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Shape and Tone with FitSteps – A Review

We’re currently working hard training to run in this year’s London Marathon, and whilst long running and personal training sessions are on the agenda over the next few weeks, when we heard that there was a new FitSteps DVD, we quickly purchased it to ensure our weekly fitness sessions are super fab-u-lous!


In case you have been living under a sparkly rock for the past few years, FitSteps is the dance fitness craze brought to us by the lovely Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe and Mark Foster. It is a dance fitness programme where you get to learn steps from some of your favourite Strictly dances and is a lot of fun.

We already reviewed the previous FitSteps DVD a couple of years ago (click here to find out more and see our review.) and this DVD continues where the previous DVD left off. It features 3 30 minute dance workouts which are designed to get you fit, toned and feeling great – fast!

For Latin Lovers there is a Latin work out (with Ian) and for Ballroom fans there is a Ballroom work out (led by Natalie.) There is also a 4 x 4 workout. The workouts will really get you up, dancing and your heart pumping. The workouts are easy to follow and the workouts great fun, so if you struggle at the thought of jumping off the sofa to do any activity, this will definitely help!

Where the previous FitSteps DVD helped you learn the basics of Ballroom and Latin whilst getting a workout, this DVD gives you some more challenging steps which we’re sure will give you a thorough workout and leave you grinning like the cheshire cat. Dance really is good for the soul and always makes us smile! Rather than feeling exhausted (after a 30 minute workout) we felt refreshed, invigorated and had a spring in our step!

If you haven’t danced before or completed the previous FitSteps DVD you may find the steps a bit challenging, but with perseverance anything is possible! I even managed to get a 8/10 from my uber-critical 6 year old for my efforts!

If you’re looking for a fun dance workout that you can do from home, this is it! FitSteps – Shape and Tone is available from all good stockists (including amazon.co.uk) and is great value at £10!

If you’ve tried this DVD, let us know what you thought. You can do so by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


Reviews – Midnight Tango DVD.

Santa obviously knows us very well, as this year in our stocking we had a lovely surprise when we opened a DVD of Vincent and Flavia’s first stage show, Midnight Tango!

These two brilliant professional dancers introduced the Argentine Tango to Strictly Come Dancing, and are true masters of their craft. Watching them is mesmerising so I felt the need to show my 5 year old (who only started watching Strictly 2 years ago) how amazing these two people are! She had never seen Vincent and Flavia perform on Strictly, however has seen the legacy of Argentine Tangos that have been left.

Here’s what we thought of their DVD in our own words:

Me 👩🏻: This DVD is a true Masterclass in the craft of Argentine Tango. It is set in a Buenos Aires Bar and is full of atmosphere from the start! We were transported all the way to Buenos Aires whilst sitting on our Sofa! If this is what it’s like heading to Starbucks or a Bar in Argentina, book us a plane ticket straight away!

There is minimal dialogue. This isn’t needed and goes to show that dance is a true expression of the soul. The show is a story of love, rejection, stormy relationships, breaking and making up as well as dreams. All this is told through magical and mesmerising dancing which is so fast and precise at the same time!

There are plenty of comedy moments along with dramatic moments too which will make you smile. These are provided to you by the bar owner and his wife. Along with dramatic moments, the fight scene made us realise how captivating and beautiful fights can be in dance!

We were not only impressed by the dancing, but also Flavia’s violin playing! She is a mean violinist. Is there anything this lady can’t do?

Having already seen Dance Till Dawn (and with tickets booked to see the Last Tango) this was the perfect showcase of the skill of these two dancers. I love the tango, but in this DVD, I loved the Tango Waltz and beautiful Rumba as well as the epic finale number which got us dancing at home (and meant I can stick to one of my New Year’s resolutions to Keep Dancing!) All in all, I’d give this DVD 10/10 & a 5* review.

Bella 👧🏻: I like fruit and like the Orangentine Mango, because it’s from Orangina! (note from mummy, Bella refers to the Argentine Tango as Orangentine Mango after some confusion this year & she thinks it comes from Orangina, not Argentina!) I never got to watch Vincent and Flavia on Strictly, because I was too little, but I thought the film they were in was awesome and they are awesome. I really liked the dancing because it’s very fast!  They’re very fast, almost as fast as Kellie and Kevin’s Showdance! My favourite bit was the bit where Flavia was in a pretty purple dress, as she looked like Rapunzel! The old man and his wife were very funny! They reminded me of grandma and grandad. He was a nice man too because he bought her a pretty dress so she could dance. I loved the film and would like to go and see them at the Theatre. Mummy says I need to be very good to go, so I’ll keep dancing!

That’s what we thought.  Santa kindly told us that he bought our copy from Amazon for £3.99, which is a bargain!

As it’s Tango Tuesday, we’d like to hear what you thought of this show when you saw it! Let us know either by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