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Let’s Dance The Night Away – A Review by @SparkleyAlex

We love a good trip to the theatre, especially when it has something to do with our favourite show. When the lovely Alex told us she was going to see the opening night of Pasha’s sixth tour, we kindly asked her to review it (in our capacity as members of the Pasha appreciation society!) Here’s what she thought of the show:

I went with two fellow Pasha mad friends to Redhill to see the first night of Pashas sixth tour – we met up with Antony (Pasha and Oti’s agent) in a nearby restaurant where we had the first of two hugs and pics.

On entering the theatre the show started with a Q and A with Pasha and Mike Newman. This lasted for 20 minutes before the main show. It is the BEST show he’s done so far partly as it’s been entirely choreographed by Anya and tells the story of their departure from Russia and their life since then.

I promise not to spoil things but the show has a distinctly Russian feel to it AND pashas unique take on Gangnam style is a must see!

Thank you Alex. If you’ve seen or are off to see a Strictly themed show soon you can let us know by tweeting @scd_support. We may even let you review the show.

Cassie 🙂


The Ultimate Strictly Challenge -💃🏻🏆💃🏻 Let Jives and Tangos Battle it out!

So last week, we launched the Ultimate Strictly Challenge to help us decide the best Perfect Scoring dance in the history of Strictly!

Week one’s categories were The Waltz and the Cha Cha Cha. It saw Lisa and Brendan and Caroline and Pasha battle it out for the crown of Cha Cha Cha Champion and Matt and Flavia and Abbey and Aljaz battle it out for the crown of Waltz winners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all for your votes. They have been checked, counted and verified and we can now reveal that the couples winning their places in the Ultimate Strictly Challenge final are *drumroll and does a samba to create suspense*  are Lisa and Brendan Representing the Cha Cha Cha and Abbey and Aljaz representing the waltz. Well done to both couples. We’ll see you in the final.

Now we can move onto decide week two’s categories! This week we have chosen to let Tangos and Jives battle it out against one another! All you need to do is watch these four videos then vote for your favourite from each dance style in the polls below! You can vote in each poll once a day up until next Sunday at 6pm when the vote will be frozen once again.

Keep voting and Keep dancing people! All your favourites need your votes.

Cassie 🙂


Strictly Support Group – Strictly Olympics – Athletics Results!

Over the past 24 hours, you’ve been casting your votes for the dance which you felt lived up to this definition best:

Your votes have now been counted, checked and verified! We can now reveal the results:

In 3rd Place and winning the Bronze Athletics medal are:

In second place and winning the Silver Medal are:

And in poll position, winning our Gold Medal are:

Congratulations to all our medal winners, Caroline, Pasha, Katie, Anton, Anita and Gleb! Thank you also to you wonderful people for all your votes.

Our next contest in the Strictly Olympics will be Archery! Watch this space to find out more and to be able to cast your votes.

Keep dancing and voting people!

Cassie 🙂 

☀️ So Long Sunny Carol & Pasha! ☀️

On Strictly, there are People’s Champions who we always support and tonight we said goodbye to one of the loveliest people to have ever graced the Strictly Dancefloor.

The lovely little Miss Sunshine that is Carol Kirkwood became the 6th person to leave Strictly 2015

Over the last 7 weeks, Carol’s sunny disposition along with her wonderful friendship with Pasha have helped her reach this stage in the competition.

Starting off extremely nervous, we have seen her grow in confidence and transform into a dancer.

Tonight’s dance-off showed her performing to her best abilities even till the bitter end!

Upon being voted off Pasha said he’s extremely proud of Carol and he’s never danced with a nicer person ever!

There was an anticipation waiting to see Carol dance and we will really miss seeing her on the Strictly floor. It’d seem the rest of our couples and you will too. 

Here are some of the tweets we saw earlier this evening:

We’d like this post to become a tribute to Carol and Pasha. Comment below with your messages of support and we’ll make sure they see them!

Cassie 🙂 

Foxtrot Friday – A Gem Of A Performance!

We love anything shiny and sparkly! We’re not materialistic but could go as far as saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend (sorry best friends, we love you just as much as diamonds and Strictly Come Dancing!)

Today’s Foxtrot Friday clearly showed this. It was a sparkling gem of a performance from Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev.   

We loved this dance for several reasons:

1) It had Pasha in it! We love sparkly costumes, especially when they have fringing.

2) Pasha was dancing  The music was unique and unusual and surprisingly fitted a foxtrot really well in our opinion

3) Did we mention that it had Pasha dancing in it? Pasha also choreographed a beautiful dance which Caroline performed brilliantly.

