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DWTS Ireland – Week 2 Review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

Those of you following our blog will know, we have an Irish Reporter following DWTS with a fine tooth comb, the lovely Sarah Byrne. Last night, she sat to watch a tantastic show 2. Here’s what she thought of the show: 

Hi everyone,

So week 2 took place last night and it was supposed to be all about the girls, however, Hughie’s tan was the talk of the show. Loraine asked him last week “How much tan is too much tan?” Well if we thought it was bad then it was nothing compared to this week. I think the nation as a whole went “Holy God, what has happened to Hughie?”


Anyway enough about Hughie, the show opened with another great pro dance before we were introduced to everyone and then the girls hit the floor.

Actress Aoibhin Garrihy & Vitali Kizmon – Cha Cha – 21

Comedian Katherine Lynch & Kai Widdrington – Waltz – 18

Model Thalia Heffernan & Curtis Pritchard (AJ’s Brother) – Quickstep – 16

Formerly of Operation Transformation Dr. Eva Orsmond & Sean Smullen – Salsa – 13

RTE Reporter Teresa Mannion & John Nolan – Tango – 16

Actress Denise McCormack & Ryan McShane – Jive – 22

It seemed like the extra week helped as the nerves were not as obvious and they all danced well and with confidence. The only slip up was Ryan (the best pro in the show – his words) had a literal slip and everyone took great pleasure in teasing him about it. The extra week did come with drawbacks as the judges seem to be getting more comfortable and had some harsh comments and scores compared to week 1.

The lads had a group number which was good and Nicky again talked to the judges and the stars. It seems like we wont have a results show, they will have it all in one but I hope they have a musical guest next week just to break it up a bit.

It might have been because of the extra female dancer but the show didn’t seem to take as long even with all the ad breaks. So next week we lose our first Star, let me know how you voted & who you think will go home.



Strictly 2016 – Week 1 – Show 2 – Performance Review

Corkers, Cha Chas and Chess!

Tonight we saw the remaining 9 couples take to the floor to show us their first dances! There were surprises and an overall air of awesomeness! Here are our thoughts on each dance for you to peruse:

The evening began with a lovely, lovely group routine featuring young dancers, more mature dancers and our wonderful pros! Seriously, we have never seen so many people on the floor and it had an air of loveliness that only Strictly could produce. My 6 year old has now made it her ambition to appear on Strictly next week! 🙄

We were then treated to a truly awesome Jive from Kevin and Louise! Kevin is the King of Jive and gave Louise a truly challenging routine with wonderful choreography which she mastered! They were fast, fab-u-lous and fantastic. In our opinion, they deserved a 9! Our judges awarded them a very impressive 31/40! Craig Revel Horwood even got his 8 paddle out *asks a nurse to take his temperature*

Next up were Melvin and Janette who took us to Mexico for a Carnival of a Cha Cha Cha. It was a lot of fun and even though we needed our sunglasses to watch it as Melvin’s trousers were that bright, we loved it. OK, it wasn’t technically perfect but he put his all into the performance and we do love people who put their heart and soul into a dance. They also had a piñata on stage with them! It deserved at least an 8 from us. Our judges awarded them 22/40 (including a rather low 4 from Craig Revel Horwood – now that’s more like Craig’s usual scoring)

We were then treated to an unforgettable waltz from Daisy and Aljaz. We learnt that Daisy was dancing this dance in memory of her Grandad who passed away on her first day of Strictly. *Sends her a virtual hug through her computer.* The dance was truly beautiful and had an ethereal quality. It was filled with emotion, elegance and made us blub like a baby it was that good. In our opinion they deserved a 9, our judges awarded them the highest score of the night 32! I’m not one to compare dances, but my husband did point out that her dance reminded him of another great first dance, Abbey and Aljaz’s dance in 2013.

Danny and Oti then wowed us with a wonderful Cha Cha Cha. It was such a good dance, we thought we were watching two professional dancers perform and not a pro and a celebrity. Oti’s costume gave us serious dress envy. He deserved a 10 in our opinion. The judges awarded him a respectable 31/40.

Next up were Tameka and Gorka, or as my daughter now knows her…

They were dancing a Paso Doble which was entertaining, full of drama and worth the licence fee alone. We also got to see Gorka do the impossible. He can fly!

On a more serious note, we loved the performance and their partnership. In fact, we cannot wait to see this couple progress in the competition and see what other dance delights they will treat us with. In our opinion it wasn’t just a corker, it was  truly increíble! They deserved a 9 in our opinions. The judges awarded them 26/40!

