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Strictly Support Group – A Thanks to Strictly Chat!

Over the past thirteen years, Strictly has taken a very important place in all our lives. It has taught us things, helped us forge friendships and more importantly brought sparkle to our lives each and every Saturday night.

Knowing how much we all missed Strictly on our tellyboxes tonight, we hosted a Thanks To Strictly chat! We began our chat by asking you this:

What’s the best thing to have happened to you Thanks To Strictly? Here are some of your fab-u-lous answers:

We thought these suggestions were truly fab-u-lous and could not agree with you more!

For our next question of the evening we asked you Strictly has helped forge many friendships. Whose friendship do you value the most thanks to Strictly?

We were genuinely touched by the next few answers and it all got a bit emosh so we reached out for our glittery box of tissues:


We genuinely wouldn’t be where we are without you and think you are all truly uh-may-zing!

Strictly has taught as a lot of things. For us, it’s also inspired us to go back to the classroom and learn to dance again. What dance would you most like to learn if you had a chance to? 


Strictly has also helped us achieve lots of things too! For us it has helped us gain strength through illness,  and has helped my little six year old become completely fearless as a dancer! For our next question we asked what’s been your greatest achievement thanks to Strictly? Here are some of your uh-may-zing answers:


We have said it before and will say it again, we have learnt an awful lot from Strictly! For our next question we asked you to tell us one interesting piece of trivia you have learnt from all your years and months of Strictly viewing. We had some great answers. Here are our favourites:


Our chat was coming to an end, but for our final question we asked you to tell us what you would say if you had to write a Thank you letter for Strictly! Here are some of your brilliant answers:

That ended our chat. Thank you all for taking part in our chat tonight. If you didn’t get a chance to take part, don’t fear! You can still get involved by tweeting your answers to @scd_support or commenting below.

We’ll be back on Wednesday on twitter from 8pm for our weekly quiz. We hope you can join us then!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly 2015 – Musicals Week – Results Show Recap!

If the Lion is King of the Jungle, The Lion King is king of all Musicals, Strictly is the sparkly king of all TV shows, put the three together and you’ll have the most amazing mash-up! That’s just what happened on tonight’s Musicals Week results show. It was a night of epic performances and a shocker of a dance-off

The show began with the most incredible performance from the Strictly Pros and the cast of the Lion King. My 5 year old declared that the Lion King animals look better in the film *reminds herself to book tickets to take her daughter to see the Musical* It was beautiful, the best performance ever and gave us goosebumps.

We also had the most beautiful performance to “Over the Rainbow” from Josh Groban, featuring dancing from Anton and Joanne. Not only did Joanne look just like Princess Ariel, but also the dancing was beautiful and the music (being one of our favourite songs) made our Sunday. It reminded us why we love Strictly so much.

In Len’s Lens we learnt that Kellie and Kevin were singing as well as dancing! Now if anything deserves a 10, that does! Get these two on the West End stage, ASAP!

We also learnt that as it’s semi-final weekend next weekend, each of the couples next week will be dancing 2 performances. It promises to be an uh-may-zing show no matter what.

Couples were saved (and shocked to be in the Semi-Final) leaving us with a shocker of a dance-off featuring Georgia and Giovanni and Helen and Aljaz. In my 5 year old’s words “it’s not a bad thing they were in the dance-off, because I wanted to see them dance again!” Both couples performed beautiful dances, however our judges voted to save Georgia and Giovanni, meaning it was time for Helen and Aljaz to go home.

We’ll have a tribute coming for Helen and Aljaz very soon and you’ll also be able to leave your comments for them. Watch this space!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 31 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two Carol and Pasha, Jeremy and Karen Clifton and Karen Hardy joined Zoe.

We learnt Jeremy keeps bursting into his Tango at every given opportunity. We’d be thrilled to dance Tango with him too Zoe.

First up were Carol and Pasha. We learnt:

1) Pashabot was a bit emosh as was Carol. *Passes over plenty of glittery tissues*

2) Carol feels sad but also feels an overwhelming pleasure to have been part of Strictly and to have danced with Pasha.

