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12 things we learnt in 2015 thanks to the wonderful world of Strictly Come Dancing!

 The past 12 months have been truly fab-u-lous thanks to the uh-may-zing world of Strictly Come Dancing. Here are 10 things we learnt about Strictly this year!

12) Claudia Winkleman is a Comedy Genius! Ok, we probably knew this one already, but this year Claudia surpassed herself. She dressed up as a Dolphin and an Ostrich amongst many other things and made us smile week after week with her antics. 

11) Terms and Conditions can be interesting. This year Terms and Conditions became something to look forward to.  Poor Bill Payer got made redundant, but we had Dave Arch speaking to the nation for the first time, Mary Berry reading the Terms and Conditions, Joanne from Grimsby dressed up as a dolphin, Jodie Prenger singing the Terms and Conditions and a Synchronised Terms and Conditions a-thon! I wonder how they’ll top it next year!

10) All good things come to those who wait. 10s from Craig are rarer than unicorns, but are worth the wait. Craig’s 10 paddle will only make an appearance in the final when he senses perfection! 😱 Yes, this was the year that Craig Revel Horwood avoided handing out a 10 right up until the final when he gave out multiple 10s. They were truly well-worth waiting for!

9) It is possible for a professional to lift the glitterball more than once! Aliona became the first professional to lift the glitterball twice. We also learnt that this was her last series.

8) Dance-offs and results shows can be unpredictable! One couple (Jamelia and Tristan) became true dance-off survivors, being in the dance-off 5 times (that must be a Strictly record surely!) We also had shocks as Kevin from Grimsby survived his first 2 dance-offs with Kellie. Helen (one of the early favourites to win) was also voted out in the quarter-finals *gasps.* There was controversy too with fix rumours which were soon quashed by Stricly and many fans. Results can be unexpected and unpredictable.

7) Everyone loves Jeremy Vine. Jeremy Vine really summed up what Strictly is all about. You don’t have to be the best dancer, but as long as you try your hardest you will win the support of the voting public and their hearts. This was something he did very succesfully. He never scored more than a 4 from Craig Revel Horwood (which got the best reaction ever from him and his partner Karen) but his performances week after week entertained us and Blackpool did seem a bit dull without him. Credit has to go to Karen for her brilliant choreography and teaching. It must also go to Jeremy for all the hours of training he put in.

6) Anton can reach the final (with the right partner!) This year, he was paired with the wonderful Katie Derham. Together they were team Class and Elegance and made it all the way to the final. We can imagine Anton’s Christmas Shopping was a little bit rushed this year, but would love to see him lift the glitterball in the near future.

5) Props can be good (and bad) at the same time: There was amazing use of props in some of the dances, including Kellie and Kevin’s Star Wars themed Charleston, Jamelia and Tristan’s brilliant Barbie doll inspired quickstep and who could forget Jeremy and Karen’s terrific wild-west Tango (featuring Bertie the horse!) However props didn’t always behave. There appeared to be a lot of confusion in Georgia and Giovanni’s Foxtrot with a lost teapot and candlestick. Also hats can be unpredictable at the best of times. Think Katie and Anton’s final quickstep:

4) We learnt what a Gleb Special is! All our professional dancers always produce wonderful choreography, however this year we were introduced to Mr Gleb Savchenko 😍 whose choreography was inventive, creative and challenging. Anita managed to master it week after week. Gleb himself was a hit with the ladies too *fans herself* Here’s one such example of a Gleb Special:

3) If it ain’t traditional, Len won’t pickle his walnuts and will be grumpy! We know the judges all look for different things in dances, however some of our professionals were in for a shock this year as Len didn’t like their choreography. Len famously criticised Giovanni’s Rumba choreography for lacking content, and then saved Katie’s Traditional Waltz over Anita’s Death-Defying Showdancey Salsa in the semi-final. We also learnt that the choreographic genius that is Kevin From Grimsby that he puts a “Len step” in every routine, which is something traditional to impress Mr Goodman. This year more than ever, we learnt that the judges all look for different things with many routines being given varied scores across the board.

