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Smooth Sunday – A Lovely Dance To Sooth You This Sunday!

We have to admit that in the run up to Father’s Day us mums and daughters are always running around like headless chickens, so today’s dance is the perfect antidote for those of you needing a calming influence this Sunday.

We’re watching the lovely, elegant American Smooth from Sunetra Sarker and Brendan Cole. This dance was performed during movies week and for us evoked all the hollywood glamour of the 1940’s. It was classy, elegant and just the sort of dance that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It showed Sunetra’s progress and the performance was wonderful. In our opinion it deserved 9s and 10s!

It’s the perfect antidote for anyone in need of some chill-out time, so, if you’re feeling a little on edge, or like a headless chicken, we recommend watching this dance.

Here are Sunetra and Brendan with their fab-u-lous American Smooth. We hope you enjoy watching it to:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know what you thought of it.

For all the dads we wish you a Happy Father’s Day and we hope the rest of you all have a wonderful Sunday Afternoon.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


30 Day Challenge – Bella’s Smooth Sunday Dance Off!

Our #30daychallenge is almost over. Today, we’re having a #smoothsundaydanceoff! We’ve chosen 2 dances. You have to vote your favourite.
The youngest Strictly Fan in the household, Elodie is getting Christened today, so she’ll be getting a little wet, and hopefully singing in the rain. Today we’re showing you two dances which are performed to the same song “Singing in the Rain!” One is from this side of the pond, the other is from the U S of A. When you’ve watched them both let us know your favourite by commenting below. We’ll then reveal the winner at 7pm tonight!
Our 1st dance is from Jason & Kristina and it’s their fab-u-lous American smooth:

Our 2nd dance is a Jazz routine from Derek Hough and Bethany Mota on Dancing with the stars. We want to see this dance style on Strictly next year! 

Now you’ve seen them both let us know which one is your favourite! Comment to let us know. We’ll reveal the winner at 7pm!
Bella and Cassie πŸ™‚

30 Day Challenge- Bella’s A to Z of Strictly. N is for @realnatalielowe

It’s Sunday & day 14 of my Strictly Alphabet. Today it’s time for the letter N! On Strictly there is a Princess in the Ballroom called Natalie! She’s one of the professional dancers and always looks like a beautiful princess when she dances. Look, I even have a bunny rabbit named after her too:


Natalie the Ballerina Bunny – She can’t dance that well yet, but she’s only a few days old!
It’s Natalie Lowe. She is a patient and kind teacher who always gets the best out of the celebrities and people she’s partnered with. She even won the People’s Strictly and got a Glitterball. I was really happy because she really deserved to win a shiny, pretty Glitterball! *dreams of glitter*

 As it’s Smooth Sunday, mummy helped me choose 2 American Smooths. These are two of my favourite American Smooths Natalie has choreographed and performed. The lifts look like great fun, the dances look beautiful and Natalie’s dresses were very pretty.

My first American Smooth is from Natalie and Michael Vaughan. They performed this at Wembley to a song about New York! That must have been really confusing for any Taxi Drivers! 

The second dance is from Natalie and Ricky Whittle to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!” I was still in my mummy’s tummy when they performed this dance, but mummy said it made her cry in a good way because it was very beautiful. I think it was lovely too. Even if Grumpy Len didn’t like it, I did and think it was beautiful! 

I’d have given both dances a 10/10! Which dance did you prefer! Watch both the videos below and let me know. You can tweet me @scd_support or comment below. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next letter on my A to Z of Strictly! Have a lovely day everyone!

Bella πŸ‘Έ

30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly – Day 7 – G is for…..

G is for GorgeousΒ Gaw-jus, Glittery and THE (Russell) Grant!

It’s a Sunday and while Bella’s enjoying a well-deserved day of rest, she’s kindly asked me to help her write today’s post! When it comes to the letter G, you may have guessed in her eyes the best word beginning with G is glitter! If you don’t like glitter, or are allergic to it, look away now!

The shiniest glitterball of them all, with extra added glitter and a bit more glitter on top!

On Strictly there is one dance which is more glittery than any other and that’s the American Smooth. It always seems to be the sparkliest dance on the dancefloor. It’s rarely outshone by the other ballroom dances. This may be because there are added sequins as well as lifts! It looks glamourous, gaw-jus and extra glittery.

For us, there is one American Smooth which was sparklier than the rest and that is Russell Grant and Flavia Cacace’s fun and entertaining dance from 2011.

It may not have been technically perfect, but there was some serious bling with the sequins going on with their costumes, which looked gaw-jus. It was full of theatricality and just made us want to burst out into song and join in *looks around to see if anyone else felt the same* 😯

Here are Russell and Flavia with their American Smooth. We hope you enjoy it:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. Let us also know what’s been the most glittery dance on strictly for you and we’ll give you a shoutout!

Bella will be back tomorrow with the next letter in her Strictly A to Z!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Turns 11 – A Special and Super Smooth Smooth Sunday

As you know, this weekend has been our chance to celebrate the wonderful show that is Strictly Come Dancing, turning 11! Today, as we wind down the celebrations, enjoying croissants and smooth hot chocolate for breakfast, we’ve selected some of our all-time favourite American Smooths and would like you to help us decide the ultimate smooth operator. Yes, we’d like you to help us choose the smoothest American Smooth ever to have appeared on Strictly.

“But there are so many fantastic dances, how can I choose?” I hear you cry. Well, don’t fear!

 Just watch these dances in the playlist below, then vote in the poll underneath. We’ll reveal the winner, tonight at 7.30pm.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Support Group – The Election (Day 4)

We’re making the most of the pre-election Bank Holiday weekend today, with the fourth candidate for our Strictly Support Group Election.

