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Strictly 2017 – A Semi-Final Performance Review 💃🏻

Tonight, our fab-u-lous five couples took to the floor not once, but twice in an effort to win a place in the final. Some of their dances really surprised us and what surprised us even more, was Craig found his 10 paddle (again!) *Does a Victory Dance*

Away from the dancefloor we had Darcey and Bruno competing to replace Len’s “Pickle me Walnuts Catchphrase.” *Finds herself having to explain what Speedos are to her 7 year old* Neither were as catchy, but we’d like you to vote for which won it for you:

We had more competition with Shirley and Tess dressing as human glitterballs. (I’d like to think I set the trend when I visited Planet Strictly last week.)

It was an uh-may-zing night of dancing and whatever happens tomorrow, all five couples can stand proud at what they have achieved.

Here’s what we thought of each of the performances tonight:

Joe and Katya

American Smooth – It’s always hard to be first out onto the floor, but Joe performed this dance brilliantly. It was a performance full of glamour, grace and presence. It reminded us of something out of an old Hollywood movie. Katya’s outfit was truly beautiful and has made its way onto our list of costumes we’d love to wear. Her choreography this series has truly wowed us. It took risks and Joe led and performed the lifts like a pro. We recognised one of the lifts from her American Smooth with Ed Balls (the one where he nearly dropped her on the head) but it was great to see the lift performed as it should be. In fact, Joe was so good, my 7 year old declared he is as good as one of the professionals. We thought they deserved a 10 for this dance (it was on a par with Ore and Joanne’s American Smooth from last year.) The judges gave him 35/40

Argentine Tango – After only performing lifts once during the whole series, Joe has 2 dances with lifts this week. We loved the modern interpretation of an Argentine Tango. When we first heard the song choice, we were a bit doubtful as to how successful it would be, but once again Katya’s choreography made it a performance to remember and a performance worthy of a place in the final. Ok, there was one tiny stumble, but I think this dance for us has become the dance of the series, because of this moment

We thought they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 35/40.

Mollie and AJ

Samba – Samba is a notoriously difficult dance and Mollie admitted this dance was not like her at all. All things considered, she performed this dance to the best of her ability. The solo bits and shimmies were spectacular, but in hold she seemed to look a little lost. Her dress was stunning and it did look like she was having a brilliant time. We thought she deserved an 8. The judges awarded her 24/40

Waltz – Mollie has always looked more comfortable in the ballroom and this dance was miles better than the Samba. It did make us a little bit emotional and Mollie looked stunning once again in her dress. The choreography was traditional and AJ put a lot of pivots in. If there’s one thing Mollie always looks like a princess in the ballroom dances and this dance was no exception. We thought she deserved a 9. The judges gave her 32/40 (her highest score of the competition.)

Alexandra and Gorka

Viennese Waltz – After some really bad articles in the press, the song choice “Everybody Hurts” seemed really appropriate. The performance was full of emotion and admittedly we did end up blubbing like a baby on our sofa at home. It was a beautiful performance and just perfect in our eyes. We thought she deserved a 10. The judges gave her 39/40.

Salsa – There are moments in Strictly that are deserving of places in the final, and this dance tonight was one of them. It sizzled, was full of spice and we want Alexandra’s dress to wear out in public. There were daring lifts, gorgeous turns and great footwork. It was what my 7 year old would call a “sassypants” dance and deserving of a 10. Luckily, Craig finally found his 10 paddle and awarded them 40/40.

Gemma and Aljaz

Rumba – Last week the judges criticised Gemma’s acting ability. This week she showcased her acting skills in a gorgeous rumba. It had control, beautiful romance and gorgeous choreography. Added to this it was performed by one of our favourite songs. It did make us a little teary and emotional. Gemma has come so far on her journey this series and this dance proved that. It did have a beautiful soft quality whilst having lots of control. In our eyes she deserved a 9. The judges gave her 30/40

Tango – From a soft dance to a dance full of determination. This performance set the ballroom on fire. Once again Aljaz’s choreography complimented Gemma’s skill and she performed this dance with precision and great drama and agression. We loved it and thought she deserved a 10. The judges awarded her 32/40

Debbie and Giovanni

Jive – Debbie has surprised us this year with all her performances. This jive was super fast and Giovanni did not make it easy for her. We thought she coped really well with the choreography. Was it her best dance? Maybe not, but when we grow up, we want to be able to dance like this. We thought she deserved a 9. The judges gave her 34/40

Foxtrot – A truly lovely and wonderful dance. Some judges didn’t like it *nudges Craig* and claimed they broke the 10 second rule *nudges Craig again* but rules are there to be broken. We loved the feel of this dance and it ended the semi-final in style. It was full of elegance, glamour and the sort of dance we’d love to perform if we were ever on Strictly. We thought she deserved a 10. The judges gave her 36/40.

So that concluded a brilliant semi-final. Who were your favourites tonight? Vote in this poll below to let us know:

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show too. Comment down below to let us know what you thought. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the results show on our twitter feed (@scd_support)

Cassie 🙂


Strictly 2017 – Week 10 – Performance Review 💃🏻

There’s a first time for everything. Tonight was the night of the very first Paso Doblathon – think of it like the Black Friday sales set to Spanish Music or Waterloo Station during the rush-hour. It was also the first time I’ve watched Strictly without my little Strictly Superfan, Bella, who was out for the night watching Aladdin: The Musical. It was a truly wonderful night with some magical dancing!

Here’s what we thought of tonight’s show. If you didn’t watch it, this is a warning, there are spoilers in this post below! ⬇️

The show opened tonight with Joe and Katya performing a Quickstep. It was light, bright and really made us smile. These two have enough energy and smiles bright enough to light the nation’s Christmas trees, literally. It was a polished performance with some exciting and challenging choreography. We loved it and thought he deserved a 10. The judges awarded him 38/40.< strong>Alexandra and Gorka were next up, performing a Rumba to Beyonce’s Halo. We learnt that Beyonce is Alexandra’s Hero and she felt honoured to be dancing to such a beautiful song. The Rumba was filled with emotion and we loved Alexandra’s vulnerability and thought she did a wonderful job of what became a beautiful contemporary Rumba. It was the sort of dance I felt happy letting my 2 year old watch. We thought it also deserved a 10. The judges awarded her 32/40.< strong>Gemma and Aljaz then took to the floor to demonstrate how each and every one of us Strictly fans wakes up:

#Strictly fans say…. I woke up like this!