We then got to see Anastacia perform Cha Cha Cha with Brendan! It was a dance filled with attitude and sass and suited Anastacia perfectly. We did get a little emotional and agreed with her that the band do an awesome job. We have to take a moment to appreciate the fringing on her outfit and also her ability to do the splits! Wowsers! 

Team glitterballs (aka Ed and Katya) then took to the floor with an endearing and adorable waltz. Len stated Ed sums up what Strictly is all about, and we couldn’t agree more. His costume has now meant I’m going to have to keep my husband’s shirts out of reach of my 6 year old who is determined to put glittery stickers all over her daddy’s shirt colours. In our opinion he deserved a 7, our judges awarded him 21/40, which we must point out is still a respectable score for week 1!

Our penultimate couple of the night were the youngest couple of the competition, Claudia and AJ. They performed not only a precise, but an acrobatic Cha Cha Cha which impressed us at home. The judges felt there were a few too many tricks but we disagreed and thought the whole thing was adorable and lovely. In our opinion they deserved a 9! Our judges awarded them a respectable 26/40!

Strictly really saved the best till last in our opinion. We were treated to Will and Karen‘s Bowie inspired Tango. It was full of agression from the start (performed over a chessboard. Monopoly would have caused the same level of agression in our house) and had so much power and drama. My 6 year old (a huge Clifton fan) did say Mummy Karen and Will Slayed like Beyoncé! (She’s been spending too much time with her auntie!) but I agree. They did an awesome job to finish the show and deserved a 10 in our opinions. The judges gave them a very respectable 30/40!

So that ended week 1. We can honestly say this has to be the best first week of performances ever. The standard this year is so high, the competition could be anyone’s! It sure will be hard to say goodbye to someone next week.

At the end of the night, we were left with a glittery sandwich on the leaderboard. Daisy (the girl who bathed in glitter) was at the top and Team Glitterballs were at the bottom! 

There’s no official vote this week, but we’d still like to know who were your favourites. Simply vote in this poll to tell us:

You can also comment below or tweet us @scd_support to let us know. Bella will be revealing her favourite dances on Monday as part of Bella’s Best Bits. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Show 2 Recap

Tonight’s show opened with a game of pass the glitterball (a game we want to play at our next Strictly themed party!) Zoe was joined in the studio by Georgia and Giovanni, Anthony and Oti and Jay and Aliona as well as the lovely Karen Hardy!

Georgia and Giovanni were first to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt that:

 1) Georgia got a tweet from Meghan Trainor saying she loved their dance to her song.

2) Their Jive was fast enough but the music was made even faster when they got to the studio! Speedy Gonzalez eat your heart out!

3) From now on Giovanni is known as #sonofsimone- Benvenuto al mundo de Strictly dolce patata!

4) Giovanni says Georgia is a good all-rounder and is even better at Ballroom than she is at Latin. They’re dancing the Waltz this week.

5) We learnt that they use Boxing gloves in the training room – wonder if they’ll try this on Anthony and Craig if he gives them low scores.

We also got a sneak-peek from Sherlock Jolmes (aka Joanne from Grimsby) at the group pro-dance rehearsals. This week it’s all about the girls! Karen is wind, Oti is love and Janette can fly! It sounds amazing!

Anthony and Oti then joined Zoe on the sparkly sofa! We learnt:

1) Anthony was concerned by his trouser-splitting Jive but Oti calmed him down. 

2) Anthony calls Oti the boss and he makes her cry with laughter during rehearsals.

3) He listens and takes orders well, but his memory fails him. 

4) They’re doing  the waltz this week. Anthony feels like he has 4 legs.

We were then introduced to a new feature Tunes on Tuesday! They’ve even given Zoe a Jukebox with magical powers. Couples appear as holograms beside the jukebox! We learnt that:

Iwan and Ola are dancing Cha Cha Cha to Sexy and I know it. We foresee lots of bum wiggling!
Jeremy and Karen are dancing the American Smooth to Happy together.

and Ainsley and Natalie are dancing Salsa to Don’t you touch my tomatoes.

Karen’s Choreography Corner
had its second instalment on the show. We learnt that:

She was impressed by Jay and Aliona as he took command. He is her lollipop and the dark horse

She felt that Kirsty and Brendan have a  great frame and once she calms her nerves.

She felt the judges were very mean to Jeremy and Karen. He was loving the routine and giving his all! She also praised Karen’s choreography!

