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Strictly 2017 – Pic, GIF, Caption of the Week!

On Saturday night, I may have been on Planet Strictly, but I left our twitter page in the small but very capable hands of my 7 year old, Bella! (She was being supervised and assisted by Daddy during the night.) After the show I asked her to help choose a Picture, A GIF and one Caption of the week to add to our weekly post.

Here are the moments she chose followed by the reasons why she chose them.

Pic Of The Week

Bella chose this moment as she really liked Gorka’s outfit (he looked like he’s wearing a lollipop) and Alexandra let go and went for it in this routine. It really suited her and was in Bella’s words super-Cali-fragilistic-expialidocious.

GIF of the Week

Some moments on Strictly are unforgettable and remain memorable for ever. It’s safe to say when this dance was performed on Saturday night, my eyes at Elstree started leaking. Bella’s chosen this moment as in her words it was purrfect and Debbie and Gio have magic powers because they make fireworks when they dance!

Caption of the Week

Some pictures are just waiting to be captioned and this, from Saturday night’s show is one of them.

We asked you to tell us your captions. Our winner is this caption, sent to us on twitter:

So that ends our visual treats and pictures of the week. We’ll be back tomorrow with our Semi-Final predictions.

Cassie 🙂


Strictly 2017 – Picture, GIF, Outfit and Caption Of The Week

It’s Tuesday & whilst we mourn there being a whole 4 days until Strictly is back on our screens, we’re reliving our favourite visual moments from the weekend’s show. Yes, it’s time for us to share with you our Picture, GIF, Outfit and Caption of Week 10.

They’re so fab-u-lous, even this fella would give them a 10!


So, without further ado here they are just for you!

Picture of the week.

We love moments where we can see a celebrity growing in confidence and embracing the sparkles on their Strictly journey. For us, this Saturday, Mollie did just that in her quickstep. Over the past few weeks Mollie’s improvement has been staggering and we predict if she keeps going the way she is, she could even make the final. Here’s one picture which just shows the true Strictly Effect.


GIF of the Week

On Saturday one dance impressed us so much we were speechless and we’re pretty sure if Mr Vincent Simone was in charge he’d have given it a Standing Ovulation. On a more serious note, when we grow up, we want to be Debbie McGee. This lift and spin in their Argentine Tango just shows how much strength she has.

Our #Strictly GIF of the week, is this moment from Debbie McGee Giovanni Pernice Argentine Tango. 👌🏻💃🏼🕺🏻

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Outfit of the Week

Every week, the Strictly Costume team pull out all the stops to create so many fab-u-lous outfits which give us true dress envy. I’ve even compiled a list of outfits I’d like to add to my Christmas list. A Royal Wedding may be on the cards, but we think that if we were getting married, we’d want this as our wedding dress. It’s absolutely stunning (although Nadiya would look good in anything- even a bin liner) and so elegant. In case you missed Saturday night’s show here is a picture of Nadiya’s stunning dress again:

Caption of the Week:

Some pictures are just waiting to be captioned. This week’s caption comes from Bethany Backwood on Twitter who gave us this pearl of wisdom:


And there we have it, your visual treats of the week! We’ll be here tomorrow with our predictions ahead of Musicals Week 2017. We hope to see you then!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – GIF, Pic, Caption and Outfit of the Week – Blackpool Week

It’s Tuesday and whilst this Saturday night seems oh so very far away, we’re reminiscing over last Saturday night’s show in the way we know best…. with some visual treats for you all!

If you follow our blog you’ll know by now, but if you’re new, Hello! Every Tuesday, we share our favourite GIF, Picture and Caption of the week. We also share our favourite Outfit of the week and this week, have a special treat for you all!

GIF of the Week

Strictly fans, cast your minds back to 2016, when AJ choreographed an Argentine Tango which saw Claudia Fragapane spend literally 30 seconds in the air. Well, on Saturday night, he did the same to Mollie who impressed us with some death-defying lifts. Go Mollie! This dance is now known as The Incredible Flying Mollie King Routine! We loved it so much we’ve immortalised it in GIF form just for you. Here it is again:

Picture of the Week

One picture stands out from Saturday night for us. It’s this:

Pardon the pun, but Joe looked like he was having the time of his life in this dance and it captures the sheer joy of performing on strictly and overcoming your fears (of heights in his case!)

Outfit of the Week

We thought each and every costume this weekend was truly amazing, especially Gorka’s trousers. For a change, we’ve picked one of the judges’ outfits! This lady oozes elegance every week and when we grow up we want to be like her. It’s the lovely Head Judge Shirley Ballas:

Caption of the Week

Some pictures just need to be captioned and when we saw this picture on Saturday night we couldn’t resist asking you, our wonderful followers to caption it. This week’s winning caption comes from @JuliaAuthor who came up with this one:

Our caption of the week leads onto something we’d like to know as the Blackpool Face-Off. Forget the dance-off, there were some really great expressive screen caps from Saturday night’s show. We’d like to see your favourite. Just vote in this poll below to tell us who you’d like to see win the Face-Off!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see us include on our blog, just tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – GIF, Photo & Caption of the Week – Week 8!

