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Strictly 2017 – Two by Two/It Takes Two 💃🏻

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely Mum text me to tell me she’d got tickets to (to quote her) “That Strictly Show on BBC Two – Two by Two!” She meant It Takes Two of course.

At first, all I could think of was Noah and his Ark, but then she asked if I would mind accompanying her along to watch the show. Before she’d even finished her sentence I said yes (and then started counting down the days until we would be heading off to Planet Strictly!)

I was given some wise advice from my 7 year old, Bella, before the show:


I heeded to her advice and wore as much glitter as I could, and kept on my best behaviour as Gorka was present.

It Takes Two is now filmed inside the new TV Centre and it felt a little nostalgic heading back there (after visiting there when I was about Bella’s age) but also brought a touch of old Strictly Magic to proceedings. What’s more, it’s right near to Westfield shopping centre which meant we had some Christmas shopping planned after the show.

We arrived early to avoid disappointment and met many fab-u-lous Strictly fans whilst we waited.  If you are lucky enough to get tickets, make sure you get there early. I have to say Zoe Ball is possibly the loveliest lady you will ever meet and took time to speak to each and every one of us as we entered and before the show. Strictly is such a wonderful show and everyone involved in it makes it a truly memorable experience.

Our first thoughts were that the studio looks a lot larger than on TV which was good, as there were a good number of us in the audience. It also looked so sparkly that we knew we were in the right place! We want some of those cushions on our sofa at home and those sequins gave us interior design envy.

The show itself was hilarious and being with other Strictly fans certainly added to the atmosphere. The Celebs (Alex, Gemma and Susan) and Pros (Aljaz, Gorka and Kevin) are truly lovely and all will get our votes this week. The Friday panel were uh-may-zing and Tom Allen (comedian extraordinaire) made us laugh so hard my cheeks were hurting by the end of the show. My mum did tell me that laughter is the best botox and she’s right!

If you are lucky enough to get tickets to the It Takes Two, don’t miss it! The Friday show is magical. Here are my top tips from the day:

  1. Wear comfy but smart shoes – There is a lot of standing and wearing high heels is not a good idea.
  2. Wear sparkly smart clothes and a touch of glitter.
  3. Get there early to avoid disappointment.
  4. Don’t be frightened, Zoe is lovely as are all the crew & the cast of Strictly 2017.

After being lucky enough to watching It Takes Two, we now want tickets to the Live Show. *Makes a wish that next year she gets Live Show tickets*

If you’ve been to see It Takes Two, and would like to let us know what you thought, comment down below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cassie 🙂


100 Sparkly Days of Strictly – Day 33

It’s Day 33 of 100 Sparkly Days of Strictly and with just 2 weeks left until Strictly comes back onto our screens, we’re asking you to share your favourite It Takes Two moments.

It Takes Two is possibly the best Strictly spin-off show that exists. We know that there have been many memorable and magical moments on the show.

Here is one of our favourites:

We just love the pros and feel this moment sums them up perfectly!

What’s your favourite Strictly It Takes Two moment? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 31 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two Carol and Pasha, Jeremy and Karen Clifton and Karen Hardy joined Zoe.

We learnt Jeremy keeps bursting into his Tango at every given opportunity. We’d be thrilled to dance Tango with him too Zoe.

First up were Carol and Pasha. We learnt:

1) Pashabot was a bit emosh as was Carol. *Passes over plenty of glittery tissues*

2) Carol feels sad but also feels an overwhelming pleasure to have been part of Strictly and to have danced with Pasha.

3) She feels like her time on Strictly was a dream. *Pinches Carol as it was definitely real*

4) They are going to miss eachother and singing “Mr Kovalova!” to one another. Please make a video and release it for Christmas. It’ll be a guaranteed Number One hit.

5) She loved the American Smooth even though they went home after dancing it.

6) Pasha is going to miss their little conversations and how hard she worked.

7) Carol would like to see everyone win the trophy.

It was then time for the Midterm Report. We learnt:

1) Katie said Anton has been a great teacher and is not too strict.

2) Anita is a naughty student.