Georgia and Giovanni performed an incredible jive and their energy increased as the dance went on. She can spin very fast (faster than a washing machine!) but needs control. She thinks they are a great partnership

She said that Ainsley and Natalie had lots of emotion and passion, but as a result he was cuddling Natalie like a teddybear!

Katie and Anton – Anton is going to have to keep up with her for a long time to come.

She said that Iwan and Ola need to work on his technique but he has lots of enthusiasm.

For Jamelia and Tristan she felt she has great poise and posture, but needs to make sure she knows her steps and choreography!

Karen fell in love with Peter and Janette due to his great hip action and Janette’s great choreography.

Jay and Aliona then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:
1) Jay made his mum cry and he felt embarrassed getitng so close to Aliona with his mum near him (aww!)

2) Aliona feels her curse of leaving early may have been broken with Jay. He picks up choreography well and is very touch on himself.

3) He is a caveman and walks like a caveman.

4) This week they’re doing the waltz – he really likes it when they’re in time and enjoys the feeling of it! Aliona’s got bruises from trying to move Jay as he’s a lot heavier than her and his hair may surprise us.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. 

Cassie 🙂 

The People’s Strictly – Show 2 Recap

Earlier this evening we sat down, girded our loins and prepared ourselves to watch the wonderful programme that is the People’s Strictly. Following last week’s show, we ensured we had enough glittery tissues for ourselves and you lovely people along with Strictly Snacks to share out.

On tonight’s show we saw the inspirational Anna Kennedy, Trishna Bharadia and Phil Barnett get the surprise of their lives as they found out they were on The People’s Strictly and take their first steps in the Ballroom.

Once again, we found the stories truly touching and became emotional blubbering messes only 5 minutes into the show. We think our mascara may have run, just a little bit:

Artist’s impression of how we looked (We’re not that fluffy, honest!)

The show didn’t disappoint and showed us how truly amazing and selfless the 6 contestants of the People’s Strictly are. They are all well-deserving of their place on the show and in our eyes are all winners.

So, what did we learn tonight?

1. We learnt that the Strictly ballroom is the place where dreams come true and to never to be too trusting of any friends or family who invite you to go to watch the Strictly live show show. As Anna Kennedy found out the Strictly Ballroom truly is a place where dreams can come true and where you can have the shock and surprise of your life.

2. Never trust Brian the Zumba instructor. When you’re invited to a Zumba DVD recording, always be suspicious, especially if you’re surrounded by dancing couples. Be even more suspicious if some of our professional dancers appear. Poor Trishna looked like she needed a hug dancing all alone in the zumba studio, but to make up for it, she was lucky enough to get to have a boogie with Louis Smith 😍

3. Singing children are adorable and will move you to tears (need more mascara 🐼.) ABBA’s Thank You for the Music also works surprisingly well as a Samba Track. 

4. You should embrace and run towards the sequins and anyone associated with the world of Strictly. This is exactly what Phil Barnett did and he looked fab-u-lous running towards Lisa Riley and Kevin Clifton.

5. To quote Anna, we also learnt that Robin Windsor looks even better in the flesh than he does on TV! We also saw that Anna is a natural performer and picked up dancing the Charleston in seconds. Wow!

6. We learnt that housework can be fab-u-lous! We will now mop our floors in style, just like Aljaz Skoranjec did. We may need the “banana band” to help. We saw that Trishna and Aljaz take their first Jive steps. Their energy looks great and together they look an amazing and very strong couple.

7. Phil also showed just what a joy it is to dance and to be on Strictly. His joy at learning he was paired with Janette was priceless and their American Smooth looks set to be super suave, smiley and sophisticated. In fact, all our couples showed enthusiasm, passion and sheer sparkly joy.

8. When dancing wear shoes that make you look fab-u-lous. Don’t worry if you fall out of them, as you will look gaw-jus dahling!

9. Swing Patrol looks fun, as did Trishna’s 50s style evening. *nudges husband to take her out* It gave both Anna and Trishna a taste of what Strictly is like and has encouraged us to take a trip back to the 1950s and try Rock and Roll and Swing dancing.

On a more serious note, we saw another wonderful and inspiring programme. It has made us realise that all 6 contestants are truly deserving of their place on the show and are all winners in our eyes. They are true everyday heroes who deserve to be treated to a little bit of sparkle. We know they will all be fab-u-lous and cannot wait to see their performances.

