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DWTS Ireland – The Final! A Review by @ByrneSarahNow

Over the past 11 weeks, our wonderful Irish reporter, Sarah (@byrneSarahNow) has guided us through the fab-u-lous first series of the Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing, DWTS Ireland. There have been many an embellished jacket (which puts Craig Revel Horwood’s costume’s to shame) and some epic dances. Here is what she thought of the final. If you haven’t watched it yet, look away now, as there are spoilers!

Welcome back everyone to my final review of what I have to say may of had a bit of a shaky start but has ended up being a brilliant series. 

Right from the start of the Final show we were given an amazing pro dance which included our judges strutting their stuff and showing us that not only can they talk the talk but dance the dance. So sitting there watching the dance to see who is who and up next pop Nicky and Amanda giving it loads and it just set the tone for what was to come.

We also have our last instalment of Julian’s jacket watch who worn a glittery number this week. We have a photo of Julian with the creative mind behind his jackets, Claire Garvey @cgraveydesigner.

With everyone doing three dances it was time to get going.
First up 

Aidan & Valeria

Judges Choice – American Smooth – 25 (Week 5 -21)

Favourite – Salsa – 25 (Week 1 – 19)

Freestyle – 30

Last week I commented on the power of the vote & this week Aidan wanted to prove to everyone that he had as much right to be in the Final as anyone else. And did he ever. with an increase of 4 points for his classy American Smooth & an increase of 6 points for his Salsa, he showed he has come a long way. 

The Freestyle that Valeria came up with was nothing short of amazing. She used his strength and with the lifts that she put into it showed an unbelievable level of trust in him. I thought it was amazing & just right that he got a perfect score for it. Well done Aidan.

Aoibhin & Vitali

Judges Choice – Jive – 29 (Week 8 – 28)

Favourite – Rumba – 29 ( Week 6 – 26)

Freestyle – 30

Maybe it’s just me but I prefer when they go back a good few weeks & pick a dance so we can see the level of improvement. Aoibhin’s dances were all pretty good the first time around with only Brian with holding his 10 paddle.
Aoibhin’s Freestyle was a dramatic contemporary with some amazing lifts & moves. Vitali has showed he has a flare for the dramatic & Aoibhin proved that she was up for the challenge.

A great night for Aoibhin.

Denise & Ryan

Judges Choice – Tango – 30 (Week 3 – 26)

Favourite – Salsa – 30 (Week 8 – 27)

Freestyle – 30

Sheer perfection from Denise. She also showed improvement in her previous dances & I had serious concerns for Ryan who looked like his heart was about to burst he was so proud of Denise.

We have learnt over the course of the season that Ryan is a very talented choreographer so when he was able to let loose with the Freestyle he was fantastic. Their Freestyle was a soft & emotional contemporary dance, with more fabulous lifts. With 3 perfect scores Denise could do no more – well done.

So there you have it. We started with 11 and now our final 3 can do no more, 12 long intense weeks and it’s time for the public to vote and choose our winner as the judges scores are only a guide. 

All of our previous Stars are back for one night only and we see poor Hughie hasn’t toned down the tan, Dayl is still feeling devastated that he is not in the final and I think Katherine and Teresa started the wrap party early. They took part in a group number which allowed them to take part one last time.

We also had live music from The Vamps who had support from our Wonderful Pro Dancers.
With the voting closed and counting done it was up to Amanda and Nicky (who took so long I thought they had left) to announce our winners…. Aidan & Valeria.

Congratulations to Aidan & Valeria, I for one am delighted with the result. Was he the best dancer – No, did he entertain – Yes. 

Some people seem to forget that whilst it is a dancing show it is also an entertainment show and Aidan showed us all that you can go from zero to hero. If he can do it anyone can and even if you don’t feel confident enough to do a Tango up the aisles of Super Value you may be able to give your significant other a twirl around the kitchen. 
The country went into such a state over this result I think the only thing I can compare it to was when Chris Hollins beat Ricky Whittle. (I was delighted with that result too). We will leave you as a divided country with half delighted for Aidan and the other half thinking it’s a scandal like no other and the girls were robbed. 

This has concluded a fabulous first season which is sure to return as it has given us all something to talk about other than sport and politics. I would like to thank @scd_support for allowing me to do this review and to all of you, who had read, commented and messaged me, I really appreciate it. 

Till next year, KEEP DANCING


Thank you for another brilliant review Sarah! You really do deserve a chocolate glitterball for all your efforts. We’d love to hear what you thought of the series, if you’ve been lucky enough to watch it. Did it amaze you? What did you think of the result too? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Ultimate Strictly Challenge – The Final!