Today’s Smooth Sunday comes from Gethin Jones and Camilla Dallerup. Although they left in the semi-finals of Strictly 2007, we felt they were both worthy contenders for the glitterball and today’s dance showed us just why.

For a male celebrity, learning to lead their female professional across the ballroom floor can be the most challenging part of Strictly, and Gethin mastered this brilliantly.

The routine was soft, elegant and flowing. It made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Camilla’s choreography was perfect for Gethin’s strengths and the music and costumes were brilliant too.

We loved this routine and hope you will too. Here are Gethin and Camilla with their fab-u-lous American Smooth:

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of that dance. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

So, Gethin and Camilla join Mark and Iveta, Alesha and Matthew and Chelsee and Pasha as candidates in the Strictly Support Group election. Who will be tomorrow’s candidates? Come back tomorrow to find out. On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll launch our poll giving you all the chance to vote for your Strictly Support Group Prime Minister(s.)

Cassie πŸ™‚

Chief Returning Officer of the Strictly Support Group

Smooth Sunday – 101 Reasons to Read this Post (most of them are fluffy!)

We’ve gone a little Disney mad over the last few days and today’s Smooth Sunday fix is no exception. You all know how the saying goes never work with animals or children. Well, today’s dance proved that animals don’t always perform how you expect them to, but Perdy and Perdita definitely looked fab-u-lous and furry during their dogography. 

Yes, today we’re watching Judy and Anton’s Doggy-inspired American Smooth. There are 101 reasons that we enjoyed this routine. Well, almost 101! Here are some of them:

1) Although not technically perfect it was entertaining.

2) The doggies looked adorable and we wanted to take one home too (we’re not Cruella De Vil, honestly!)

3) The costumes and concept of the whole dance were wonderful and truly made us smile

4) Anton’s choreography as ever was brilliant and played to Judy’s strengths. 

We could go on forever about why we enjoyed this dance, but it was one of those moments on Strictly which we loved. It is unforgettable and will go down in Strictly history. 

In case you missed it earlier, here are Judy and Anton with their dogography-filled American Smooth:

We hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. Just for you, we’ve also created you a Disney inspired spotify playlist and a youtube playlist. Click the links below to watch them. We hope you enjoy listening to and watching them:



We’d like to hear the Strictly dance from the Magical Kingdom you felt was most magical. Just vote in this poll below and we’ll reveal the winner tomorrow morning as our #mondaymemory:

Don’t forget to join us from 7.30pm tonight for our weekly Strictly Support Group on twitter @scd_support. We look forward to seeing you there.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Smooth Sunday – A Spellbinding Birthday Treat!

Today is my birthday and today I’ve been opening presents, enjoying being spoilt rotten and  I’ve officially hit the age that our couples all aspire to reach on every performance. Yes I am now 30 (Eek!)

Sadly my wish of a Pasha in a box didn’t come true, but for today’s Smooth Sunday I showed you a spellbinding treat of an American Smooth from Rachel and Pasha. This dance scored 30/40 and was their highest scoring dance. Although it was their last performance, they truly went out on a high. The choreography was enchanting, The dancing was spellbinding, Pasha looked gorgeous *drools thinking of Pasha*, The costumes and concept were brilliant (Rachel looked adorable as a ghost) and the music was brilliant.

We loved this routine and hope you will too. Here are Rachel and Pasha to put a spell on you with their fab-u-lous  American Smooth:


We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. We also want to hear your favourite Strictly dances to have scored 30 points as we’re making a special 30th Birthday playlist. Comment below, tweet @scd_support and share this with your friends. We’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day. We’ll be back on Wednesday for a quickfire quiz from 8pm.

Cassie (The Birthday Girl!)

Smooth Sunday – The Very First Strictly Support Group American Smooth-Off!

Today just happens to be International Women’s’ Day! We know that on Strictly there have been many inspirational ladies who have performed over the years.  Today is a chance to celebrate this special occasion, and in true Strictly Support Group Style, we’re showing you not one, but two American Smooths from two wonderful ladies.

We’re hosting another Strictly Support Group Dance-Off. This time, it’s the battle of the American Smooths. We’re showing you two fab-u-lous dances. The first one is from Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna. The second American Smooth is from Natalie Gumede and Artem Chigvintsev. In our opinion, these are two of the best American Smooths ever performed on Strictly. In fact, they’re both so good, we can’t decide so need your help to choose the ultimate winner! 

Once you’ve watched both these dances, just vote in the poll below. We’ll reveal the winner at 8pm tonight!

Ali and Brian’s American Smooth

Natalie and Artem’s American Smooth


Have a great day and a humungous, glittery good luck to all those taking part in the Comic Relief Danceathon today. Enjoy doing something funny and sparkly for money!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Smooth Sunday – We’re feeling good just watching this dance!

It’s Sunday which means 3 things:
1) We get a well-deserved lay-in which makes us feel good.
2) We have a chance to spend time with our loved ones, which also makes us feel good.
3) It’s time for us to show you another American Smooth which’ll make you feel good, guaranteed!

Today we’re watching Jake and Janette’s wonderful feel-good dance performed at the Blackpool Ballroom. It was a dance where everything seemed to fit into place to make a perfect performance.

We loved Janette’s dress (it gave us serious dress envy,) the music (we love a spot of Michael Buble, especially when it’s on Strictly), the mood and atmosphere as well as the choreography. It was an edgy American Smooth which was full of style. The split lift and throw had us on the edge of our seats, it added drama and style to the whole routine and in our opinion the whole routine deserved 4 10’s!

This dance made us feel good all over and we hope it does the same to you too. Here are Jake and Janette with their wonderful American Smooth:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