3) Kellie thinks Kevin is the best teacher. He’s fair and rated her as an A* student.

4) Helen said Aljaz would be a good teacher at a school full of naughty kids.

5) Peter is class clown.

6) Jeremy is teacher’s pet and Headboy.

We then played a game of Judges Bingo:

This weekend we had:

1) The First 10 from Len

2) The First Threat from Len to pickle his walnuts

3) The first barney between Len and Craig.

Anyone got a full house yet?

It was then time for Karen’s Choreography Corner. She said:
After this weekend’s shock result, it’s time for our professionals to excite us!

She found:

Jamelia and Tristan impressive. Her footwork was great and her technique was brilliant too.

Katie and Anton’s Quickstep ambitious. He made it very complex for Katie and took lots of gambles.

Jay and Aliona’s Argentine Tango was perfect but he needed to show more emotion to get more passion.

Kellie and Kevin’s Waltz was great even if her right shoulder popped out.

The final couple to join Zoe were Jeremy and Karen. We learnt:

1) Jeremy was amazed by the size of the horse too!

2) They had so much fun dancing the Tango. Anton and Brendan came up to him after the dance and were impressed with his dancing ability too.

3) Jeremy has been a cowboy before.

4) Karen says he is improving and his timing and musicality are incredible. He never gets anything wrong and is leading Karen.

5) They are going to make the bum wiggle part of every dance from now on.

6) They’re dancing quickstep this week. Jeremy is very light on his feet and recognising steps and his frame. The smile will be back!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another show recap.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two (Show 27 – Recap)

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Jamelia and Tristan, Peter and Janette and Joanne Clifton. We learnt:

1) Peter Andre has wired the jukebox so it only plays his songs! 

First up on the sofa were Jamelia and Tristan. We learnt:

1) They had loads of fun dancing the Jive.

2) Tristan made sure his choreography to Time Warp was different to any other dance that had been performed using the song.

3) They are the best at being the worst.

4) Jamelia thought Iveta was called Iveta Luckypoopoo!

5) They see the dance-off as an opportunity to correct the mistakes and work on the judges’ comments.

6) Tristan got some pom poms. He is Jamelia’s biggest cheerleader!

7) This week they’re dancing the Viennese Waltz. She’s feeling more positive about dancing Ballroom this week and are working hard.

It was then time for Choreography Corner with Joanne Clifton (nice boots and demos by the way!) WE learnt:

1) She loved the Halloween special and thought it was amazing.

2) She thought:

Peter and Janette don’t have a problem with his shoulders. She’d like him to learn to lift his arms up and be aware of his positioning and twist his hips and head.

Anita and Gleb had a lot of fluidity but she needs to keep her shoulders parallel to Gleb and not be like a shopping trolley with a dodgy wheel!

Jay and Aliona pulled off a super cool performance. He had great swing and sway!

Carol and Pasha‘s Rumba needed her to step on the balls of her feet to get more hip action.

Katie and Anton‘s Paso Doble was great and the judges were unfair ! She had great lines and her focus was great. She needed a little bit more tension in her whole body.

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe. We learnt:
1) He got very nervous minutes before dancing the Foxtrot and started panicking! He still loved dancing the Foxtrot

2) Janette lost him and thought he’d turned into a ghost. (nope, he’s still here!) 👻

3) Janette explained the concept of the dance. Peter was a ghost that she was trying to get rid of throughout the dance. 👻

5) This week they’re dancing the Charleston. He says anyone called Charles should watch out, because they’re going to rock the dance! 

6) He can’t stop smiling and loves the energy.

7) They have a mannequin watching every move in their rehearsal room. He’s called Bob and is Peter’s biggest fan. *waves to Bob*

Finally, it was time for Ask the Pros with Janette, Tristan and Joanne. We learnt:

1) Song choices are collaborative between the producers, professionals and Jason Gilkison

2) If they could they’d add Interpretive or Tap Dance to the dance genres on the show

3) To achieve the perfect swivel you need red welly boots and to imagine you are Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Good answer Jo!

4) Tristan has a grumpy face!

