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The Countdown To Strictly Challenge – Day 9

It’s Day 9 of our Countdown to Strictly Challenge and as I write this post we’re at the airport waiting for our flight home from our wonderful 2 week holiday in Italy.

Due to some blogging magic, probably by the time you read this we’ll be back in the UK *sprinkles some glitter dust*

Earlier today, we shared Our Favourite Tango of 2016 from Italy’s very own Giovanni Pernice along with his partner Laura Whitmore.

This Halloween dance saw this couple leap to the top of the leaderboard. It was full of drama, agression and everything we love about the Tango.

Giovanni’s choreography is always original but in this dance he excelled himself and created one of our favourite Tangos of Strictly history ever! As a dance they performed it at the speed of sound (faster than concorde) and it was one of the fastest tangos we’d ever seen.

Laura’s performance (don’t forget she was performing on a sprained ankle) was full of drama and wowed not just us but the judges at home.

It was one of those perfect Strictly moments which we absolutely loved! In case you missed it earlier, here it is again:

We’d love to hear which Tango was your favourite on last year’s Strictly! Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to leading your comments once we’ve touched down!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


100 Sparkly Days Of Strictly – Day 9

Yesterday we asked you to share the dances that reminded you most of Summer. Today, we want to see your favourite first dances! 

There are first dances on Strictly which excite us and make us want to get up and dance. When a first dance impresses us we’ll normally end up supporting that couple all the way through their Strictly journey!

For us, we couldn’t just pick one dance so have picked 4 of our favourite first dances. Here they are in picture form:

Here’s why we loved each of them so much!

Lisa and Robin’s Cha Cha Cha – We had a feeling Lisa would be an uh-may-zing dancer, but this dance surprised us. Her confidence, natural rhythm and great friendship with Robin were easy to see right from the start. It made us very excited and made us want to see her realise her full potential!

Jeremy and Karen’s Cha Cha Cha – We always like to think if we were on Strictly we would give it our all. This is exactly what Jeremy did. Although not the best dancer in week 1, he tried and the most important part was that he had a lot of fun. He did have impeccable timing and pulled off some great moves. We loved it even if the judges declared “the problems started when you began to dance!” Nobody is perfect but Jeremy gave it his all and looked like he was having the time of his life. We fell in love with this couple from the start!

Abbey and Aljaz’s Waltz – Normally the waltz is a dance that doesn’t excite us, but this dance left us feeling a tad emotional:

(Yes there really were days before Strictly Support Group when I tweeted about strictly on my personal Twitter! 😱)

The dance itself was beautifully choreographed and performed. It was elegant and just brilliant. That’s what makes it one of our favourite first dances.

Frankie and Kevin’s Waltz – Ok, I may have just admitted that the waltz doesn’t excite us, but this was another first dance which we fell in love with. Kevin’s choreography yet again is inventive and putting props into the dance in week 1 is always a risk, which paid off. The performance was brilliant as was the dancing and it left us feeling a tad emotional because it was so beautiful! It set the expectation that this couple would be truly awesome and they were, reaching the 2014 final!

So there are our favourite first dances. What is your favourite first dance? Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2014 – Day 9’s magical rehearsals and a celebrity reveal!

Early this morning we had our 5th celebrity announced when Blue’s Simon Webbe was revealed on Good Morning Britain. We’re hoping he got some advice and tips from Susanna Reid and Richard Arnold, as we’d love to see him go far on the show.

Here was some of the reaction surrounding his announcement:

Our pro dancers and hosts seemed very very excited to see him joining Strictly too. We saw tweets like these:

We’re super super excited and wish Simon (as we do all our celebs and pros) the very very best of luck!

Elsewhere in the magical world on Strictly, we learnt that the super brave Kevin from Grimsby successfully completed the Ice Bucket Challenge (Go Kevin from Grimsby!) and screamed a lot less than my wimp of a husband!

We also learnt that our pros are working harder than ever and are producing some amazing dancing and rehearsal photos for our pleasure (yay! Go Strictly Dream Team!) Here are some of our highlights:

As well as being talented dancers, one of our professional dancers is also launching into calendar production. We’re hoping her album follows soon too!

We always knew there was something special about our pro dancers, but also learnt that our pros have magical powers and can change the colour of their hair just like that. *waves magic wand and is disappointed her hair didn’t turn purple!*

Love the new look Jo from Grimsby. It suits you!

That rounds up our Strictly news headlines for today. We’ll be back tomorrow evening with another Strictly bulletin just for you.

Goodnight all!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2014 – We’re tackling Day 8 of rehearsals with a Strictly Scrum

We’re not too sure what a Strictly Scrum looks like, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be full of glitter, fake tan and mascara. It may look a little like this:


We may find out soon though, as the latest star to be announced for Strictly 2014, is Thom Evans! We have to admit we’re feeling a little weak at the knees seeing his picture (he’s even rivalling Pasha as our Strictly Crush!😍)

He’s an ex-rugby player and should hopefully be light on his feet but will be very pleasing on the eye for us ladies!

He seems as excited as we are about him appearing on the show too:

We hope he does really well and cannot wait to see who he’s paired up with on the show.

In other headlines today: Anton was on the hunt for the Glitterball:

Claudia and Tess are on a Strictly diet (those biscuits look yummy!) You don’t need to lovely ladies, you all look fab-u-lous

and it’d seem our pros had another A-May-Zing day of rehearsals:

And finally, we were nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge by @cfc_craig. We kindly passed this onto our other helper on the blog, @serenepingu, who we are waiting to receive video evidence from. We have to say that Jo from Grimsby’s reaction to the Ice Bucket Challenge has to be our favourite so far. Here’s the video evidence for you:

We know that Hairy Biker Dave also completed the Ice Bucket Challenge. We love his video too:

Those were the Strictly headlines for today. We’ll be back tomorrow for more updates from the training rooms.

Cassie πŸ™‚