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They were performing the Samba. We loved the concept of the dance and as a performance it was cheeky and sambalicious. We agree that the song was a little too slow for a Samba but still loved the dance and thought it deserved a 9. The judges awarded her 25/40.

Mollie and AJ were next to take to the floor with their Quickstep. It was a dance that would brighten up even the cloudiest of days. Mollie’s improvement over the past few weeks and her growth as a performer and in confidence are incredible. This dance was light, bright and by far her best ballroom dance to date. We thought she deserved a 10. The judges gave her 31/40 (including a 9 from Bruno.)

For the 5th dance of the night we had Davood and Nadiya performing one of the most traditional, glamourous and beautiful waltzes we’ve ever seen. It was so romantic and beautiful it moved us to tears. We loved it and thought they deserved 10s. The judges awarded them 35/40

Debbie and Giovanni then wowed us with an Argentine Tango which I have now renamed – The Incredibly Bendy, Flexibly and Spinny Debbie Mc Gee Dance. We’re pretty sure Vincent would be giving it a Standing Ovulation as we speak. It was truly incredible and the sort of dance that words cannot describe. We gave them a 10 and were shocked the judges didn’t give them the same score. We were so shocked, we ate our hat (donations of hats are welcome.) The judges awarded them 38/40<<<<<
o dance were Susan and Kevin who were performing a nautical inspired American Smooth. Susan and Kevin may not be the best technically in this competition but their dances are just what the world needs now and full of joy. It was graceful, it was entertaining. Was it the best dance? No, but it did make us smile and for that they deserved a 9. The judges were cruel and gave them 21/40.

It was then time for the Paso Doblathon. With Claudia’s Black Friday Sale Analogy, it’s given us a way of preparing for a trip Christmas Shopping tomorrow. We will perform this face, wherever we go:

tad chaotic and reminded us of Rush Hour in Waterloo Station. The chaos, entertainment and just fab-u-lous ness of it though are what we love about Strictly and we thought it was an inspired idea! Did you love the Paso Doblathon:

Here are the results of the Paso Doblathon:

At the end of the night, this left the leaderboard looking something like this:

Week 10 was a truly brilliant night of dancing and whoever goes home tomorrow night they should feel proud to have got this far. Who were your favourites tonight? Vote in this poll below to tell us:

We'll be supporting little Bella in Pantomime tomorrow (Sunday) night so won't have a results show chat but will have a post on here after the show. We'll be back on Tuesday night from 8pm on Twitter for our weekly quiz. Let us know what you thought of tonight's show. Did you think the judges were harsh with their marking? Did you like the Paso Doblathon? Who were your favourites and who do you think is going home? Comment down below to tell us. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Keep Dancing everyone!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – Week 8 – Performance Review 💃🏻

Tonight was our Pre-Blackpool party. It was week 8 and a chance for the remaining 9 🙄 couples to fascin-8️⃣ us with some dancing in a hope to make it to Blackpool! The outfits were stunning, the music was spectacular, the dancing was gr-8️⃣, the judges were somewhat ir-8️⃣ but here’s what we thought of this week’s dances, performance by performance.

Susan and Kevin were first to perform tonight with their Tango. It was a chance for us to see a different side to Susan. It was a chance for us to see her serious and intense side. Kevin had choreographed a traditional tango with loads of great steps which Susan performed brilliantly. We loved the emotional side of this Tango, although we did want to give her a hug as she did seem ever so slightly emosh. We gave her an 8 as we thought it was just great! The judges awarded them 27/40.

Joe and Katya were next onto the floor to perform their Rumba. My 7 year old thought Katya looked like a bird, but this was one of the most beautiful rumbas from a male celebrity we’ve seen in a long time. Joe mastered the figure 8 hip movement and his acting skills helped him with this dance. It was gorgeous and in our eyes deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 33/40.

Ruth and Anton then trotted around the floor with their Foxtrot. Ruth looked stunning in her dress and the music was fab-u-lous. The judges seemed a little confused by the dance liking her to a horse, to a swimmer but not to a fox. It was the slow foxtrot but we do agree with Shirley that there were a few too many quicks and not enough slows. We gave her a 7. The judges awarded them 18/40

We then got the chance to see what would happen if Mr SCD_Support let me go to the market in a fringed dress, as Davood and Nadiya performed a Charleston themed and set in a market. We loved the character that Davood portrayed and he mastered the swivel. The choreography was good and Davood did a great job performing the routine he was given. We loved it as did the judges. We awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 38/40.

Next up were Gemma and Aljaz with their Viennese Waltz (which brought a tear to our eyes.) The choreography was beautiful and we loved the dance overall, even though there was a little mishap with a shoe (we’re sure that won’t stop Cinderella (Gemma) from taking Aljaz to the Blackpool Ball-room!) It was a dance that truly got us in a spin and we thought they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 28/40.

Alexandra and Gorka were next to take to the floor with their Argentine Tango. It was the first Argentine Tango of the series and with Vincent Simone in the audience (and acting as assistant choreographer) we expected great things. We were not disappointed. My 7 year old said their legs looked like scissors (meant as a compliment) and the whole dance smouldered and sizzled like sausages on the barbecue. It was truly gaw-jus. We gave them a 10. The judges gave them 38/40. We are now one hat down as we truly thought they deserved 40/40. The hat was delicious, but the judges were ever so slightly grumpy tonight, weren’t they?

Mollie and AJ were next onto the dancefloor with their Paso Doble. Mollie had to channel her inner bullfighter for this dance and it was great to see a different side to her. She truly slayed this dance so when the judges awarded her 22/40, we were ever so slightly miffed *stomps off to make herself a cuppa* We thought they deserved an 8/9.

Our penultimate couple to dance were Jonnie and Oti who were dancing a Foxtrot in Paris. Jonnie led Oti beautifully and she looked just like Belle in her dress. The dance was gorgeous and as ever Oti’s choreography was outstanding. We gave them an 8. The judges awarded them 21/40.

