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Strictly Overheards – What do Star Wars and the Strictly Glitterball Have in Common?

Sometimes Kids say the funniest things but also 7 year old logic is officially awesome. Earlier this afternoon, I picked up my wonderful little Strictly fan from school and took her in search of a Father’s Day present for daddy!

Whilst we were out shopping, I caught her staring at a Star Wars Death Star. (My Husband is a huge Star Wars fan – so anything Star Wars related would go down well.)

She grabbed my attention before telling me:

Mummy, the Death Star looks like a Strictly Glitterball but without the sparkly bits on the outside.

Kevin from Grimsby likes Star Wars and did a Star Wars themed Charleston on Strictly, so he made the Death Star sparkly again and made Star Wars all Strictlified. He should really win the Strictly Glitterball this year!

I officially love her logic and thought process!  There you have it, that’s what the Glitterball and a Death Star have in common.

Do you agree with Bella? Vote in the poll below to let us know.

Cassie πŸ™‚


Strictly 2015 – It’s the Week of the Final!

Forget that there are 11 more sleeps until Christmas! There are just 5 more sleeps until the Strictly final! It only feels like yesterday that the final four took to the floor for the first time, and on Saturday Georgia, Jay, Katie and Kellie will all take to the floor for the final time where one of them will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2015!

Later on this week we will be covering our favourite moments of Strictly 2015 but tonight we’re looking at the likelihood of 4 possible outcomes! All four couples are in with a chance of winning, but in this post we’ll analyse their chances. 

Outcome Number One: Aliona becomes the first pro to lift the Glitterball twice!

Having won the glitterball in 2011, Aliona has had a few glitterball-less years. With Jay she has a strong chance of lifting the Glitterball and becoming the first Strictly pro to lift the Glitterball twice!

As the only finalist never to have been in the dance-off, Jay sure has the public on side! He also has received the joint highest number of 10s of all celebrities, receiving 7 10s in total from the judges. 

Having performed THE routine of the series and the first routine of the series to score a 10 (in Week 3) we have a feeling that his chances of winning the Glitterball are very high (and a lot higher than the chance of Craig awarding anyone a 10!) 

Over the past 2 years we have had 2 female celebrity champions, so maybe this year it is the time for a celebrity bloke to lift the Glitterball!

Outcome Number Two:  Kevin makes it third time lucky and wins the Glitterball!

Kevin from Grimsby has become something of a Strictly Legend! As the only pro ever to make it to the final three years in a row, we think that this is testament to his teaching and creative choreography.

From week one, he and Kellie have been a wonderful partnership. They started the series off in style with an impressive and confident Tango and week after week their performances have impressed and entertained us. 

They may have been in the dance-off twice but these two are true fighters and have earned their place in the final with hard work, perserverance and passion.

It’d be wonderful for Kevin and Kellie to lift the Glitterball as they truly deserve it (and it’d make my little girl’s Christmas!)

Outcome Number Three: Anton wins the Glitterball in his first Final!

After 11 years without ever holding the Glitterball, we think Anton truly deserves to win. He deserves it for all the “Dance Disaasters” he and his partners have experienced over the last few years. This year with Katie he has finally (and deservedly) reached the final!

They may be the underdogs, but we love an underdog! Katie’s ballroom performances have been truly beautiful (she is dancing with the master of ballroom after all) and her latin has improved.

They have never scored a 10 and have been in the dance-off once, but with the right routine and showdance, we think us fans could help them lift the Glitterball!

Outcome Number Four: Team GG for the GB(Glitterball!)

Georgia and Giovanni have been a match made in heaven since day one! All their performances have entertained us and we’ve loved watching their partnership and friendship grow as well as watching Georgia blossom as a dancer.

Together with Jay she has been awarded the highest number of 10s (Seven) however has ended up in the dance-off once.

As a partnership these two are dynamic and we cannot wait to see their showdance. We think it could see them lift the glitterball!

The Glitterball could be anyone’s this year! Which of these 4 outcomes do you think will be most likely? Vote below in this poll to let us know:

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Makes – Make your own glitterball bauble!

With just under 40 sleeps until Santa comes, we’re getting ready for Christmas. For those of you who know her very well, you may know my 5 year old Bella loves glitter and all things Strictly. She loves them both so much she could give Sprinkle Of Glitter a run for her (pocket) money!

Today was an inset day, so along with mummy, we set to work making some sparkly glitterball baubles for extra special friends and family! We’re pretty impressed with the end result. In true Blue Peter fashion, here’s one we made earlier:

 But how can I make a glitterball, I hear you cry? Don’t fear! Here’s a step by step guide to making your very own Glitterball Bauble to take pride of place on your Christmas tree.

To make a Glitterball Bauble you will need:

1) Polystyrene Balls

2) Double-sided Tape

3) Scissors and Ribbon

4) Stick-on Rhinestones 
To begin, make sure your polystyrene ball is even and any rough edges are removed. 

Dividing your ball into 4 segments, stick double sided table to create 4 segments. 

Cut a length of ribbon which is long enough to go around the ball, and also allows enough room to make a bow and attach this to the double-sided tape. Next, cut a length of ribbon which is long enough to go around the circumference of the circle and stick this using the double-sided tape to the ball.

Now your polystyrene ball is divided into 4 segments, you can begin sticking rhinestones to make your glitterball sparkle and shine! Make sure all 4 segments are covered in rhinestones. If you wish to add more sparkle, use glitter or glitter glue around the polystyrene ball!

So, there you have it, your easy way to make a glitterball. My little lady loved hers so much, she’s taken it to her bedroom! We think they make a great gift for any strictly fan, as well as a great addition to any Christmas tree or strictly-lover’s home in the run-up to Christmas! Our glitterballs are being sent to some very special people, you know who you are!

If you’re making a glitterball, why not send us picture. If you have been making more strictly related crafts, just let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie and Bella (princess of all things Sparkly!) πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»

Abbey Clancy On Jonathan Ross

We know how much you love #strictly and last night the beautiful Abbey Clancy was on The Jonathan Ross Show. It was a great interview and we learnt she has great taste in shoes it’s not a great idea to eat the glitterball, unless it looks like this:-


(glitterball cake)

Here’s a link to her interview along with some great comments about it. We hope you enjoy watching it.



Cassie πŸ™‚