We loved this routine and hope you will too. It was a sparkling gem that helped this couple win the most sparkly trophy in the whole world! Here are Caroline and Pasha with their fab-u-lous Foxtrot.

We’d love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

Monday Memory – A weather warning on behalf of the Strictly Support Group!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologise if this morning you got a little soaked. Today we’ve been experiencing some very strange weather happenings over the UK, and we feel that today’s Monday Memory may be responsible.

Yes, earlier this morning, we showed you Pasha and Kimberley’s Cha-Tango from 2012. This fusion dance was uh-may-zing and scored her first perfect 40 (and 10s) of the series.

It was dramatic, cheeky, and fun routine which not only the judges liked, but we loved it at home, not just because it featured Pasha!

We loved it and hope you will too. Here are Pasha and Kimberly with their Cha-Tango. We hope you enjoy it:

We’re off now, to do the school run with an umbrella (need to watch out for those raining men!) but we’d love to hear what you thought of that routine. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂

Pasha Kovalev: A Life Through Dance (a review by @serenepingu)

Last night, whilst I celebrated my tiniest monkey’s christening, my lovely friend got the chance to see the gorgeous, hot, talented, hot and amazing Pasha Kovalev, as well as Anya Garnis, Ryan Hammond, James Wilson, Marcella Solime and Leila Stewart when they waltzed into Watford. She kindly agreed to review the show for our blog. Here are her thoughts:

Pasha Kovalev: A Life Through Dance

The beautiful art form that is dance brings together the whole nation and Strictly has helped bring dance to our hearts. This was apparent to see in this wonderful show. As me and my mum arrived at The Watford Colosseum, we saw many fans, some dance lovers, some dancers themselves and some were Pasha fans (like us!)

The show takes you on a journey through dance seeing fab-u-lous Foxtrots, wonderful Waltzes, romantic Rumbas, passionate Paso Dobles, sensational Salsas and amazing American Smooths! The title of the show Life Through Dance, is easy to see in the performances. All the talented professionals have dedicated their lives to dance and their talent, emotion and performance left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside just like strictly does during the winter months. Dance really is good for the soul as well as the body!

As well as sublime dancing from the professionals, we also had the pleasure of being entertained by the very talented Village School of Dance and Drama, who performed two fun and energetic routines. To quote Whitney Houston, I believe that children are the future, and we’re pretty sure that some of these children may be on Strictly in the future.

Pasha got us on our feet and we can honestly say we left the room better dancers, as well as being entertained. Paula and Lisa who were lucky enough to get to dance with Pasha summed up how we all felt inside. We love Pasha and this show made us realise he’s not only an amazing dancer, but is also a lovely and down-to-earth person.

For us, our highlights had to be the strong and dramatic Paso Doble (featuring Pasha’s pecs!), the beautiful Rumba from Ryan and Marcella, the wonderful finale, the spectacular and sparkly costumes, as well as Pasha’s magical Glitterball! It was also great to see Anya Garnis performing with Pasha. Their partnership is electric, powerful and engaging for all the audience.

All in all, we had an amazing evening and would definitely recommend this show for Strictly (and Pasha) fans both young and old!

Serene 🙂

30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly. P is for @Pashakovalev

It’s Tuesday & today I wanted to talk about the Paso Doble or Pandas 🐼, but as it’s mummy’s blog, I decided I’d be nice and ask her to pick today’s letter!

Here’s how our chat went earlier:

👸 Bella: So mummy, what does P stand for on Strictly for you?

👩 Mummy: Well it can stand for lots of things. It could stand for the Paso Doble!

👸 Bella: Like my favourite ever dance on Strictly from Susanna and Kevin!

👩 Mummy: Yes, like the Paso Doble, but you know mummy likes another P on Strictly!

👸 Bella: Yes, mummy! *jumps up and down* What is it?

👩 Mummy: Well, it’s Pasha!

👸 Bella: Why’s that mummy?

👩 Mummy: Well *thinks carefully* He’s our current reigning pro champion, His choreography is legendary (look at his quicksteps, paso dobles, tangos and jives!)  and he also is a lovely person, a great and patient teacher.

👸 Bella: I like Pasha too mummy! I even have a toy penguin named after him! 🐧 I like your answer mummy! As it’s Tuesday, what’s your favourite Pasha Tango for Tango Tuesday?

👩 Mummy: Well, I loved Caroline and Pasha’s Argentine Tango and also loved his and Kimberley’s Ballroom Tango. They had great choreography, lots of passion and drama in both routines. They were truly uh-may-zing!