The final couple to dance this weekend were Debbie and Gio who went to the opticians to dance a salsa (*wonders why this never happens when she goes to specsavers*) It was a dance full of lifts and tricks as well as some great salsa technique too. For the fear factor, we thought she deserved a 9. The judges gave her 35/40.

So that ended tonight’s show. We have a couple of questions for you tonight. Firstly, we’d like you to vote in this poll:

Second of all, we’d like you to vote to tell us your favourite Week 8 dance:

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Comment down below to let us know if you thought Week 8 was over-r8️⃣d or fascin8️⃣ing! We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2017 – Week 7 Performance Review 💃🏻🕺🏻🔟💃🏻🔟🕺🏻💃🏻

It’s the weekend before Bonfire night, and tonight as we sat down to watch Strictly (with the volume on our TV up extra loud to drown out any neighbouring firework displays) we were sure that tonight’s show would go off with a bang, literally! It proved to be an amazing night with 7, yes 7, 10s being awarded and us seeing 10 brilliant dances. The dances were all so good, we don’t want anyone to go home tomorrow.

Here’s what we thought of each of the performances dance by dance:

Alexandra and Gorka’s Cha Cha Cha – A dance full of sass, soul and cheeky. We all know that Alexandra can dance and in this dance it was impossible to tell who was the pro and who was the celebrity. We loved the costume, the music and the performance overall. It was for us, one of those perfect Strictly moments and they really got the party started. We awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 39/40. *Wondered where Craig had hidden his 10 paddle*

Mollie and AJ’s Foxtrot – Mollie does elegance and class effortlessly. This dance was almost perfect, despite a small tiny tiny error. Mollie looked the every part Hollywood film star and the dance made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We felt this dance deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 27/40. *Gives the judges some sweeties to make them award dances higher*

Joe and Katya’s Charleston – We love The Nutcracker and watching Joe & Katya enter in Nutcracker-esque themed costumes has really got us excited for Christmas. Katya’s choreography once again was imaginative and original. Joe’s timing was precise and technically this dance was superb. It was one of those Strictly moments which made us smile and want to join in at home. We thought they deserved a 10. They got 4 9s from the judges giving them 36/40. *Marches off with a toy drum and feels disappointed they didn’t achieve a 10*

Gemma and Aljaz’s Salsa – They had a holiday vibe and a party feel in this dance. There were some great steps,  lots of tricks which she pulled off really spectacularly, however we agree with the judges. Gemma just needs to relax more and the lifts will look at a little more comfortable.  We gave them an 8. The judges awarded her 26/40. *Gives them both a cocktail*

Aston and Janette’s Viennese Waltz – A Michael Jackson themed dance, where a chair appeared to get in the way. The dance was beautifully choreographed and we thought Aston attempted the steps brilliantly. Ok, it wasn’t his strongest dance, but we have a feeling he was a little worried about tripping over that chair, which explains the lack of movement. The dance did give us the Feels and did move me to tears it was so beautiful. In our eyes, they deserved an 8. The judges gave them 25/40 including a 4 from Craig. It was worth a lot more than that Craig. *Asks her 7 year old to get Santa to put Craig on his naughty list* 

Ruth and Anton Paso Doble – There are moments on Strictly which are pure entertainment and this is one of them. Anton’s storytelling was brilliant but it was a dance that words could not describe and a dance that left us crying with laughter throughout the performance. The Paso Doble parts were good and Ruth’s Paso Face was just as good. For us, Anton’s fall at the end made us laugh even harder. It was a moment of TV Magic, worth the licence fee alone and we gave them a 7. The judges awarded them 22/40.

Debbie and Giovanni’s Tango – When we first heard the song this dance would be performed to, we were concerned how Tango-esque this routine would be, however Dave Arch and his orchestra performed a gorgeous arrangement. Debbie has surprised us week after week and this dance gave us goosebumps. Giovanni’s choreography is always wonderful and this Tango was perfection. The music, steps, dancing and costume along with the overall performance came together to give one of those perfect Strictly moments. Debbie even had Craig bow down to her. We knew that meant that she’d helped him find his 10 paddle again. We awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 40/40. Our first perfect score of the competition.

Jonnie and Oti’s Salsa – Jonnie’s natural rhythm and strength were showcased in this dance. Oti’s choreography protected Jonnie but also gave us some showstopping lifts and salsa which got us dancing along at home. We loved this dance and love watching Jonnie’s improvement over the series. We gave them an 8. The judges gave them 26/40.

Susan and Kevin’s Jive – If there’s one thing this couple do, they bring us joy every week and make us want to dance along with them at home. This week they were decorators dancing to Shakin’ Stevens. The dance was light, bright and full of fab-u-lous kicks and flicks. Kevin is King of the Jive. Forget Mother of Dragons, but Susan should be called Queen of the Jive in our eyes. We loved the dance and thought they deserved a 9. The judges gave them 29/40.

Davood and Nadiya’s American Smooth – We love Nadiya’s choreography. She takes risks and although the judges may not always agree, we think they’re worth it in the long run. Rules are there to be broken, after all! This dance is the one dance where they can do lifts, and they did some spectacular  ones which took risks. We loved the costumes, music, outfits and Davood’s performance. It had a Gene Kelly-esque feel to it and was almost as good as Jo and Ore’s American Smooth last year! We thought they deserved a 10. The judges gave them 35/40.

So that ended tonight’s show. Although we missed Simon and Karen, we did eat Sweet Chilli chicken drumsticks in their honour!

