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Strictly Support Group – RIP Brucie

This afternoon we received some saddening and shocking news. After having spent the afternoon watching 42nd Street (a show my 7 year old ironically told me reminded her of Brucie) we learnt that the legend and Mr Strictly himself had passed away.

For us Brucie encompassed everything Strictly was about. He was a pro and a true entertainer. He made us smile and got the nation dancing.

He was not just popular with the grown ups but kids loved him too. Earlier my little Bella put things into perspective, calling him her TV Grandad. For us, he was like a grandad; a person we looked up to and admired. He had such a warm soul and we were all his favourites.

Brucie, Keep Dancing, wherever you are. Here’s a tribute to you from all of us.

We’d love to hear your favourite Brucie moments. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We’d like this post to become a little tribute to him.

Also, tomorrow night from 8pm we’ll be hosting a Brucie themed Strictly Support Group chat on twitter in tribute to the legend that was Bruce Forsyth.

Cassie πŸ™‚


Our Dancing Town: Barnsley – A Review!

As Strictly Superfans, we search for Strictly signs everywhere. On Tuesday, we were pleasantly surprised when we switched on BBC Two to see a new programme called Our Dancing Town.

If you’ve ever seen Gareth Malone’s The Choir, this is the dance equivalent. It features choreographer and West End actor Steve Elias going on a tour of Yorkshire to create a flashmob style performance travelling through the streets of Yorkshire to embody the spirit of Yorkshire!

The first episode centred around the town of Barnsley and we saw Steve set out on his tour around Yorkshire trying to convince the locals to take part in his ambitious performance.

Barnsley has a strong history with the mining industry and glass factory and some of these industries were sceptical about performing a dance routine, but Steve soon turned them round to create something that captured the Barnsley fighting spirit perfectly.

The show introduced us to three remarkable people, Nick, Joan and Danny. Nick was Barnsley’s answer to Billy Elliott and had competed at Blackpool in dance competitions, studied ballet but ultimately chose to give it all up to work in his dad’s fish and chip shop. Joan had dreams of being one of the Bluebell Girls but sadly was unable to join them due to school work getting in the way and Danny who had a raw dance talent. It was lovely watching Nick and Joan whose love of dance shone through with every step they took. It just showed that you can stop dancing, but your love of dancing will never go away.

The whole show just made us feel all warm and fuzzy and made us remember how wonderful dance makes you feel! It also made us fall in love with the Barnsley-ites and their wonderful spirit and pride.

If you watched the show, we’d love to hear what you thought! If you missed the show, don’t fear, you can watch it on player using the following link!


Cassie πŸ™‚

Big Ballet – A Strictly Addict’s View

Since Strictly finished, we’ve been desperately seeking dance programmes to give us our televisual dance fix, which is why over the last 3 weeks, we’ve been hooked on Channel 4’s latest documentary, Big Ballet.

Wayne Sleep was very brave taking on such a big project, however having watched Strictly over the last 10 years, us fans know, you don’t need to be a size zero, to be a great dancer. Although we found Monica Loughman slightly intimidating, Β the show had the perfect mix of background stories, rehearsal footage and performance, which meant for us, it was a great substitute for Strictly.

We loved it, and it’s well worth a watch. You can watch the series on 4oD. Β It’ll definitely make you smile and want to get your Leotard and Tutu on quicker than you can say petit-jete. Here’s a teaser to get you in the mood:-

We hope you enjoy watching the series as much as we did.

Cassie πŸ™‚