3) She feels like her time on Strictly was a dream. *Pinches Carol as it was definitely real*

4) They are going to miss eachother and singing “Mr Kovalova!” to one another. Please make a video and release it for Christmas. It’ll be a guaranteed Number One hit.

5) She loved the American Smooth even though they went home after dancing it.

6) Pasha is going to miss their little conversations and how hard she worked.

7) Carol would like to see everyone win the trophy.

It was then time for the Midterm Report. We learnt:

1) Katie said Anton has been a great teacher and is not too strict.

2) Anita is a naughty student.

3) Kellie thinks Kevin is the best teacher. He’s fair and rated her as an A* student.

4) Helen said Aljaz would be a good teacher at a school full of naughty kids.

5) Peter is class clown.

6) Jeremy is teacher’s pet and Headboy.

We then played a game of Judges Bingo:

This weekend we had:

1) The First 10 from Len

2) The First Threat from Len to pickle his walnuts

3) The first barney between Len and Craig.

Anyone got a full house yet?

It was then time for Karen’s Choreography Corner. She said:
After this weekend’s shock result, it’s time for our professionals to excite us!

She found:

Jamelia and Tristan impressive. Her footwork was great and her technique was brilliant too.

Katie and Anton’s Quickstep ambitious. He made it very complex for Katie and took lots of gambles.

Jay and Aliona’s Argentine Tango was perfect but he needed to show more emotion to get more passion.

Kellie and Kevin’s Waltz was great even if her right shoulder popped out.

The final couple to join Zoe were Jeremy and Karen. We learnt:

1) Jeremy was amazed by the size of the horse too!

2) They had so much fun dancing the Tango. Anton and Brendan came up to him after the dance and were impressed with his dancing ability too.

3) Jeremy has been a cowboy before.

4) Karen says he is improving and his timing and musicality are incredible. He never gets anything wrong and is leading Karen.

5) They are going to make the bum wiggle part of every dance from now on.

6) They’re dancing quickstep this week. Jeremy is very light on his feet and recognising steps and his frame. The smile will be back!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another show recap.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – Results Show Recap Week 7

After a fab-u-lous evening last night performing on stage, normality (well some sort of normality) resumed in the world of the Strictly Support Group, as I (Cassie) returned to watch tonight’s results show and it definitely had more drama than an episode of Eastenders!

The show opened with a wonderful 40’s themed Jive from our professionals which was truly incredible. Not only did it feature dancing, but also featured the lovely Joanne Clifton’s wonderful singing! Is there anything that girl can’t do? The dance took us back to the 1940s and filled us with joy! We loved it.

The show also featured a performance from Joanne and Giovanni with a performing seal Seal. The dancing was incredible, the outfits even better and some great music too (even if my 5 year old did declare “I don’t like the noises this Seal makes! He doesn’t sound like the one we saw at the zoo!)

We also saw the return of The Crab! No, Scott Mills didn’t dance his legendary Samba again but he came on the programme to reveal that he’ll be abseiling down the Blackpool Tower for Children In Need. As it’s a great cause and a scary prospect, we will be supporting him and hoping he’s wearing his Crab Costume! πŸ¦€

It was then time to reveal who was in the dance-off. Couples were saved one by one, until we all had a huge shock when Kellie and Kevin were revealed as the 1st couple being in the dance off. We needed a stiff drink (and my 5 year old needed a hot chocolate!) It goes to show that everyone needs your votes and nobody is safe. It was Kevin’s first ever dance-off which is credit to him and his choreography and teaching for avoiding the dance-off this long. It was also time for a strictly fact! In Week 7 last year, Caroline was in the dance-off with a Waltz and she went on to win the show!

Jamelia made it up to the Clauditorium and appeared to be elated! We couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Helen looked so terrifed we wanted to give her a hug, and Aljaz declared he didn’t like the particular order of results! We also learnt that Georgia and Giovanni will be dancing the Charleston or Charlie-ston if your name is Giovanni.

We then heard that Carol and Pasha were the second couple to be in the dance-off. Carol really is the loveliest lady ever to have appeared on Strictly.

