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Seven Days With James and Ola Jordan – A Review

Over the last year, James Jordan has become a bit like Marmite. You either love him, or you hate him. Some of his opinionated tweets have made some Strictly Fans cringe and scroll through his tweets as quickly as they can whilst checking their twitter feeds. We love Marmite as much as we love anything Strictly-related so sat to watch Seven Days with James and Ola in suspense! 


“I like Marmite, but will I like James and Ola?”
So, what was our verdict of the show? Well, surprisingly, we loved it! 
We definitely saw a softer side to James who said “I don’t just love Ola because she’s gorgeous on the outside, but she’s a beautiful person inside! (sic)” *sound of heart melting* Later on in the show, whilst they were both at the gym we saw Ola say that James is caring and always tells her to be careful Baby! It was clear to see that there is a lot of love between these two and they care for eachother so much!

There were comedy moments too, including watching James being attacked by his nieces and nephews on a giant bouncy castle! We heard how they were desparate for children and feel they’ll make fun parents. James’ bedtime discipline/bribery would work perfectly with my little lady who suddenly turned all Supernanny, telling me “Mummy and Daddy, he needs to do what you do and tell them bedtime stories!” 

We learnt that James left Strictly because it had turned into something he didn’t like anymore. After all the tweets last year, we think there may be some truth in this, but are still a little dubious of the editing. *puts on detective hat to investigate.*

We also saw Ola take her first dance steps with James since her accident and be given the all clear for Strictly and a future touring show they are planning with Arlene Phillips. Watching the pair of them dance, we saw magic that we missed on last year’s Strictly. Yes, Pasha and Ola made a great partnership, but James and Ola are such a talented couple and their dancing together is 100% natural.

Overall, we really enjoyed this show and would love to see some of our other Strictly Pros do a Seven Days With Style show. We’d love to hear what you thought of the show. Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚


30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly – X is for X-Ray!

Mummy says I’m very lucky, because I’ve never ever had to have an X-Ray! She says it’d make me look a little like Steve and Ola did in their Charleston! I wouldn’t mind that because I really liked that dance. 

Today, x is for x-ray. I’ve chosen Steve and Ola’s Charleston, because although it wasn’t perfect, I really liked their costumes and outfits! I have pyjamas that are like their outfits! They looked like they were having lots of fun too and there were some great lifts which look like lots of fun! I might ask daddy to try lifting me like that later today.

I think they deserved higher scores! I’d have given them at least an 8 because the dance looked fun but also looked really difficult too.

Here are Steve and Ola with their tricky bone-filled Charleston. If you have a doggy, don’t let them watch it, because they might want to eat your computer which wouldn’t be good.

Let us know what you thought of this dance. Mummy asks if you found it humerus (I don’t understand what she means, I don’t think it’s funny) or not. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bella (and Cassie!)

30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A – Z of Strictly! O is for @the_olajordan

It’s Monday & day 15 of my Strictly Alphabet. It’s time for the letter O! 

O is for Ola Jordan

Once upon a time (well about 9 years ago) on Planet Strictly, a beautiful dancer called Ola stepped onto the dancefloor.

She choreographed some great routines and proved she was a great teacher. One day, she was even awarded the great prize, the Strictly Glitterball, when she won the show with Chris Hollins. She was also given the great prize at Christmas time too, by Strictly Santa, winning the Christmas Glitterball.

For today’s Monday Memory, I’ve chosen my favourite of Ola’s dances, her quickstep with Ashley from 2013. I liked Ola’s dress because it was pink and pretty. I also liked the choreography and it looked like lots of fun to dance. Here are Ola and Ashley with their fab-u-lous quickstep:

I hope you liked that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Let me know. You can tweet me @scd_support or comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next letter of my Strictly Alphabet.

Bella πŸ‘Έ

Strictly Support Group – The Election (Day 7!) Polling Day is Here!

Earlier this morning, we revealed our final two candidates in our Strictly Support Group General Election! We love the Charleston and today’s two candidates were pure gold! One triumphed for having a cool, laid-back vibe and the other was quirky, cheeky and pure entertainment! They are Sophie and Brendan’s and Chris and Ola’s fab-u-lous Charlestons!

Watching these dances, it’s easy to see why they both deserve their places in the Election:

1) Every election needs a peoples’ champion, and this dance helped Chris and Ola win Strictly 2009. It was cheeky, quirky and captured Chris’s personality perfectly. Both he and Ola looked adorable, in fact more adorable than your favourite politician holding a baby or a puppy or a kitten or something cute!

2) Being a politician is all about remaining cool under pressure and Sophie and Brendan did this perfectly. There

were risky lifts, acrobatics and super fast choreography. All of these were performed perfectly in WEEK 2! The whole routine was brilliant and is deserving of a place in our election for being the leader of the pack. We loved both of them and hope you will too, so here are both dances we showed earlier:

Sophie and Brendan’s Charleston

Chris and Ola’s Charleston.