*Grabs a Tissue* Tonight could get a little emotional. We’re now in the final week of our Ultimate Strictly Challenge. It has been a very fun 9 weeks, where we have seen perfect scoring dances battle against dances which were equally brilliant, but didn’t quite reach that perfect score.

Thank you for all your votes over the past 9 weeks. Tonight we’re putting our winning perfect scoring dances against the top 10 from your People’s choice!

 All you need to do is watch the playlist below to see which dances have made it into our final, and then click on the poll below to vote for your favourites.

You can vote once a day for up to 3 dances. Voting will then remain open until 6pm next Sunday when we’ll freeze the votes before revealing the winner and the dance that has been the best dance on Strictly ever in your opinion. They may even be awarded a trophy even better than the glitterball… an edible glitterball:

Get voting people!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Support Group – Sports Champion of Champions – THE FINAL RESULTS!

Over the past few weeks many of you lovely people have voted in our Sports Champion of Champions. We have now reached the Final. 

Three couples now remain in the final (and Erin Boag becomes the first Strictly professional to have two partners in a final!) 

Austin and Erin

Colin and Erin

And Gavin and Katya

Over the past week you have voted for your favourite couple you’ve wanted to see lift the Sports Champion of Champion Glitter Football!

Thank you all for voting! Your votes have now been checked and counted. We can now reveal the results overall:

In 3rd place with 4% of the vote, we have Gavin and Katya πŸ‰ 

In 2nd place with 21% of the vote, we have Austin and Erin πŸ‰ *realises it won’t be a rugby glitterball*

Meaning one thing, nearly 11 years after they came runners-up in series 3, Colin and Erin are your Sports Champion of Champions! *jumps over some hurdles in celebration*

Congratulations Colin & Erin! You now have won this beautiful trophy (and a very well-deserved trophy it is too!)

Thank you all for your votes and for taking part in this latest Champion of Champions! If you’d like to see more champion of champions contests, let us know and we’ll get creating!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Support Group – Champion of Champions – πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ†πŸ’ƒπŸ» THE FINAL πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ†πŸ’ƒπŸ»

It’s Easter Sunday, we’ve eaten our body weight in chocolate and are more excited than kids in a sweet shop! Yes, it’s the final of our Strictly Support Group Champion of Champions.

A huge thank you to you all for your votes. We are really grateful for them all and couldn’t have done it without you. Over the past 12 weeks, we’ve received a mammoth 120,000 votes from you all *drools imagining how that would look in glitterballs.* 

As this has proven so successful, we will be hosting another Champion of Champions in the next few weeks, so watch this space!

This past week you have been voting for your favourite from our three finalists. All three of them are worthy winners of the glitterball in their own right and have been crowned champions before, but who will win tonight? *builds suspense by doing a jive with Jive Bunny*

Will it be Team Jaliona? Who could forget that awesome Jive and Tango, as well as their brilliant Rumba and Charleston.

Will it be Team Hariona? Their quickstep and Argentine tango are two of our favourite moments from Strictly ever!


Will it be Team Kartem? Their chemistry and dancing together was pure perfection. Who could forget their beautiful American Smooth, which was different to anything we’d ever seen on Strictly? Or that beautiful Rumba. It wasn’t just any Rumba but an M &S Rumba a Team Kartem Rumba.

We can now reveal that your votes have been checked, counted and verified by Bugs the Easter Jive Bunny. He’s been super busy this week, but took time out of his schedule to help us. We are grateful to you Bugs 😘🐰. We can now reveal that the couple coming in Third Place are Kara and Artem.

In Second Place we have Harry and Aliona.

And our Champion of Champions for this series are Jay and Aliona! Congratulations to Team Jaliona. We couldn’t find you a Glitterball, so made you this instead:

So that crowns Jay and Aliona not just the current champions, but tour champions and Strictly Support Group champions. They are truly unbeatable! Congratulations!

We’ll be back in May for our next Strictly Support Group champion of champions. This time it’ll be sportsperson themed, to tie in the Olympics and Paralympics as well as various other sports things going on this year! We want to hear your nominations for who you’d like to see taking part. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We’ll need your suggestions before the 23rd April, so get your thinking caps on folks!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Remember to Keep Dancing!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Final Message To All Our Couples

Last night Caroline & Pasha were crowned champions of Strictly 2014. We want to send them messages. Click on the links below to leave messages for your favourites:


Caroline and Pasha

Frankie and Kevin

Mark and Karen

and finally Simon and Kristina

Thank you to all on Strictly as well as to you lovely people for all your support this year. You make running this page a sheer joy.

The Strictly Support Group