5) Joanne felt weird winning the world championships. She was happy, relieved and upset at the same time!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow night for another recap. Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 26 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Jeremy and Karen, Natalie Lowe and Kirsty and Brendan. Can we point out that we loved Zoe’s fringed sparkly top! *suffers serious dress envy wondering where it’s from.*

First up were Kirsty and Brendan. We learnt:

1) They’re feeling sad and weren’t ready to go (just yet!)

2) Brendan is proud of what Kirsty achieved!

3) Kirsty put everything into what she did and enjoyed every minute of her time on strictly

4) She and Brendan will be friends for life and she’s going to miss all her friends in the Strictly cast of 2015.

6) Her favourite dance was the Salsa! Brendan’s favourite was the American Smooth (dressed as Lady and the Tramp!)

7) Brendan is happy that Kirsty worked hard. She was very stiff and scared at first but she has become a dancer. They are grateful for all the support they got!

8) Kirsty can’t choose a winner from the remaining contestants as they are all such good friends.

We then took a spooky sneak peek behind the scenes of the Halloween special. We learnt:

1) Jamelia is scared of horses, spiders and dancing in front of millions of people

2) Jeremy is scared of Gleb’s six pack. (We find it scarily awesome too Jeremy!)

3) Georgia is scared of Giovanni!

4) Giovanni has a scary spider!

5) Pasha looked like a green Simon Cowell

The lovely Natalie Lowe then guest-hosted Choreography Corner. We learnt:

1) Natalie was surprised by the results and is sad to see Kirsty go!

2) She doesn’t want to see Jamelia in the Dance-Off again.

3) She’s going out with Ainsley for a day-trip on Thursday

4) She thought:

Helen and Aljaz’s Samba was great. She was confident and had great technique.

Kellie and Kevin’s Paso had genius choreography. She loved the table-dancing part!

Jamelia and Tristan’s Jive had lots of oomph in the Dance-Off. She needs to have confidence and believe in herself

Georgia and Giovanni’s Tango was gorgeous. Her frame, footwork and pivots were brilliant! 

Jeremy and Karen’s Salsa was epic! It was fantastic. He committed to everything and gave it his all! His timing is impeccable and he partners Karen perfectly. Natalie loves Jeremy (as do we!)

The amazing Jeremy and Karen were the final couple to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They were thrilled being top of the leaderboard so much so that Jeremy wanted Claudia to stop the show!

2) There are two Karens. Karen in the normal world and Balcony Karen (who goes a little bit crazy and gets Claudia in a headlock!)

3) They are improving and Karen has lost her voice from shouting so much!

4) Jeremy is listening, constantly practising and improving. Karen is a very proud teacher!

5) This week they’re dancing the Tango. It’s Jeremy’s favourite dance and Karen says he’s got the technique already! 

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you then!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two (Show 24 Recap)

On tonight’s Thursday thriller of an It Takes Two Zoe was joined by the real (and an apparition of) Michael Flatley, Georgia and Giovanni, Carol and Pasha, The 2 Lisas from hair and make-up and the most adorable Dracula ever, Ian Waite!

First up were Georgia and Giovanni. We learnt:

1) She was terrified dancing first.

2) She has a new famous fan – Joan Collins who tweeted her after the show.

3) Giovanni is very impressed with Georgia as she mirrors him perfectly, when they’re doing solo work, which is very hard to do.

4) They’re dancing Tango this week to Ghostbusters and we can’t get over the fact how adorable Giovanni looks in a bow tie!

The most adorable Dracula ever, Ian, then joined us for Waite’s Warm-Up. He told us:

1) Carol and Jamelia need to straighten their knees

2) Peter looks good in their Foxtrot but he needs to keep his shoulders down.

3) Jeremy’s Salsa looks good! He’s getting the character right!

4) Jay needs to keep his shoulder up!

We then met the fab-u-lous Lisa and Lisa from Strictly hair and make-up. We learnt:
1) Lots of hair pins, glue and hairspray are used to keep hair in place

2) Pasha will be green again this weekend! *Drools remembering him as Shrek in 2011*

Carol and Pasha then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They felt wonderful dancing the Viennese Waltz

2) Carol wasn’t aware of Pasha pushing her in the pivots, despite what Craig said.

