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Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish!Β 

It’s that time of the week. Time for our News at Ten!

Over the weekend, the cheeky (and sparkly) monkeys on Planet Strictly decided to reveal 2 more celebrities to get us in the mood for Strictly! On Saturday, we had *goes weak at the knees* Holby City’s Joe Mc Fadden revealed and yesterday chef Simon Rimmer was named as the 7th celebrity on the show.

Today, we had even more exciting news that Aston Merrygold will be competing on this year’s show.

Although we’re eagerly waiting for a lady to be named next, here is the line-up so far:

It’d seem they’re all looking forward to being on the show, and have been welcomed by the pros in true Strictly Style. We’ve already had our quote of the week from one of this year’s celebrities:

In other news, it was another day in rehearsals and an old friend came along to say hello:

This evening we also had an exciting facebook live featuring cute fluffiness:

And finally, Strictly Is officially coming….

We had this sneak peek earlier:

That ends tonight’s news bulletin. We’ll be here tomorrow same time for our next News Bulletin. Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish

Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s Strictly news bulletin!

The headlines:

*Bong* The third celebrity is revealed in the cast of 2017

*Bong* There are some strange goings on in the rehearsal room (it must be the weather)

And Finally A Safety notice brought to you by one of the pros

Firstly tonight’s main news story. Earlier today, on This Morning we heard that the third celebrity taking to the floor this year will be Ruth Langford. *inserts picture of her getting ready for her time on Strictly*

This is one announcement we’re very excited about. It’ll be very interesting to see if Eamonn Holmes does also take to the floor. If he does, we predict the husband and wife team will be paired with either the Joneses’ the Cliftons or maybe the newlyweds Aljaz and Janette!

Anyway, Ruth’s announcement on the show was met with much excitement from the Strictly Pros and Twitterverse.

Here’s what Ruth had to say on being part of Strictly 2017:

We cannot wait to see what she brings to the show.

Elsewhere in the rehearsal studios, there were some very strange goings on. We predict this was down to the weather!

There were some cute selfies:

There was an impromptu Salsa lesson for Giovanni:

And it all got too much for one pro, who decided he needed a nap:

And finally, we had some advice from one of the pros this morning. It is sound advice for you all.. Thanks Brendan for looking out for us! 

That ends tonight’s News Bulletin. The Next Celebrity taking to the floor on Strictly 2017 will be announced on tomorrow’s BBC Breakfast show. We can’t wait to hear who it is. 

Goodnight everyone!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish

It’s time for your daily fix of Strictly related news.

The headlines:

*Bong* Strictly Pro celebrates her birthday with some wonderful messages

*Bong* The Second Strictly 2017 celebrity is revealed

*Bong* Some exciting developments on this year’s Strictly

And finally some Pics to cheer you up!

Our headline tonight, the wonderful Oti celebrated her birthday today. We understand there was a lot of cake, and learnt that there was a celebration over the weekend, which was no way as expensive as The Sun suggested! *reads everything from certain newspapers with a pinch of salt*

There were also some wonderful messages to the birthday girl, including these:

Around lunchtime, we also had some exciting news, when the wonderful people on Planet Strictly revealed the second celebrity (and first male) to be taking their place on the Strictly Dancefloor:

He was welcomed in true Strictly style, with a great tweet from Mr Kevin from Grimsby:

Don’t worry Dhavood. Just like Kevin, we’re pretty sure you can dance. *Chants* Believe good old Al Cohol.

We also learnt that the good old people at Strictly love Snap Chat or as we’re now renaming it Snap Cha Cha Chat! *Signs up faster than a Strictly Sequin Stitcher*

And finally we learnt our pros had some fun in rehearsals ( as is to be expected)

Neil wore leggings #MenInTights – if you don’t believe me watch Katya’s instagram stories.

The three musketeers were chilling after a long day in rehearsals:

And Janette proved she really is small and mighty! (Note, we already knew this after this moment last series)

And that ends tonight’s news bulletin. We’ll be back tomorrow for more news from Planet Strictly.


Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish!

We’ve always thought the News at Ten would be a lot more interesting if it was Strictly themed, and today there was a lot of Strictly-themed news for us Strictly fans.

It all began this morning, when Nick Grimshaw revealed Mollie King as the first celebrity to be taking to the floor in 2017. We must say we think she’ll be fab-u-lous, and it looks like she’s already been preparing for her time on the show by dressing up like a Glitterball:

In true Strictly style, the pros and former stars who’ve appeared on the show, welcomed Mollie to the Strictly fold:

But one pro appeared to wish to dance with her mum. Oh Anton, we love you:


It’d seem that Mollie is excited about Strictly too. Bring on those sequins and the glitter:


Elsewhere in the world of Strictly…

We learnt that one of the new pros is a very lucky girl:

And we introduced the newest member of our Strictly Zoo, which went down well with his namesake:

That ends our news bulletins tonight. We’ll have another bulletin tomorrow with more news on the 2nd celebrity taking to the floor this year. Who do you think it’ll be? Comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish – Day 3

It’s Day3 of the Pro Rehearsals and today we had the first group photo of our Pro Dancers looking truly fab-u-lous:

There has been much excitement and what seems to be a reunion (of the 3 musketeers and Gorka) taking place in Pro Rehearsals:

We’ve also had wedding gifts for our newlyweds:

There has been celebration after rehearsals too (and they sure deserve it after a day full of dancing:)

That ends tonight’s bulletin! We’re back tomorrow for another News at Ten-ish!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2017 – News at Ten-ish – Day 1

It’s Day 1 of the Strictly Pro Rehearsals, which means one thing… time for our daily news bulletins bringing you the latest from the world of Planet Strictly!

Although there weren’t too many tweets today from Planet Strictly, there seemed to be a lot of excitement:

There also seemed to be some confusion too #AreWeIn2017? 

*realises that if this is the case Tristan and Gleb are still on #Strictly* 😍

That ends today’s news bulletin. We’ll be back with more news from Planet Strictly tomorrow.

Good Night everyone!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly News at Ten(ish) – Back to the (future) rehearsal studio!

After yesterday, where our professionals had a group rehearsal, today our celebrities turned all Marty Mc Fly and went back to the future rehearsal studio to practice the dances they will perform in 9/10 days time *squeals with excitement.*

We think on Strictly the early bird catches the glitterball. We saw Jeremy and Karen rehearsing extremely early (complete with Coffee and Croissants!) 

We also saw Antony and Oti take their first steps in the ballroom. We must say their jive looks fast, furious and fantastic. We love the shiny shoes too:

It was Gleb’s birthday and Team Glita looked ready to celebrate in matching training outfits. We love them:

We also saw the face that one of our celebrities sees when she walks in the training room. We think she’s extremely lucky *hugs her ipad thinking this pro is hugging her*

We also learnt that another of our couples have been hard at work on their footwork:

And finally, learnt that one of our pros has been practising something Circus related. After her & Jake’s Charleston last year, we predict great things:

That ends tonight’s news bulletin. We’ll be back tomorrow night for our next News Bulletin. Hope you can join us then!

Cassie πŸ™‚