It’s Tuesday & in our house that means time for us to relive some of our pictorial highlights from the weekend’s Strictly!

On Saturday night there were many brilliant picture moments, but we’ve picked our top three to share our favourite GIF, Picture & Caption of the week. Here they are just for you!

Strictly GIF of the Week

Our GIF of the week is this fab-u-lous moment from Gemma & Aljaz (AKA Eyelash in our house.) It was one of those magical wow moments that got us in a spin from what was a beautiful dance which gave us the Feels!

Strictly Picture of the Week

This week, Mollie pushed herself further than before and performed a dance which totally slayed like Beyoncé. It was powerful and everything we could ask for from a Paso Doble. This moment just captures this dance perfectly and shows how far as a performer Mollie has come.

Caption of the Week!

This week’s caption comes from @nickysl9876 on Twitter who came up with this caption below for a moment from Debbie & Gio’s Salsa:

So, there are our picture treats of the week! We’re back next week for some magic moments from Blackpool!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – Photo, GIF, Outfit and Quote of the Week – Week 7

It’s Tuesday and whilst we look forward to another week of Strictly, it’s time for us to reminisce over Saturday night’s show with some visual treats for you all! It’s time for us to unveil our Photo, GIF and Outfit of the week. This week we also have a special surprise with a Quote of the Week, which stuck in our mind from one of the pros 😢.

Photo of the Week

A photo sometimes speaks a thousand words and this action shot from Gemma and Aljaz’s Salsa is one of those moments:

GIF of the Week

Our GIF of the week, was this spectacular moment from Jonnie and Oti’s Salsa. We’ve nicknamed it… The Incredible Spinning Oti. We’ve always loved Oti’s choreography and this is one example:

Outfit of the Week

One dress gave us serious dress envy (although we doubt we’d fit an arm into it) and that’s Nadiya’s goregous American Smooth dress. It summed up everything we love about Strictly and Ballroom dancing. It had sparkle, class, elegance and beauty!

Quote of the Week.

We like to think that Janette is always full of lovely words and advice (if you follow her on Instagram you’ll know just what we mean!) It may have been her last week in the competition with Aston, but this piece of advice she gave him before their Viennese Waltz is a piece of advice we follow & my little girl has said she’ll follow it when she’s in Panto next month:

And finally…. (don’t worry we haven’t forgotten) Caption of the Week time. This week, our Caption of the Week comes from @Georgia_Hannell on Instagram who said to this video from Ruth and Anton:

When your responsibilities all get too much!

Those are our visual treats of the week! We’ll be back tomorrow to give our predictions for Week 8 of Strictly 2017.

Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – GIF, Photo, Caption & Outfit of the Week! Halloween Special! 🎃👻

Unless you have been hiding in a pumpkin field somewhere for the last few days, you’ll probably have realised that Saturday night was fright night on Strictly (aka the Halloween Special)

There were some truly memorable moments. Here are a few visual treats (no tricks) from Saturday night’s show for you!

GIF of the Week

Our GIF of the week is from the pairing that make the cloudiest and darkest days sunny with their dancing. Now this GIF captures the pure joy of performing on Strictly, dressed as your favourite characters from a TV Drama.

Outfit of the Week

I’m compiling a list every week of outfits I’d like to wear but I think this outfit has made it onto my list of outfits to wear to the supermarket, on the school run, to work or whilst going to the gym. It’s Mollie’s Cha Cha Cha outfit. We love the fringing best!

Photo of the week

One moment just captures the pure strength of this routine and it’s this moment from Aston and Janette’s wonderful Paso Doble

Caption of the Week

We couldn’t decide between two images this week, so had two captions of the week for you to choose.

Here’s our first one:

And there you have our visual treats of the week. We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Stay safe and if you’re trick or treating tonight keep a watch out for scary ghouls (such as Craig Revel Horwood!)

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – GIF, Caption, Picture and Outfit of the Week! – Week 5

It’s Tuesday and that means one thing… Time for us to reminisce over Saturday night’s show in picture form! Every week, we’re revealing our favourite GIF (Dance Move), Caption, Picture and Outfit of the Week. Here are our choices for Week 5!

GIF of the Week

Our GIF of the week was this stunning moment from Aston and Janette’s Waltz. We love Janette’s choreography and this was spot on, and made this dance one of our favourite routines of the night.