👸 Bella: Well, mummy, I like these tangos so have made a little playlist of Pasha’s best Tangos!

Those are our favourite Pasha Tangos. Which Tango wins the vote for you? Let us know by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Cassie and Bella!

30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly – Day 3!

It’s Wednesday and *counts on her fingers* day 3 of my A to Z of all things Strictly.  Today is brought to you by the letter C!

C is for cats Charleston!

I love cats, but there haven’t been very many on Strictly, yet! I couldn’t write about them, so chose to write about the Charleston instead.

Lots of dances on Strictly make me smile, but the Charleston makes me smile the most as it looks like a lot of fun. The costumes are sparklier than any other costumes on Strictly and the lifts look like lots of fun too! I tried one of the lifts with daddy but it didn’t look as good as it did on Strictly.

I have only watched Strictly for a couple of years, but I’ve liked lots of Charlestons. My favourites have been:

1) Caroline and Pasha’s Charleston – They had lots of lifts and looked like they were having a party!

2) Susanna and Kevin’s Spooky Charleston – Kevin made a great werewolf. He didn’t scare me (a lot) even though I was only 3!

3) Pixie and Trent’s Charleston – Had the sparkliest costume ever! I want a dress like that when I’m grown-up!

4) Anna and Robin’s Charleston – It was really fast and looked like lots of fun.

5) Nicky and Karen’s Charleston – I like it when there are stories on Strictly and this was like a fairy tale! Nicky was a knight in shining/glittery armour and rescued Karen from a scary train!

I showed you this Charleston earlier:

Which Charleston is your favourite Charleston ever performed on Strictly? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support.

See you tomorrow.

Bella 🙂


Life Through Dance – A review by @georgiawrites

This week Pasha Kovalev, with his solo show, Life Through Dance, revisited the Malvern Theatres.

I had to go!

Sadly, it was an unaccompanied visit, as Hubs felt, having been last year, he’d had enough Pasha-love.

As if you could ever have enough!

Malvern Theatres is a vibrant complex of cinema, theatre and The Forum (a large studio-type arena). It has pre and post West End productions and a good range of arts performances.It was packed on Friday, with the play Rebecca on in the main theatre and Pasha performing in the much less intimate Forum.

Although only a few rows back from the front, my seat wasn’t on a raked floor so I couldn’t see any feet. Not ideal viewing for a dance performance. Really wish I’d thought that through when I booked.

Quibbles aside, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the audience as the man himself appeared. 

No compere this time, with Pasha holding things together instead. He did a great job. He’s a charming, intelligent and funny man. He even gave us a glimpse of the famous Strictly trophy.

To give the dancers time to change, we were shown artfully shot film clipof Pasha answering questions. To be honest, there was nothing very revealing or profound in these. 

Question: How are costumes important? 

Answer: Because they allow you to change character. 

The last film was a montage of shots from a photo shoot. Strictly for die-hard fans. I sensed the bloke next to me cringe but then, he was only there to see his daughter perform with her dance school! I preferred last year’s Q&A with the audience, which felt more spontaneous and fun.

The slot where Pasha picked a couple of women from the audience to compete in a dance contest was repeated and just as hilarious. Wish I’d managed to buy a seat nearer the front. Can you imagine dancing cheek to cheek with Pasha? 

Anya Garnis partnered him this year. Support came from Ryan Hammond, James Wilson, Marcella Solimeo and Leila Stewart. Anya was a revelation. A life of hard Russian dance training showed in every sublime move she made.

The stand out dances were a stunning Paso Doble, with some exciting cape work and clapping from the male dancers, and a fantastic number to Uptown Funk. The dance which brought me to tears was the Rumba. I dislike it on television and think it looks nothing more than a series of poses but live – wow! I found it very moving and yes, there were tears. Anya and Pasha’s was incredible. You could tell they’ve been dancing together for years; they knew one another’s bodies so well. 

Credit must go to another Rumba (and I’m sorry, I didn’t take note of who danced it, possibly Ryan and Marcella). There was an amazing move where Marcella ran into Ryan’s arm, which then turned into a lift. I haven’t the technical language to describe it but it was jaw dropping.

One moan, there didn’t seem to be any programmes on sale this year, which is a shame, as it’s nice to have a souvenir. And also, as discussed on a Twitter feed, it would be great to have a running order of songs used. I knew lots of them but couldn’t place the artist.

On balance though, it was another entertaining night of great music, sparkly dresses and exciting dancing and it’s got my juices going for another series of Strictly in September. I’m so glad Pasha is to be part of it.



Georgia x

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