 As both couples took to the floor in the Dance-Off, we saw Kellie and Kevin perform a perfect Waltz and Carol do the best she could! In the end, Kellie and Kevin were saved, but Carol can leave the world of Strictly with her head high as she did her best.

We’ll have a post coming soon with a tribute to Carol, where you can leave your messages of support.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 23 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, the set was transformed into a spooky (and scary) place. Zoe was joined by Anita and Gleb, Peter and Janette, A giant spider, a bird and Ian Waite dressed in red as a devil!

First on the sofa were Anita and Gleb. We learnt that:

1) They’re taking each week as it comes and are genuinely surprised and thrilled by the judges’ comments.

2) Gleb has a lot of faith in Anita. He sometimes thinks he’s pushing her too far but tries to make sure his choreography suits her strengths.

3) She is so grateful for all the support she’s receiving from all the fans and Arlene.

4) She’s embracing the costumes!

5) They’re dancing the Waltz this week and it’ll be spooky. She is going to be Malificent and there might be flying!

Ian Waite then appeared for his Wednesday Warm-up!

We learnt:

1) He was upset that Ainsley went home as he thought he had a few more weeks in him

2) He thinks Jeremy and Katie could be in danger this week.

He thinks:

1) Kirsty needs to lift up on the balls of her feet more in her Charleston

2) Katie needs to be careful she doesn’t look too stiff.

3) Helen has a good bounce action in her Samba

4) Anita looks really good in her Waltz

5) Kellie needs to work on her Paso hands and create more shape

6) Georgia has good hold but needs to work on her footwork and do more heel leads in her Tango

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:
1) He found the Rumba hard and was channeling Patrick Swayze dancing the Rumba!

2) They love hearing the judges’ comments and constructive criticism.

3) Despite both being in the competition, Janette and Aljaz aren’t competitive at all!

4) They’re dancing Foxtrot this weekend and they’re both loving it!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you then.


Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 14 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe became a newsreader and had Carol and Pasha, Daniell and Kristina, Ian Waite and Vicky Gill join her in the It Takes Two hub.

Carol and Pasha were first to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They were relieved and surprised they weren’t in the dance off.

2) They had so much fun dancing their quickstep.

3) She loves dancing with Pasha as his choreography is amazing!

4) She is oblivious to what the judges say when they’re listening the comments, as she got through the dance without falling over.

5) They’re dancing the Paso Doble this week and she’s struggling with the seriousness of the dance, especially as Pasha is adorable, even when he growls like a teddy bear.
Next up was Ian Waite’s Warm-Up. We learnt:

1) He thinks Jamelia and Tristan are getting into the character of the Charleston and are looking good.

2) He thinks Jay and Aliona look super smooth in their Quickstep and have a lot of pivots. 

3) He thinks Jeremy and Karen have super pointy toes in their Jive, but need to work on his bounce action. They’re doing a Turkey Walk!

4) He thinks Kellie and Kevin’s Foxtrot looks great. Her footwork looks brilliant but her topline looks a little upright.

5) He thinks Kirsty and Brendan‘s Paso Doble could be a good dance for them. She needs to work on her shaping.

6) He thinks Katie and Anton‘s Viennese Waltz has lots of content and she’s doing it very well but needs to keep her knees soft.

Vicky Gill then arrived to show off some of this weekend’s costumes in Puttin’ On the Glitz. We learnt”
1) She was proudest of Kirsty and Brendan’s outfit on Movie Week

2) We saw Karen’s dress with lots of colourful fringing! She is being a duck!

3) We saw Janette’s Tango dress which is contemporary with a crop top and light skirt

4) We saw Georgia’s Quickstep dress. She’ll look like a princess.

5) We saw Anita’s Sparkly Samba dress which is made from sequin fabric. 

We must say all these outfits sound superb.

Our final couple to join Zoe tonight, were Danny Zucko Daniel and Kristina. We learnt:

1) He thought his quiff was worth 10 points.

2) He was a huge Grease fan when it was first released and he got to meet Olivia Newton John this week!

3) He is surprised at how nerve-wracking Strictly is!