3) This week they’re dancing the Rumba. She’s finding it lots of fun and is discovering muscles she didn’t know she had!

4) She’s getting up close and personal with Pasha! 

Finally, Michael Flatley joined Zoe. We learnt:
1) Usain Bolt copied his move. Michael’s been doing it all his life.

2) He loves all the couples, and thinks the professionals are incredible (we agree!)

3) He loved Daniel O’Donnell! He also loves Katie, Jeremy and Jay.

4) If he was a strictly judge, he’d be looking for star quality and a performance element.

5) His tip for any aspiring dancer is to work hard, follow your dream and good things will happen.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm for another recap. Hope to see you there!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 23 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, the set was transformed into a spooky (and scary) place. Zoe was joined by Anita and Gleb, Peter and Janette, A giant spider, a bird and Ian Waite dressed in red as a devil!

First on the sofa were Anita and Gleb. We learnt that:

1) They’re taking each week as it comes and are genuinely surprised and thrilled by the judges’ comments.

2) Gleb has a lot of faith in Anita. He sometimes thinks he’s pushing her too far but tries to make sure his choreography suits her strengths.

3) She is so grateful for all the support she’s receiving from all the fans and Arlene.

4) She’s embracing the costumes!

5) They’re dancing the Waltz this week and it’ll be spooky. She is going to be Malificent and there might be flying!

Ian Waite then appeared for his Wednesday Warm-up!

We learnt:

1) He was upset that Ainsley went home as he thought he had a few more weeks in him

2) He thinks Jeremy and Katie could be in danger this week.

He thinks:

1) Kirsty needs to lift up on the balls of her feet more in her Charleston

2) Katie needs to be careful she doesn’t look too stiff.

3) Helen has a good bounce action in her Samba

4) Anita looks really good in her Waltz

5) Kellie needs to work on her Paso hands and create more shape

6) Georgia has good hold but needs to work on her footwork and do more heel leads in her Tango

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:
1) He found the Rumba hard and was channeling Patrick Swayze dancing the Rumba!

2) They love hearing the judges’ comments and constructive criticism.

3) Despite both being in the competition, Janette and Aljaz aren’t competitive at all!

4) They’re dancing Foxtrot this weekend and they’re both loving it!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you then.


Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 21 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, it was boy’s night as Jeremy and Karen, Jay and Aliona and Ainsley and Natalie joined Zoe along with Joanne who’s covering Choreography Corner.

First up were *grabs a tissue and sobs* Ainsley and Natalie for their (emosh) exit interview. We learnt:

1) He felt elated being on Strictly and was so happy to have been a part of the programme.

2) He had so much fun dancing the Jive! 

3) It was their most rehearsed week and they felt confident going into Saturday’s live show.

4) Natalie’s been a bit emosh over the last few days.

5) Ainsley felt like he’d been on a rollercoaster being on Strictly.

6) His favourite dances were the Waltz and the Salsa

7) He says there’s so much talent this year it’s hard to say who will win.

(Oh Jay oh Jay o Jay o)Jay and Aliona were next to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) He’s feeding off himself and Aliona feels he’s getting more confident week by week!

2) They’re taking each week separately and not letting previous dances influence how they perform each week.

3) They worked a lot on his arms in preparation for the Paso Doble.

4) Jay is trying to work on his acting skills.

5) Jay’s mum thought his Paso was great and said she can’t go into town without his auntie anymore, as people keep stopping her!

6) They’re performing American Smooth as Little Red Riding Hood. Jay will be the wolf!

Joanne (from Grimsby) Clifton then hopped onto the sofa for Choreography Corner!
She thought:

1) Carol needs to think of her arms as being in a big bowl of Custard to give them more energy (we like Custard!)

2) Helen and Aljaz were fabulous even though there was a lot of gapping.

3) Jeremy has great attitude but needs to have a bit more confidence in himself and use his legs more.

4) Anita and Gleb have what it takes to go all the way!