Now you’ve seen all our dances, here’s a reminder of the candidates (in video form):

You’ve watched and now all that needs to be done is to vote. We are pleased to reveal that voting is now OPEN! *Does a dance like our pros do on Claud 9* You have until 3pm tomorrow to cast your vote for our Strictly Support Group Prime Minister. Just choose your favourite from the poll below. We’ll reveal the result tomorrow evening from 7pm. Get voting people!


Chief Returning Officer of the Strictly Support Group

Samba Saturday – Love truly is in the air *shimmies*

*Provides audience with earplugs before bursting into a rendition of Love is in the air* Now I’ve got your attention, and you’ve avoided hearing my singing, it’s time to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re spending the day alone, with friends or family or with your beloved, we think this dance will most definitely put you in the mood for a party and will make you feel all loved-up inside *stares and starts seeing heart shapes all over her screen.* We’re pretty sure you’ll end up looking like this 😍.

We’re watching Ashley and Ola’s Lovely samba from last year’s Love week. We loved the concept, choreography and costumes. The music put us in the mood for a party and for week 3, the performance level from Ashley was top-notch. We scored it an 8/10 in our house and hope you’ll love it too! Here are Ashley and Ola with their fab-u-lous Samba:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. Have a wonderful day and hope you can join us for our Valentine’s Day chat later!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Throwback Thursday – A Dance Bound to Make You Smile

With it getting darker outside, we understand the need for a little bit of Strictly joy in our lives and today’s dance could make even the grumpiest person smile.

Today we’ve chosen Chris and Ola’s Charleston. This dance was cheeky and pure fun. The two of them looked like they were auditioning for Bugsy Malone. Ola’s Choreography played to Chris’s strengths and the facial expressions and dancing made us smile, it was joyous. For us, we think it helped Chris win series 7 of Strictly Come Dancing.

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Chris and Ola with their Charleston:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet us @scd_support, comment in the box below or on our facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Monday Memory – Oh Dooby-Doo, We Wanna Be Like These Two!

Last night, one of the most lovely contestants ever in the history of strictly left the ballroom after gracing us with his smile, enthusiasm and passion for dance for 9 weeks.

Steve and Ola became the 7th couple to waltz away from the Ballroom. Although he smiled in every single performance, one dance he performed left us grinning like the Cheshire Cat and made us wanna be like him and Ola, hopping, skipping and jumping across the Strictly Ballroom floor. We’re talking about their Jungle Book inspired quickstep.

This dance made us leap for joy, and start hopping around our living room floor with excitement. We loved Ola’s dress, the music and choreography and felt Steve coped brilliantly and his smile lit up the ballroom. We loved this dance and hope you will (wanna be like them) too! Here are Steve and Ola with their fab-u-lous quickstep:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support, comment in the box below or on our facebook page “Strictly Support Group.” We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Goodbye Steve and Ola!

Earlier tonight we shed a lot of tears as Team Steveola became the next of our couples to leave the ballroom.

For us, Steve has been quite possibly the loveliest ever contestant on Strictly. His love of all things dance, his enthusiasm, energy and passion for Strictly have shone through in every dance.

Ola has taught Steve well and her choreography has suited Steve’s personality perfectly. Steve’s beautiful speech to Ola and the rest of the contestants sure made us a little teary-eyed just now.

We’d love to see Steve on the tour and really hope he keeps dancing. He has progressed so far and has shown enthusiasm, passion, a love of dance and a general loveliness that we have never seen before from a celeb in our opinion.

Steve and Ola thank you for entertaining us, making us smile and generally being lovely. Here are your best moments, you will be missed


Leave your messages of support for Team Steveola below and we’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie 😊

Foxtrot Friday – A Dance That’ll make you Dance All Day (and Night!)

This dance carries a warning. It may lead to dancing all day and night which can lead to tiredness and excess coffee drinking.

Now we got the serious stuff out of the way, it’s Friday ( yay!) but not just any Friday, it’s Foxtrot Friday, and we’re taking our final trip to the ballroom this week to see Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan’s adorable Foxtrot from 2009.

This dance marked a turning point for Chris, as he achieved his highest score (34/40) in the competition (pre-charleston) and they showed they were real contenders.

Ola’s dress was beautiful and she choreographed a dance to suit his strengths (lots of pivots.) We loved the music and it had us dancing all day and night (Starbucks were very pleased!) Here it is, just for you:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. Now, you’ve seen all our top 5 Blackpool routines, we’re going to do a poll. Just vote for your favourite here and we’ll reveal the result on Sundays results show:

Cassie 😊

Tango Tuesday – A Roarsome Dance which was born to be wild

For today’s Tango Tuesday fix, we’re going back just a couple of weeks to see the Roarsome pairing of Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan with their first dance.

We were slightly distracted by Steve’s arms, but this dance was strong, powerful, aggressive and passionate. If this is their Tango, we can’t wait to see their Paso Doble. For a week one dance, it was performed brilliantly too. Ola’s dress was amazing, and like Claudia we almost wanted to wear it too!

We loved it and hope you do too. Here are Steve and Ola with their tempting and tantalising Tango. It’s roarsome!

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