2) Theme Weeks are brilliant: We had Movie Week, Halloween and Musicals Week. In all these weeks the Strictly team surpassed themselves with brilliant dances, choreography, music, costumes, hair and make-up! They all quite frankly deserve a glitterball in our opinion for all the hard work they put in to make these shows incredible!

1) We should all keep dancing! Yes, this year Strictly opened up many opportunities for us fans to dance. We had the brilliant People’s Strictly in March featuring some truly inspirational people, then the clever folk at Strictly Come Dancing invited us to #dothestrictly. It got the nation on their feet and dancing and we’re sure it’s inspired many to start Ballroom dancing this year.

So that’s what Strictly has taught us this year. What have you learnt from Strictly?  Comment below or tweet us @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Strictly 2015 – Our Panel’s Favourite Routines

Yesterday we revealed our top 10 routines of Strictly 2015. Today it’s the turn of some of our wonderful panel of experts who have been truly fab-u-lous this series! We couldn’t have written this blog without you. We asked two sparkly people (Phil and Trishna from the People’s Strictly) to give us their views on Strictly 2015 and their favourite routines. Here’s what they had to say:

Phil Barnett – People’s Strictly Contestant and inspirational sparkly Person.

What a fantastic series this year!!! Probably the closest for many years and the strongest set of celeb dancers we’ve ever had! I wish I could have been there with them – Joanne was lacking a partner – surely they could have rung me last minute and had a non celeb in there with all the stars! (πŸ˜†)  I’m so pleased for Katie and Anton – again it was very close and I think they appreciate how fortunate they were to get through. Kellie and Kevin have peaked at just the right time and Jay and Aliona have been amazing most weeks ! For me, Georgia has been the best and most consistent celeb and gets my vote to win, with Jay coming a very close second – his acting skills just let him down slightly and that just tips it in Georgia’s favour I think! Who knows though? This week he might just let himself go and that might give him the edge! My favourite dance of the series was Jay and Aliona’s Argentine Tango with a couple of the American smooths just behind – you can’t beat a bit of Fred and Ginger can you? This has been one of my favourite series but I can’t help noticing that all the VTs are getting a bit “staged” and everyone is beginning to be a bit “coached” in what to say – I hope this can be altered as I like the fresher, more off the cuff interviews! The group dances this year have been amazing almost all of the time – Jason Gilkinson is brilliant at these set pieces! Lastly lets give a huge thank you to the superb pro dancers who are the ones that really make this show – they work so hard and are immensely talented…. Oh and can someone give Joanne my mobile number in case she needs a partner next year. πŸ˜†

Trishna Bharadia – People’s Strictly Contestant and inspirational (sparkly) person!


Without a doubt my favourite routine has to be Jay and Aliona’s jive. I’ve watched it repeatedly. To bring something like that out in Week 3 was mind blowing! It was the epitome of cool and knowing how hard the jive is myself I have nothing but supreme admiration for Jay’s ability to master such fantastic yet technically difficult choreography! That was the moment when I knew he had something special in him!

Thank you Trishna and Phil! 

So what are your favourite Strictly 2015 moments? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We’re making you something extra special as our way of saying Thank You to every single one of our followers for being uh-may-zing!

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Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team GG!

In just under 48 hours the final and fabulous four couples will take to the floor for the final time where one couple will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2015!

Over the last 12 weeks Georgia and Giovanni have proved themselves as contenders to win the glitterball. They have become the dark horses of the competition and Georgia’s progress over the past 12 weeks has been incredible. She has become a brilliant all-round dancer and is deserving of a glitterball! What’s more, it’s clear to see the pair of them have become the best of friends and have such great natural chemistry. They were a partnership that were meant to be!

Georgia and Giovanni, Good Luck in the final. Whatever happens, you are our winners. Here are your best bits:

We’d love this post to become a good luck message for Team GG. Comment below with your messages for Georgia and Giovanni and we’ll make sure they see them.