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 9pm as our super six get more treats and surprises from the world of Strictly. Follow us @scd_support on twitter to join in our chat.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two – Show 2 Recap

Tonight’s It Takes Two saw Pixie, Trent, Thom, Iveta, Tim, Natalie and Karen Hardy all head to Zoe’s glittery home for a chat and some Strictly Magic.

First up were Pixie and Trent. We learnt that:
1) Pixie is not a pixie and has super long legs and went her dance didn’t go to plan on Friday (we didn’t notice!)
2) Pixie became pixelated pixie when she watched herself on her mobile!
3) Trent is from Australia. He means business and is there to win.
4) Their energy is adorable and we love them.
5) For their second dance they’re performing a waltz. We think it’ll be amazing! We predict tuna sandwiches will feature in Trent’s lunchbox this week. Bad breath helps with posture according to Zoe.

We then went behind the scenes of the title shoot. Here we saw that:
1) Scott feels like he has a temporary girlfriend!
2) Kevin is concerned about looking rubbish for the whole series.
3) Alison’s laugh is infectious.
4) Mark shouldn’t be trusted with light bulbs. They break when he goes near them.
5) Joanne and Scott became glitter fairies.

We then saw Thom and Iveta on Zoe’s sofa. We learnt:
1) Thom was very nervous on Saturday.
2) Iveta is impressed with her student as he takes control, is attentive and hardworking. She also gave an Oscars’ speech which we love her even more for. Would love to see her sing on the show.
3) Iveta Luckypoopoo is back and we’re happy to see her on the show. She’s also making up ivetaisms which my four year old understands but confuse me and make me love her even more.
4) They’re dancing Salsa and we cannot wait!

Karen hardy is back again in her choreography corner, complete with cushions. Here’s what she thought of Saturday’s performances:
1) She wanted more content from Mark and Karen and loved his caterpillar!
2) She loved Alison and Aljaz’s energy.
3) Karen loves Steve’s strength and thinks he’ll go far.
4) She thought Thom and Iveta were graceful and she loved their teamwork. As a sportsperson she’s sure he’ll have a journey.
5) She’s impressed with Sunetra’s recovery from her wobbly hold.
6)Gregg and aliona left her speechless.
7) Frankie and Kevin were gorgeous, beautiful and connected brilliantly to the performance.
8) She thought Simon and Kristina were fantastic.
9) We also heard the first Karenism of the year. *chants* “Rhythm is a Regular occurrence of accented beats!”
10) We also had a warning for our judges. Do not be mean to any of our celebrities as you’ll have an angry pregnant lady to contend with! Karen means business.

It was then time for Team Priceless Tim and Natalie to hop onto Zoe’s sofa. Here’s what we learnt from this couple:
1) Tim has a great collection of socks and glasses, as well as some unique moves.
2) Natalie is fixing Tim’s gait! If you’re my 4 year old this caused some confusion
3) They’re dancing the Waltz which we think will be fabulous!

And with a high kick, that was the end of tonight’s show. We’ll be back on Thursday with a further recap for you all. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2014 – Week 1 – Show Two – Review Seen from my very young Strictly Fan’s eyes

Throughout the series, I will be letting my very young (and very funny) Strictly Fan, Bella take over my blog occasionally to give her views of the show. For those of you who are new to my blog, she is a 4 year old Strictly Fanatic who loves her glitter and is determined to Get the Glitterball to Grimsby this year! She is also a future film critic and is brutally honest at times, but adorable with it too. Here are her views on last night’s show.


Hello everyone. I’m Bella and I’m four and a bit. Mummy’s let me and is helping me write this, so she’s told me to be good and nice. She said something about if I didn’t have something nice to say not to say it at all, but I’m a chatterbox so this is very hard. Last night I watched Strictly and I loved it.

It started with the professionals dancing together. I really liked seeing lots of Karens and Kevins and loved how quickly Janette changed into her Tango dress. Mummy says because it’s Strictly they all have magical powers. That’s so awesome. When I’m taller (older) I’d love to dance on Strictly too.