Who were your favourites tonight? Vote in this poll below and leave us a comment below to let us know what you thought of Week 7 of Strictly. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – A Halloween Week Performance Review 🎃👻💃🏻👻🎃

Last night, the remaining eleven couples took to the Strictly floor for the Halloween Week Special. There were plenty of Tricks and Treats for all the audience at home. There were also some strange goings on with microphone gremlins plaguing the judges and some bizarre marking. The judges were picky (this is week 6 after all) to begin with, but the mood lightened at the end of the show with 2 fab-u-lous dances! Once again, hair, make-up, costume pulled out all the stops to create some wonderful looks, some of which we’d quite like to wear ourselves *stares at Mollie’s Cha Cha Costume as she’d love to be able to wear that on the school run/to the shops/to work or whilst she’s running!*

Here’s what we thought of all the performances:

Jonnie and Oti Cha Cha Cha – They were first to kick off the evening. We loved the concept of the dance and the character of the dance overall, but some dances just don’t suit everyone and this wasn’t really Jonnie’s dance. He did give his all and we loved his portrayal of a Pirate! In our eyes he deserved a 7. The judges awarded him 20/40. If you were also disappointed by this score, I’ll leave you with a joke from my very funny 7 year old:

Ruth and Anton’s Quickstep – Anton was a bunny, who became a dancer *wonders where he’d hidden his tail all this time.* He does make an adorable bunny on a side note. For us this Bewitched themed dance was very charming and bewitching too. We didn’t spot the mistakes the judges saw but loved the dance (and Anton’s tail deserves 3 points in itself!) We gave them a 7. The judges awarded them 22/40.

Simon and Karen’s American Smooth – This was an American Smooth Viennese Waltzy type thing. Aside from the fact that Simon looked like he’d been to the same hairdresser as Kevin for Halloween Week, and that he’d only had 16 hours to learn the dance, we thought he did brilliantly! The eating of chicken at the end did make us smile at home. Yes, he isn’t the best dancer in the competition, but did he make us smile? Yes, and enjoyment in our eyes is a big thing. In our eyes he deserved a 7 The judges awarded them 16/40.

Gemma and Aljaz/Eyelash’s Jive – Those of you who follow the blog and our twitter feed, will know that my 2 year old has a soft spot for Aljaz. She can’t quite say his n ame properly, so he’s now known as Eyelash in our house. Gemma and Aljaz were dancing to “ever fallen in love” which has never been used for a Jive before… ever! The dance itself was fast and Gemma had good Jive technique as well as performed the routine brilliantly. To quote 7 year old, “She was a sassypants vampire slayer!” We thought she deserved an 8. The judges awarded her 30/40.

Joe and Katya’s Foxtrot – Joe and Katya were spiders in this dance. We loved the concept, the choreography, and the costumes but also loved the performance. It was graceful and elegant but also had a  contemporary and original feel. In our eyes he deserved a 9, the judges gave them 32/40.

Mollie and AJ’s Cha Cha Cha – The cheeky devils pulled it out of the bag! Mollie had tons of confidence in this dance and for us it was her strongest performance to date. We loved the outfits overall. In fact, we’re adding Mollie’s outfit to a list of costumes we’d love to wear to the supermarket. In our eyes she deserved an 8, the judges gave her 27/40.

Alexandra and Gorka’s Tango – If you’re doing a Zombie Tango this is how you do it! The character was there, the story telling was there, the technique was there and the whole dance was even better than an episode of the Walking Dead! In our eyes she deserved a 10, the judges gave her 35/40.

Davood and Nadiya’s Rumba – Rumba is a traditionally difficult routine for male celebrities to master. Nadiya choreography protected Davood but also showcased his skills at presenting her and his storytelling ability. The dance was beautiful and we loved the soft feel it had. The judges didn’t seem to agree with us, we think someone had stolen all their trick or treat haul, but we gave them 8. The judges awarded them 25/40.

Susan and Kevin’s Foxtrot – on the basis of theme alone, this dance deserved a 10. In the world of Game of Thrones, Susan was Mother of Dragons and Kevin King of the North (aka Grimsby.) We’ve never watched it before and my husband commented that this was nothing like an episode of Game of Thrones, but he loved it and wished all of the episodes of Game of Thrones were this good. Kevin’s choreography is always brilliant and this was no exception. The judges seemed to think it lacked grace and elegance, but we agree with Kevin – Halloween is not about being subtle at all! In our eyes, they deserved an 8. The judges awarded them 18/40. Watch out judges, Bella’s right:

Debbie and Giovanni Charleston – Giovanni was Frankenstein (or Ed Miliband as someone commented on twitter.) We knew this dance was going to be good, but didn’t realise it would be this brilliant. This year Debbie is our dark horse in the competition and we think it could be Gio’s year! We loved their synchronicity in the side by side bits and the fact that they attempted daring lifts. Yes one of them did look a bit of a disaster but never mind, it was a performance that entertained us and we loved it. We awarded Debbie a 10, the judges gave her 39/40. It may have been a bit too high a score, but it was pretty close to perfection.

Aston and Janette’s Paso Doble – We love Janette’s choreography, and for once, this year she didn’t go to the woods for Halloween in the VT, she took Aston to the Cemetry instead! The song was a rock classic and it worked well with the dance, we loved the contemporary edge and the flamenco bits which Aston nailed! The whole dance was one of those perfectly spooktacular Strictly moments  which we have come to love! We gave them a 10, the judges gave them 38/40 (*nudges judges to find out why he wasn’t awarded 4 10s)

So that ended what was a truly brilliant Halloween Special. Who were your favourites? Who do you think will be going home tomorrow.  Comment down below to tell us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Performance Review – Week 5!

It’s not quite Halloween Week, but this week there were some very strange goings on on Planet Strictly. Bruno was noticeably absent from proceedings, however Craig showed that he could do Bruno better than Bruno:

Craig was also in an extremely good mood tonight. My 7 year old seems to think that Bruno annoys him which makes him Grumpy.

Things turned even weirder with 4 couples tied at the bottom with 16/30 points and 4 couples in 3rd place with 24/30 points. It was a fab-u-lous night overall where Joe earned his first ten of the competition, Anton appeared to turn into a flamingo and we learnt that Susan and Craig were once an item (only on Planet Strictly!) 

Here’s what we thought of each of the dances, dance by dance:

Davood and Nadiya’s Jive – First to step out onto the floor and to kick off Week 5 with a bang. We love Davood’s energy and this dance suited him to a tee. Nadiya gave him some really challenging choreography but he made it seem easy. His dance got the party started, and being set in a coffee shop, we’re going to ask for some of that coffee when we next go into starbucks! The judges awarded him 22/30. We gave him 8/10 which worked out at 30/40 overall.

Mollie and AJ’s Viennese Waltz – We learnt this week Mollie had struggled with dizziness, but loves being in ballroom hold. She looks a lot more confident and AJ’s choreography protected her whilst challenging her and creating a showstopper of a dance. It was truly beautiful with the judges awarding her 24/30. We gave her a 9/10 which gave a total of 33/40.