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Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team Kelvin!

In just under 48 hours, our final and fabulous four couples will take to the floor for the final time, where one of them will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2015.

Over the past twelve weeks Kellie and Kevin have had a dramatic journey on Strictly. They have amazed us with their energy and performances such as their Jive, Quickstep, Charleston American Smooth, Samba and Salsa. Together as a couple, it’s easy to see they have become very good friends. They’ve also left us on the edge of our seats finding themselves in the dance-off twice and it’s clear to see they are true survivors!

They deserve their place in the final truly for their energy, passion and surviving spirit! Kellie and Kevin, Good Luck. Whatever happens this weekend you will be winners in our eyes. Here are your best bits:

We’d like this post to become a good luck post for Kellie and Kevin. Comment below with your messages. We’ll make sure they see them!

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Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team Jaliona!

In just under 48 hours, our fab-u-lous four finalists will take to the floor for the final time when one couple will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion! One of these couples are the very talented Jay and Aliona!

Over the last 12 weeks, Jay has wowed us with his ability as a good all-rounder. His legendary Jive and brilliant technical ability make him worthy of his place in the final! Along with Aliona he has become a strong contender and together they are a force to be reckoned with!

Jay’s confidence has grown so much in the competition and he has truly come out of his shell. Whatever happens tonight, Jay we are truly proud of you! Good Luck in the final!

Some of our followers have sent you some messages:

Alexandra Morland – Jay & Aliona, Good Luck for the final. You are amazing dancers & people & I’d love to see them win!

@lamariposa1234 – @JayMcGuiness & @AlionaVilani good luck in Strictly Final. Your ‘journey’ has been brilliant!!! You are  genuinely a nice ‘normal’ guy & as Claudia said “so edible!!”πŸ˜„

If you’d also like to leave them a message, comment below. We’ll make sure they see all your messages.

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Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team Derbeke

We’re just a few hours away from the fab-u-lous four finalists taking to the floor for the final time for the chance to be named Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2015!

One of the fabulous four couples is Team Derbeke. Katie and Anton, thank you for making us smile over the last 3 months. Your performances have wowed us! Your class and elegance will never be matched! You truly deserve your place in the final and whatever happens tonight, you are our winners. Go out there and sparkle, shine and glimmer like the stars that you are! Here are your best bits:  

Our lovely followers have sent you some messages too. Here they are:

Pat (@pat_the_phantom) ‘Go shine like the amazing dancers and people that you are. Team DerBeke are already proud, good luck’

@bussellinglucia – I’m so so proud of you for how far you’ve both come and I can’t believe that you’re in the final it’s so amazing ❀️ Katie you deserve this so so much as you are an inspiration to me and I’m so happy and proud of you- the derham did it! You’re dances have been so incredible and emotional (they always make me cry) and the joy I get when you dance is unexplainable. Anyway you are wonderful and brilliant and this final is going to show to everyone how great we all know you are, and hopefully show to yourself how great you are xxxx

@_erinz_  I’m so proud of how far you have come and the best of luck to both of you in the final! Whatever happens on Saturday, you are winners in my eyes because you have shown that hard work, determination and a positive attitude goes a long way❀️

If you’d like to leave your message of support, comment below! We’ll make sure that Katie and Anton see all of your messages!

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Strictly 2015 – Our Top 10 Performances of the Series.

On Saturday, Our fabulous four finalists will take to the Strictly dancefloor for the final time and one of them will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2015! This series has flown by and we can hardly believe it’s final time already!

Over the past few months we have seen some truly uh-may-zing dances. Some have been moments of Strictly perfection whereas others have enterained us. Here are our top 10 performances of Strictly 2015:

10. Daniel and Kristina’s Waltz


We’ll put our hands up and admit that when we saw Daniel looking terrified in rehearsals, we were dreading this performance, but for a Week 1 dance it was one of our favourite first dances ever. Kristina’s choreography always compliments her celebrity perfectly and this dance was no exception to the rule. It was soft, gentle and romantic and Daniel performed it brilliantly. It was a shame to see Daniel leave the competition in week 4, but this will remain one of our favourite dances of 2015. It brought a smile to our faces and was definitely one week one dance we couldn’t stop watching.