5) Kirsty nailed the footwork and the Viennese Waltz overall. It was her best dance yet!

Jeremy and Karen then joined Zoe. We heard that:

1) He felt constrained in the Waltz and wasn’t allowed to look at Karen but still loved it.

2) He followed Elvis Costello’s advice to the book.

3) Karen thought he played the part and was a true romantic.

4) Karen feels secure Jeremy will get the steps right as he’s always practising. They go out and enjoy the performance week after week.

5) Jeremy is too tall to drive a mini

6) They are dancing a spooky salsa this week!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’ll be back tomorrow night for another recap.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 16 Recap

On tonight’s it Takes Two. Zoe was joined by Katie and Anton, Daniel and Kristina, Ainsley and Natalie and Karen Hardy. We learnt:

Zoe has Will Young on speed dial, even if he doesn’t have a clue who she is!

First up were: Daniel and Kristina (complete with an afternoon tea!) We learnt:
1) He had a wonderful time and wished he could learn more dances.

2) He thinks that it was his time to finish up and that they did OK. Kristina thinks they did great.

3) Kristina’s favourite dance was their Cha Cha Cha. She admires Daniel for giving his all and conquering his nerves.

4) Tuesdays are not good days and Kristina turned into counsellor for him.

5) He has got on with everyone in the Strictly Class of 2015, proof that Strictly helps forge friendships forever.

We also learnt there’s a lot of love between all of the couples.

They’re all very different personalities but the best of friends. 

The make-up room is the place they all meet up.

No-one loves a hug and a kiss more than Ainsley.

Ainsley and Natalie then joined Zoe on the sofa. We heard that:
1) They engaged with the music and full embraced the beauty of the Waltz.

2) They struggled with the posture most during the week, but he did brilliantly.

3) Natalie was thrilled with Ainsley as he led her across the floor and did everything she asked him to.

4) They’re dancing Jive this week. 

5) He’s working so hard and giving so much wellie he’s creaking a bit! *sends him some WD40*

The legend that is, Karen Hardy, then joined Zoe for Karen’s Choreography Corner. We learnt:
1) She thought the show was truly amazing and professionals did some brilliant choreography.

2) She thought:

Anita and Gleb were brilliant. The choreography was so complicated she did a great job.

Kirsty and Brendan need to let go a little bit more. She’s a perfectionist and just needs to get out there and move.

Georgia and Giovanni were exquisite and the choreography was brilliant. There were lots of complex steps.

Jeremy and Karen had a lot of energy and he had some great steps in his Jive.

Kellie and Kevin had a quality packed routine

Jamelia and Tristan had brilliant swivel and she embraced the Charleston.

The final couple to join Zoe, were Katie and Anton. We learnt:
1) She loved every minute of the Viennese Waltz

2) Anton made Dave Arch speed up the music so he could push Katie to do more spins and pivots. 

3) They were freestyling in the end!

4) Katie couldn’t believe the judges were being so lovely.

5) Her daughters were amazed. One of them text her saying “Top of the leaderboard, you legend!”

6) Anton has been on top of the leaderboard with Lesley Garrett, Laila Rouass and Patsy Palmer and now with Katie.

7) They’re dancing Salsa this week. She’s going to have a party and not be afraid.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you there.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 15 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by a very lively audience, Helen and Aljaz, Peter and Janette, Kellie and Kevin and the Friday Panel (Alesha Dixon, Bonnie Langford, Dan Walker.) Iwan Thomas was also a roving reporter!

First up on the Sofa were Helen and Aljaz. We learnt:

1) Being Marilyn was a dream come true for Helen and her Foxtrot was everything she thought it would be.

2) Aljaz was thrilled the judges noticed the hard work they’d put in with the footwork.

3) They felt thrilled to score more points for their Foxtrot.

4) This week they’re dancing Salsa and Zoe may turn up on the floor because she loves the music so much (we agree they do have the best song!)

5) Aljaz may or may not have a stethescope this week.

6) Helen’s been struggling with her hips and the lifts.

