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DWTS Ireland – The Semi Final Review by our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow 💃🏻🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪💃🏻

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know we’ve been following events in Ireland on their version of our favourite show. We can hardly believe it but it’s the semi-final. In this post, our Irish reporter Sarah, gives her take on the semifinals.

Failte romhat mo chara, this weekend we celebrated St Patrick. So as the Irish luck would have it, there was Irish music to be danced to and so much green it made you feel all patriotic.
When Amanda and Nicky came on stage Amanda had on a black dress, with a bejewelled green belt and green earrings which while lovely was very subtle considering we were celebrating St Patrick. 

Once the judges came out I understood why. Brian had on a green suit (sadly not the ones they were selling for the Euros), Loraine had a lovely green dress but looked like she was ready to step into a marching band with those French plaits and Julian was well Julian.

This week our Stars had to learn two dances and the first round of dances were all to be danced to Irish Music, think they could of carried this off for both rounds but sadly not.

Denise & Ryan

– Contemporary Ballroom -28 – Hozier

– Cha Cha – 27

Two very different dances for Denise who was injured before the show but she pulled it off brilliantly. She was able to showcase her fluidity of movement in one while showing her cheeky sassy side in the other. 

Aidan & Valeria

– Jive – 20 – Sing Street

– Waltz – 24

Poor Aidan, he may be a new dad but he has dad dancing down to a fine art. His long legs may have served Kerry well but they did nothing for him in his Jive. The Jive showed the massive divide between him & the rest of the semi finalists but then he came back with the Waltz. This dance saw him back in his comfort zone & I thought he was under marked as he showed real improvement compared to his Jive.

Dayl & Ksenia

 – Rumba – 28 – Westlife

– Quickstep – 26

Dayl loves dancing, it is clear to see on his wee face so it was no surprise when he was able to execute two amazing dances. The rumba which is very hard for male celebrities to do seemed like a walk in the park for Dayl & he looked as comfortable with the Quickstep. Job well done.

Aoibhin & Vitali

– Contemporary Ballroom – 30 – Sinead O’Connor

– Charleston – 30

Aoibhin was very lucky in her dances the weekend, as she had two very expressive & free moving ones which in turn allowed her to have a prefect score. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve the scores but she makes it seem like she woke up being able to do the dances whereas the rest seem to struggle.
Aoibhin also paid a very respective tribute to four heroic members of the Irish Coast Guard Rescue 116, Captain Dara Fitzpatrick has been laid to rest, however the search continues for Paul Ormsby, Mark Duffy & Ciaran Smith. Di bheith in eineacht leat.
With all the dances done its time to let our pros do their thing while the rest of us do our voting.  

Since 1995 this next dance has stirred our passions & refuelled the images of what might have been if I only stuck with Irish Dancing, I could of been the next Jean Butler or Michael Flatly but sadly no those dreams were not for me. Those were the dreams of the people who graced the dance floor to give us Riverdance. That music always makes my heart speed up & you can see some behind the scene footage of our pros getting a lesson in Irish Dance on their twitter or Instagram accounts.

During the show we get to see our eliminated pros in Nicky’s area and this week they looked mighty strange. Our pro routine was set to that fabulous Donegal singer Enya’s Orinoco Flow. 

Curtis channelled his inner batman while Emily brought him into the light all very romantic.

As we had only four couples left the results looked to be a very tense affair. 

The first couple saved is Aidan & Valeria. While some of us where cheering for the underdog the realisation appeared that someone other than Aidan was going home. 

The twitterverse was not amused.
Next to be saved was Aoibhin & Vitali.

Which left Dayl & Denise in the dance off. Dayl looked like he could cry & Ryan looked like he wanted to punch something or someone!!! If the judges thought picking Aoibhin over Dessie last week was hard imagine the pressure this week.

Denise preformed her Contemporary routine while Dayl did the Quickstep. Now I thought that you had to perform your highest scored dance? Feel free to correct me.
Julian saved Denise while Brian saved Dayl. Deciding vote was Loraine’s and she chose to save Denise.

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Dayl who I think had a shot at winning and the poor thing couldn’t hold back the tears. So is the bromance between Dayl & Aidan over, only time will tell but if we have to take one lesson from this week it is to never ever underestimate the power of the Kerry vote, the GAA vote & the Gardai vote. 

Next week is our finals week & I’d love to hear who you thing might win, standout dances, who was voted out before they had a chance to shine because dreams can become a reality and miracles can happen which means Aidan could win this thing.
Slan agus Beannach Leat



DWTS Ireland – Week 2 Review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

Those of you following our blog will know, we have an Irish Reporter following DWTS with a fine tooth comb, the lovely Sarah Byrne. Last night, she sat to watch a tantastic show 2. Here’s what she thought of the show: 

Hi everyone,

So week 2 took place last night and it was supposed to be all about the girls, however, Hughie’s tan was the talk of the show. Loraine asked him last week “How much tan is too much tan?” Well if we thought it was bad then it was nothing compared to this week. I think the nation as a whole went “Holy God, what has happened to Hughie?”


Anyway enough about Hughie, the show opened with another great pro dance before we were introduced to everyone and then the girls hit the floor.

Actress Aoibhin Garrihy & Vitali Kizmon – Cha Cha – 21

Comedian Katherine Lynch & Kai Widdrington – Waltz – 18

Model Thalia Heffernan & Curtis Pritchard (AJ’s Brother) – Quickstep – 16

Formerly of Operation Transformation Dr. Eva Orsmond & Sean Smullen – Salsa – 13

RTE Reporter Teresa Mannion & John Nolan – Tango – 16

Actress Denise McCormack & Ryan McShane – Jive – 22

It seemed like the extra week helped as the nerves were not as obvious and they all danced well and with confidence. The only slip up was Ryan (the best pro in the show – his words) had a literal slip and everyone took great pleasure in teasing him about it. The extra week did come with drawbacks as the judges seem to be getting more comfortable and had some harsh comments and scores compared to week 1.

The lads had a group number which was good and Nicky again talked to the judges and the stars. It seems like we wont have a results show, they will have it all in one but I hope they have a musical guest next week just to break it up a bit.

It might have been because of the extra female dancer but the show didn’t seem to take as long even with all the ad breaks. So next week we lose our first Star, let me know how you voted & who you think will go home.