9. Ainsley and Natalie’s Salsa


As soon as we heard that Ainsley Harriot was going to be on Strictly Come Dancing, we were extremely excited. Ainsley has great natural rhythm and this dance suited him to a tee. It was one of our favourite Strictly performances and was full of spice and sauce, just like a Salsa! We loved his and Natalie’s partnership too and cannot wait to see them on the tour. *Crosses fingers they perform this dance*

8. Jeremy and Karen’s Tango


“A Wild West Tango! It’ll never catch on” said the critics. How wrong were they? When these two lovely people performed their Tango, they not only made us smile but also stole our hearts with a brilliant routine. Jeremy’s Tango Face is something we’ll remember forever and the dance was expertly choreographed by Karen. It had a lot of Tango content which Jeremy performed brilliantly. It also featured Bertie the Horse, who deserves a Glitterball in his own right. We’ve never seen a horse stand so still before.

7. Kirsty and Brendan’s American Smooth


We love Disney. If Strictly ever want ideas for another Theme week, we’d be first to suggest Disney as a theme. This dance combined two of our favourite things: Lady and the Tramp (my favourite Disney film) and Strictly. It was a moment when costume, theme and dance came together to give a brilliant and memorable performance. It wasn’t technically perfect, and yes there were mistakes, but the concept behind the dance made it truly memorable. Brendan’s choreography was beautiful and it was a turning point for Kirsty as she let go of her nerves for the first time. 

6. Anita and Gleb’s Charleston


Throughout the series Anita determination and courage stood out for us. This dance performed in week 2 was a prime example. Gleb’s choreography had many challenging elements (aka Gleb Specials) which Anita mastered. As a non-dancer she performed this brilliantly and for us this routine made her a contender in our opinion. It’s still one of our favourite routines which we’ll happily watch again.

5. Katie and Anton’s Viennese Waltz


Let’s all take a moment to remember the time Anton ended up top of the leaderboard! *Does a little dance* This year Anton has been partnered with someone who has helped him be just an arm’s reach away from the glitterball. Not only was the choreography classical and beautiful, but Katie danced it brilliantly and together on the dancefloor they looked like Fred and Ginger! It is still one of our favourite routines by far. We love it.

4. Peter and Janette’s Charleston


We love Janette’s choreography! It is unique and creative. This dance was no exception. It was Team Jandre’s best dance by far! Not only was this dance perfect for Peter’s cheeky character, but the choreography was tricky and expertly performed. It really deserved the 38/40 they scored for it!

3. Helen and Aljaz’s Viennese Waltz


Sometimes dance, music, costume and staging come together to make a perfect performance and this was one of them! Not only was the routine perfomed to one of our favourite songs ever, but the choreography was simple and effective whilst being romantic and elegant at the same time. It got us in a spin, made our eyes ever so leaky it was that beautiful and left Helen top of the leaderboard with a wonderful 39/40! We loved it and it is one of our highlights of Strictly 2015.

2. Kellie and Kevin’s Rumba


Rumba’s normally make us cringe and can be a little awkward. This Rumba was brilliantly choreographed by Kevin and Kellie performed it beautifully. It was romantic, emotional and was a Rumba I was happy to let my little girl watch. In her opinion they looked like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. It was a magical moment that has become one of our favourite dances of the series.

1. Jay and Aliona’s Jive


Cast your mind back to week 3, when we saw this incredible Jive from Jay and Aliona. We knew Jay was good but were unsure he could pull off the character. What he did was perform a super cool Jive John Travolta would be proud of. The choreography was tricky and he performed it with precision. It is our favourite dance this series and one of our all-tie favourite Strictly routines.