Caption of the Week.

Some pictures just need to be captioned. When we saw this picture, we couldn’t resist:

Here is our caption choice from you wonderful people:


Picture of the week:

Some pictures speak a thousand words and this moment was one of them.

Outfit of the Week

It wouldn’t be Strictly if Anton didn’t wear something distracting that made him look like a flamingo. This outfit won our Outfit of the Week for the skill with which it must have been sewn to achieve this affect *inserts video here*

Our #OutfitOfTheWeek is this gem from the Strictly Wardrobe team. I think it was worth the licence fee alone for this reveal …

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So those are our picture and video picks of the week. Do you agree or did you have other favourite screen capture moments? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Caption, GIF, Picture and Outfit of the Week! Week 4!

We hope all our followers and readers are keeping safe, following a stormy 24 hours. It’s Tuesday and whilst we shelter away from Storm Ophelia, it’s time for us to reminisce about Saturday night’s show and relive some of our visual highlights!

GIF of the Week

We love Oti, We love her choreography and this was one of those perfect moments for us. It was a huge risk but it added so much to what was a sizzling American Smooth, we had to pick it!

Our #StrictlyGIF of the week, is this Dance Move from @otimabuse @04jonpea #TeamGlitterblade #WeLoveOti

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Picture of the Week

We’ve picked a moment that captures the sheer joy of being on Strictly. One couple this year are giving us bucketloads of happiness that we think their dances should be prescribed (on the NHS) to anyone in need of a lift! Here is said picture from Susan and Kevin’s wonderful quickstep:

Outfit of the Week

This week, we fell in love with nearly every outfit. The Strictly wardrobe department surpassed themselves on so many levels! For me, one costume was truly fab-u-lous and would be something I’d loe to wear. It was Janette’s Quickstep dress. 

Caption of the Week:

We had lots of similar captions this week, but have chosen this one sent into us by Sheila Malone on twitter! Congrats Sheila:
We’ll be back later this evening from 8pm for our weekly quiz on our twitter feed @scd_support. 

Hope to see you then!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Strictly GIF, Caption, Outfit and Picture of the Week

It’s Tuesday, and although that means another 4 more sleeps until we get to watch Strictly on our screens again, it doesn’t stop us reliving some of our favourite moments from the weekend.

Last weekend was Movie Week, which meant we grabbed as much Popcorn as humanly possible (Karen, Bella has saved some especially for you as she knows how much you love it) and sat down to watch Strictly.

It was a wonderful show but here are 4 visual highlights for you all:

GIF of the Week:

This moment comes from the most adorable dance of them all this weekend. It was a challenging move which Aston pulled off – must have been that Troll Magic:

Our #Strictly GIF of the week is this adorable moment from “The Trolls” #TeamMnM who got us in a spin with this move.

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Outfit of the Week:

She may not have wowed the judges, but her outfit wowed us at home. Ruth looked stunning, and to quote my 7 year old “Like a sparkly Christmas tree!” We would totally wear this outfit to a Christmas party!

Picture of the week:

This picture captures one of those Strictly moments of perfection. Alexandra flew into the air like a butterfly. She always looks so poised and her performances have to-date been really polished. We can’t wait to see her jive this week.

Caption of the week:

Our caption of the week comes from @SuzanneMayes on Twitter:

We’re back tomorrow to reveal our predictions ahead of week 4 of #Strictly 2017. You’re in for a treat! 

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Dance Move, Photo, GIF, Outfit of the Week – Week 2

Last Saturday 15 couples took to the floor for what was a truly epic night.

Tuesdays in our house are a chance for us to relive some of our favourite Strictly moments from Saturday night. There were many fab-u-lous moments last Saturday, but here are our Dance Move, Photo, GIF and Outfit of the week highlights. 

Dance Move of the Week:

One dance was so epic, we couldn’t just pick one dance move, but had to pick not 2, but 3! Yes, 3 dance moves. We chose these three lifts from Janette and Aston’s Festival themed Salsa. We loved it so much we couldn’t help but share them again. In case you missed it, here they are just for you:

Photo of the Week:

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, and this is one of them: #Slay

GIF of the week:

There are couples on Strictly who fill us with joy, with every step they take on the floor. Susan and Kevin are one of these couples. Our GIF of the week captures not just the joy they spread with the audience at home, but also the judges in the audience. Click on this link below to see Shirley (and Bruno’s) reaction to their charming Charleston:

Outfit of the week:

There were so many spectacular outfits on Saturday night. Some of them dazzled us, but one of them gave us serious dress envy for it’s “wearability.” It was this fab-u-lous outfit that Mollie and AJ wore:

Did you have other moments on Saturday night that you loved? Comment down below or tweet @scd_support to tell us yours. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