For the first dance, we saw Mark and Karen (two of my flavourites) dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Mark looked like a lollipop lady at first, but I really liked this dance and liked him turning into a caterpillar at the end. Mummy said that caterpillars become beautiful butterflies, so I think he will grow up lots in the competition and will become a really good dancer. They looked like they were having fun and I started dancing at home. Bella’s score out of ten: 7/10


The next dance was from Alison and Aljaz who also danced a Cha Cha Cha. They looked like they were having lots of fun and her dress was really pretty. It made her look like a mermaid. I’m not sure why Aljaz was wearing sunglasses because it was nighttime and nobody wears sunglasses at nighttime. Bella’s Score out of ten: 8/10


Up next were Steve and Ola with a Tango. I really like Steve because he likes glitter and animals. I am going to sprinkle my daddy with glitter too (don’t tell him or mummy!) Mummy says they’re supposed to look grumpy in this dance, so if they are I think they looked great. Bella’s score out of ten: 8/10


We then saw two Irish people. I don’t know who they are and couldn’t understand what they were saying. Mummy says they’re called Jenny and Tristan. They danced to my favourite song from Despicable Me, Happy! I didn’t really watch their dance much because I was dancing along. They looked very happy. I think they could have had minions in their performance as maybe then the judges would have scored them higher. Bella’s score out of ten: 6/10

Next up were Thom and Iveta who danced a Waltz. I liked Iveta last year because she turned into a Lion and danced a Samba, and she can sing too! She must be a princess, because nobody can do all those things and dance. I love her dress and she looks really pretty. Mummy started crying in this dance, which she said was a good thing. I’m not sure how crying can be good, but I really liked it because she was princess dancing. Bella’s score out of ten: 7/10

Claudia must have hurt herself and broken herself somewhere during their dance. I think that the grumpy judge must have tripped her over because this happened. I wanted to give her a hug:

Mummy told me not to worry as she’d be fine, and she was right! Claudia seemed to be fixed after our next couple danced. Strictly is magical!

We then saw Sunetra and Brendan dance a Tango. They were in a hospital before they started dancing, so maybe they were fixing Claudia and making her better. They obviously weren’t happy with one another as they looked really grumpy. I did like Sunetra’s dress as it looked really pretty. Mummy said something about them being the Dark Horses of the competition. They don’t look like horses though. She confuses me sometimes. I liked their dance, even though they were grumpy and would give them an 8/10


Then we saw Gregg and Aliona go on a picnic and dance a Cha Cha Cha. I don’t think he danced very well, because he’s a chef he was distracted by all the food. Chefs don’t make great dancers, but dancers do eat a lot, so we need chefs to make them food. Chefs shouldn’t dance. (reminds her her favourite last year was a chef) Hairy Dave couldn’t dance but he had Karen to teach him and she is a good teacher and taught him to entertain people. I liked him but I was confused by this dance and didn’t really understand it. Mummy said he was trying his hardest and he may improve. I think he needs to eat more glitter before his next practice. That’ll help him! Bella’s score out of 10: 4/10


*excitable four year old jumping* My favourites were on next. Mummy’s probably told you I want the Glitterball to go to Grimsby this year, because I felt sorry for Kevin last year. I voted lots and lots for him and Susanna but they didn’t win. It was time for Frankie and Kevin with their Waltz. They started things off with an Umbrella. It wasn’t raining but mummy was crying lots during the dance, so maybe they were worried they’d get wet in the studio. I don’t know why mummy was crying, but she said it was because the dance was very beautiful. Frankie looked like a princess, even though she has short hair. Kevin didn’t wear his glasses, which made me a little scared but he could see ok without them which was good. I loved this dance and they spun around lots and lots. I’d give them a 10/10 They’re my favourites!


Finally we saw Simon and Kristina dance a Jive. Mummy said he was in a band called Blue, but he seems to have changed colour and is now Red. I want to change colour like that! I liked their dance and they looked like they were having lots of fun. He looked like a bunny rabbit bouncing around. Mummy said the baby liked it too, but I’m going to tell her to vote for one of my favourites next week, she still needs to learn. I’d give him a 9/10.

That was the end of the show. I really liked it lots and lots tonight, but my favourites had to be Frankie and Kevin as they looked magical and I loved their dance. We then see the leaderboard and there’s as mummy put it “A Clifton Sandwich.” As Frankie and Kevin are at the top of the leaderboard and Scott and Joanne are at the bottom. I don’t want to eat anyone, but want to give Joanne a hug. I think Scott looked like he was having lots of fun. He did look like he went bowling at one bit of the dance.


I’ve told mummy we needed to vote, but she said we didn’t, so I’ve made a poll on here instead (with her help.) Who were your favourites? Vote in this poll below to decide:

Thank you Bella for reviewing the show. We’ll be back on Monday for an It Takes Two premier show launch chat from 7pm. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie and Bella.