look at these great snaps from Janette, Iveta and Kristina to show you what happened:

(One of our favourite pics! Hehe! ☺️)

After all this work, our pros definitely deserve a restful weekend. Hope they have lots of sleep ready for more excitement on Tuesday.

We’ll be back on Tuesday for another news bulletin. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie 😊