4) Kristina is impressed at how he’s embracing the whole Strictly experience. She thinks he’s wonderful.

5) They’re dancing American Smooth this week. He’s loving the Foxtrot part, but he’s concerned about the lifts and landing Kristina.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back with another recap and a short chat tomorrow. Hope to see you then!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Show 11 Recap

For tonight’s show we strapped ourselves to our sofas and didn’t move a muscle, as requested by the lovely Zoe Ball (nice jumper by the way, Zoe!)

Joining Zoe tonight were Anthony and Oti, Jeremy and Karen, Georgia and Giovanni and Karen Hardy!

First up to say goodbye, were Anthony and Oti. We learnt that:

1) He’d loved his time on the show and feels he couldn’t have lost to two nicer people.

2) Oti became Anthony’s Strictly mum. When his shoulder injury was bad, she helped him put his shoes and t-shirt on

3) Oti thinks he had a lot more to give

5) He would have been dancing Charleston this week 

6) He wants Oti to choreograph his entrance walk to the boxing ring (wearing his glittery boxing gloves!)

7) He’d like Anita, Jay, Katie, Helen, Peter or anyone to win.

Joining Zoe next, were Jeremy and Karen (Mrs Grimsby!) We learnt:
1) They’re still in Charleston mood. Get in!

2) Zoe teared up with pride (as did we!) and Karen nearly choked on her popcorn

3) Jeremy was choked up with the judges’ praise. Get in!

4) She was so proud of Jeremy, especially with the long hours they train. Get in!

5) Jeremy’s american-venezuelan accent! Deserves a 10 from Len. Get in!

6) The judges are very present in each moment during their training rehearsals. Get in!

7) This week they’re doing the Jive. His legs will be sore. His timing is great but he’s struggling with the bounce. Get in!

The choreography genius that is Karen Hardy then joined Zoe for Choreography Corner. We learnt:
1) She loved the show & jumped out of her sofa at the end of the show. She thought it was the best strictly show ever.

2) She thought:

Helen and Aljaz were just stunning and the whole dance was exquisite, gracious, elegant and marilynesque

Jeremy and Karen had improved massively. He’s beginning to get into strictly and embracing it. He’s entering into the dark zone!

Katie and Anton met the danger zone of expectation (hello Danger Zone!) She needed to move more. She can do amazing choreography.

Georgia and Giovanni had lots of flavour, romance and sex appeal but there wasn’t enough movement.

Kirsty and Brendan had confidence. The little mistakes didn’t stop her and she recovered. She needs to master her choreography more but was truly glamourous.

Jay and Aliona were jamazing and unbelievable. It had technique, character, and great choreography. One of those moments they will remember forever. She thinks it was better than Jill Halfpenny’s jive.

The final couple to join Zoe were Georgia and Giovanni. We learnt:
1) She got corried-away and zoned out dancing and played the part perfectly.

2) Giovanni apologised for his outburst, but he was very proud of Georgia as she was unbelievable.

3) Natalie Gumede’s been giving her advice

4) They’re dancing quickstep. It’ll be faster than a fast thing can be fast. There’ll be loads of quickstep content in it to please Len.

5) She loved Jay’s performance on Saturday night. She was screaming for him as he was unbelievable.

That ended tonight’s show. We’re back tomorrow night from 8pm for a quick quiz. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – Results Show Recap – Movie Week!

Lights, Camera, Action! Tonight’s results show saw the end of our Movie Week Blockbuster Extravaganza! You may need some tissues for this blog post as it could get a little bit emosh *hands everyone a tissue*

The show opened with a romantic dance movie featuring The Cliftons and Tristan. It also featured all our professional dancers. The whole performance was adorable, they lived happily ever after and in our opinion they deserve an Oscar.

We then learnt that the Hollywood sign is in fact the Strictly sign! We always knew that Strictly was were stars are born.

We learnt that Jay felt that Saturday was the best Saturday of his life ever. We also learnt that Jeremy is dancing the Jive (in the bath) next week, Carol can do a Paso Face and Georgia was a little emotional (as were we!) We also heard that Kellie and Kevin will be dancing the Foxtrot (with lightsabres, we hope!) 