Now you’ve heard what our favourite routines of this series are, we want to know what your favourite Strictly 2015 routines are. Comment below to let us know or tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Strictly 2015 – It’s the Week of the Final!

Forget that there are 11 more sleeps until Christmas! There are just 5 more sleeps until the Strictly final! It only feels like yesterday that the final four took to the floor for the first time, and on Saturday Georgia, Jay, Katie and Kellie will all take to the floor for the final time where one of them will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2015!

Later on this week we will be covering our favourite moments of Strictly 2015 but tonight we’re looking at the likelihood of 4 possible outcomes! All four couples are in with a chance of winning, but in this post we’ll analyse their chances. 

Outcome Number One: Aliona becomes the first pro to lift the Glitterball twice!

Having won the glitterball in 2011, Aliona has had a few glitterball-less years. With Jay she has a strong chance of lifting the Glitterball and becoming the first Strictly pro to lift the Glitterball twice!

As the only finalist never to have been in the dance-off, Jay sure has the public on side! He also has received the joint highest number of 10s of all celebrities, receiving 7 10s in total from the judges. 

Having performed THE routine of the series and the first routine of the series to score a 10 (in Week 3) we have a feeling that his chances of winning the Glitterball are very high (and a lot higher than the chance of Craig awarding anyone a 10!) 

Over the past 2 years we have had 2 female celebrity champions, so maybe this year it is the time for a celebrity bloke to lift the Glitterball!

Outcome Number Two:  Kevin makes it third time lucky and wins the Glitterball!

Kevin from Grimsby has become something of a Strictly Legend! As the only pro ever to make it to the final three years in a row, we think that this is testament to his teaching and creative choreography.

From week one, he and Kellie have been a wonderful partnership. They started the series off in style with an impressive and confident Tango and week after week their performances have impressed and entertained us. 

They may have been in the dance-off twice but these two are true fighters and have earned their place in the final with hard work, perserverance and passion.

It’d be wonderful for Kevin and Kellie to lift the Glitterball as they truly deserve it (and it’d make my little girl’s Christmas!)

Outcome Number Three: Anton wins the Glitterball in his first Final!

After 11 years without ever holding the Glitterball, we think Anton truly deserves to win. He deserves it for all the “Dance Disaasters” he and his partners have experienced over the last few years. This year with Katie he has finally (and deservedly) reached the final!

They may be the underdogs, but we love an underdog! Katie’s ballroom performances have been truly beautiful (she is dancing with the master of ballroom after all) and her latin has improved.

They have never scored a 10 and have been in the dance-off once, but with the right routine and showdance, we think us fans could help them lift the Glitterball!

Outcome Number Four: Team GG for the GB(Glitterball!)

Georgia and Giovanni have been a match made in heaven since day one! All their performances have entertained us and we’ve loved watching their partnership and friendship grow as well as watching Georgia blossom as a dancer.

Together with Jay she has been awarded the highest number of 10s (Seven) however has ended up in the dance-off once.

As a partnership these two are dynamic and we cannot wait to see their showdance. We think it could see them lift the glitterball!

The Glitterball could be anyone’s this year! Which of these 4 outcomes do you think will be most likely? Vote below in this poll to let us know:

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – Farewell to Team Glita!

Tonight, Team Glita (Anita and Gleb) had their Strictly journey cut short as they were eliminated from the competition.

If Strictly were judged on determination, courage and creativity alone, these two would win it! They both had these qualities by the bucketload!

Over the last 12 weeks, Anita and Gleb have sparkled and shone in all their performances. For his first series, Gleb’s choreography has been creative, unique and so much fun to watch. As a teacher, he has transformed Anita (who had no prior dance training) into a great dancer and we’re sure they’ll remain friends for life.

Their team name, Team Glita was apt for these two. My 5 year old was a little upset hearing they were going home tonight. In her opinion the Strictly final won’t be the final without Team Glita! It needs to be more sparkly!