Simon and Karen’s Charleston – Simon really does try his hardest week after week and this was pure entertainment. Yes, his outfit did look a bit Rupert Bear-esque, but we loved the nods to Singing in the Rain and Karen’s crazy but fun choreography. It didn’t have swivel but it made us smile. The judges gave him 16/30. We gave him 7/10 which gave a total of 23/40.

Debbie and Giovanni’s Rumba – Debbie is this year’s dark horse/unicorn of the competition. Each week she amazes us with a truly stunning performance. This performance was dedicated to Paul Daniels and was truly lovely. In fact, it has earnt the title of our favourite Rumba ever (beating Cherie Lunghi.) Giovanni created a dance which really moved me to tears and had lots of Rumba content which Debbie mastered. The judges gave her 27/30. We gave her 10/10 giving a total of 37/40.

Brian and Amy’s Jive – Brian does try his hardest and really entertains. Yes he looked like a yellow coat from Hi-de-Hi and gave an entertaining performance. It wasn’t the best, but we liked it. The judges gave him 16/30. We gave him 6/10 which gave a total of 22/40.

Susan and Kevin Cha Cha Cha – We love Susan! We love that she always looks like she’s having the best time and this was a true sassypants dance (to quote my 7 year old.) She commits to all the steps 100% and we loved the feel of this dance as well as the storytelling. It was a cheeky cha cha cha which we loved. The judges gave her 16/30, we gave her 8/10 which made a total of 24/40.

Aston and Janette’s Waltz – Janette’s choreography is always great at mixing contemporary with traditional latin and ballroom and this dance did just that. It was a beautiful soft waltz that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and moved me to tears. The judges awarded Aston 24/30. We gave them 10/10 which worked out at 34/40.

Ruth and Anton’s Samba – Set on an aircraft this dance proved Ruth is the hostess with the mostest. It also showed that Anton will wear absolutely anything, even if it turns him into a flamingo. It was entertaining. We didn’t see much samba but think we were a little distracted by the costumes. The judges gave Ruth 16/30. We awarded them 7/10, working out at 23/40 overall.

Gemma and Aljaz’s Foxtrot – We love the Foxtrot and love Aljaz’s choreography. This dance was truly beautiful and Gemma looked gorgeous, graceful and produced a true Gem of a performance. She is definitely this year’s journey contestant. The judges awarded her 24/30. We gave her 9/10, working out at 33/40 altogether.

Joe and Katya’s Paso Doble – There are moments that give us goosebumps and this was one of them. It had traditional music, traditional choreography, bucketloads of drama and was just pure perfection. It left my 7 year old speechless and saw Joe earn his first 10 of the series, and Katya earn her first 9 and 10 on Strictly ever.  The judges gave Joe 26/30. We gave him 10/10 working out at 36/40.

Alexandra and Gorka’s Samba – We all had really high expectations after last week’s Jive and this dance was really good and full of carnival spirit but technically we did agree (watching it back again) with the judges that she was a little pigeon toed. The judges are going to be really picky with Alexandra now as they know she is so good. The judges awarded her 23/40. We gave her 9/10 working out at 32/40.

Jonnie and Oti’s Quickstep – The final dance of the night this was a light, bright and super fast dance. They were dancing in a supermarket and travelled a cross the floor faster than a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. It was a great  dance and Jonnie’s best dance so far. The acting coach that Oti got to come to rehearsals worked a treat. . The judges gave him 24/40. We awarded him 9/10 working out at 33/40

That ended tonight’s show. We think it was truly fab-u-lous. Who were your favourites tonight? 

We’re back tomorrow with a post to say farewell to the next couple leaving the #Strictly ballroom.

Comment down below to let us know what you thought of tonight’s show! 

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Performance Review – Week 4!

From past series, Week 4 has always been truly fab-u-lous so a lot was riding on this week. We had very high hopes which were lived up to and even surpassed on certain accounts.

Here’s what we thought of tonight’s fab-u-lous night full of fantastic dancing. We’ve reviewed each of the dances, performance by performance:

Debbie and Giovanni’s Cha Cha Cha – Debbie was a secretary and Giovanni a delivery boy. I feel very disappointed that our Tesco delivery wasn’t delivered by him this week. The dance was good, and we love that week after week Debbie surprises us. The judges criticised her leg action, but we think that with a lower heel she’d perfect it. We awarded her an 8, the judges gave her 27/40.

Brian and Amy’s Paso Doble – Brian looked oddly familiar this evening. He had the look for Julian Clary. We think it was the Bri-Liner. On a side note, he rocked the Paso Doble. Amy’s choreography suited him well and he performed the steps he was given really well too. We think Brian could be the dark horse of the competition. We awarded him a 7. The judges gave him 21/40 and he had the best reaction!

Mollie and AJ’s Salsa – Mollie looked absolutely stunning, mind you, she could wear a binbag and look a million dollars. The Salsa music was great, the lifts were brilliant and her dress looked wonderful. There was attack but it sort of disappeared half-way through the dance. We think that next week Mollie needs to focus and maybe if AJ got her an acting coach she’d have more confidence. We gave her a 7. The judges awarded her 27/40.

Davood and Nadiya’s Viennese Waltz – After last week’s Samba, we did wonder if Davood would do sophistication and he did and nailed it. He was dizzy and could see 8 people when stood by the judges’ desk (seeing one set of judges is scary enough!) Anyway, we digress, the performance was sophisticated, but intense and romantic Viennese Waltz. We loved the storytelling and choreography as well as the outfits too. In our eyes they deserved an 8. The judges gave them 29/40.

Charlotte and Brendan’s Jive – They were getting married. Brendan was wearing pink and Charlotte looked like she was having the time of her life. It showed that she was having fun and it was an improvement on the past weeks. We thought she deserved a 6. The judges gave her 19/40

Joe and Katya’s Cha Cha Cha – The choreography was brilliant, the outfits were superb but Cha Cha Cha is a really hard dance which Joe did well with, despite what the judges said. There was a lot of content in the routine which challenged Joe but we thought he was uh-may-zing. In our eyes he deserved an 8, the judges gave him 24/40.