Andrea Bocelli sang the most beautiful song ever in Spanish to which Aljaz and Janette performed an emotional, heart-warming dance which moved us to tears it was that good.

Our couples were all saved one by one, until we heard that Ainsley and Natalie and Anthony and Oti were in danger and in the dance-off. They did all they could and performed much improved routines, but in the end it was time for Anthony and Oti to say So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye. We’ve made a little tribute for them. You can leave your messages by clicking this link below:


We look forward to hearing from you. We’re back on Tuesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz & chat. We hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Show Recap (Show 10)

On tonight’s bumper box set of a show, Zoe was joined by Kirsty and Brendan, Helen and Aljaz and Kellie and Kevin. This week’s Friday Panel were Penny Lancaster, Delta Goodrum and Russell “The” Grant! Gethin Jones was at Elstree and The Drifters were in the studio. Vonnie also made her TV Debut!

Kirsty and Brendan joined Zoe first in the studio. We learnt:
1) She went for it in the lifts in her Salsa and was this close to the floor!

2) They were disappointed by their scores.

3) They are lady and the tramp this week.  She has a tail as her costume!

4) Vonnie also got the surprise of her life from Brendan Cole! (Lucky lady!)

The Friday Panel then joined Zoe!

1) We’d forgotten how tall Penny Lancaster is. 

2) Penny does the dances at home with Rod & still gets nervous watching the show.

3) Russell loved his experience and relived his strictly experience. (Someone give the man his own show please! He is amazing!)

4) They think Jay will do amazingly.

5) Delta thinks Katie is magnetic & graceful (we agree!) and beautiful to watch.

6) They think Kirsty has something Hollywood about her & Brendan has the oomph

7) They think Anthony will be powerful in his Paso.

8) Ainsley as a penguin will be amazing. Delta’s fallen in love with him. He can sell a performance.

9) Georgia and Giovanni’s Rumba will be beautiful

10) Carol and Pasha’s quickstep – looks good but she needs to have confidence.
11) Peter’s Paso looks great. He is a natural showman

12) Helen and Aljaz’s Foxtrot tells a great story. Her inner actress is coming out and her frame looks great.

13) Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston looks brilliant. They look as one!

14) Daniel and Kristina’s Cha Cha looks interesting. Russell said he’s never seen a Danny Zucko like him

17) Anita and Gleb’s  American Smooth looks raunchy!
18) Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston excites them the most.

19) They think Carol or Jeremy may get the director’s cut this week. 

We then had a very special sneak peek at this week’s group dance featuring The Cliftons and Tristan! We must say, it’s looking amazing and has a movie feel. They have dialogue in the movie and Karen feels like a hollywood star! She has the pretty dress, costumes, make-up and hair. She didn’t have water, or puppies, but we can help with that! Here you go, Karen!

Helen and Aljaz then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) She just went out and enjoyed her cha cha cha performance. She’d struggled with it all week.

2) She is really enjoying the foxtrot

3) They were happy with their scores last week.

4) Aljaz thought Helen’s hips were great

5) She’s very happy she’s dressing up as Marilyn tomorrow.

6) Aljaz made her cry! 😱

Kellie and Kevin then joined Zoe in the studio playing a game of Star Wars lightsabre wars. We learnt that:
1) She found the cha cha cha hard and was practising up till the last minute but loved it

2) Kevin hates the cha cha cha – as it’s hard to make entertaining, but this year he enjoyed doing the cha cha cha, thanks to Kellie.

3) They’re performing a Star Wars Charleston. We’re just as excited as Zoe. Kevin has no idea how he’s made the two ideas meet. It’s anarchy but it looks uh-may-zing.

5) Kellie’ll be Leia. Kevin will be Kevin Skywalker, but can do an amazing Yoda Impersonation!

Gethin Jones then joined us from Elstree with Jason Gilkison. We learnt that Jason said:

1) He says the group dances are like rounding up cats they’re hard to handle.

2) He’s proud of the pros and how hard they work.

3) All movie characters will be appearing on tomorrow’s show.