For us, who could forget the many Gleb Specials? That risk-taking Charleston which stole our hearts, That American Smooth with THE Gleb Special,  That Paso Doble which rocked the Tower Ballroom and the enchanting and spell-binding Malificent Viennese Waltz. Their dances have been some of our favourite Strictly moments ever.

For those of us lucky enough to be going to see the tour, we will get to see them perform together, however we will miss seeing them perform in the final. Here are some of our favourite Team Glita Moments:

We’d like this post to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support for Team Glita. We’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – The Semi-Final Performance Recap

We can hardly believe that tomorrow night’s results show will be the last results show of 2015! *sobs* As Strictly live shows go, tonight’s show was the sparkliest ever and all the couples are deserving of a Glitterball in their own right.

It was the night when Len got himself in a Pickle, Jay became Doctor Who, Claudia became a Dolphin and Kellie and Kevin morphed into Fred and Ginger! Here’s what happened dance by dance and what we thought of the show:

First up tonight were Katie and Anton who performed a Charleston and a Waltz. Their Charleston had lots of tricky Choreography and Anton really stretched Katie technically. Katie looked and acted the part. It wasn’t perfect, but we must say this lift was truly impressive:

In our opinion this dance deserved an 8. Our judges awarded them 25/40, including a 4 from Craig (we think he wasn’t happy with his Secret Santa present!)

This couple’s Ballroom routines always impress us and from week one they have been a class act! Their Waltz was beautiful and moved us to tears. We gave them a 9, our judges awarded them 31/40 which gave them a combined total of 56/80. They really need our votes this week!

Next up were Jay and Aliona with their Viennese Waltz and Charleston. They performed a soft and beautiful Viennese Waltz which moved us to tears. It got Len into a pickle (we’re hoping it was a walnut pickle or else we’d be disappointed!) and Craig commented on his lack of facial expression (how can you not love Jay’s face?) 

They were awarded 34/40 for their Waltz. They then performed a  time-travelling Charleston which truly impressed us. Jay was Doctor Who and they both took us back to the 1920s. It was a show-stopper of a routine, which we really loved.  Credit has to go to Aliona for the amazing choreography this series. In our opinion they deserved a 10 for both dances. The judges awarded them 37/40 for this routine, giving them a total of 71/40!

It was then the turn of Georgia and Giovanni to take to the floor! Georgia has been ill this week so they only had 2 days to learn both routines. They started with a Cheeky and Charming Cha Cha Cha! We loved it and felt it suited Georgia perfectly. The judges awarded them 33/40! They then took to the floor with a romantic and truly perfect Viennese Waltz which made even the coldest heart (Craig) melt. The dance made us smile and reminded us why these two deserve to get to the final! It was perfect and the judges awarded them a brilliant 38/40! Given the lack of training they’ve had this week, they did a wonderful job!

Next up were Anita and Gleb with their Foxtrot and Salsa! They danced a Foxtrot to New York, New York. This is the city so good they named it twice, and this Foxtrot deserved to be named twice. It was classy, elegant and glamourous. In our opinion she deserved a 9, our judges awarded her 32/40! For their next dance, they performed an acrobatic Salsa which gave us a taster of how amazing their Showdance could be! My daughter made one comment, that Gleb’s jacket was a bit too short (I agree with her!) They were given 32/40 for this dance too which gave them 64/80.

On Strictly they normally save the best till last and tonight was no exception! Kellie and Kevin performed  a beautiful Rumba and American Smooth. Their Rumba was technically difficult and Kellie performed it beautifully. Kevin’s choreography was truly wonderful. They then took to the floor with an American Smooth which has, for us, become the dance of the series! It had old school glamour which Fred and Ginger would be proud of, and it featured the return of Kevin’s Neck of Steel! They were awarded 34/40 for their Rumba and a brilliant 39/40 for their American Smooth lifting them to the top of the leaderboard!

That ended the semi-final! In our opinion all 5 couples deserve to go through to next week’s final. We’d love to hear who you’d love to see in the final. Comment below to let us know or tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cassie πŸ™‚