Ruth and Anton’s Tango –  Anton felt hot in his velvet suit, Ruth nailed the choreography and didn’t go wrong once. *Does a Victory Dance*  She played the part of the Tango Temptress perfectly and performed with drama and passion. The Tango is her dance. It earned her 24/40. *Does another Victory Dance as she realises they scored over 20/40*

Aston and Janette’s Quickstep – Last week he was a troll, this week he felt like bambi, next week he’ll be a minion. This dance was so fast and Janette put so much quickstep for Aston in it. We loved the fact that he flew and travelled across the ballroom. The judges mentioned his footwork, but we didn’t notice it and it was perfect for us. We loved Janette’s dress *feels pestered by her 7 year old to make one* We awarded him a 9. The judges gave him 32/40. 

Simon and Karen’s Samba – Ok, it did go wrong, but we loved the choreography, the costumes (my 7 year old would like me to wear it when I run the marathon next year), the music and the bananas. It was one of those must-see Strictly moments and Simon did shimmy like a pro and gave it his all! We gave them a 7. The judges awarded them 19/40

Gemma and Aljaz’s Paso Doble – Aljaz did look like Aladdin (again) this week. We loved the choreography and Gemma looked truly fierce and fab-u-lous. It was a gawjus routine which we loved and could not fault at all! We gave her a 9. The judges gave them 35/40.

We said it last year and will say it again. You know when you wait ages for a bus, and well 3 come at once? Well this seems to happen with 10s. Last year it happened in week 4 and tonight, #Team Alorka (Alexandra and Gorka) wowed us with the Jive to rival the Jives which have defined their series. It was such a phenomenal dance that even my husband (who’d nipped out to make a cuppa) walked in and said “wait a minute, is that a pro dance?” I did correct him, and we then decided it was worthy of at least 1, if not 2 tens, but the judges were all in a good mood and gave her 39/40. Alexandra got emotional, but we’re pretty sure that her mum would be proud of her and what she’s achieving.

Our penultimate couple of the night were Jonnie and Oti with their American Smooth. We loved Oti’s dress, but also love her Choreography *crosses everything out* We love Oti! This dance was sizzling and what we look for in an American Smooth and more. Oti’s choreography challenged Jonnie and he performed a brilliant routine. We thought he deserved an 8. The judges gave him 31/40.

The final couple to take to the floor were Susan and Kevin. We love that they danced on the “sleepy train” and that they have matching unicorn masks. Susan gives us so much joy whenever she performs we just want to give her a hug. Their quickstep was Morecambe and Wise themed but was a true quickstep with a lot of content. Susan flew across the floor and it was her best dance yet. The judges gave her 30/40. We thought she deserved 9/10.

That ended tonight’s show. If you haven’t already, click on this link below to vote for your top three dances:

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the live results show. WE look forward to seeing you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Week 2 Performance Review 💃🏻🕺🏻

Tonight, all 15 couples took to the floor battling for our votes for the first time. Tomorrow night, one couple will be eliminated *begs Strictly to change the rules* and their very short journey on Strictly will come to the end.

It was a night full of surprises, nerves and shocks as well as slay-age!


Here’s what we thought of each performance on tonight’s show:

Chizzy and Pasha’s Foxtrot – As first to take to the floor this week, they did not disappoint. Chizzy performed what my 7 year old called “a sassypants dance.” It was a Foxtrot full of sass. Yes, foxtrot should be elegant but in our eyes, it worked and we loved the performance overall. In our eyes, she deserved a 7. The judges awarded her 16/40 for the dance, and have lead my 7 year old to ask for Strictly Cereal for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Aston and Janette’s Salsa – This was one dance we were extremely excited about, and it did not disappoint. A dance, performed to an albeit faster version of the song of Summer 2017, set in a festival where Janette resembled a unicorn and was so fearless giving Aston some daring and challenging lifts and choreography which he nailed. It was amazing and if that’s what he can do in week 2, we want to see his showdance in the final. We awarded him a 9. Bruno agreed, with the judges awarding him 32/40.

Susan and Kevin’s Charleston – As the third couple to perform, Susan did look visibly nervous before performing and Kevin appeared to have turned into a judge. The routine was set in a courtroom and my 7 year old was disappointed that Judge Rinder didn’t come and join in. We love Susan’s joy and love of learning to dance, and yes, she didn’t master the swivel and the judges were cruel, but we loved the whole performance. It filled us with joy! Even our cat wanted to award a higher score than some of the judges awarded. We gave her a 7. The judges awarded her 22/40 (including a 7 from Shirley!) 

Charlotte and Brendan’s Cha Cha Cha. It was a moment where Cha Cha Cha, turned Cha Cha Cha-rgh! Mistakes do happen on the dancefloor and we wanted to reach into our TV screens and give Charlotte a hug. She looked stunning, but sadly there was a bit of a slip up and after that point, her nerves got the better of her. In our eyes, she deserved a 6. The judges awarded her 12/40.

Joe and Katya’s Tango. Joe entered the magical world of Narnia Planet Strictly, going through the wardrobe. It was a super speedy tango and Joe did really well. The music was a little too fast for a Tango but Joe coped with it and the overall feel of the dance (despite the judges comments) was just lovely! It was one of those moments which made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially with the hug at the end. We loved it and gave it a 7. The judges awarded them 22/40.

Brian and Amy’s Cha Cha Cha. If there’s one thing that Brian does well, it’s entertaining us and creating a performance. This dance was charming, entertaining and full of disco. It even featured a moonwalk. For the fun factor, we awarded him a 10. The judges gave him 20/40

Gemma and Aljaz’s Waltz. Aljaz’s waltzes are always brilliant and we’ve decided he’s king of the waltz. Earlier we asked you to vote in this poll which will remain open until tomorrow evening at 7pm:

The dance was everything you could ask for in a waltz and did make our eyes leak… a lot! It was romantic, soft and gorgeous. We thought it deserved a 9. The judges awarded her 26/40.