Karen Hardy then hosted the It Takes Two Movie Week Awards:

1) The winner of – Look at the size of my biceps award was Louis Smith πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

2) The winner of – This green paint is never coming off award was Pasha Kovalev for his Jive with Chelsee Healey.

3) The winner of Unusual Choreography and services to seafood award – Scott and Joanne’s Samba. The Crab lives on.

4) Lifetime achievement award, the only Movie Week routine to have scored top marks – Pamela and James’s Viennese Waltz.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We cannot wait for tomorrow’s show. My lovely friend Serene will be tweeting along and blogging tomorrow night’s show for you lovely people! 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Recap (Show 8)

On tonight’s show Zoe was joined by Peter and Janette, Aliona and Jay, Ainsley and Natalie and Ian Waite and his wand! There were also some junior judges (Craig Revel Horwood eat your heart out!)

First up on Zoe’s sofa were Jay and Aliona. We learnt:

1) Jay had the snip *pauses* with his hair! He was planning on cutting his hair at the end of the year to give his hair to charity. It’s just made us love him even more!

2) Jay thinks his new haircut made him more streamlined. Aliona thinks he now looks the part for all the dances!
3) She’s happy the judges noticed the hard work they’d done and rewarded them for this.

4) He misses his breakfast, which as a mum makes me want to feed him! Breakfast is the most important part of the day.

5) Of the last 4 boyband members to have appeared on Strictly, Jay has scored the highest overall for his second dance. He also feels less pop star than Nicky Byrne, Harry Judd and Simon Webbe!

6) He and Aliona are performing a Pulp fiction-themed jive this week! They’re having lots of fun and it has lots of elements. We can’t wait!

Next up were Peter and Janette who came colour-coordinated in lovely brown jackets (they must have consulted one another before turning up.) We learnt:

2) He was pleased to receive such great scores and is loving dancing ballroom.

3) He respects the judges comments

4) Janette is very modest about her abilities as a teacher and feels grateful to her last 2 partners who have been truly amazing. Even if Peter does say she is the best!

6) Peter sounds hot saying the words Paso Doble! *replays Peter saying Paso Doble over and over* In case you hadn’t gathered, they’re dancing Paso Doble this week. He loves dancing it and this week he is going to be Jack Sparrow. *Wonders if he’ll have dreadlocks*

The Junior Judges then gave their verdicts on Week 2’s performances. They are adorable but harsher than Revel Horwood. Strictly, if you’re reading this, my little lady would love to be a junior judge! We learnt:

1) The girls think Carol looks like a princess and the boys think Pasha looks like a wealthy man!

2) The boys think Jay looked like a girl from the lion king before his haircut – my 5 year old thought the same.

3) They thought Ainsley looked like Jelly!

4) They didn’t understand elimination and thought either Iwan or Ola would stay!

It was then time for Ian Waite’s warm-up. We heard that:

1) He loved Katie and Anton and thought she was Erin.

2) He loves Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston – they are perfectly synchronised.

3) He thinks Jamelia looks good in the salsa – she’s got great rhythm

4) He thinks Helen needs to soft into her knees for her Foxtrot. She’ll be Marilyn Monroe. We love the 1950s so think this dance will be epic! 

5) Anthony and Oti are dancing Paso Doble. Ian says he looks a bit too soft and not intense enough. He needs straight legs and keep his hips under his bottom. He has an intense look but needs to shape his arms.

6) Kirsty and Brendan’s American Smooth looks good but she needs to look out to the left more!

7) Daniel and Kristina’s Cha Cha Cha looks good, but he needs to look at his footwork. 

Finally Ainsley and Natalie joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt: 

1) He hasn’t watched his Salsa but felt amazing dancing it and thought Natalie choreographed a great dance.

2) They were thrilled with their score.

3) Ainsley is a man of many faces. He’s working on the Cha Cha Cha face.

4) Ainsley has cooked an omelette for Natalie

5) They are going to be penguins this week, are acting the part and got up close and personal with some real penguins earlier today!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re not here tomorrow but will be back on Friday from 8pm for a short chat!

Cassie πŸ™‚