Roving Reporter Iwan Thomas then joined us from Elstree where:

1) We met Stuart Holdam the warm-up man! My 5 year old’s question “Does he have a radiator in his pocket?” He is a very funny man and she is a very funny 5 year old!

The Friday Panel joined Zoe on the sofa. This week they are Alesha Dixon, Bonnie Langford and Dan Walker. We learnt

1) Alesha still dances around the kitchen everyday.

2) Dan was a closet Strictly fan until now!

3) Bonnie doesn’t know anything about ballroom, but loves Strictly and is supporting Kellie Bright, Jay McGuinness and Jeremy Vine!

4) They think that:

Georgia and Giovanni are brilliant talented and will perform an amazing Quickstep!

Kirsty and Brendan have lots of power and she looks confident in her Paso Doble.

Ainsley and Natalie will shine in their Waltz and he has a gorgeous face!

Jamelia and Tristan will suit the Charleston as she’ll be able to let go.

Anita and Gleb have great hip action in their Samba. Dan thinks she may win Strictly!

Jeremy and Karen look adorable in their Jive and they just want to hug him. They don’t think he can win Craig over.

Kellie and Kevin look like a professional partnership in their Foxtrot. They think she’ll smash it!

Peter and Janette look brilliant in their Tango!

Helen and Aljaz look beautiful and natural/comfortable (if you’re Dan) in their Salsa.

Katie and Anton look lovely and elegant in their Viennese Waltz. They think this dance will suit her perfectly.

Daniel (The DOD) and Kristina look adorable in their American Smooth. He will do well in this dance.

Carol and Pasha have the worst possible dance for her personality in the Paso Doble. The Strictly crew need to annoy her before she dances.

Jay and Aliona look good in their quickstep, but they’re concerned he’s got tape on his knee and looks sweaty.

5) Their favourites are Peter, Anita, Kellie and Jay

6) They’re not sure who will be going home this weekend, but think Daniel or Jamelia are going home this weekend.

We then got a sneak-peek behind the scenes at the professional Group Dance – 1980s Theme. Thanks Joanne from Grimsby. We learnt:

1)Gleb was only 3. I feel old!

2) Kevin had a perm and a collection of shellsuits in the 80s.

3) Aljaz wasn’t alive in the 1980s. I feel even older

4) Kevin can’t dance with a snooker cue and Kristina nearly dropped a tray on Karen’s head!

Kevin and Kellie then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) Kellie let out the largest scream after their Charleston as she was so relieved as they had so much fun in rehearsals.

2) Kellie’s lightsabre kept going off in rehearsals but stayed switched on during the routine!

3) Kevin felt it was his best week ever as all his wishes came true. The nerd in him got very excited. 

4) They’re dancing the Foxtrot this week. She’s finding the dance lovely but has struggled. She’s closing her eyes and imagining she’s dancing with Gene Kelly (sorry Kev!)

5) It was Kevin’s birthday and Karen bought him a lightsabre for his birthday and made him a cake. The It Takes Two team bought him a glittery lightsabre.

The final couple to join Zoe were Peter and Janette. We learnt:

1) He had lots of fun getting into the pirate character. He fully embraced the costume, make-up etc, but was drenched in sweat before the dance started!

2) His eyeliner stayed on his eyes for days.

3) Janette was super proud of what Peter performed on the night, despite the lower scores. They felt great at the end of the night.

4) Peter loves the judges’ comments. He takes them away and will use them for life.

5) Janette brings Peter a coffee and a granola bar. Peter doesn’t bring her anything, but they share sandwiches.

6) They’re dancing Tango this week. He’s being Robert De Niro or Vinnie the Panda from the Fox’s Biscuits advert.

For those of us who were extra excited, we also had the added addition of Robin’s A-Z of Strictly! *cheers*
We learnt:

F is for Flying Celebrities.

G is for Gravity, Glitterball and Glitter.

H is for Halloween.

I is for Italia (Land of Vincent Simone and Giovanni Pernice (who’d like to invite Len, Len Wife, Len Daughter to a dinner party!)

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm tweeting along with the show as it happens. Hope to see you there!

Cassie 🙂