Rev. Richard and Dianne’s American Smooth – The anticipation of waiting for Richard to take to the floor always makes us look forward to his performances. This performance may not have been extremely smooth, but for entertainment and joy they won us over. It was one of those moments which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. We loved Richard’s bribery of the judges with cupcakes at the end. In our eyes, they deserved a 6. The judges gave him 17/40

Ruth and Anton’s Charleston – Can we all take a moment to appreciate how amazing Ruth looked tonight? She shone and sparkled in her outfit and nailed the swivel action despite her hamstring injury yesterday. It was a marked improvement from last week and she did look significantly less nervous. We awarded her a 7. The judges gave her 20/40

Simon and Karen’s Waltz – An emotional tribute to The 96 which did make us shed a tear (or two million!) It was beautiful, and Simon’s technique was good. There was a small mishap with a spin at the end, but they overcame it to perform a dance which gave us “the feels!” We loved it and thought they deserved an 8. If it was down to emotion alone, we’d have awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 19/40. We also wanted to give them a hug, just like Shirley did.

Mollie and AJ’s Tango. Mollie turned Talulah the Tango Temptress in this dance. She performed a fiery dance full of agression, passion and challenging choreography. We loved it and it was a marked improvement from the week before. In our eyes she deserved a 9. The judges awarded her 25/40 (including a 4 from Craig and an 8 from Shirley.)

Jonnie and Oti’s Jive. Team Glitterblade wowed us with a dance full of sharp kicks and flicks, complicated choreography. It was truly brilliant and wowed us. Jonnie is our Strictly Superhero and we do have a rather large girl crush on Oti! We loved the speed of this dance as well as the performance aspect. In our eyes, they deserved a 9. The judges awarded him 29/40.

Debbie and Giovanni’s Viennese Waltz – If this dance didn’t move you to tears, there is something wrong with you. Giovanni choreographed a routine to play to Debbie’s strengths but also to show his respect for this uh-may-zing lady. My 7 year old thinks Debbie’s magic strictly dust is helping her dance well. It earned the first u-may-zing from Craig (surely a record) and earned 34/40 from the judges overall.

Davood and Nadiya’s Quickstep – It was set in a library. *stomps feet* Why weren’t we ever allowed to dance in the library when I was at school? It was super fast and a dance of two halves. The first part was fast and furious. The second half featured a bizarre strip tease which we weren’t sure about. It wasn’t technically perfect but pretty good and left us and Bruno speechless. We felt it deserved a 7. The judges awarded Davood 27/40.

Alexandra and Gorka’s Paso Doble – She was the mermaid. He was the matador. It was a mermaid, bull-fight paso doble. It was fast, fierce and fab-u-lous. There’s one word to sum it up #slay! We thought it deserved 10s, but the judges weren’t that generous, awarding it 36/40.

That ended tonight’s show. Who impressed you most? Who gets your vote? Who do you think could be in danger? Vote in this poll below to help us decide.

We’re back tomorrow night tweeting along with the results show, when one person will go home!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2017 – Week 1 – Performance Review

It’s that time of year again. Time to clear our Saturday night (and Sunday night) diaries to dedicate ourselves to one cause… the Glitterball.

Tonight, we sat down for a sparkly marathon, complete with Strictly Snacks for what was to be an uh-may-zing show. We say it every year and Strictly never fails to surprise us. From tonight’s show, it has set the standard of this show really high.

Kicking off this year’s show were Gemma and Aljaz (or as they’re known in our house, Gemma and Eyelash.) Gemma was nervous but came out and performed a respectable and cheeky cha cha cha. My 7 year old thought it was a real sassypants dance. We awarded them a 7, our judges gave them 20/40

Next in the spotlight were Brian and Amy with their Tango. We learnt that Amy had been pushing Brian hard and he’d been struggling most with the Tango Face. His Tango Face was a picture on the night and his expressions were full of drama. My girls are convinced that Amy is a magician (after the shoe trick) and for us if the dance was down to acting skills alone, we’d award him a 10. Sadly the judges were looking at technique and he achieved a somewhat lower score of 16/40

Our third couple to take to the floor were Alexandra and Gorka. We learnt that Alexandra had brought a lot of coffee to rehearsals and had a lot of energy. They were performing a waltz which she dedicated to her late mum *sobs.* The dance was beautifully performed, elegant, romantic, soft and one of those dances which made us turn into an emotional blubbering wreck on the sofa. We’re pretty sure Alexandra’s mum would be truly proud of her and in our eyes the dance deserved a 9, our judges awarded them 24/40.

Our 4th couple to dance were Simon and Karen. They were performing a Paso Doble. Paso Doble in Week 1 is a challenging dance and Simon’s timing and rhythm were spot on. He had power and drama and Karen’s choreography was challenging. We loved the outfits (and Bella especially loved Karen’s “unicorn hair.”) Ok, it wasn’t technically perfect, but for week 1, he did a damn good job. For us, we gave them a 6. Our judges awarded him 17/40.

Next up were Charlotte and Brendan with their Foxtrot. Charlotte oozed elegance and performed Brendan’s choreography beautifully. For us, she somewhat reminded us of Katie Derham. The dance was classy, elegant, and everything you could ask for in a foxtrot. We predict this pairing will go far and gave them a 7. The judges awarded her 22/40.

Chizzy and Pasha then performed a Cha Cha which was just what the doctor ordered. It was cheeky and Chizzy showed off her natural rhythm and dance ability. Bruno thought she was crazy and Craig’s scoring was even crazier. We love Chizzy and with Pasha we think she’ll go far in the competition. For us she deserved at least a 7. The judges also awarded her 22/40.

It was then the turn of Oti and Jonnie to perform. Sportsmen always do well on Strictly, and Oti’s choreography protected Jonnie whilst making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was a truly beautiful dance. We felt they deserved an 8. The judges gave them 20/40.

Joe and Katya (strictly 2017’s most adorable partnership number 1) then wowed us with a polished jive full of energy and kicks and flicks. It not only wowed us but also wowed the judges, earning them 29/40.  We cannot wait to see this couple’s next dance and predict they will go all the way to the final. Craig even got out his 7 paddle. We’re pretty sure most of the UK (including the cameraman) fell off their chairs.

Our next couple to take to the floor were Susan and Kevin (Strictly 2017’s most adorable partnership number 2.) They were performing a Viennese Waltz. As well as a tour of Glasgow in their pre-dance VT, we saw them start something we’d love to see – Strictly Carpool Karaoke. Kevin’s choreography always plays to his celebrity’s strengths and this dance was no exception. It had comic moments, as well as moments of choreographical genius. The dance itself was endearing and really made us smile. My 7 year old did point out If I was on Strictly, I think that’s how I’d dance with Kevin mummy!” In our eyes it deserved a 7. The judges gave it 20/40

Debbie and Giovanni (Dark Horses of Strictly 2017) then surprised and wowed us with a Paso which left even my two little chatterboxes speechless. When I’m Debbie’s age, I’d love to be able to dance like that. Her flexibility, lines and movement across the floor were perfect. She captured the drama, passion and agression of the Paso Doble perfectly. Giovanni choreographed a challenging dance, which Debbie mastered. In our eyes, they deserved a 9, the judges awarded them 30/40.

Davood and Nadiya (aka Strictly 2017’s hottest partnership) then performed a cha cha cha which was smoking! We needed a fan to cool down at home and the grown-ups at home were so distracted, we missed the score. Fortunately, my 7 year old had her eyes peeled and noticed the judges awarded them 27/40

Ruth and Anton were next to take to the floor with a waltz. As Anton said, Ruth didn’t go wrong, she did it differently! Ruth let her nerves get the better of her, but she did look stunning and truly lovely. In our eyes she deserved a 6, the judges awarded her 16/40.

Richard and Dianne (aka Team Beauty and the Priest) then took to the floor for a Cha Cha Cha. It was, as we predicted, one of those moments which truly made us smile and left us speechless. I did get told off by my 7 year old for laughing at them (sorry Bella) but it was a really entertaining dance and it could be in our eyes, this year’s Gangnam Style moment. One of the judges was less than complimentary about their dance, but in our eyes they deserved a 10 for entertainment. The judges awarded them 17/40.

Our penultimate couple to dance were Mollie and AJ who performed a Jive. It was super fast and Mollie did well keeping up with AJ. She looked pretty in pink and for a first dance, it was a sterling effort. In our eyes, they deserved a 7, our judges gave them 23/40.

Strictly then saved the best till last with Janette and Aston (aka Mr Foxtrot) performing their foxtrot. It was a confident dance full of natural flair and rhythm and showed Aston’s true ability and potential. It was one of those magic Strictly moments where everything comes together to create a perfect dance and reminded us very much of a dance we’d seen in Remembering Fred earlier this year. In our eyes they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 31/40.

On a little side note, we must say that we love the new head judge Shirley Ballas. She is knowledgable, fair, constructive and also encouraging. It’s easy to see why they chose her to replace Len. 

So that ended tonight’s Strictly. Who are your favourites after week 1? Vote below in this poll to help us decide:

We’d also love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Comment below to let us know. We’ll be back on Monday with Bella’s Best Bits of Week 1! Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2016 – The Semi-Final – A performance review!

Tonight the fantastically, fab-u-lois final four couples took to the Strictly Ballroom floor for the Strictly Semi-Final. We were treated to two dances from each couple and they all did spectacularly in our opinion! Here’s what we thought in our own words:

CzV41ONWgAALHon.jpgFirst to take to the Strictly floor tonight were Louise and Kevin who performed a Tango in the first round and a Samba in the second round.

Their Tango was set in a Glitterball Factory (where my little girl wants to work as a Saturday job when she’s old enough) and was full of energy, aggression and so so speedy. There was a bit of a moment during one of the turns but she recovered quickly and overall we thought it was an incredible performance to start the night off. We loved it and thought they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 37/40!

Their Samba was inspired by the Rio Carnival and was full of party spirit. Kevin always dances with so much energy and Louise did so well keeping up with him. Her confidence has grown in bucketloads and this dance showed that. It was packed full of Samba content and we loved the feel of the dance. We thought she deserved a 10. The judges gave them 37/40.

Danny and Oti were second to dance tonight. Their first dance was a sensational and saucy Salsa. They then followed this with an amazing American Smooth in the second round.

Their Salsa was super cool, laid back and reminded us of one of those Salsa clubs. Although it was laid back it was incredibly precise and technically excellent. Oti gave Danny some challenging choreography and lifts. He was perfectly matched to Oti and the whole dance was just brilliant. This year Oti’s choreography has been excellent and has excited us week after week. In our opinion they deserved a 10, the judges gave them 37.

Their American Smooth was (to quote my 6 year old) the most beautiful Strictly dance ever. It was romantic and so sophisticated. Fred and Ginger would be exceptionally proud of this awesome couple. There were some innovative lifts and moves in a dance that was essentially a Viennese Waltz which made it even more beautiful to watch. It was a dance that moved us to tears (not that it takes much to do that anyway!) We thought they deserved a perfect 40, but some judges were feeling less than generous (no names mentioned) and awarded them 39/40.

Third to take to the floor were Claudia and AJ. They were performing a Rumba followed by a Quickstep.

Their Rumba was romantic but innocent and pure and had some beautiful moves. It was a Rumba I felt happy letting my 6 year old watch. It was beautiful and gave us goosebumps. Claudia always executes choreography with precision. The judges criticised her for a lack of passion, but we disagreed and thought it was near-perfect. in our opinion she deserved a 9. The judges awarded her 35/40.

Their Quickstep was light, bright and super fast. Claudia performed her best dance yet and really connected with the performance. For the first time my 6 year old was deadly silent and mesmerised by their performance. It was a dance that truly deserved to be in the final. In our opinion she deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40 – their highest score (including a 10 from Len.)

The last couple to dance tonight were Ore and Joanne. They performed a Quickstep followed by an Argentine Tango in the second round.

Their Quickstep rocked our socks and was truly brilliant. Joanne gave Ore some challenging choreography which he mastered. We loved the feel of the whole dance thinking they should get a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40 (including an 8 from Craig – not sure what planet he was on tonight!)

Their Argentine Tango was exquisite and full of passion. Ore connected with Joanne brilliantly and they were glued together like superglue! We loved the feel of the dance and it gave us goosebumps for the second time in one night. We loved it and awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 39/40!

So that ended tonight’s show. It was possibly the most closely fought semi-final ever. We’d love to save all 4 couples as they all deserve to be in the final, and to quote my 6 year old earlier “I think they are all winners!”

We’d love to hear who were your favourites tonight. Simply tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the live results show. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